“Parisians busy studying the Turkish Question.”

Honoré Daumier.  Actualités, no. 44.  Le CharivariAugust 4, 1853.  LD 2370.

The Russian army crossed the Pruth River on July 3, 1853 and occupied Bucharest by July 15, bringing the Danubian Principalities under Russian control. The French press relentlessly reported on these events and the threat of war.

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The Crimean War has been termed the first media war.  The development of the telegraph allowed news of the war to be sent home within days rather than weeks.  Photography for the first time captured the brutality of war, and these images stirred up considerable outcries among the English and French public.  Due to the obscure politics driving the war and the almost immediate reportage of events on the battle fields, popular enthusiasm in support of the war never materialized in England or France.

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