Abram L. Sachar

Personal Papers, 1918-1997, n.d.

76 cu. ft. (31 record center boxes, 107 document boxes, 9 irregular boxes)

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Abram Leon Sachar was born in New York City on February 15, 1899, and was educated from 1906 onward in St. Louis, where his grandfather served as Chief Rabbi. After briefly enlisting for service in World War I at age 17, Sachar went on to receive his B.A. and M.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, spending his junior year studying languages at Harvard and graduating Phi Beta Kappa in 1920. For the subsequent three years, Sachar continued his studies at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, England, where he was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy for his thesis on the Victorian House of Lords. He returned to America to take a position with the history faculty of the University of Illinois, teaching Modern European and English History.

It was at the University of Illinois that Sachar first became involved with the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, which was founded at the university. He became one of the founders and pioneers of the movement, serving as the director of the Illinois sector from 1929 to 1933 and then as National Director of the Hillel Foundation from 1933 to 1947. During Sachar’s tenure, Hillel grew from only nine chapters into an organization of nearly 200 campus chapters in the United States and Canada, becoming a center of Jewish life at universities, serving the religious, cultural, social, and interfaith needs of Jewish students. Upon his retirement as National Director in 1947, Sachar was named the Chairman of the National Hillel Commission and was later made Honorary Chairman.

During World War II, Sachar became a national commentator on contemporary affairs while acting as a radio news analyst in Chicago and New York. He also became involved with several attempts to aid Jewish refugees and displaced persons in Europe, organizing a program to bring refugee students to the United States. Sachar was a prolific writer and speaker who continually produced new work following the publication of his first book in 1927. From the 1920s to the 1990s, Sachar frequently traveled the country as a national lecturer. Following 1927’s Factors in Modern Jewish History, which discussed the development of Jewish life since the French Revolution, Sachar produced in 1929 his well-known one volume A History of the Jews. In 1932 he edited Religion of a Modern Liberal, and in 1939 he published Sufferance is the Badge, a history of contemporary Jewish life.

Sachar’s later works included 1983’s The Redemption of the Unwanted, a study of post-Holocaust Jewish life, and his history of the founding of Brandeis, A Host at Last. Sachar also appeared in the weekly educational television lecture show, "The Course of Our Times," in which he offered weekly analyses of problems in contemporary history; these were later published as a book of the same title. Sachar remained a working educator, historian, lecturer, and author until his death.

In 1948, Abram Sachar was invited to become the first president of the newly created Brandeis University. Sachar envisioned Brandeis as a nonsectarian university that would serve as the American Jewish community's "gift" to American higher education. During the twenty years of Sachar’s presidency, Brandeis quickly rose to high ranking in institutions of higher learning. Sachar was particularly proud of the fact that Brandeis received authorization to form a Phi Beta Kappa chapter in 1961, only 13 years after its founding. Following his resignation as University President in 1968, Sachar was given the title of Chancellor and later Chancellor Emeritus, both positions created specifically for him to allow his continued fundraising and other work on behalf of the university. In his 45 years of service to Brandeis, he is estimated to have raised nearly $250 million for the university.

Sachar served on several state and national commissions and panels, including the U.S. Advisory Commission on International Education and Cultural Affairs, to which he was appointed by President Johnson, and the United States Holocaust Commission. He was also active in numerous educational and philanthropic boards, and would eventually receive honorary degrees from more than thirty American colleges and universities. Sachar was also committed to supporting the young State of Israel, becoming a close friend of David Ben-Gurion and maintaining ties to many Israeli universities. He remained throughout his life concerned with problems of division, injustice, and inequality, and worked to promote better understanding among ethnic and religious groups both in America and abroad.

Abram Sachar married Thelma Horwitz in 1926, and together they had three sons, Howard, Edward, and David. Thelma, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, served in many social and academic organizations and acted as First Lady and hostess to thousands of students, faculty, and guests who passed through Brandeis during her nearly fifty-year presence at the university. Howard Sachar followed his father into academia, becoming a noted professor and scholar of Jewish history, while Edward and David both became medical doctors.

When Sachar became the founding president of Brandeis in 1948, the university consisted of 107 students and 13 faculty members. Over the next 45 years, it would grow to comprise a campus of 90 buildings on 235 acres, 360 full-time and 114 part-time faculty members, and over 3700 undergraduate and graduate students.

Abram Sachar died at home at the age of 94 on July 24, 1993. Both he and Thelma, following her death in 1997, were interred in a special plot created for them, at their request, near the Sachar International Center at Brandeis University.

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Scope and Contents
The materials in this collection were created from 1918 to 1997, with the bulk dating from the 1950s onward. The collection contains a significant amount of material concerning Sachar's personal publications, writings, and lectures, as well as his activities in many social, government, and education commissions and organizations. Also present is a large collection of correspondence with individuals and institutions, regarding both private and institutional matters, and several personal and family documents. The materials include correspondence, personal greetings, reports, travel diaries, notes, drafts, books from Sachar's personal library, copies of his own published works, photographs and recordings from his life and work, and a large selection of memorabilia.

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Publications, TV, Radio (boxes 1-78)
Personal Documents and Family Files (boxes 79-91)
Correspondence (boxes 92-104)
Committees and Commissions (boxes 105-108)
Photographs, Datebooks, and Audio Recordings (boxes 109-123)
Personal Library (boxes 124-130)
Memorabilia (boxes M1-M17, loose items, large framed items, regalia in
microfilm room, map drawers 3, 8-9)

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Series Summary
Publications, TV, Radio
Inclusive dates: 1925-1992, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries
A large collection of materials including several book editions, tv
recordings, short publications, manuscripts, notes, publicity materials,
reviews, and correspondence.  The majority of the series involves
Sachar's published books and articles, his television series, The Course
of Our Times, and his many other radio and tv appearances; also included
is a large selection of Sachar's speeches and public appearances,
including some religious sermon materials.  Much of the material on
publications and appearances includes several manuscript or typescript
versions, Sachar's personal drafts and notes, and related
correspondence.  Prominent in the correspondence are Toni Mendez, his
literary agent, and Alfred Knopf and Richard Marek, publishers.

Personal Documents and Family Files
Inclusive dates: 1918-1997, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries
This series consists of individual files on Sachar family and friends,
biographical documents and information, and records of Sachar's
involvement in social and political issues, particularly in the period
immediately following World War II.  The majority of the collection
consists of correspondence and background information, including several
articles and statements written about Sachar after his death.

Inclusive dates: 1920-1993, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials include personal letters exchanged with friends,
correspondence with universities and other institutions, and a
collection of letters and cards received by the Sachars at significant
life events.  Much of the correspondence with individuals relates to
Sachar's involvement in cultivating support and donations for Brandeis.
Other recurrent topics include Sachar's speaking engagements at various
institutions, information about his many trips abroad, and birthday,
anniversary, and holiday greetings.

Committees and Commissions
Inclusive dates: 1965-1989
Arrangement: Alphabetical
A selection of correspondence, reports, notes, and documentation related
to Sachar's service on various councils, advisory committees, boards,
and government panels and commissions.  Much of the collection comprises
materials related to Sachar's interest in the structure and goals of
higher education, including his work with several state and national
education commissions.  Notable files include those concerning the US
Advisory Commission on International Educational and Cultural Affairs
and the US Holocaust Memorial Council.

Photographs, Datebooks, and Audio Recordings
Inclusive dates: 1929-1993, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries
A large collection of materials including photographs, negatives,
mounted prints, glass slides, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings,
datebooks, and a small number of sound recordings. The bulk of the
material is related to the university and its history, events, and
people. Within the collection there is also a substantial amount of
personal material, including a large number of photos of the Sachar

Personal Library
Inclusive dates: 1922-1992, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries
This series consists of books from Sachar's personal library, many of
which have been inscribed by either an author or acquaintance.  Also
included are books written by members of the Sachar family, but not A.L.
Sachar's own works.  The great majority of the books are on topics of
Jewish history; other common subjects are Jewish religion and
spirituality, the state of Israel, philosophy, and biographies.

Inclusive dates: 1988-1989, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries
A large selection of various items of memorabilia from Sachar's life.
It includes items from both his personal and professional life.  The
majority of the materials are framed and unframed photographs, artwork,
plaques, awards, and honorary degrees.  Also included are several three-
dimensional items, including paperweights and small awards presented to
Sachar, as well as two typewriters belonging to Sachar, his briefcases,
the academic robes and hoods of Sachar and Thelma Sachar, hats, a tennis
racket, a rotating desk calendar, an Iron Age ceramic vessel, a Steuben 
glass lamp of the Castle, and a scroll presented to Sachar at the dedication 
of the Sachar International Center.

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Folder List
Publications, TV, Radio
Box 1
     The Course of Our Times
          Book--Manuscripts and Books
               First draft of first edition, ca. 1972 [14 folders]
Box 2
               First draft of first edition, ca. 1972 [11 folders]
Box 3
               First draft of first edition, ca. 1972 [15 folders]
Box 4
               Second draft of first edition, ca. 1972 [29 folders]
Box 5
               Second draft of first edition, ca. 1972 [7 folders]
               Customer's copy with annotations, ca. 1972 [16 folders]
Box 6
               Customer's copy with annotations, ca. 1972 [15 folders]
Box 7
               Final cuts and revisions, ca. 1972 [7 folders]
               Annotated manuscript, ca. 1972 [6 folders]
Box 8
               Annotated manuscript, ca. 1972 [10 folders]
               Final draft of first edition, ca. 1972 [9 folders]
Box 9
               Final draft of first edition, ca. 1972 [3 folders]
               Final copy, ca. 1972 [43 folders]
Box 10
               Final copy, ca. 1972 [15 folders]
               Galleys, ca. 1972 [6 folders]
Box 11
               Book, first edition, second printing, 1973
               Book, first edition, third printing, 1974
               Book, paperback edition, first printing, 1975
               Book, Japanese language, 3 volumes, 1976
               Book, Japanese language, volumes 2-3, 1976
Box 12
          Television Show--Manuscripts and Television Recordings
               Series I--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [11 folders]
               Series II--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [13 folders]

Box 13
               Series II--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [21 folders]
Box 14
               Series II--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [14 folders]
               Series III--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [18 folders]
Box 15
               Series III--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [28 folders]
Box 16
               Series III--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [7 folders]
               Series III--Manuscript, ca. 1969 [6 folders]
               Series IV--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [11 folders]
Box 17
               Series IV--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [28 folders]
Box 18
               Series IV--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [25 folders]
Box 19
               Series IV--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [6 folders]
               Series V--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [27 folders]
Box 20
               Series V--Annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [7 folders]
               Loose annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [14 folders]
Box 21
               Loose annotated typescript, ca. 1969 [8 folders]
Box 22
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 1-3, 5-7, 11, 14,
                    16, 18-19, 21, ca. 1970 [13 VHS cassettes]
Box 23
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 22, 24, 26, 28,
                    31, 37, 47, 51, 52, 63-65, ca. 1970 [14 VHS tapes]
Box 24
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 1 (2 copies),
                    2, 3 (2 copies), 4-5, 6 (2 copies), 7 (2 copies), 8-10, ca. 1971
                    [14 U-Matic tapes]
Box 25
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 11 (2 copies),
                    13, 14 (2 copies), 15, 16 (2 copies), 17, 18 (3 copies), 19,
                    ca. 1971 [14 U-Matic tapes]
Box 26
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 19-20, 21 (2
                    copies), 22-23, 24 (2 copies), 25, 26 (2 copies), 27-28
                    ca. 1971 [14 U-Matic tapes]
Box 27
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 28-30, 31 (2
                    copies), 32-36, 37 (2 copies), 38, ca. 1971 [14 U-Matic
Box 28
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 39-46, 47 (2
                    copies), 48-51, ca. 1971 [14 U-Matic tapes]
Box 29
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 51, 52 (3
                    copies), 53-54, 55 (2 copies), 56-59, 61-62, ca. 1971,
                    [episode 60 missing] [14 U-Matic tapes]
Box 30
               Recording of television broadcast, episodes 63 (2 copies),
                    64 (2 copies), 65 (2 copies), ca. 1971, [6 U-Matic tapes]
Box 31
          Notes, Working Papers, and Related Materials
               History 63a and b--Background for TV series, n.d.
               History lecture material not used in telecasts, 1972
               History lecture material not used in Course of Our Times--
                    "America vs. Normalcy," 1972
               Notes, n.d. [22 folders]
Box 32
               Notes, n.d. [5 folders]
               Related materials--Chapters 24 and 28, Hillel Commission
                    15th anniversary meeting, n.d.
               Working papers, n.d. [5 folders]
          Editorial Files and Series Outline
               Changes and Corrections, 1971-1975
               Comments on The Course of Our Times, chapters 1-13, n.d.
               Description--First and second series, n.d.
               Description overview, episode listing, and table of contents,
                    ca. 1970
               List of pictures used in second series, 1969
               Style sheet--Final copy, Alfred Knopf, 1972
          Reviews, Correspondence, and Articles
               Articles and reviews, 1969-1977 [12 folders]
               Correspondence, 1969-1973 [2 folders]
Box 33
               Correspondence, 1972-1974
               Correspondence, A-P, 1969-1975, n.d. [37 folders]
Box 34
               Correspondence, R-Z, 1969-1973 [21 folders]
          Administrative files
               Biography--Revised, June 18, 1970
               Biography--WGBH, August 31, 1970
               Contracts, 1971-1972
               Distribution list--Television show, 1969-1976 [8 folders]
               Eastern Educational Network--Availability, n.d.
               Financial records, 1971-1972, 1974 [3 folders]
               Financial report, 1969-1970 [2 folders]
               General files, 1970-1982 [2 folders]
               Japanese edition, 1974-1975 [2 folders]
               National Women's Committee, 1972-1973
               Notes for the broadcast, ca. 1983
               Production schedule, 1970
               Production schedule--Revised, 1970
               Production schedule--Stations carrying The Course of Our
                    Times, 1971
               Program availability--KETC, 1970
               Promotion, 1974-1975 [2 folders]
               Promotion--Cover sheet for VHS videocassette, n.d.
               Promotion--National Women's Committee study program,
               Promotion--Press release, Knopf, ca. 1973
               Promotion--Prime Time, October 1972
               Promotion--Publicity listings, 1972
               Promotion--Selected bibliography, n.d. [2 folders]
               Promotion--WGBH, 1969-1971
               Working interview, 1979
Box 35
     A Host at Last
          Manuscript and Typescript Drafts
               Manuscript and typescript drafts, 1975-1976, n.d. [31
Box 36
               Manuscript and typescript drafts, 1976, 1992 [29 folders]
Box 37
               Manuscript and typescript drafts, 1976, 1992 [31 folders]
Box 38
               Manuscript and typescript drafts, 1976, n.d. [24 folders]
Box 39
               Manuscript and typescript drafts, 1976, 1992 [35 folders]
Box 40
               Manuscript and typescript drafts, 1991-1992 [34 folders]
Box 41
               Manuscript and typescript drafts, 1991-1992 [11 folders]
Box 42
               Book, first edition, An Atlantic Monthly Press Book, Little,
                    Brown and Company, 1976 [6 copies]
               Book, first edition, bound uncorrected advance proofs,
                    1976 [2 copies]
Box 43
          Notes and Supporting Material
               Notes and supporting material, 1975-1976, 1985, 1991-1992
                    [44 folders]
Box 44
               Notes and supporting material, 1976-1991 [11 folders]
               Correspondence, 1974-1977 [24 folders]
Box 45
               Correspondence, 1977-1984 [14 folders]
          Reviews and Articles
               Reviews and articles, 1976-1978, n.d. [19 folders]
               Atlantic Monthly Press, 1975
               Confirmation of author's appearance, 1976-1977 [2 folders]
               General files, 1974-1977 [6 folders]
               Notes, n.d.
               University of New England Press, 1992
          Administrative Files
               Contract with Little, Brown and Company, 1975-1976
               Copyright, 1976-1977 [5 folders]
               Photocopies of photographs, 1995
               Research assistantship, 1979
               Royalties, 1976-1978 [3 folders]
               Special thanks for the book, 1977
Box 46
     Redemption of the Unwanted
          Manuscripts and Typescripts
               Manuscripts and typescripts, 1981, n.d. [26 folders]
Box 47
               Typescripts and galleys, 1981-1983 [20 folders]
Box 48
               Typescripts and notes, 1981-1982, n.d. [32 folders]
Box 49
               Book, first edition, St. Martin's/Marek, 1983 [4 copies]
               Book, first edition, St. Martin's/Marek, 1983 [5 copies]
Box 50
          Supporting Material
               David Niles resignation--Correspondence, 1951 [11 folders]
               David Niles resignation--Press clippings, 1951
               David Niles--Notes, n.d. [3 folders]
               Supporting material, 1961, 1979, n.d. [4 folders]
Box 52
               David Niles--Notes, n.d. [index cards]
Box 50
          Administrative Files
               Barbie, Klaus--Articles, 1983
               Biographical data, 1982
               Book orders, 1983-1985
               Book tour schedule, ca. 1983
               Contract and general files, 1980-1983
               Corrections, 1983-1985 [2 folders]
               Correspondence--Brandeis--David Niles, 1961-1962
               Correspondence--Fan mail and thank you letters, 1983-1991
                    [4 folders]
               Criticism, 1987
               Diskettes, n.d. [20 disks]
               General files, 1979-1983
Box 51
               Images, ca. 1983
               Jewish scene, 1983
               Klousner, Rabbi Abraham--Criticism, 1984
               Marek, 1980-1983 [4 folders]
               Marek--E.T. Dutton, 1982, 1985
               Mendez, Toni, 1982-1984 [2 folders]
               New book--Mary Lou Buckley, 1980
               Promotions--Talks, 1983
               Publicity, 1983
               Reviews, 1983-1986
               Revisions and critical reviewers, 1983
               Sample letters to reviewers, 1983
Box 53
     A History of the Jews
               Typescript--Preface to second edition, n.d.
               Typescript--Third edition, ca. 1948
               Typescript--Fifth edition and notes, ca. 1964
               Typescript--Fifth edition title page, ca. 1965
               Book--Fourth edition annotated for fifth edition, ca. 1964
               Book, first edition, sixth printing, Alfred A. Knopf,
                    December 1935 [2 copies]
Box 54
               Book, second edition, third printing, Alfred A. Knopf,
                    August 1944
               Book, third edition, first printing, Alfred A. Knopf, July
               Book, third edition, second printing, Alfred A. Knopf,
                    January 1951
               Book, fifth edition, second printing, Alfred A. Knopf,
                    February 1966
               Book, French translation, France, Flammarion, 1973 [2
Box 55
               Book, French translation, France, Flammarion, 1973
               Book, second edition, Spanish translation, Chile, Ediciones
                    Ercilla, 1945
               Reviews, 1938-1965, n.d. [4 folders]
          Administrative Files
               Contract with Knopf, 1966
               Corrections, 1967-1968
               Correspondence, 1928-1931, 1934, 1948, 1970-1975 [16
Box 56
               General files, 1963-1969 [2 folders]
               Royalty statement, 1972
               Spanish edition, 1943
               Supporting material--Excerpts from Jewish Encyclopedia,
Box 56
     Footnotes to the Headlines
          Scripts for Broadcast
               Scripts for broadcast, 1944 [38 folders]
Box 57
               Scripts for broadcast, 1944-1945 [61 folders]
Box 58
               Scripts for broadcast, 1945 [7 folders]
               Scripts--Loose, 1944-1945 [2 folders]
          Administrative Files
               Correspondence, 1944-1945, n.d. [4 folders]
               Correspondence--Fan mail, 1944-1945 [7 folders]
               Publicity, 1944
               Station WMAQ--Correspondence, 1944
               Station WMAQ--Index, 1944
               Station WOR--Excerpts--Sachar address, August 4, 1945
               Station WOR--Notes, 1945, n.d. [2 folders]
               Radio sales, 1944
               Reliance Textile Co., 1944
               Wade Advertising Agency, 1944
Box 59
     Sufferance is the Badge
               Book, first edition, Alfred A. Knopf, 1939 [inscribed by
               Book, first edition, Second printing, Alfred A. Knopf, May
          Administrative Files
               Contract, 1938
               Correspondence and Publicity, 1938-1939
Box 60
     Article, Reviews, and Publishing Projects
          Articles and Reviews
               Articles and reviews, 1924-1949 [79 folders]
Box 61
               Articles and reviews, 1949-1984 [51 folders]
Box 62
               Articles and reviews, n.d. [18 folders]
               Cohen, Beryl, "Come Let us Reason Together," Forward by
                    Abram Sachar, 1977
               "Factors in Modern Jewish History: A Syllabus," 1927
          The Public Papers of Louis D. Brandeis
               Budget, 1979
               Drafts--Overview of Brandeis Papers, n.d. [2 folders]
               General Microfilm Company--Correspondence, 1981-1983
               Harvard University Library--Correspondence, 1974-1976
               Harvard University Library--Microfilm of Louis Brandeis
                    Papers--notes, n.d.
               Memo--William Goldsmith to Brandeis Papers Commission,
               Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
               Xerox University Microfilms--Correspondence, 1975
          Correspondence and Administrative Files
               Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.--Correspondence, 1927-1938
Box 63
               Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.--Correspondence, 1939-1947, 1971
                    1989 [2 folders]
               American Educator Encyclopedia, 1940-1945
               Ashes--New volume, 1967-1978 [2 folders]
               Autobiographical volume considered--Not done, 1983
               B'nai B'rith Magazine--Letter from Assistant Editor, 1929
               Book Reimbursement, 1983-1993
               Book Reviews for New York Herald Tribune--
                    Correspondence, 1928-1932
               Feeney, Mark--Boston Globe Book Editor, 1988-1989
               Grolier, Inc.--Correspondence--Book of Knowledge, 1962
                    1967 [7 folders]
               Judaica Encyclopedia, 1967
               McGraw-Hill--College Division--Correspondence, 1989-1992
               New Book--Chapter, U.S. in the '70s, n.d.
               The Post Holocaust Years 1945-1952--Typescript, n.d.
               Rand McNally & Company--Correspondence, 1929
               The Reconstructionist, 1936
               Reviews, 1989
               St. Martin's Press--Correspondence, 1982
          Subject Notes Files
               Confucius, n.d.
               Spanish Jews, n.d.
Box 64
     Lectures and Speeches
          Lectures and Speeches
               Lectures and speeches, 1925-1948 [50 folders]
Box 65
               Lectures and speeches, 1948-1961 [42 folders]
Box 66
               Lectures and speeches, 1961-1969 [50 folders]
Box 67
               Lectures and speeches, 1970-1974 [49 folders]
Box 68
               Lectures and speeches, 1975-1978 [70 folders]
Box 69
               Lectures and speeches, 1978-1982 [80 folders]
Box 70
               Lectures and speeches, 1983-1989 [78 folders]
Box 71
               Lectures and speeches, A-O, n.d. [109 folders]
Box 72
               Lectures and speeches, P-Z, n.d. [79 folders]
Box 73
          Subject and Administrative Files
               Grace after meals, 1974-1976, 1985
               "Genus" speech on social response, n.d.
               "Hard Words Wear Nailed Boots: The Role of Responsible
                    Dissent," September 20, 1964
               Holocaust human interest materials, 1983
               Invocations, 1959
               JWB Lecture Bureau, 1972-1980
               Lectures and addresses, 1938-1945
               Programs and publicity, 1929-1943
               "A Search for the Meaning of the Generation Gap," 1969
               Student unrest, 1967-1970
               Thank-you letters for lectures, 1978
               Various lectures--Correspondence, 1979
               Weissman, Sidney--Memorial Kallah, November 1981
          Collected Sermons
               Holiday Sermons, n.d.
Box 74
               Holiday Sermons, n.d.
               Ethics of the Father and Miscellaneous Book II, n.d.
               Miscellaneous Sermons, n.d.
               Sermons--Genesis, n.d.
               Sermons--Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, n.d.
Box 75
               Sermons--Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, n.d.
     TV and Radio
               The Advocates--WGBH, 1972
               The Advocates--WGBH, KCET, December 1971
               American Rainbow--Notes, ca. 1975
               American Rainbow--WNAC TV, 1975
               Armistice Day--WDWS, 1942
               Ben Gurion, David--Convocation, 1960
               "Ben Gurion and His Shadow," World's Week, n.d.
               Ben Gurion interviews--Memos, 1967
               Ben Gurion--Interview transcript, n.d.
               Ben Gurion--Interview transcript with annotations, n.d.
               Ben Gurion--Video tapes, 1986
Box 76
               Boston Cable Television Project, 1971
               Brandeis television series of personal recollections, 1971
               Creative Faculty, 1972, 1974 [3 folders]
               Critics Circle, New York, 1984
               Dretzin Television Series--Agreements and
                    Correspondence, 1973-1981 [2 folders]
               Dretzin Television Series--Bibring, 1967-1968
               Dretzin Television Series--Financial records, 1976-1977
                    [2 folders]
               Dretzin Television Series--Averell Harriman, 1973 [2 folders]
               Dretzin Television Series--Harriman and Warren--Changing
                    music, financial issues, 1973
               Dretzin Television Series--Mao Tse Tung, Mohammed, n.d.
               Dretzin Television Series--Golda Meir, 1975
               Dretzin Television Series--Proposal, 1975
               Dretzin Television Series--General Carlos Romulo, 1968 [5
               Dretzin Television Series--Dr. David Seegal, 1927-1942,
                    1950-1964 [5 folders]
Box 77
               Dretzin Television Series--Dr. David Seegal, 1965-1967
                    [5 folders]
               Dretzin Television Series--Harry Truman, 1971-1972, 1976
                    [4 folders]
               Dretzin Television Series--Eamon de Valera, 1974, 1976
                    [7 folders]
               Dretzin Television Series--Eamon de Valera--Fan mail, 1976,
                    1985 [3 folders]
               Dretzin Television Series--Viewer response, 1976
               Dretzin Television Series--Earl Warren, 1972-1973 [6 folders]
               Educational Television--General files, 1972
               Higher Education in the United States--The Educator
                    Speaks, 1976
               Kup's Show, 1970
               Morse Communications Research Center--Proposal, 1964
                    1965 Multi-National Communications Specialists--Report,
                    1963-1964 [2 folders]
Box 78
               Multi-National Communications Specialists--Report,
                    1963-1964 [2 folders]
               Over Easy--Channel 9 KQED, 1977-1985 [7 folders]
               Prospects of Mankind--Adlai Stevenson, n.d.
               Rusk, Howard, 1974 [2 folders]
               "Abram Sachar and the Great Figures of Our Times,"
                    February 8, 1971
               United States Information Agency, 1976
               WGBH--Correspondence, March 14, 1972
               Gorn, Mordecai, "Autobiography," 1978
               Henle, Theda O., "Hammer on the Rock," 1980
               Katz, Milton, "The Relevance of International
                    Adjudication," May 16, 1968
               Pick, Martiza, "League of Liars," 1986
               Manuscripts--Correspondence, 1979, n.d.

Personal Documents and Family Files
Box 79
     Sachar Family
          General Files
               Cosindas, Mary--Portrait of Sachars, 1985-1987
               Family correspondence, 1956-1957
               Family tree, n.d.
               Jonniaux, Alfred--Portrait, 1960
          Individual Families and People
               Abramowitz, A. E., 1975
               Beck, Louis and Patty Sue, 1969
               Beck Family, 1975-1989
               Brooks, Jewel and Donnie, 1983
               Carre, Raymond, 1975
               Duberstein, Roslyn and Murray, George, 1984-1992
               Fischel, Edith and Elaine, 1984-1992
               Follman Family, 1986-1988
               Gertner, Ilya and Sheina, 1982-1983
               Glaser Family, 1987-1990
               Green, Ron and Molly, 1964-1988
               Heim Family, 1976-1977
               Horwitz Family, 1944-1987
               Kaye, Joseph and Rebecca, 1969
               Kaye Family, 1972-1991
               Kidder, Reva, 1968
               Kornblum Family 1981-1992
               Kramer Family, 1976-1990
               Kramer, Dean, n.d.
               Kramer, Jessie, 1948
               Lyons, Bernice, 1986
               Martin Family, 1984
               Meyrowitz, Joshua, 1987
               Moog Family, 1961-1992
               Muller, Frank and Louise, 1988
               Sachar, Byron, 1965-1988
               Sachar, Charles, 1961
               Sachar, Clara, 1962
               Sachar, Daniel, 1987-1991
               Sachar, David, 1940, 1956-1969 [3 folders]
Box 80
               Sachar, David, 1953-1996 [6 folders]
               Sachar, Edward, 1945-1968 [2 folders]
               Sachar, Edward and Ellen, 1972-1984 [2 folders]
               Sachar, Eliana, 1992
               Sachar, Elma, 1973
               Sachar-Wasterlain, Emily, 1958-1992
               Sachar, Frances, 1984-1992
               Sachar, Hindy, 1984-1985
               Sachar, Howard, 1941-1969 [4 folders]
Box 81
               Sachar, Howard, 1958-1993 [25 folders]
               Sachar, Israel, 1961
               Sachar, Jack, 1963
               Sachar, Jackie, 1974
               Sachar, Joanna, 1963
               Sachar, Joseph, 1962
               Sachar, Kenneth and Barbara, 1978-1989
               Sachar, Laura, 1981
               Sachar, Leo, 1968-1983
               Sachar, Leonard, 1981-1988
               Sachar, Libby, 1968
               Sachar, Louis, 1944-1967, 1985 [2 folders]
               Sachar, Manual and Phyllis, 1968-1991
               Sachar, Mark, 1988
               Sachar, Max and Ellen, 1973
               Sachar, Mendel, 1960-63
Box 82
               Sachar, Michelle, 1986-1993 [3 folders]
               Sachar, M. M. (Moe), 1944-1974 [4 folders]
               Sachar, Rae and Moe, 1975-1986
               Sachar, Roger, Mary and Nanette, 1947-1989
               Sachar, Sally, 1987
               Sachar, Samuel, 1949
               Sachar, Sharon, 1985-1993
               Sachar, Thelma, 1949-1991 [12 folders]
Box 83
               Sachar, Thelma, 1993-1995 [6 folders]
Box 84
               Sachar, Thelma, 1962, 1990-1997 [10 folders]
               Socker, Anthony, 1960
               Steimatzky Family, 1972-1983
               Sternick, Herbert, 1947-1990
               Tow, Molly (Mollie) and Irving, 1969-1993
               Tow, Martin, 1965
               Weil, David and June, 1976-1992
               Wasterlain, Amy Sarah, 1985
               Yacov, Judith, 1991
Box 85
     Personal Documents
          General Files
               Art work--Office loans, 1978
               Brandeis University--Continuation of employment contract,
               Brandeis University--Employment contract, 1969
               Burial plot arrangements, 1973-1980
               Correspondence--Job offers and milestones, 1928-1947
               Diary, 1932
               General files, 1944, 1977-1978 [2 folders]
               Letterhead--Sachar stationery samples, n.d.
               Morgenthau--Bretton Woods, 1945
               Memorial Service--Abram Sachar, October 17, 1993
               Sachar apartment--Content, photographs, June 1997
               Sachar home--Abram Sachar in front, Super-8 film, n.d.
               Tribute to a friend--Handwritten manuscript, 1968
               University of Illinois-Urbana--Appointment as Instructor in
                    History, 1923
               University of Illinois-Urbana--Appointment as Instructor in
                    History, 1925
          Financial Files
               Financial files, 1944-1984 [10 folders]
               Birth certificate copy, 1966
               Discharge certificate, 1918
               Rationing order, 1918
               Transcript--Washington University, 1920
Box 86
               National Women's Committee Collector File booklets,
                    bookplates, and Millionth Book address book;
                    passports,indemnification cards, business cards, ca.
                    1935-1990 [loose items]
Box 87
               National Women's Committee bookplate booklets,
                    ca. 1970-1995 [36 booklets]
Box 88
     General Files
               General files, 1948-1969
Box 89
     Biographical Sketches and Publicity
          Biographical Statements
               Biographical notes, 1928-1948, ca. 1975
               Biographical sketch, n.d.
               Biographical statement, 1947
               "Who's Who" Biographical sketch, 1950, 1956, 1959
               "Who's Who in America" Biographical sketch, 1967-1968
                    [2 folders]
               "Who's Who in America" certificate, 1976-1977
               "Who's Who in World Jewry" Biographical sketch, 1962
          In Memory
               Articles and programs, 1993, 1997
               In Memoriam, 1993
               Memorial Service, 1993
               Material pertaining to obituary, 1993
               Publicity--In Memoriam, 1993 [2 folders]
          Publicity For Awards
               Articles and programs announcing awards, 1952-1989
                    [15 folders]
               Articles and programs announcing honorary degrees,
                    1943-1989 [9 folders]
Box 90
               Articles, 1947-1996 [71 folders]
     Jewish Issues
          General Files
               Biben, Joseph, 1942
               Bernstein, Rabbi, Advisor to the Theater on Jewish Affairs,
               Civil Affairs Division, 1948
               Haber, William, Annual Conference of the American Joint
                    Distribution Committee, 1948
               Report of Conference held in the Office of the Adviser on
                    Jewish Affairs, 1949
               Conference, "The Future of Jews in Germany," 1949
Box 91
               Hyman, Abraham, Acting Advisor on Jewish Affairs,
               Jewish Labor Committee--News, 1951
               Sachar address--Israeli Talk--Excerpts, 1963
               Housepian, Marjorie, "The Unremembered Genocide" and
                    other articles, 1969
               Jewish Home for the Aged, 1970
               Toast offered to President Katzir of Israel, 1975
               Jick, Leon, Committee for Moscow Conference on Jewish
                    Culture, 1976
               "American Jewish Historical Society to Mark Anniversary at Brandeis," 1978
               Bulletin--Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 1979
               Armenian Genocide question, 1989
               "The Liberated," The Frankfurt Jewish GI Council, n.d.
               Jewish Labor Committee, "An Appeal to the Conscience of
                    Mankind, n.d.
               Rothenberg and Szulkin, "Gleanings from Yiddish
                    Literature," n.d.
               People from Israel, 1979
               Winer, Gershon, 1979-1981
               Akzin, Benjamin, 1980
               Friedlander, Saul, 1980
               Navon--President of Israel, 1980
               People from Israel, 1980
               Gutman, Israel, 1981
               Begin, Menachem, 1983
               Katz, Katriel, 1983
               Kollek, Teddy--Mayor of Jerusalem, 1988
               Bernstein, Rabbi, ca. 1945, n.d. [2 folders]
               Bernstein, Rabbi and General MacNarney, n.d.
               Haber, William, 1948
               MacNarney, General, n.d.
               MacNarney, General and Samuel Gringaus, n.d.
     Albert Danielson
               "25 Years of the Danielson," 1970
               Danielson, Albert, letters and articles, 1970-1974
               "His Life and Work," n.d.
               "The Life of Danielson," n.d.

Box 92
     Correspondence with Individuals
          Beiko, Steve, n.d.
          Benkov, Deborah, 1984
          Berenberg, William, 1972
          Berger, Clarence, 1961-1974
          Berko, Stephen, 1967
          Berkowitz, Anita, 1968-1988
          Berland, Philip, Ann, Ellen, 1971-1976
          Berman, Rabbi Morton M., 1978
          Bernstein, Leonard, 1952
          Bernstein, Philip, 1945, 1948-1978 [2 folders]
          Bernstein, Maurice, 1978
          Brand, Oscar and Ann, 1947
          Brandeis, Louis, 1930
          Brickner, Barnett, 1974
          Burry, J.B., 1923
          Cannon, Harold, 1978-1979
          Capriles, Lionel, 1984
          Carnahan, Walter, 1950
          Chaney, Craig, 1978
          Coates, Helen, 1981
          Cohan, Lil, 1948
          Cohen, Wallace, 1986
          Cohn, Dena, 1948
          Compton, Arthur H., 1947
          Cone, Ceasar, 1947, 1950 [2 folders]
          Consolino, Joseph, 1976
          Curtis, Lawrence, 1953
          Cutler, Arnold, 1975
          D'Amelio, Ralph, 1961-1962
          Davis, Hal, 1976
          Denny-Brown, D., 1960
          Diamandopoulos, Peter, 1965
          Donoghue, Helen, 1976
          Donovan, James, Jr., 1976
          Doren, Irita, 1923, 1925
          Drosdoff, Matthew, 1947
          Dubin, William, 1984
          Dryfoos, Nancy, 1976
          Duberstein, Murray, 1984
          Dunsker, Stewart, n.d.
          Easton, David, 1950
          Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1957
          Farrington, Joan, 1966
          Feinberg, Abraham, 1954-1961
          Finder, Leonard, 1961
          Fine, Jack, 1966
          Fineberg, Herman, 1966
          Fink, Lionel, 1947
          Fiore, Louise, 1989
          Fixman, Isadore, 1973
          Follman, June, 1961
          Ford, Joseph, 1950
          Foster, Henry L., 1981
          Frank, Abbott, 1950
          Freeman, Claire, 1965
          Friedman, Martin, 1967
          Fuchs, Dean, 1961
          Fulbright, J.W., 1953-1964
          Fullman, Burton, 1965
          Gates, Andrew, 1988
          Gibbs, Ellen, 1988-1991
          Giles, P., 1920
          Ginzburg, Mark, 1975
          Girson, Rochelle, 1967
          Gittelsohn, Roland, Rabbi, 1976
          Glick, Ruth, 1976
          Gluskoter, Cara Renee, 1978
          Goldberg, Alan, 1977
          Golden, Louis, 1948
          Gordon, Grace, 1948
          Gordon, Paul, 1974
          Gray, Francis, 1967
          Grayzel, Solomon, 1947
          Greenberg, Natalie, 1968
          Griswold, Harriet, 1960
          Gryzmish, Reuben, 1951-1956
          Gumbiner, Joseph, Rabbi, 1976
          Gunn, Hartford, 1986
          Haber, William, 1948-1973
          Handler, Evelyn, 1986
          Handlin, Oscar, 1965
          Handrik, G., n.d.
          Hartstein, Jacob, 1948-1950
          Hausner, Gideon, Judge1980
          Hendrickson, James, 1979
          Henschel, David, 1977
          Hiatt, Jacob, 1973
          Hirshberg, Murray, 1949
          Hormidge, M.M., 1979
          Hornedge, Mary, n.d.
          Horowitz, Larry, 1958-1970
          Horowitz, Rose and Harold, 1958-1975
          Hunt, Guy, 1978
          Hyman, Abraham, 1976-1983
          Jaffe, Meyer, 1951, 1961
          Johnson, Lady Bird, 1972
          Johnson, Pat, 1972
          Kagan, Sue, 1970
          Kampelman, Max, 1978
          Kennedy, Edward, 1961-1963
          Kennedy, Robert, 1963-1964
          Keutmann, Henry, n.d.
          Knopf, Alfred, 1973
          Krapnick, Sam, n.d.
          Kuhn, Rose, 1959
          Landau, Herman, 1978
          Larson, Lawrence, 1923
Box 93
          Leibman, Fan, 1948
          Lemberg, Samuel, 1974-1977
          Lerner, Max, 1952-1953
          Levinson, Carol and Peter, 1979
          Levy, Emile, 1948
          Levy, Leonard, 1961-1963
          Lewis, Lillian, 1964
          Lewisohn, Louise, 1968
          Lewison, Sidney, 1977
          Lieberman, Harry and Dorothy, 1947
          Lieberman, Jacob and Benjamin, 1947
          Linsey, Joseph, 1963
          Lipnick, Bernard, 1981
          Loeb, Chas. F., 1942
          Loebl, Jerrold, 1977
          Lourie, Arthur, 1976
          Lowenstein, Leon, 1949
          Lubin, n.d.
          Lyons, Maurice, Rabbi, 1986
          MacAthur, Douglas, General, 1959
          Maccoby, Max, Rabbi, 1949
          MacMullen, Ramsey, 1967
          Mag, Morton, 1950
          Magnin, Edgar, Rabbi, 1949
          Mahler, Milton, 1950
          Mahoney, Walter, 1954
          Maidanik, Gideon, 1963
          Mailman, A. L., 1976
          Mailman, Joseph, 1976
          Maisel, Carl, 1950
          Malachoff, Hy, 1950
          Malinia, Louis, 1950
          Maller, Julius, 1945
          Malone, Mary, 1935
          Mandel, Maurice, 1950
          Mandel, Viola, 1964
          Mann, Louis, 1947
          Marcus, Frederick, 1954
          Marcuse, Herbert, 1961-1962
          Marett, Douglas, 1977
          Margolin, Jacob, 1949
          Margolis, H.B., 1950
          Mark, Julius, 1948
          Markell, Samuel, 1950
          Markle, Samuel, 1948-1950
          Markman, Jack, 1949-1950
          Markowitz, Ben, 1945
          Markowitz, Hyman, 1950
          Markowitz, Jerome, 1950
          Markowitz, Robert, 1948-1949
          Marlo, Louis, 1976
          Mathes, Isadore and Robert, 1950
          May, Albert, 1949
          May, Alfred, 1949
          May, Armand, 1949-1950
          May, Mortimer, 1950
          Mayer, Elmer, 1949
          Mayer, Emil, 1949-1950
          Mazer, Joseph, 1955
          Mazer, William, 1954-1955
          Meyerberg, Samuel, 1948
          Meier, Golda, 1975
          Mermelstein, Milton, 1955
          Mesirov, Leon, 1950
          Metcalf, Keyes, 1959
          Meyer, John, 1950-1951
          Meyers, Mitchell, 1950
          Meyerson, Philip, 1950
          Middleman, I.C., 1948
          Milender, Louis, 1954
          Milhaud, Darius, 1955
          Miller, Arthur, 1949
          Miller, Benjamin, 1950
          Miller, Daniel, 1949
          Miller, Irving, 1948-1955
          Miller, Jesse and Florence, 1950
          Miller, Joseph, Rabbi, 1950
          Millston, I.E., 1950
          Mincer, Jacob, 1949
          Mintz, Herman, 1954
          Mishel, William, 1960
          Mitchell, Edward, 1950
          Mittleman, B.D., 1950
          Monsky, Daisy, 1955
          Mordecai, Daniel, 1954
          Morosnick, Louis, 1948-1949
          Morgenstern, Julian, 1948-1950
          Moskowitz, Hyman, 1950
          Moss, Leonard, 1950
          Mostow, Laura, 1975
          Mueller, Helen, 1950
          Myerhoff, Robert, 1954
          Myers, Stanley, 1949-1950
          Nabut, Evelyn, 1954-1960
          Nadell, Henry, 1960
          Naimark, David and Ethel, 1979-1982
          Nannes, Caspar, 1950
          Nathanson, Edward, 1949
          Naumberg, William, 1955
          Nelson, Ira I., 1948
          Nerlove, Sam, 1948
          Neusner, Jacob, 1973
          Newman, Louis, Rabbi, 1959
          Nirenstein, Nathan, 1950
          Nova, A.I., 1950
          Novack, Ben, 1950
          Novick, David, 1960
          Nuell, Barney, 1949
          Nussbaum, Max, Rabbi, 1948-1973
          Oberdorfer, Donald, 1949-1950
          Obermeyer, Judy and Arthur, 1988
          Obermeyer, Leon, 1948-1977
          O'Connell, Percy, 1954
          Olan, Levi, Rabbi, 1948-1949
          Oppenheim, Richard, 1949
          Oppenheimer, Harry and Maurice, 1949
          Oppenheimer, Louis, 1959
          Orlav, Myer, 1950
          Osgood, Herbert, 1954, 1979
          Overstreet, Harry, 1949
          Padway, Ronald, 1948-1950
          Pallot, Albert, 1949-1950
          Paper, Meyer, 1954
          Paradise, joseph and Lillian, 1955
          Parker, Alice, 1977
          Parker, Raymond, 1954
          Pastore, John, 1949-1950
          Pattiz, Oscar, 1950
          Paul, David, 1948
          Pearlman, Philip, 1949
          Peiser, Kurt, 1948-1949
          Pemberton, Frank, 1949
          Perlberger, Oscar, 1950
          Peskin, David, 1949
          Pinanski, Samuel, 1949-1950
          Pizitz, Louis, 1950
          Pizor, Lewen, 1949-1950
Box 94
          Polier, Shad and Justine, 1959
          Pollinger, Elliot, 1949
          Pollack, Max, 1954
          Pollins, David, 1960
          Pollock, Sam, 1950
          Pool, David de Sola, 1948-1950
          Poplack, Alvin, 1950
          Pouzzner, Benjamin, 1949
          Pransky, Mrs. B., 1949
          Press, I.H., 1950
          Price, Louis, 1950
          Proger, Samuel, 1960
          Propper, Leonard M., 1950
          Pusey, Nathan, 1968
          Quinn, Alice, 1976
          Rabb, Norman, 1959-1977
          Rabinowitz, Louis, 1960
          Rabinowitz, Sidney, 1960
          Rabkin, Mitchell, 1967
          Radlauer, Philip, 1987-1988, n.d. [2 folders]
          Rady, Maxwell, 1948
          Raffin, Isidor, 1948
          Rand, Bernard, 1954
          Ranson, Jo, 1949
          Rauch, Joseph, Rabbi, 1950
          Rauh, Carl, 1950
          Rauh, Frederick, 1950
          Reichel, O. Asher, Rabbi, 1948
          Reineberg, Amelia, 1949
          Reiner, Stephen, 1981
          Reinfeld, Saul, 1955
          Reinheimer, Leon, 1950
          Reiss, Henry, 1954
          Reitman, Frank, 1959
          Reizenstein, Louis I., 1950
          Renaldi, G., 1949
          Resnik, Howard, 1960
          Resnik, Louis, 1954
          Ress, Joseph W., 1950
          Revson, Martin, 1950
          Reynolds, George, 1950
          Rice, Carl, 1950
          Rich, Irwin, 1950
          Rich, Jack, 1949, 1973
          Richman, Paul and Edythe, 1954
          Rieben, Edward, 1950
          Rieben, Louis, 1950
          Riesman, David, 1978
          Rifkind, Simon, 1954
          Ringold, Joe H., 1950
          Riskin, Archie, 1950
          Rittenbaum, Alex, 1950
          Roback, A.A., 1948
          Robbins, Morton J., 1949
          Roberts, Owen J., 1950
          Robinson, Albert, 1959
          Robinson, Harry, 1950
          Robinson, Mrs. Ralph, 1950
          Robinson, Mimi, 1961
          Roche, John, 1961-1962
          Rodecker, Alvin, 1955
          Rogal, Hyman, 1950
          Rogal, Max, 1955
          Rogers, Marcia, 1978
          Rome, Howard, 1950
          Roos, Jospeh, 1949
          Roosevelt, Franklin D., Jr. 1943, 1964 [2 folders]
          Roosevelt, James, 1985
          Roosevelt, James and Mary, includes photo, 1985
          Rose, Edward, 1964-1972
          Rose, Sidney, 1950
          Rosen, Mrs. Ben, 1950
          Rosen, Harry J., 1948
          Rosen, Louis, 1950
          Rosen, Nathan, 1948
          Rosenbaum, Felix, 1956
          Rosenbaum, Harry, 1950
          Rosenbaum, Mrs. I. H., 1950
          Rosenberg, James, 1950-1960
          Rosenberg, Norman, 1960
          Rosenberg, Sam, 1949-1950
          Rosenbloom, Fred, 1950
          Rosenfeld, Mrs. Philip, 1978
          Rosenfield, Harry, 1949
          Rosenfield, Max, 1950
          Rosenthal, Samuel, 1950
          Rosentiel, Lewis, 1960-1961
          Rosenwald, William, 1954
          Rosnosky, Henry, 1959
          Rostau, M., 1949
          Rothbard, Hyman, 1960
          Rothbarth, Leo, 1951
          Rothberg, Samuel, 1981
          Ruben, Mark, 1989
          Rubenovitz, Herman, 1949
          Rubin, Samuel, 1955
          Rubloff, Arthur, 1955
          Ruderman, Samuel, 1949
          Rudman, Ike, 1950
          Rudolph, Samuel, 1950
          Runyon, Carroll, 1949
          Russell, Don, 1947
          Ruwitch, Joe, 1950
          Rysman, Mrs. Abraham, 1961
Box 95
          Sacks, Howard, 1950
          Sacks, Sidney, 1950
          Sage, Philip, 1975
          Sakler, Allen M., 1949
          Sale, Llewellyn, 1949
          Salerno, Joseph, 1968
          Salesky, Lois, 1950
          Salomon, Irving, Col., 1956
          Salpeter, High, 1950
          Salter, Abram, 1950
          Saltonstall, William G., 1950
          Sampliner, Paul, 1954
          Samuel, Maurice, 1975
          Samuels, A.O., 1954
          Sandler, Samuel, 1950
          Sapinsley, Milton, 1949
          Satlow, Lewis, Rabbi, 1949
          Savrann, Herb, 1966
          Schaalman, Herman, Rabbi, 1949
          Schaeffer, Rudolf, 1950
          Schaffer, Michael, 1976
          Schaps, Samuel, 1957
          Schary, Dore, 1959
          Schatz, Fred, 1979
          Schechtler, J., 1977
          Scheiber, Max S., 1949
          Schilling, Moses B., 1950
          Schine, Isaac, 1949
          Schlager, Dan, n.d.
          Schnall, Charles M., 1949
          Schultz, A.M., 1950
          Schuman, William, 1950
          Schwartz, Ben, 1949
          Schwartz, Harry, 1949
          Schwartz, Samuel, Rabbi, 1949
          Schwartz, Sam and Roey, 1948
          Schwartz, Theodore, 1950
          Schwarz, Inge and Guenter, 1948
          Schweber, Miriam, 1965
          Schweitzer, Morrie and Bert, 1947
          Scott, Mrs. Earl, 1950
          Seamans, Herbert L., 1948
          Seder, Saul A., 1949
          Seder, Seymour, 1954
          Seelig, Major G., 1949
          Segal, Bernard G., 1950
          Segal, Meyer, 1949
          Segal, Robert E., 1948
          Seidman, Jeannette, 1949
          Seiniger, Samuel, 1950
          Shalleck, Benjamin, 1950
          Shapero, Nate, 1954
          Shapiro, Alfred, 1954
          Shapiro, Frank, 1949
          Shapiro, Mrs. Henry, 1948
          Shapiro, Robert, 1993
          Shapiro, Robert B., 1955
          Shapiro, S.G., 1950
          Shapiro, Samuel, 1950
          Shapiro, Sidney, 1971
          Sharkey, Alex, 1950
          Sharlet, Bob, n.d.
          Shelkan, Cantor Gregor, 1949-1950
          Shenker, Morris, 1950
          Shepley, Henry, 1955
          Sher, Philip, 1955
          Sherin, Arthur, 1950
          Sherman, Edward, 1949
          Shlaichow, Sam, 1948
          Shmikler, Gilbert, 1955
          Shochet, Fred, 1950
          Shore, Albert, 1959
          Shosteck, Robert, 1948
          Shotel, David, 1949
          Shulman, Charles, 1948-1949
          Sholem, Jerome, 1973
          Sichel, Franz, 1950
          Sicher, Dudley F., 1950
          Sidel, Nathan, 1958
          Sidkoff, Manuel, 1954
          Silver, Kate, 1950
          Silver, Harold, 1955
          Silver, Harris and Anna, 1961
          Silver, Heleine, 1950
          Silverman, Albert, Rabbi, 1948
          Silverman, Irving, 1950
          Silverman, William B., 1948
          Simon, Sidney, 1947
          Simonhoff, Harry, 1949
          Simons, Leonard, 1954
          Sinkin, William, 1950
          Siskin, Garrison, 1960
          Sittell, Robert, 1923
          Sklovsky, Max, 1948
          Smith, Ruggles, 1979
          Snower, H.B., 1950
          Slavin, Ben, 1950
          Sloane, David, 1948
          Slosberg, Samuel, 1966
          Small, Mrs. David, 1950
          Smith, Louis, 1949
          Smith, Frances and Paul, 1949-1954
          Smolar, Boris, 1949
          Soell, A.W., 1955
          Soglow, M.H., 1950
          Soifer, Morris, 1949
          Sokol, Gustave, 1950
          Solis-Cohen, Jack, 1950
          Solis-Cohen, Leon, 1950
          Solomon, Mamie, 1963
          Solomont, Meyer, 1950
          Sorger, Irving, 1950
          Spector, Maurice, 1950
          Spelke, Max, 1950
          Sperling, Jack, 1948
          Spinoza, Benjamin, 1950
          Spitzer, H.M., 1950
          Starck, Taylor, 1949
Box 96
          Stein, Mike, 1959
          Steinbach, Samuel, 1950
          Steinberg, Mark, 1950
          Steinberg, Ralph, 1950
          Steinberg, Ruth, 1988
          Steinbrink, Meier, 1947, 1950
          Stern, David, 1954
          Stern, Joseph, 1949
          Stern, Sidney, 1950
          Stern, William, 1950
          Stevenson, Adlai, 1964
          Stone, Elihu, 1949
          Stone, Julius, 1949
          Stone, Kay and Lester, 1959
          Straus, Mathan, 1960
          Straus, Fritz and Bert, 1949
          Strauss, Jospeh L., 1948
          Strauss, Mrs. Sidney, 1959
          Sturtz, Louis, 1950
          Swig, Benjamin, 1977-1981
          Swig, Melvin, 1949
          Sylvan, Jack, 1954
          Tabachnik, Joseph, Rabbi, 1974
          Tackeff, Bertram, 1950
          Talamo, Joseph, 1949
          Talianoff, George, 1949
          Talkov, Leo, 1960
          Tamkin, David N., 1950
          Tanenbaum, Jacob, 1950
          Tanenbaum, Joseph, 1949
          Tarlin, Lloyd, 1950
          Tart, Aaron, 1948
          Tauber, L. 1949
          Thurman, Samuel, Rabbi, 1950
          Tick, Jack, 1950
          Tick, Paul, 1948, 1950
          Timbers, Helen, 1948
          Tolkin, Irving, 1959
          Totten, Norman, 1984
          Trachtenberg, Stephen Joel, 1992
          Treiman, Israel, 1963, n.d.
          Treisman, H.S., 1954
          Truman, Bess, 1973
          Truman, Harry, 1957
          Tucker, Sophie, 1954-1955
          Turk, Charles E., 1950
          Turk, Harold, 1954
          Turken, Dave, 1950
          Tyler, Brenton E., 1949
          Ullman, Adolph and Mary, 1954
          Uman, Morrice, 1950
          Unger, Jerome, Rabbi, 1960
          Untermeyer, Jean Starr, 1960
          Untermeyer, Louis, n.d.
          Usher, Peter and Dorothy, 1961
          Vardi, Joseph, 1976
          Venezky, Julian B., 1949
          Versagi, Frank J., 1949
          Victor, Benjamin, 1954
          Viner, Harry, 1949
          Voss, Carl Hermann, 1949
          Wahl, David, 1960
          Walther, Luann, 1989
          Warburg, Anita, 1955
          Warfield, David, 1950
          Warshaw, Abraham, 1950, 1955
          Warshawsky, David, 1960
          Waterman, B.R., 1950
          Weeks, Edward, 1960
          Weems, Nettie, 1960
          Weil, June, 1967
          Wein, Peter, 1960
          Weingarten, Joseph, 1959
          Weinress, Morton, 1954
          Weinstein, Jacob, 1950
          Weinstein, Murray, 1954
          Weintrob, Morris, 1950
          Weisberg, Jospeh, 1960
          Weiss, H.B., 1951
          Weiss, Samuel, 1955
          Weissman, Ben, 1950
          Wetzel, Ralph, 1949
          Widett, Harold, 1950
          Wien, Lawrence, 1972, 1976 [2 folders]
          Willen, Pearl, 1949
          Wilson, Howard, 1955
          Winarick, Arthur, 1954
          Wise, Stephen, 1947-1987
          Wishnick, Robert, 1950
          Witz, Irving, 1950
          Witz, Irwin, 1950
          Wohl, Amiel, Rabbi, 1977
          Wohl, Mrs. Michael, 1950
          Wolf, Edwin, 1950
          Wolf, Irwin, 1950
          Wolff, Lester, 1955
          Wolff, Steve and Edith, 1947
          Wolffers, Jules, 1949
          Wood, Joseph J., 1954
          Woodard, Charles F., 1950
          Wolberg, Samuel, 1949
          Wyatt, Harry, 1977
          Wyner, Mrs. George, 1948
          Wyzanski, Mrs. Charles E., 1950
          Yaker, David N., 1948
          Yamin, Michael, 1950
          Yassenoff, Leo, 1949
          Yawitz, Edward, 1965
          Yellin, Richard, 1988
          Zakheim, Bernanrd and Phyllis, 1949
          Zeligman, Hyman and Dorothy, 1950
          Zemon, Oscar M., 1951
          Zetzel, Louis, 1965-1966
          Zimmerman, Herman, 1949
          Zimmerman, Wayne, 1950
          Zolov, Benjamin, 1949
          Zoob, Herman, 1950
          Zuckerman, Arthur, Rabbi, 1949
Box 97
     Correspondence with Institutions
          Alabama University, 1987
          Albright College, 1985
          American Associates, Ben Gurion University, 1977-1990 [5
          American Friends of Haifa University, 1970-1974 [2 folders]
          American Friends of Hebrew Univeristy, 1972-1990 [4 folders]
          American Jewish Historical Society, 1977
          American Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training
                 Federation, 1968
          American Zionist Federation, 1979
          Americans for Democratic Action, 1964
          Assumption College, 1980-1981
          Bantam Books, 1978
          Ben Gurion University, 1986, 1990 [3 folders]
          Beth El Temple, 1049
          Beth Israel Sisterhood, 1950
          Boston College, n.d.
          Boston Traveler, 1949
          Bridgeport, University of, 1968-1969
          Bundes Republik Deutschland, 1978
          Cartier, Inc., 1966
          Center for Jewish Culture, 1983-1984
          Central Dauphin School District, 1968
          Charles Hayden Foundation, 1953
          Combined Jewish Appeal, 1960
          Combined Jewish Philanthropies, 1980-1989 [4 folders]
          Commission on Jewish Education, 1926
          Congregation Agudat Achim, 1984
          Council of Post-War Jewish Organizations, 1983-1984
          David Horvitz Loan Fund, 1963
          Denver University, Center for Judaic Studies, 1984-1986, [3
          Emanuel Synagogue, 1968
          Emmanuel College, 1965-1966
          Encyclopedia Judaica, 1969
          Endicott College, 1984
          General Optical Company, 1961
          George Peabody College for Teachers, 1968
          Grieco Brothers, 1963
          Hampshire College, National Advisory Council, 1977
          Hebrew College, Brookline, 1969-1988
          Hebrew College Women's Association, 1985
          Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged, 1983-1990 [7 folders]
Box 98
          Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1968-1989 [5 folders]
          Isaac M. Wise Temple, 1950
          Illinois, Univeristy of, 1964 [2 folders]
          James Millikin University, 1949-1950
          Jewish Big Brother Association, 1966
          Jewish Center for the Aged, 1984
          Jewish Community Federation, 1984
          Jewish Encyclopedic Handbooks, 1948
          Jewish Endowment Foundation, 1987, 1989 [3 folders]
          Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, 1987
          Jewish Federation of Greater Norwalk, 1978
          Jewish Welfare Board Lecture Bureau, 1972, 1974, 1976 [2
          Judaic Heritage Society, 1979
          Judaism, University of, 1980
          The Justice, 1987
          Kallah of Texas Rabbis, 1985
          Kaye, Fialkow, Richmond and Rothstein, 1985
          Kentucky, University of, 1973-1974
          Lafayette College, 1968
          League of Women Voters, 1968
          Louisville, University of, 1968-1969
          Marriott Hotel, Newton, 1986-1989
          Mason's, Grand Lodge--Witherspoon, Frank Totten, 1950
          Massachusetts Committee of Catholics, Protestants and
                Jews, 1950-1959
          Massachusetts Elementary School Principals, 1949-1950
          Massachusetts High School Principals Association, 1949-1950
          Massachusetts General Hospital--Welch, Claude, 1984
          Massachusetts Schoolmasters' Club, 1948
          Massachusetts Secondary School Principals--Pierce, F. H.,
          Massachusetts State Federation of Women's Clubs, 1949
          Massachusetts Teachers Federation, 1950
          Medoff Company, 1950
          Meisel Machine Company, 1950
          Meites Publishing Company, 1949
          Meridian Jewish Welfare Fund, 1949-1950
          Michigan, University of, 1957, 1984 [2 folders]
          Milwaukee Jewish Federation, Women's Division, 1988
          Miramar College, 1976
          Mission Pak, 1964
          Missouri State Teachers Association, 1968, 1974 [2 folders]
          Nation Associates, 1949
          Nation's Schools Publiching Company, 1948
          National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,
          National Council of Jewish Women, 1984
          National Education Association, 1968
          National Federation of Temple Sisterhood, 1949
          National Fund Raising Institute, 1988
          National Jewish Monthly, n.d.
          National Starch Products, Inc., 1955
          New England College of Optometry, 1988
          New England Conservatory of Music, 1950
          New York Times--Daniel, Clifton, 1971
          Newton Community Chest, 1950
          Northeaster University, 1949-1950
          Notre Dame du Lac, University of, 1964
          Oklahoma City University, 1974-1975
          Old South Church, Boston, 1948-1949
          Oxford Academy, 1948
          Our World Magazine, 1950
          Newton, City of, Police, 1984
          Pittsburgh Public Schools, 1968
          Record-American, Boston, 1949
          Rhode Island College of Education, 1950
          Rice Institute, 1950
          Roanoke College, 1950
          Rodeph Shalom Congregation, 1949-1950
          Rotary Club of Boston, 1948
          Rubloff Furniture, 1955
          Russell Sage Foundation, 1949 [2 folders]
          Saint Louis Scholars in Residence Program Publicity, 1986
          San Antonio Express Editor, 1948
          San Diego County Department of Education, 1969
          San Diego Jewish Community, 1984
          San Lorenzo Unified School District, 1968
          Santa Clara, University of, 1968
Box 99
          Service Uniform Company--Medintz, Barney, 1950
          Shar Hashomayim Synagogue, 1984
          Sharon Memorial Park, 1990
          Simons-Michelson Company, 1950
          Social Security Administration, 1966
          Spertus College of Judaica, 1978
          Springfield College, 1968-1969
          Stamford Tri-Temple Series, 1975
          Supreme Court of the United States--Warren, Chief Justice,
          Swarthmore College Endowment Fund, 1947
          Syracuse University, 1977 [2 folders]
          Temple Anshe Emeth, 1984
          Temple Beth-El, 1974-1976 [2 folders]
          Temple Emanuel, 1983-1984
          Temple Emanu-El, 1973-1974
          Temple Emanu-El B'ne Jeshurum, 1983-1984
          Temple Emeth, 1979-1980
          Temple Israel, 1974
          Temple Israel Brotherhood, 1978
          Temple Ohabei Shalom, Brotherhood of, 1961
          Temple Ohabei Shalom, 1948-1984
          Temple Reyim, 1989
          Temple Shalom, 1988
          Temple Shalom, Sisterhood of, 1977
          Temple Sinai, 1960
          Temple Sinai Sharon, 1982
          Texas Hotel and Motel Association, 1974
          Three Temples: Newton/Wellesley, 1983-1984
          Torch of Sigma Delta, 1949
          Tulane University, 1974
          Two/Ten Foundation, 1989
          Unicorn Foundation, Unicorn Press, 1948-1949
          United Educators, Inc., 1967-1968
          United Fund, 1960-1963
          United Jewish Appeal--Jewish Federation of the North Shore,
               Inc., 1984
          United Jewish Appeal--Toronto, 1986-1987
          United States Information Agency, 1969
          United States Senate, 1950, 1959, 1960, 63-1964 [3 folders]
          United Utilities Corporation--Reagan, Lillian, 1960
          Utrecht University--Seymour, Betsy, 1969
          W. Colston Leigh, Inc., 1948-1975 [6 folders]
          Washington Univeristy--Martin, Douglas, 1948
          Weizmann Instititue of Science, 1948-1949, 1969 [2 folders]
          West Palm Beach--Chazin, Joel, Rabbi, 1987-1989
          West Virginia Institute of Technology, 1975
          Weston Public Schools, 1985
          Wheaton College, 1948-1950
          The White House--Interfaith House, 1944
          The White House--Truman, Harry, 1957, 1959
          Who's Who in America, 43rd Edition, 1983
          Women's Group, Philadelphia, 1950
          World Organization for Brotherhood--Visseuri, Pierre, 1949-
          Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association,
                 Morris County, 1984
          Youth Aliyha, 1963
          Youth Leaders, 1950
          Zambia , University of--Osei-Hwedie, Kwaku, 1979
Box 100
     Subject Correspondence
          Emma Lazarus Award, 1986 [5 folders]
          Birthdays, 1959-1992, n.d. [20 folders]
          Condolences letters, 1954-1974
          Best wishes letters, 1961-1971 [2 folders]
Box 101
          Holiday greetings, 1968-1992, n.d. [27 folders]
          Testimonial dinners, 1989 [9 folders]
          Thank you cards, 1990-1991, n.d. [2 folders]
Box 102
          Tributes and sympathies, 1975 [4 folders]
          Wedding anniversaries, 1986, 1991 [3 folders]
          Trips and travel, 1961 [10 folders]
Box 103
          Trips and travel, 1963-1968 [22 folders]
Box 104
          Trips and travel, 1968-1984 [22 folders]

Committees and Commissions
Box 105
          American Council on Education--Commission on Federal
               Relations, "General Federal Support for Higher Education:
               an Analysis of Five Formulas," booklet, 1968
          American ORT Federation--Haber ORT Celebration, 1979
          Anti-Defamation League--Boston Award Dinner Program,
          Committee for Economic Development--Subcommittee on the
               Management and Financing of Colleges, 1971-1973 [3
          Education Commission of the States--Appointment to, 1967
          Education Commission of the States, 1970-1971
          Foreign Specialists Project, 1965 [3 folders]
          Hampshire College--National Advisory Council, 1969-1970 [2
          Harvard University Center for Jewish Studies--National
               Committee, 1976
          Illinois Commission to Study Non-Public Higher Education,
               1968-1969 [7 folders]
Box 106
          Illinois Commission to Study Non-Public Higher Education,
               1968-1969 [3 folders]
          International Institute of Boston--Committee to Honor Mrs.
               Wyzanski, Golden Door Award Dinners, 1974
          Kennedy (John Fitzgerald) Library Board, 1974
          Massachusetts Advisory Commission to Commemorate the
               Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, 1987
          Massachusetts Board of Education, 1969-1970 [3 folders]
          Massachusetts Board of Education--Select Committee for
               the Study of Financial Problems of Private Institutions of
               Higher Education in the Commonwealth, 1968-1970 [2
          Massachusetts Education Compact Council, 1972
          Newton Centennial Commission, 1973
          New Century Club (Boston, MA), 1976
          New York--Commission on Independent Colleges and
               Universities, "Tradition and Promise: Independent
               Higher Education in New York State" booklet, 1967
          New York--Select Committee on the Future of Private
               Education, 1967-1968 [3 folders]
Box 107
          New York--Select Committee on the Future of Private
               Education, 1967-1968 [6 folders]
          Roosevelt, Eleanor Foundation, 1964-1969 [3 folders]
          Stevenson (Adlai) Institute of International Affairs, 1968
          United Jewish Appeal Campaign (Greater Norwalk
               Federated), Newsclipping photo, 1979
          US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of
               Education--Bureau of Higher and Continuing Education,
          US Advisory Commission on International Educational and
               Cultural Affairs, 1967-1970 [3 folders]
Box 108
          US Advisory Commission on International Educational and
               Cultural Affairs, 1967-1970 [10 folders]
          US Advisory Commission on International Educational and
               Cultural Affairs--"The Unfinished Agenda," the
               Fourteenth Report, March 31, 1978
          US Holocaust Memorial Council, 1980-1989 [13 folders]
          US Holocaust Memorial Council--"The Fate of the Gypsies
               During the Holocaust" by G. Tyrnauer, 1985
          Weizmann Institute of Science--National Dinner, 1986
          World Affairs Council (Boston, MA), 1971-1972

Photographs, Datebooks, and Audio Recordings
Box 109
     General Photographs
          Photographic prints, 1939-1982, n.d. [37 folders]
Box 110
          Photographic prints, 1929-1991 [64 folders]
Box 111
          Photographic prints, ca. 1936-1977, n.d. [58 folders]
Box 112
          Negatives, slides, glass plate slides, view finder
               [13 cases, 3 boxes]
Box 113
          Mounted photographic prints, n.d. [62 unfoldered
Box 114
     Laurette Meyer Materials
          Scrapbooks, n.d. [8 folders]
          Newspaper clippings--Senator Steve Young, ca. 1950-1979
          Photographs, 1962-1964, n.d. [5 folders]
          Correspondence, 1958-1971 [8 folders]
Box 115
          Non-event specific scrapbooks, n.d. [10 scrapbooks]
Box 116
          Non-event specific scrapbooks, n.d. [3 scrapbooks]
          Event specific scrapbooks, n.d. [6 scrapbooks]
Box 116a
          Scrapbook, 1960-1961
Box 117
          Event specific scrapbooks, n.d. [7 scrapbooks]
          Wood and brass rotating calendar (ca. 1950s) containing Brandeis University emblem.
Box 117a
          Scrapbooks [14 scrapbooks]
               A History of the Jews, n.d.
               Assignment to Brandeis and World History Project, n.d.
               Brandeis Founding--News Clippings, 1947-1950
               Community Chest, n.d. [2 folders]
               History Lectures, n.d. [2 folders]
Box 117b
               News Clippings, January 1949-March 1949
               News Clippings, April 1949-August 1949
               Speaking Engagements, 1930s [6 folders]
Box 117c
               Abram L. and Thelma Sachar Tribute Fund [photos]
               Abram L. and Thelma Sachar International Center Dedication, April 28 1973
Box 118
          Datebooks, 1935-1954 [28 volumes]
Box 119
          Datebooks, 1955-1967 [20 volumes]
Box 120
          Datebooks, 1968-1974 [17 volumes]
Box 121
          Datebooks, 1975-1983 [19 volumes]
Box 122
          Datebooks, 1984-1993 [26 volumes]
Box 123
     Sound Recordings
          Audio cassettes, [16 cassettes]

Personal Library
Box 124
     Sachar Family Books
          Sachar, Edward, "Topics in Psychoendocrinology," 1975
          Sachar, Edward, "Hormones, Behavior, and
               Psychopathology," 1976
          Sachar, Emily, "Shut Up And Let the Lady Teach: A Teacher's
               Year in a Public School," 1991
          Sachar, Howard, "Europe Leaves the Middle East, 1936-1954,"
          Sachar, Howard, "The Course of Modern Jewish History: The
               Classic History of the Jewish People, From the Eighteenth
               Century to the Present Day" (new revised edition), 1990
          Sachar, Howard, "The Course of Modern Jewish History,"
          Sachar, Howard, "O Judeu Nos Tempos Modernos," 1967
     Non-Sachar Books Signed By Author
          Agus, Jacob B., "Modern Philosophies of Judaism," 1941
          Allon, Yigal, "The Making of Israel's Army," 1970
          Cahn, Zvi, "The Philosophy of Judaism," 1962
          Cassuto, U., "The Documentary Hypothesis, Eight Lectures,"
          Cohen, Beryl D., "Shielding the Flame: A Personal and
               Spiritual Inventory of a Liberal Rabbi," 1972
          Dunner, Joseph, "Baruch Spinoza and Western Democracy,"
          Feinsilver, Rabbi Alexander, "The Talmud For Today," 1980
          Goldman, Solomon, "Undefeated," 1940
          Gorn, Mordechai Martin, "Journey to Fulfillment," 1979
          Grollman, Earl A., "Judaism in Sigmund Freud's World," 1965
          Levin, Meyer, "The Obsession," 1973
          Livingston, Harold, "The Coasts of the Earth, A Novel of
               the American Volunteers who Flew for Israel," 1954
          McDonald, James G., "My Mission in Israel, 1948-1951," 1951
          Myers, James E., "The Bridge of Time: A View of the Israeli
               People," 1973
          Proskauer, Joseph M., "A Segment of My Times," 1950
          Samuel, Maurice and Mark Van Doren, "The Book of Praise,
               Dialogues on the Psalms," 1975
Box 125
          Asch, Sholem, "The Prophet, A Biblical Novel," 1955
          Askowith, Dora, "Three Outstanding Women," 1941
          Berger, Graenum, "Black Jews in America," 1978
          Bernstein, Edgar, "My Judaism My Jews," 1962
          Davis, Moshe, "The Emergence of Conservative Judaism,"
          Davis, Moshe and Victor Ratner, "The Birthday of the
               World," 1959
          Dushkin, Alexander M., "Comparative Study of the Jewish
               Teacher Training Schools in the Diaspora," 1970
          Epstein, Benjamin R. and Arnold Forster, "Some of My Best
               Friends . . .," 1962
          Fineman, Irving, "Ruth," 1949
          Friedman, Saul S., "The Incident at Massena: Anti-Semitic
               Hysteria in a Typical American Town," 1978
          Goshen-Gottstein, M.H., "Text and Language in Bible and
               Qumran," 1960
          Grayzel, Solomon, "A History of the Jews, From the
               Babylonian Exile to the end of World War II," 1947
          Haber, Julius, "The Odyssey of an American Zionist," 1956
          Hirschmann, Ira, "Caution to the Winds," 1962
          Kaufman, Joseph F., "At the Pleasure of the Board, the
               Service of the College and the University President," 1980
          Konefsky, Samuel J., "The Legacy of Holmes and Brandeis,
               A Study of the Influence of Ideas," 1956
          Livingston, Sigmund, "Must Men Hate," 1944
          Lowenstein, Sharon R., "Token Refuge: the Story of the
               Jewish Refugee Shelter of Oswego, 1944-1946," 1986
          Nadich, Judah, "Jewish Legends of the Second
               Commonwealth," 1983
          Neusner, Jacob, "Invitation to the Talmud," 1973
          Newman, Louis I., "Pangs of the Messiah and Other Plays,
               Pageants and Cantatas," 1957
          Perlmutter, Nathan, "A Bias of Reflections: the Confessions
               of an Incipient Old Jew," 1972
          Rabinowitz, Ezekiel, "Justice Louis D. Brandeis, the Zionist
               Chapter of His Life," 1968
          Schultz, Joseph P., "Mid-America's Promise: A Profile of
               Kansas City Jewry," 1983
          Silver, Maxwell, "The Way to God," 1950
          Stamper, Judah, "Jerusalem Has Many Faces," 1950
          Stein, Maurice R., "Reflections on Community Studies," 1964
          Trustman, Benjamin A., "Town Meeting Time: A Handbook
               of Parliamentary Law," 1962
Box 126
          Bernstein, Leonard, "The Infinite Variety of Music," 1966
          Binder, A.W., "Biblical Chant," 1959
          Buchwald, Art, "I Never Danced at the White House," 1973
          Cahn, Judah, "View From the Pulpit," 1982
          Conwell, Russell H., "Acres of Diamonds," 1959
          Dubinsky, David and A.H. Rasking, "David Dubinsky: A
               Life with Labor," 1977
          Forster, Arnold and Benjamin R. Epstein, "Danger on the
               Right: The Attitudes, Personnel and Influence of the
               Radical Right and Extreme Conservatives," 1964
          Gallagher, Buell G., "Campus in Crisis," 1974
          Goldstein, Israel, "Brandeis University," 1951
          Gordis, Robert, "Koheleth: The Man and His World," 1955
          Janowsky, Oscar I., "The American Jew, A Reappraisal," 1964
          Kagen, Henry Enoch, "Six Who Changed the World," 1963
          Kerr, Clark, "The Uses of the University," 1963
          Lelyveld, Arthur J., "Atheism is Dead: A Jewish Response
               to Radical Theology," 1968
          Levenson, Sammy, "Meet the Folks, A Session of American
               Jewish Humor," 1948
          Lewisohn, Ludwig, "The Magic Word, Studies in the Nature
               of Poetry," 1950
          Mayer, Frederick, "Creative Universities," 1961
          Morris, Robert, "Rethinking Social Welfare: Why Care for
               the Stranger?," 1986
          Murphy, Joseph S., "Political Theory, A Conceptual
               Analysis," 1968
          Neusner, Jacob, "A Life of Rabban Yohanan Ben Zakkai Ca.
               1-80 C.E.," 1962
          Noveck, Simon, "Milton Steinberg: Portrait of a Rabbi," 1978
          Shapiro, Leon, "The History of Orr, A Jewish Movement for
               Social Change," 1980
          Starkopf, Adam, "There is Always Time to Die," 1981
          Untermeyer, Louis, "Poems of Henrich Heine," 1923
          Wagner, Stanley M., "A Piece of My Mind," 1979
          Warner, Irving R., "The Art of Fund Raising," 1975
          Wechsler, I.S., "The Neurologist's Point of View: Essays on
               Psychiatric and Other Subjects," 1950
          Wise, James Waterman, "Legend of Louise: The Life Story
               of Mrs. Stephen S. Wise," 1949
Box 127
          Akston, J.J., "Beginning of the Beginning," 1970
          Alexander, Sidney, "Marc Chagall," 1978
          Berkowitz, David S., "Inequality of Opportunity in Higher
               Education," 1948
          Berler, Beatrice, "The Conquest of Mexico, A Modern
               Rendering of William H. Prescott's History," 1988
          Dibner, Bern, "Early Electrical Machines," 1957
          Dibner, Bern, "Agricola on Metals," 1958
          Dibner, Bern, "The New Rays of Professor Rontgen," 1963
          Golden, Peter, "Quiet Diplomat, Max M. Fisher," 1992
          Freehof, Solomon B., "The Responsa Literature," 1955
          Goldstein, Jack S., "A Different Sort of Times: the Life of
               Jerrold R. Zacharias, Scientist, Engineer, Educator," 1992
          Heller, Bernard, "Dawn or Dusk?," 1961
          Kolb, Leon, "Moses the Near Easterner," 1956
          Levin, Meyer, "An Israel Haggadah for Passover," n.d.
          Marcus, Jacob R., "The American Reaction to the Mortara
               Case: 1858-1859," 1957
          Netanyahu, B., "The Marranos of Spain, From the Late 14th
               to the Early 16th Century," 1966
          Pacheco, Jose Lopez Portillo, translated by Beatrice Berler,
               "They Are Coming, the Conquest of Mexico," 1992
          Samuel, Maurice, "The Gentleman and the Jew," 1950
          Samuel, Maurice, "In Praise of Yiddish," 1971
          Sedych, Andrei, "This Land of Israel," 1967
          Sniadoff, Peter, "The Influence of Ethical Judaism in
               Shaping Our History," 1976
          Wasserstein, Bernard, "Herbert Samuel, A Political Life," 1992
Box 128
          Bloom, Herbert I., "The Economic Activities of the Jews of
               Amsterdam in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth
               Centuries," 1937
          Braun, Sarah Elkin, "Your First Trip Abroad, I Envy You," 1974
          Dushkin, Alexander M., "Living Bridges: Memoirs of an
               Educator," 1975
          Foster, Arnold and Benjamin Epstein, "The Trouble
               Makers," 1952
          Hutler, Albert A., "Agony of Survival," 1989
          Galbraith, John Kenneth, "The New Industrial State," 1967
          Goldman, Alex J., "The Truman Wit," 1966
          Goldstein, Israel, "American Jewry Comes of Age," 1955
          Kaplan, Louis L. and Theodor Schuchat, "Justice - Not
               Charity, A Biography of Harry Greenstein," 1967
          Kertzer, Morris N., "Today's American Jew," 1967
          Klaperman, Gilbert, "The Story of Yeshiva University, the
               First Jewish University in America," 1969
          Markowitz, Rabbi S.H., "Leading a Jewish Life in the
               Modern World," 1942
          Pick, Maritza, "League of Liars," 1986
          Reinharz, Shulamit, "On Becoming a Social Scientist," 1991
          Rusk, Howard A., "A World to Care For," 1972
          Samuel, Maurice, "Light on Israel," 1968
          Samuel, Maurice, "Blood Accusation: the Strange History of
               the Beiliss Case," 1966
          Samuelson, William, "English as a Second Language, Phase
               Three: Let's Write," 1976
          Schneider, Susan Weidman, "Jewish and Female: Choices
               and Changes in Out Lives Today," 1984
          Towster, Julian, "Political Power in the USSR, 1917-1947: the
               Theory and Structure of Government in the Soviet State,"
Box 129
          Baer, Max F., "Dealing in Futures, the Story of the Jewish
               Youth Movement," 1983
          Cohon, Beryl D., "Jacob's Well, Some Jewish Sources and
               Parallels to the Sermon on the Mount," 1956
          Cohon, Beryl D., "Men at the Crossroads," 1970
          Dibner, Bern, "The Victoria and the Triton," 1962
          Dibner, Bern, "Leonardo Da Vinci, Technologist," 1969
          Eisendrath, Maurice N., "The Never Failing Stream," 1939
          Fleishman, Alfred, "Sense and Nonsense, Study in Human
               Communication," 1971
          Fox, G. George, "Jesus, Pilate and Paul," 1955
          Frankl, Oscar Benjamin, "Theodor Herzl: the Jew and the
               Man," 1949
          Gleuck, Nelson, "Five Essays on the Bible, Papers read the
               1960 Annual Meeting of the American Council of Learned
               Societies," 1960
          Gordis, Robert, "The Root and the Branch: Judaism and the
               Free Society," 1962
          Goron, Cyrus H., "Geschichtliche Grundlagen Des Alten
               Testaments," 1961
          Hansberry, Lorraine, "The Sign in Sidney Brustein's
               Window," 1965
          Hertz, Richard C., "What Can a Man Believe," 1967
          Kauffman, Joseph F., "Education," 1966
          Klutznick, Philip M., "No Easy Answers," 1961
          Knopf, Alfred A., "Sixty Photographs," 1975
          Lapson, Judah, "Hebrew in Colleges and Universities, A
               Guide to Course Offerings," 1958
          Levinthal, Israel H., "Point of View: An Analysis of American
               Judaism," 1958
          Lewisohn, Ludwig, "The American Jew: Character and
               Destiny," 1950
          Liebman, Joshua Loth, "Peace of Mind," 1946
          Marcus, Jacob R., "On Love, Marriage, Children, . . . And
               Death, Too," 1989
          Marcus, Jacob Rader, "To Count a People: American Jewish
               Population Data, 1585-1984," 1990
          Neiman, David, "The Book of Job," 1972
          Neusner, Jacob, "Invitation to the Talmud," 1973
          Oehser, Paul H., Stephen Toulmin, "Knowledge Among
               Men," 1966
          Raphael, Chaim, "Memoirs of a Special Case," 1962
          Sharir, David, "Complete Works, 1966-1972," 1973
          Shubow, Joseph Shalom, "The Brandeis Avukah Volume of
               1936, A Collection of Essays on Contemnor Zionist
               Thought," 1932
          Silber, John R., "Democracy: Its Counterfeits and its
               Promise," 1976
          Spiegel, Shalom, "Amos versus Amaziah," 1957
          Swig, Benjamin H., "The Measure of a Man," 1968
          Tanzer, Shirley Blum, "The Ratner House, 1888 to 1988," 1988
          Thomas, Henri, "Le Seau a Charbon," 1940
          Thomas, Henri, "Le Precepteur," 1942
          Thomas, Henri, "La Vie Ensemble," 1945
          Thomas, Henri, "Le Monde Absent," 1947
          Thomas, Henri, "Les Deserteurs," 1951
Box 130
     Non-Sachar Books Signed by Non-Author
          Bialik, Chaim Nachman, "Selected Poems," 1972
          Bronstein, Leo, "Kabbalah and Art," 1980
          Fitzgerald, Edward, "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam," n.d.
          Hay, Malcolm, "The Prejudices of Pascal," 1962
          Raskin, Saul, "The Book of Psalms," 1942
          Salomon, Irving, "Incidents and Coincidences: Adventures
               in Foreign Affairs," 1980
          Schoener, Allon, "The American Jewish Album, 1654 to the
               Present," n.d.
          Warren, Earl, "The Memoirs of Chief Justice Earl Warren,"
          Wise, Rabbi Stephen, "As I See It," 1944
          Wriston, Henry M., "Academic Procession: Reflections of a
               College President," 1959
          "Ten Highly Important Paintings," Exhibition and Auction,
     Non-Sachar Books, Not Signed
          Goldstein, Israel, "My World as a Jew," 1984
          Lewisohn, Ludwig, "Up Stream, An American Chronicle," 1922
          Linetski, Isaac Joel, "The Polish Lad," 1975
          "The Torah, the Five Books of Moses," 1962
          "1968 Brandeis University Yearbook," 1968

Box M1
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items]
Box M2
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items]
Box M3
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items]
Box M4
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items]
Box M5
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items]
Box M6
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items]
Box M7
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--microfilm room]
Box M8
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Sandwich Board M9
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Sandwich Board M10
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Oversize Folder M11
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Oversize Folder M12
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Oversize Folder M13

     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Oversize Folder M14
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Oversize Folder M15
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Oversize Folder M16
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Oversize Folder M17
     Memorabilia, n.d. [loose items--flat file]
Box M18
     Typewriter, Olivetti, front-strike style, n.d.
     Attache case, Gucci, soft leather, n.d.
Flat Box M19
     Briefcase, Leather, n.d.
Flat Box M20
     Attache case, Koret, soft leather, n.d.
Flat Box M21
     Scroll commemorating opening of Sachar center and founding of Abram L. Sachar Tribute Fund, 1973
Flat Box M22
     Tennis Racket, Competitive Series, n.d.
Flat Box M23
     Ford, Joseph F.--Honorary Doctorate from Brandeis University, 1955
     Sachar, Abram L.--Springfield College, Honorary Doctorate in Humanities, 1969
Map Drawer 3
          "Albert Einstein 1879-1955"--poster ostensibly for exhibit, 1978 [4 copies]
          “Baby Consultation”--Reproduction of lithograph[?] by Franck[?] and Clarke[?], n.d.
          Ben Gurion, David--1987 calendar with artwork and quotes, 1987
          Ben Gurion, David--Reproductions of lithograph by Sidney Kaye, n.d. [2 copies]
          Cardozo, Benjamin N.--Reproduction of charcoal portrait by Zirinsky, with personal 
               inscriptions by Cardozo and James N. Rosenberg, 1932, 1963
          “Chief Justice of the Spirits”--Block print by Tinka Adeyeum[?], 1968
          “Declaration of Independence”--Reproduction of painting by John Trumbull, 1957
          Ford, Joseph F.--sketch and cartoons portraits, n.d.
          “Hunger Madonna”--oil painting, 1947
          Manuscript--Latin calligraphy on vellum-like paper, n.d.
          Niles, David--Lithograph from The Jewish National Fund, 1946
          Religious Emblems--Oil painting by Jay Lavenson, n.d.
          “Sacred Work”--Reproduction of painting, n.d.
          Unidentified portrait --Pen and ink drawing by Lionel S. Reiss, n.d.
          Vesalius, Andre--Reproduction of page from De Humani Corporis Fabrica (1543), n.d.
          Webster, Daniel[?]--Oil painting, n.d.
          Gordon, Paul--Certificate and photograph from the Federation for the Support of Jewish 
               Philanthropic Societies of New York City, 1942, 1997
          Roosevelt, Franklin D--signed certificate of commendation to David Niles, 1942
          Sachar, Abram L.
               Akiba Award from American Jewish Committee, n.d.
               Brandeis University--Honorary Doctorate in Laws, 1968
               Greater Chicago Brandeis Club--Certificate, 1971
               Pan American Airlines--Clipper Club Certificate, 1964
               Philadelphia Fellowship Commission--Citation, 1950
          Sachar, Thelma H.
               Brandeis University--Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters 1994
               Honorary Citizenship of Dallas, Texas, 1969
          Bernstein, Marver H., [with nameplate], n.d.
          Cambridge Union Society--Centenary celebrations, 1921
          Jerusalem, n.d.
          Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem, n.d.
          Niles, David K., n.d.
          Sachar, Abram L., n.d.
          Sachar, Abram L. and Adlai Stevenson [reproduction], n.d.
          Stitchers Union 94--Executive Board, Chicago, Illinois, n.d.
          Truman, Harry
               “Dewey Beats Truman” [reproduction], n.d.
               Presidential portrait with personal inscription to David Niles, 1951
Loose Items
     Academic robes and regalia, n.d. [2 garment bags--microfilm room]
     Iron Age ceramic vessel, 1988
     Lamp--Steuben glass reproduction of the Castle, 1989
     Stetson Hatbox
          Adam hat, stetson-style, ca. 1930s-1940s
          Straw hat, made in Honolulu, n.d.
     Typewriter, Primus, front-strike style, n.d.

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