Calendar of Events, Workshops & Trainings

Workshop & Training Sessions

We offer workshops and sessions on citation management, research strategies, data analysis and management, presentation tools, quantitative and qualitative software, and discipline/subject-specific resources. 

Workshop content is often geared to graduate students, but others are welcome to attend. Alternatively, those who have a group and require a different approach to content may request a workshop of their own.

Library Workshops Calendar 

Getz Media Lab Workshops

Public, recurring events at the Library:

  • Artists' Book Award - judged art competition for students, part of the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, late April
  • Blind Date with a Book - book display for the week before Valentine's Day
  • Edible Book Festival - all day event on or near April 1st, open to all Brandeis community members: create an edible book, vote for Best in Show, and help us eat our words!
  • Pi Day at the Library - mid afternoon celebration of π with the consumption of pie on or near March 14, co-sponsored by the Math Department's UDRs
  • Printathon - 24 hour team competition to use your skills and the MakerLab's resources to solve a practical problem, organized by Deis3D the Brandeis student 3D printing club in late March
  • Registration Celebration - Are you registered to vote?  Find out and be able to answer Yes! with the help of librarians at this mid September event
    • Absentee Jamboree - follow up mid October event to help navigate the often Byzantine requirements to submit an absentee ballot

Keep an eye out for library flyers, posters, and social media, and on the BrandeisEVENTS Calendar for this year's date and timing.

MakerLab Events
The Brandeis MakerLab offers many recurring training workshops, meetings, and events.  Training workshops on everything from 3D printing and scanning to soldering are offered weekly.  Student clubs with an interest in making may hold meetings in the MakerLab and collaborate to create such events as Codestellation, Brandeis' biggest software and hardware hackathon, which takes place in the Shapiro Science Center in the Fall.  

Check out the website for more information on training workshops, joining a student club, special events and more hosted by the incredible Brandeis MakerLab.

Additional Brandeis Training Resources
  • Online Training with - Brandeis subscribes to, which provides access to online classes and tutorials that cover a range of technical, creative, and business topics.
  • Library Tutorials - Self-guided tutorials on how to use library tools to do your research, created by Brandeis librarians.