About LTS

Library & Technology Services (LTS) is composed of approximately 100 librarians and technology specialists. The complex and varied services provided by LTS take place within the context of these broad areas:

  • Support of Learning and Teaching
  • Provision of Scholarly Information
  • Provision of Support Services
  • Support of Business Systems
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Information and Data Security

LTS is responsible for the library collections and information technology infrastructures that support research, scholarship, teaching, and learning at Brandeis University. In addition to the catalogs, books, journals, and online databases on which the academic enterprise depends, LTS provides the networks, telephones, media, and web services that keep the campus connected. We also run the software systems that serve the administrative needs of employees and students, and we deliver the storage systems, information security, and emergency alerts that protect Brandeis people and their work. If you need assistance with library collections and services, call the Information Desk in the Goldfarb Main Library at 781‑736‑INFO or submit a request for library help online; for help with information technology and systems, call the Help Desk at 781‑736‑HELP or submit a request for IT help online. We look forward to addressing your needs.

Our vision is a rich environment of people, technology, information, and facilities that serves learning, teaching, and scholarship and that provides high quality, accessible, and reliable systems to support operational decision-making, planning, and analysis.

Our mission is to provide seamless service to enhance learning, teaching, and research activities and to provide high quality, accessible, and reliable systems.