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Subject Liaisons

Subject Liaisons are available to help you use library and technology resources in your teaching, learning, and research.  We also offer instruction sessions to complement your classroom teaching. Get to know us -- call or email today! If you are not sure who you should contact, send a request through LibAnswers @ Brandeis.

View a list of Subject Liaisons by Contact Name.

Note: To email, add @brandeis.edu after the username. To call from outside of the university, precede the 5-digit extension with 781-73

Specialization Liaison (username) Extension
African and Afro-American Studies Judith Pinnolis (pinnolis) x64705
American History Judith Pinnolis (pinnolis) x64705
American Studies Judith Pinnolis (pinnolis) x64705
Anthropology Jennifer Giordano (giordano) x67521
Architecture Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenb) x64697
Archives Maggie McNeely (mmcneely) x64686
Art Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenb) x64697
Brandeis Architecture Maggie McNeely (mmcneely) x64686
Brandeis History Maggie McNeely (mmcneely) x64686
Business Jason Bernard (International Business School); (jbernard) x64740
Chemistry Melanie Radik (mradik) x64681
Classics James Rosenbloom (rosenblo) x64688
Computer Science Ethan Masella (ethanm) x64683
Dance Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenb) x64697
East Asian Studies Judith Pinnolis (pinnolis) x64705
Economics Jason Bernard (International Business School); (jbernard) x64740
Education Ralph Szymczak (szymczak) x64673
English Patrick Gamsby (pgamsby) x64722
Environmental Sciences Melanie Radik (mradik) x64681
European Cultural Studies Patrick Gamsby (pgamsby) x64722
Film Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenb) x64697
French and Francophone Studies Patrick Gamsby (pgamsby) x64722
German, Russian, Asian Languages and Literatures (GRALL) James Rosenbloom (rosenblo) x64688
GIS Bren Campbell (bcampbel) x64677
Goverment Documents Ralph Szymczak (szymczak) x64673
Health Policy Ralph Szymczak (szymczak) x64673
History of Ideas Patrick Gamsby (pgamsby) x64722
ICPSR Ralph Szymczak (szymczak); Gina Bastone (gbastone)
Interactive Media Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenb) x64697
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies James Rosenbloom (rosenblo) x64688
Journalism Judith Pinnolis (pinnolis) x64705
Judaica James Rosenbloom (rosenblo) x64688
Latin American and Latino Studies Gina Bastone (gbastone) x64667
Legal Studies Ralph Szymczak (szymczak) x64673
Life Sciences Melanie Radik (mradik) x64681
Linguistics Ethan Masella (ethanm) x64683
Manuscripts Anne Woodrum (woodrum) x64622
Mathematics Ethan Masella (ethanm) x64683
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Dennis Smith (smithdj) x64694
Music Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenb) x64697
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies James Rosenbloom (rosenblo) x64688
Philosophy Patrick Gamsby (pgamsby) x64722
Photography Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenberg) x64697
Physics Ethan Masella (ethanm) x64683
Politics Ralph Szymczak (szymczak) x64673
Primary Sources Anne Woodrum (woodrum) x64622
Psychology Gina Bastone (gbastone) x64667
Rare Books Anne Woodrum (woodrum) x64622
Religion James Rosenbloom (rosenblo) x64688
Romance Studies Patrick Gamsby (pgamsby) x64722
Social Policy Ralph Szymczak (szymczak) x64673
Sociology Gina Bastone (gbastone) x64667
South Asian Studies Judith Pinnolis (pinnolis) x64705
Special Collections Anne Woodrum (woodrum) x64622
Sustainable International Development Gina Bastone (gbastone) x64667
Television Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenb) x64697
Theater Arts Lisa Zeidenberg (lzeidenb) x64697
Undergraduate Theses Maggie McNeely (mmcneely) x64686
World History Judith Pinnolis (pinnolis) x64705
Women's and Gender Studies Gina Bastone (gbastone) x64667