Alexander II, Emperor of RussiaThe Illustrated London News.  March 17, 1855.

This mounted portrait appeared in The Illustrated London News shortly after Czar Alexander II assumed the throne of Russia.


John Tenniel.  Cartoon.  Punch.  March 17, 1855.

After Czar Nicholas I died on March 2, 1855, his son, Alexander II, succeeded him on the throne.  Here Alexander is shown inheriting the war started by his father.


“They say that I will soon be reduced to exchanging my crown for a simple hat!”

Honoré Daumier.  Actualités, no. 249.  Le Charivari.  December 1, 1855.  LD 2554.

Czar Alexander I contemplates his possible fate after the Russians suffer severe losses on the battlefield.



It’s vexing—they know that I don’t like the tricolor flag, yet they have put it everywhere!”

Honoré Daumier.  Actualités, no. 251.  Le Charivari.  December 29, 1855.  LD 2558.

The Russians lost Sebastopol to the Allied Army on September 11, 1855.  A frustrated Czar Alexander II looks over the Russian naval port, only to see it occupied by the French.