Abram L. Sachar

Hillel Papers, 1926-1992, n.d.

8.3 cu. ft. (25 document boxes)

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Abram L. Sachar was a pioneer and founder of the Hillel movement on American college campuses. He first became involved with the organization during his teaching career at the University of Illinois. Sachar served as Director of the Illinois sector from 1929 to 1933, and would go on to serve as National Director from 1933 to 1947. During his tenure, Hillel grew from nine to nearly 200 campus chapters throughout North America. Upon retiring as National Director in 1947, Sachar was named the Chairman of the National Hillel Commission. In this capacity, and later as Honorary Chairman, he continued to be active in support, activities, and fundraising for Hillel.

Sachar also served as President of the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO) from 1945 to 1948. Founded in 1924, the BBYO is the largest and oldest international Jewish youth organization in the world. It is composed of the Aleph Ztadik Aleph for boys (AZA), and the B'nai B'rith Girls (BBG). The BBYO's mission is to offer social, educational, and leadership opportunities to Jewish teens from seventh through twelfth grade. Each chapter is required to offer programs in the areas of community service, social action, Jewish heritage and culture, athletics, and socialization. These programs are planned and implemented by the organization's youth members.

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Scope and Contents
Materials in this collection were created from 1926 to 1988. A significant portion of the material in this collection was produced in the 1940s. Materials include correspondence, memos, meeting minutes for the Hillel and BBYO executive committees, newspaper articles, lecture notes, drafts, and programs publications, and financial reports, specifically audits and budgets at the national, regional, and university level of Hillel. In addition, the Hillel-specific material includes correspondence related to Roosevelt House at Hunter College, the Foreign Students Program for refugee placement at American universities during World War II, and publications and publicity materials produced by or pertaining to Hillel. There is also correspondence from Sachar's term as BBYO director, focusing on his attempts to reform the organization in addition to general day-to- day workings. Some materials are related to Sachar's lectures on Jewish and historical topics, which are not Hillel-specific. The majority of the materials were created by Abe Sachar, members of the executive committee of Hillel, and district and university Hillel workers.

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University Correspondence (boxes 1-4)
General Corespondence (boxes 5-14)
Personal Correspondence (box 15)
B'nai B'rith Youth Organization Correspondence (boxes 16-16a)
Roosevelt House (box 17)
Reports (boxes 18-20)
Financial Reports (boxes 21-22)
Foreign Students Program (box 23)
Publications and Publicity (boxes 24-25)

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Series Summary
University Correspondence
Inclusive dates: 1930-1958
Arrangement: Alphabetical
The materials in this series consist of correspondence between Sachar
and administrative officials and Hillel representatives at various
universities.  The majority of the correspondence deals with the
administrative matters and problems of the individual Hillel branches.
Other topics included are the establishment of Hillel branches,
financial issues, the status of Hillel on campuses and in host cities,
and advocacy at universities for programs of study related to Hebrew or

General Correspondence
Inclusive dates: 1926-1984
Arrangement: Alphabetical
A large series consisting of correspondence between Sachar and
individuals, though some organizations and subject files are also
included.  Recurrent topics in the correspondence are Hillel and B'nai
B'rith administrative matters and finances, social and political issues,
and the status of refugee students in the early 1940s, as well as files
on Sachar's resignation from Hillel and the responses he received.
Notable names include Albert Einstein, Bernard Heller, Max Kadushin,
Seymour Martin Lipset, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Personal Correspondence
Inclusive dates: 1942-1968, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
A small collection of personal correspondence between Sachar and both
individuals and institutions, covering a wide range of topics.  Subjects
covered include Hillel / B'nai B'rith matters, awards, speaking
engagements, and personal greetings for holidays and birthdays.  The
majority involves everyday correspondence, though references to private
and Hillel-related problems are also included.

B'nai B'righ Youth Organization Correspondence
Inclusive Dates: 1940-1948, n.d.
Arrangement:  By subseries, then alphabetical by author.
The materials in this series consist of general correspondence relating
to B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, including correspondence relating to
BBYO's relationship with other B'nai B'rith member organizations, such
as the Anti Defamation League, and individual correspondence, primarily
with the directors of B'nai B'rith Girls Work and B'nai B'rith Boys Work
(Alice Elson and Rabbi Amram Prero, respectively).  The correspondence
relates to Sachar's transition as BBYO president, reform efforts, and
employment and salaries of BBYO workers.  Much of the general
correspondence was generated by or addressed to executive members of BBYO.

Roosevelt House
Inclusive Dates: 1942-1948, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries, then alphabetical
Materials in this series include correspondence, memos, a survey, lists
of contributors and guests, invitations, programs, dedications, a bill
of incorporation, and a copy of a speech.  The materials are related to
organization, fundraising, financial affairs, the construction of
Roosevelt House, publicity, and the dedication of the completed House.
The individual correspondence consists mainly of Sachar's correspondence
with A. C. Horn, B'nai B'rith Treasurer. There is also a small amount of
correspondence with Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Inclusive Dates: 1930-1951, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries, then alphabetical
A collection of reports, meeting minutes, bulletins, memos, and
correspondence.  The materials pertain to general administrative affairs
at Hillel, BBYO, and B'nai B'rith, including minutes of national
commission and district meetings, fundraising, and committee membership
and affairs.

Financial Reports
Inclusive Dates: 1927-1952
Arrangement: By subseries, then chronological
This series includes audits and financial reports for selected Hillel
university foundations, regional budgets and income control reports
prepared for the national Hillel office, national Hillel financial
budgets, the Hillel Service Fund, and foundations and counselorships,
and B'nai B'rith Youth Organization budgets.

Foreign Students Program
Inclusive Dates: 1940-1979, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
A small series of material consisting of memos and correspondence.
There are exchanges between the members of the Hillel Foreign Student
Refugee Committee related to fundraising and general administrative
affairs, and subject files related to the selection, funding, and
progress of refugee scholarship students.  There is also correspondence
with Albert Einstein in reference to students he recommended for Hillel
assistance.  The majority of the files were produced by the members of
the Hillel Foreign Student Refugee Committee and by the refugee students.

Publications and Publicity
Inclusive Dates: 1926-1992, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries, then chronological
Materials in this series include newspaper and periodical articles
relating to B'nai B'rith, materials related to Sachar's lectures on
Jewish and general historical topics, including drafts, notes, lecture
programs, and related newspaper articles, and publicity materials
produced by Hillel and B'nai B'rith, among them brochures and newsletters.

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Folder List
University Correspondence
Box 1
          Adelphi College, 1947
          Boston--Hillel, 1943-1944 [5 folders]
          Boston University, 1947
          Brooklyn College, 1939-1958 [14 folders]
          Brown University, 1939-1947
          Citadel, 1947
          City College Uptown, 1945-1947
          Columbia University, 1943
          Cornell University, 1933, 1942-1944, 1947-1948 [6 folders]
          Drake University, 1947
          Dropsie College, 1941-1942, 1947 [2 folders]
          Duke University, 1939-1944 [7 folders]
          Emory University, 1947
          Florida State College for Women, 1942-1947
          George Washington University, 1942, 1947 [3 folders]
          Harvard University, 1947
          Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1930-1951[3 folders]
          Hunter College, 1947
          Indiana University, 1938, 1941-1943, 1947 [3 folders]
          Los Angeles Hillel, 1942, 1947 [2 folders]
          Massachusetts State College, 1947
Box 2
          McGill University, 1938-1939 [5 folders]
          New York University, 1940
          New York State University for Teachers, 1947
          Northwestern University, 1933-1936, 1946-1948 [8 folders]
          Northwestern University--Blueprints, 1945-1947 [5 folders]
          Ohio State University, 1939-1940, 1947 [2 folders]
          Oswego State Teachers College, 1947
          Penn State, 1935-1942, 1947-1948 [2 folders]
          Princeton University, 1947
          Queens College, 1947
          Queens University, 1940-1942, 1947 [5 folders]
          Rutgers University, 1947
          St. John's College, 1942
          San Diego State College, 1947
          Saskatoon University, 1947
          State University of Iowa, 1942-1943, 1947-1948 [4 folders]
          State University of Iowa School of Religion, 1947
          Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College (Texas A&M), 1938-1940, 1947 [4 folders]
          University of Akron, 1943-1944
          University of Alabama, 1939-1947 [3 folders]
          University of Arizona, 1941-1947
          University of British Columbia, 1947
          University of California, 1933, 1943, 1947-1948 [4 folders]
          University of Chicago, 1939-1947 [3 folders]
          University of Colorado, 1947
          University of Connecticut, 1943
          University of Delaware, 1947
Box 3
          University of Florida, 1941-1943, 1947 [8 folders]
          University of Houston, 1947
          University of Illinois
              General files, 1930-1947 [11 folders]
              Building Fund, 1943-1947 [12 folders]
              Building Lease, 1940, 1945, [2 folders]
              Foundation Plans, 1941-1947 [5 folders]
          University of Kentucky, 1944
          University of Maine, 1947
          University of Manitoba, 1947-1949
          University of Maryland, 1941-1942, 1947 [6 folders]
          University of Miami, 1943-1947
          University of Miami (Ohio) and Hebrew Union College, 1940-1941 [5 folders]
          University of Michigan, 1935, 1947 [3 folders]
Box 4
          University of Minnesota, 1939-1943, 1947 [12 folders]
          University of Montana, 1947
          University of New Hampshire, 1947
          University of North Carolina, 1935-1944, 1948 [16 folders]
          University of Oklahoma, 1947
          University of Oregon, 1947
          University of Southern California, 1946-1947
          University of Texas, 1935-1947
          University of Toronto, 1947
          University of Utah, 1947
          University of Virginia, 1941-1943, 1947 [5 folders]
          University of Washington, 1947
          University of Wisconsin, 1947-1950
          University of West Virginia, Marshall College, 1947
          Washington University (MO), 1946-1947 [2 folders]
          Western University, 1947 [4 folders]
          Yale University, 1947

General Correspondence
Box 5
          Abramovitz, Max, 1947
          Adelburg, Harry, 1938
          Adler, Mortimer, 1932
          Albaum, Joseph, 1948
          Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation, 1947
          Appelbaum, Marillyn, 1945-1947 [7 folders]
          Appelbaum, Rabbi Saul, 1947
          Anti Defamation League, 1938-1939, 1943-1945 [8 folders]
          Aron, Bruno, 1946 [3 folders]
          Avukah/Hillel Relations, 1942 [9 folders]
          AZA/Hillel Relations, 1942 [3 folders]
          Baer, Max, 1939-1943
          Baron, Mrs. Paul (Sally), 1947
          Baron, Saul and Sophie, 1947
          Baron, Dr. Salo, 1943
          Bazalan, David, 1947
          Benesch, Alfred, 1943-1947 [2 folders]
          Benjamin, A. David, 1942-1948 [6 folders]
          Benjamin, Hilda, 1948
Box 6
          Behrman House Publishers, 1947
          Berland, Abel, 1947-1948
          Billkopf, Jacob, 1947
          Berenson, Mrs. Joseph (Birdie), 1948
          Blinder, Bob, 1950
          Blumberg, David, 1943
          Blumberg, Julia, 1947
          Bernstein, Fred, 1929, 1933-1934, 1938-1939 [7 folders]
          Bernstein, Rabbi Philip, 1931-1938, 1943-1947 [2 folders]
          Bisgyer, Maurice, 1938-1939, 1940, 1942-1948 [18 folders]
          Bisgyer, Samuel, 1941
          Bloch, Abraham, 1947
          Bogen, Boris, 1928-1929 [3 folders]
          B'nai Israel Congregation of Pittsburgh, 1973
          Bolotin, Mrs. B.C., 1947
          Boorstin, Samuel, 1947
          Brickman, Rabbi Barrett, 1931
Box 7
          Cahn, Rabbi Judah, 1942-1945 [14 folders]
          Case, H.W, 1932-1933
          Chairs in Judaic Studies, 1946-1951
          Chaplaincies, 1942-1943 [4 folders]
          Charlotte Jewish Community, 1982-1983
          Cohen, Judge A.K., 1942-1947 [3 folders]
          Cohen, Alfred, 1932-1937 [3 folders]
          Cohen, Rabbi Jehudah, 1938-1940, 1947 [8 folders]
Box 8
          Cook, Rabbi Samuel, 1934-1936 [4 boxes]
          Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, 1947
          Drook, Aaron, 1939
          Einstein, Albert--Phi Epsilon Award, 1940-1941 [3 folders]
          Eppstein, Rabbi Victor, 1930, 1947
          Essrig, Harry, 1947
          Ettinger, H.J., 1932-1935 [4 folders]
          Feiga, Wilfred, 1945-1946 [2 folders]
          Feuer, Rabbi Leon, 1938
          Finder, Leonard, 1938-1939, 1942-1943 [3 folders]
          Finkelstein, Dr. Louis, 1933-1935, 1938-1947 [2 folders]
          Fink, Rabbi Adolph, 1934
          Fischoff, Rabbi Ephraim, 1935, 1938-1939 [5 folders]
          Fox, Bella, 1941-1943 [5 folders]
          Fram, Rabbi Leon, 1930, 1931, 1938
          Frankel, Harry, 1947
          Fredman, Ruth, 1984
          Freehof, Rabbi Solomon, 1935
          Freeman, Harold, 1942
          Freiberg, Leonard, 1942
          Finder, Leonard, 1938
          Frey, Judge A.B., 1945-1946 [2 folders]
          Frisch, Rabbi Ephraim, 1941
          Fuld, Judge Stanley, 1947
Box 9
          Gamoran, Emanuel, 1929
          Garek, I.W., 1947
          Gerschenfield, Louis, 1939
          Ginsberg, Joseph, 1947
          Golbus, Alexander, 1947
          Goldberg, Saul, 1973
          Goldberg, William, 1931
          Goldman, Ben, 1947
          Goldin, Rabbi Judah, 1939, 1944-1947 [5 folders]
          Goldman, Frank, 1947
          Goldman, Rabbi Solomon, 1931-1947 [2 folders]
          Goldstein, Rabbi Benjamin, 1928-1932
          Goldstein, Rabbi Israel, 1946, 1960
          Goodman, Rabbi Abram, 1935-1941, 1947 [7 folders]
          Goodman, Mrs. Samuel (Ruth), 1947-1948
          Gordon, Rabbi Albert, 1939
          Gordon, Harry and Jennie, 1947
          Gordon, Rabbi Julius, 1930, 1947
          Gordon, Rabbi Theodore, 1929, 1931, 1942
          Grayzel, Solomon, 1944-1945
          Grusd, Edward, 1935-1944 [5 folders]
          Gutstadt, Richard, 1933-1935, 1942-1947 [8 folders]
Box 10
          Haber, William, 1947-1948, 1957-1958 [6 folders]
          Harrison, Rabbi Leon, 1928-1932 [3 folders]
          Harrison, Seth, 1947
          Haves, Hyman, 1946
          Haydon, A. Eustace, 1929
          Heller, Bernard, 1931-1947
          Hillel Applications, 1935
          Hillel Book Series, 1945-1947
          Hillel Chairmanship--Congratulations, 1947
          Hillel Commission Photograph, 1958
          Hillel Files Guide, 1948
          Hoffman, Rabbi Isador, 1933
          Holmes, John, 1931
          Honor, Leo, 1934, 1940
          Horner, Governor Henry (Illinois), 1938-1939
          Hurwitz, Henry--The Menorah Journal, 1926-1945 [2 folders]
          Interfraternity Council, 1941
          Israel, Rabbi Edward, 1938-1939
          Jacobs, Maurice, 1935-1947
          Jankowky, Frank, 1935
          Jewish Army, Committee for, 1941-1943
          Jewish Cultural Foundation, 1943
          Jewish Federation Women's Division, 1984
          Joint Committee for Youth Affairs, 1939
          Joint Defense Appeal, 1947
          Jospe, Alfred, 1951-1958
          University of Judaism, 1947
Box 11
          Kadushin, Max, 1935
          Kagan, Rabbi Henry, 1933-1934
          Kahn, Rabbi Benjamin, 1976
          Kahn, Julius, 1931-1932
          Kallen, Horace, 1934
          Kaplan, Harry, 1935-1941
          Kaplan, Rabbi Mordecai, 1928
          Karaski, Max, 1949
          Karon, Jerome, 1949
          Katcher, Stanley, 1929-1947
          Katz, Label, 1947
          Keller, Rabbi Nathaniel, 1939
          Kellner, M.J. (Bill), 1930-1932
          Kiell, Norman, 1942
          Klapper, Paul, 1947
          Klausner, Bertram, 1939
          Klein, Darby, 1943
          Klutznick, Philip, 1947
          Knopf, Alfred, 1943
          Kraft, Louis, 1945-1947
          Kramer, Samuel, 1945
          Kramer, William, 1948
          Kraus, Morris, 1947
          Kuhn, Isaac, 1929-1948
          Kun, Joseph, 1943-1944
          Kusworm, Sidney, 1942
          Leigh, Colston, 1948
          Lipset, Seymour Martin, 1977
          Lyons, Leo, 1936
          Morgenstern, Julian, 1930-1947
Box 12
          Obermayer, Leon, 1947-1950
          O'Brien, Father John, 1941
          Orlow, Mrs. Abram (Lena), 1947
          Paradise, Joseph, 1948
          Pearlman, Pauline, 1941
          Pekarsky, Rabbi Maurice, 1933-1936, 1938-1944 [2 folders]
          Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity, 1935-1947
          Perlmutter, Victor, 1947
          Pisgah Lodge, 1947
          Polish, Rabbi David, 1938-1939
          Pool, David de la Sola, 1933
          Postal, Bernard, 1941-1944 [4 folders]
          Prero, Rabbi Amram, 1943-1944
          Rabinowitz, Isaac, 1938-1942, 1944-1946 [4 folders]
          Rabkin, Mrs. William (Grace), 1944-1947 [3 folders]
Box 13
          Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1945
          Rosenthal, Rabbi Henry, 1935, 1942-1946 [6 folders]
          Roth, Cecil, 1932
          Rothberg, Samuel, 1944
          Rubenstein, Frank, 1944
          Rubin, Joseph, 1947
          Rubinow, I.M., 1929-1936 [5 folders]
          Rubinow, I.M--Letter to Niemirower, May 20, 1932
          Sachar Resignation From Hillel and Responses, 1947 [3 folders]
          Sakolskly, Hilda, 1949
          Samuel, Maurice, 1929, 1943-1944 [2 folders]
          Sandmel, Rabbi Samuel, 1939
          Sandrow, Rabbi Edward, 1939
          Sassoon, Sir Victor, 1948
          Scandinavian Fellowships, 1943-1944
          Schneider, Max, 1948
          Schwarz, Benjamin, 1949
          Schwarz, Mrs. Guenter (Inge), 1945
          Schneeberg, Harry, 1945
          Seman, Philip, 1944-1947
          Shapiro, Chan, 1947
Box 14
          Shapiro, Harry, 1935-1947 [4 folders]
          Shapiro, Judah, 1940-1947 [3 folders]
          Siegel, William, 1949-1950
          Silver, Abba Hillel, 1929-1932, 1943, 1949
          Silverman, Albert, 1943-1947
          Simon, Meyer, 1942
          Sostrin, Morris, 1928-1929, 1944
          Status of Jews in Germany--Book reviews, 1930-1933
          Steinberg, Rabbi Milton, 1933, 1939, 1942
          Steinbrink, Judge Meir, 1943-1946
          Syrkin, Marie, 1945-1947
          Turner, Mrs. Maurice (Rose), 1935
          Untermayer, Louis, 1931-1935
          Wagner, Isaac, 1944-1945
          Weinstein, Rabbi Jacob, 1932-1939
          Weiss, Joseph, 1939
          Weitz, Rabbi Martin, 1935
          Wexelman, Yetive, 1945-1947
          Wise, James, 1929-1938
          Wise, Rabbi Jonah, 1935
          Wohl, Rabbi Samuel, 1935
          Wolff, Harry, 1946-1947
          Wosley, Rabbi Louis, 1935-1936
          Zigmore, Rabbi Maurice, 1948

Personal Correspondence
Box 15
          Austin, TX, 1959
          Boston, MA
               Amos Lodge #27, 1953-1954
               B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO), 1954
               District #1 102nd Annual Convention, 1954
               Mayflower Lodge, 1956
               New England Region--B'nai B'rith Young Men and Young Women, 1954
               Long Island Chapter, 1953
          B'nai B'rith
               Rosh Hashana Greeting, 1942
               Van Cortland Lodge, n.d.
               Youth Organization, 1953
          Brooklyn, NY
               General Correspondence, 1943, 1959, 1964-1968
               Kings County Chapter-- B'nai B'rith #456, 1953
               Women's Midwood Chapter #105, 1954-1955
          Bronx, NY--B'nai B'rith Parkchester, 1953
          Champaign, IL
               B'nai B'rith, 1943
               B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, 1942
          Chicago, IL
               General Correspondence, 1942, 1948, 1959
               Abram L. Sachar Chapter #135, 1954
               B'nai B'rith, 1943
               District Grand Lodge #6, 1953
               Women's Supreme Council, 1954
          Cleveland, OH--B'nai B'rith Women's Council, 1953
          Columbus, OH, 1968
          Dayton, OH, 1948
          Elkhart, IL, 1956
          Fargo, ND, 1943
          Glencoe, IL, 1948
          Grand Teton National Park, WY, 1962
          Jerusalem, Israel, 1960
          Long Island City, NY, 1948
          Miami, FL--Sholem Lodge #1024, 1943
          Milwaukee, WI, 1942-1943
          New York, NY
               General Correspondence, 1942-1968
               District #1 Grand Lodge, 1953, 1955
               Empire State Chapter #323, 1954
               Liberty Lodge #1533, 1953
               Women's District Grand Lodge #1, 1953-1955
          Norman, OK, 1968
          Northampton, MA--Northampton Lodge #1647, 1954
          Park Forest, IL--B'nai B'rith, 1953
          Pittsburgh, PA--B'nai B'rith of W. Pennsylvania, 1953-1954
          Roanoke, VA, 1955, 1961
          South Orange, NJ, 1968
          Springfield, MA--Lodge #684, 1954
          Tulsa, OK--Tulsa Lodge #798, 1952
          Urbana, IL--Grand Prairie Lodge, 1953
          Urbana-Champaign, IL--University of Illinois, 1959
          Waltham, MA
               General Correspondence, 1962-1968
               Waltham Lodge #1953, 1953-1954
          Washington DC
               General Correspondence, 1942-1968 [5 folders]
               B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO), 1953
               Henry Monsky Foundation, 1955-1956
               Vocational Service Bureau, 1955

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization Correspondence
Box 16
     General Correspondence
          Accounting--Resources and Liabilities, 1945
          Anti-Defamation League
          Responses to Sachar's Resignation, 1947
          Youth Commission
               Elson, Alice, 1946
               Haves, Hyman, 1945-1946
               Hurwitz, Ruth, 1945-1946
               Kaplan, William X., 1945-1946
               Leaders, n.d.
               Lieberman, Jacob J., 1946
               Perlmutter, Victor, 1946
               Miscellaneous, 1945-1946
               Postal, Bernard, 1945-1946
               Rabinowitz, Isaac, 1945-1947 [3 folders]
               Sachar, A.L., 1945-1946
               The Washington Chapter, 1946
     Individual Correspondence
          A-G, 1945-1947
          Bison, Julius, 1929-1944
          Carnovsky, Gertrude, 1947
          Elson, Alice, 1946 [4 folders]
          Elson, Alice, 1945
          Frey, Hon. A.B., 1945-1947
          Green, Rabbi Emanuel, 1946-1947
          H-N, 1945-1947
          Hoffman, Felice, 1946
          Miscellaneous, n.d.
Box 16a
          Monsky, Henry, 1946-1947
          Obermayer, Leon J., 1947
          P-Z, 1945-1947
          Perlmutter, Victor, 1946-1947
          Prero, Rabbi Amram, 1948
          Prero, Rabbi A., 1947 [2 folders]
          Prero, Rabbi A., 1946-1947
          Rabinowitz, Isaac, 1945-1946
          Rosenthal, Rabbi Norbert, 1946
          Sachar, A.L., 1945-1947
          Shapiro, Manheim, 1946
          Steinberg, Ralph, 1947

Roosevelt House
Box 17
          Benjamin, David, 1943
          Bishop, Richard, 1943
          Horn, A.C., 1942 [6 folders]
          Horn, A.C., 1943 [2 folders]
          Horn, A.C., 1945
          Horn, A.C., 1947
          Lewinson, Ruth, 1942-1943
          Monsky, Henry, 1942-1943
          Roosevelt, F.--Pledge, 1942
          Roosevelt, F., 1942-1943
          Shuster, G., 1942-1944
          Tuttle, Charles, 1943
          General Correspondence, 1942 [3 folders]
          General Correspondence, 1943
          General Correspondence, 1944
          General Correspondence, 1948-1947
     Subject Files
          Contributors, n.d.
          Dedication--Hunter College, 1943
          Dedication--Hunter College, 1943
          Dedication--Omaha, Nebraska, 1943
          General, 1942
          Hunter College Hillel Foundation Survey, 1945
          Incorporation, 1943
          Memorandum of Activities, 1943
          Organizing Meetings, 1942-1943
          Publicity, 1942-1943
          Publicity, n.d.
          Roosevelt Four Freedoms Memorial Library--Rose Turner, 1945-1947
          Roosevelt Memorial House League, n.d.

Box 18
          Bulletins, 1939
          Clergy Institutes, 1944
          Counselorship Requests, 1947
          Directors' Conference, 1949-1950
          Displaced Persons--Composite History of Cases, 1947
          Foundation Report, 1944 [2 folders]
          Hillel History, n.d.
          Hillel History Notes, n.d.
          IZFA--Hillel Pattern of Relations, n.d.
          The Jewish Student in America, 1937
          Living as a Jew Today: an Exploration, 1950
          Meeting Minutes
               Administrative and Foreign Student Service Committee, 1949
               Administrative and Foreign Student Committee, 1947
               National Hillel Commission, 1951
               National Hillel Commission, Appendix B-D, 1951
               National Hillel Commission, Appendix E-H, 1951
          National Commissions, 1938-1947
          National Commission Committees
               Administrative Committees, n.d.
               Architectural Committee, 1947
               Silver Anniversary, 1947
          National Director's Report, 1947
          Pocket Library Series, 1942
          Prospective Donors, 1947
          Retirement Plan, 1947-1948
          Roster--Foundations, Counselorships, Extension Units, 1943
          Servicemen--Correspondence with ALS, 1943
          Summer Institute, 1946-1950
Box 19
          Meeting between representatives of B'nai B'rith Young Women and Executive Committee of the
               Chicago BBYO Committee, 1945
          Annual Report 1945-1946--Chicago BBYO Committee, Preliminary Report on Semi-Professional
               Advisor Program, 1946
          Annual Report--B'nai B'rith Young Men Special Bulletin, 1946
          Annual Report--Western Pennsylvania Council
          Board of Jewish Education and BBYO Agreement, 1946
          Interim Report--B'nai B'rith Boys Work/ Girls Work, 1946
          Meeting Minutes
               Annual Meeting/ Report, Estimated 1947 Budget, 1946
               BBYO Reports; B'nai B'rith Vocational Service Commission, 1946
               Executive Committee, AZA, 1946
               National Staff Meeting, Executive Committee Meeting, Corrections to BBYO Bylaws, 1946
          Reports from Districts 1 and 2, 1946
          Reports from Districts 3, 6, and 7; Sachar memos to BBYO Commissioners; Chicago BBYO
               Committee, 1946
          St. Louis AZA Report, 1946
          Meeting Minutes--Annual Meeting, 1947
     B'nai B'rith
          Abramowitz, Rabbi Bernard--Biography, 1956
          Annual Meeting, 1947
          Bookkeeping System of B'nai B'rith, 1946
          Brookline College Hillel Foundation--Confidential Report to Frank Goldman, December 7, 1950
          Central Administrative Board--Meeting, June 15, 1951
          Certificate of Incorporation, April 14, 1938
          Commissions/ Committees Members, 1944-1947
          Confidential Report of Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Palestine, 1946
          Constitution of B'nai B'rith, 1941, 1947
Box 20
          Meeting Minutes
               Executive Committee, 1944
               Executive Committee of the Supreme Lodge, 1947
               Report of Ritual Revision Committee; Requests for Money, 1944
          Minutes--National Hillel Commission, 1930-1946 [book]
          "An Orientation Manual," by Alfred Jospe, n.d.
          Our Future Profession, no. 1, n.d.
          Proceedings of the Seventy-First Meeting, District Grand Lodge Number Five, 1947
          Professional Opportunities for Jewish Youth, n.d.
          Reports of Seventy-Second Annual Convention, 1940
          Summary of Actions, 1947
          War Service Convention, 1944

Financial Reports
Box 21
     University Foundations and Counselorships
          University of Illinois
               Audit, 1932-1947 [6 folders]
               Building Fund, 1930-1936, 1946 [2 folders]
               Financial Issues, 1927-1935 [2 folders]
          Northwestern University--Audit, 1940-1941
          Pennsylvania State University--Audit, 1938
          University of Wisconsin--Audit, 1938
          District #1, 1947 [2 folders]
          District #1, #4, and #5, 1946
          District #2--Budget and Income Control, 1947
          District #3--Income Control, 1947
          District #4--Income Control, 1947-1948
          District #5--Income Control, 1947
          District #6--Income Control, 1947-1948
          District #7--Income Control, 1947-1948
Box 22
     National Hillel
          Budget--Appropriations from National Funds, 1945-1946
          Budget--Eastern Regional Office, 1946
          Budget--Eastern Regional Office, 1946
          Budget and General Account, 1946
          Budget--Hillel Service Fund, 1946
          Budget--Hillel Service Fund, 1946
          Budget, 1946-1947
          Financial Reports, 1946-1948
          Financial Reports--Hillel, Hillel Service Fund, 1947
          Financial Reports, 1951-1952
          Hillel Book Fund, 1959-1965
          Hillel Service Fund and General Account, Staff Salaries, 1947
          Information on all Foundations, 1947
          Statement of Adjustment in Rent and Maintenance, 1947
          BBYO Budget, 1946
          BBYO Budget, 1946-1947

Foreign Students Program
Box 23
          Correspondence (Confidential)--Advisor on Jewish Affairs, 1947
          Displaced Persons Camp; Miscellaneous Notes, n.d.
          Einstein, Albert--Refugee Program, 1941-1943
          Foreign Student Program, 1949-1956
          International Student Service, 1941
          Refugee Committee, 1942-1944
          Refugee Committee, 1946
          Refugee Committee, 1947 [2 folders]
          Refugee Students, List of Students, n.d.
          Refugee Students, A-B, 1941-1948
          Refugee Students, E-F, 1940-1947
          Refugee Students, G, K, 1941-1947
          Refugee Students, H, 1941
          Refugee Students, K-M, 1941-1947
          Refugee Students, M, 1941-1942
          Refugee Students, O-S, 1941-1942
          Refugee Students, O, S, T, W, Z, 1940-1947
          Refugee Students, V, 1941-1942
          Refugee Student Program--Port and Dock Committee, 1947
          Student Welfare Fund Campaigns, 1947
          Tallman, Marillyn--Foreign Students, 1970-1979 [2 folders]

Publications and Publicity
Box 24
          "Hillel and a Jewish Renaissance," 1929
          "Behind the Scenes at Hillel," B'nai B'rith Magazine, 1933
          "Hillel Alumni in Jewish Life," 1936
          "A Century of B'nai B'rith," Current History, 1940
          Hillel Night at Victory Lodge, 1481, 1943
          "Dr. Abram Sachar Heads BBYO Groups," Menorah, 1945
          "Dr. A.L. Sachar resigns as national Hillel head," B'nai B'rith News, 1947
          "Sachar Resigns as Hillel Head," Phi Epsilon Pi Quarterly, 1947
         "B'nai B'rith Adds 176th Link to Hillel Chain," The Record, 1947
          A. Sachar Leaves Hillel, 1947
          "How Hillel Began: an Interview with A. Sachar," Five Decades of Service, 1973
          Fiftieth Anniversary, 1973-1974 [2 folders]
          Chicago Weekend, February 2-4, 1974
          "DP Camps to College Campuses," The Washington Jewish Week, 1992
          "The Hillel Movement Comes of Age," n.d.
          Letter about Hillel, n.d.
          Hillel Objectives - Notes, n.d.
          "The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations in American Universities," n.d.
          Book Review - "the Jew in the Literature of England" by Montagu F. Molder, n.d.
     Lecture Materials
          Talk Given by Sachar--B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, 1926
          B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations--A. Sachar addresses (presentations), 1930-1931
          "Our Rendezvous with Destiny"--Lecture Notes, 1934
          A. Sachar's presentations, 1934-1943 [5 folders]
          B'nai B'rith Centennial Address--Lecture Notes, 1943
          A. Sachar's presentations, 1944-1947 [3 folders]
          "Ten for My Party"--Lecture Notes, 1948
          Lecture on Sustaining Jewish Values, 1963
          Lecture at Kenwood Country Club, Salem, MA--Correspondence, 1977
          St. Louis Lecture--Correspondence, 1978
          B'nai B'rith lecture notes/drafts, n.d.
          18 Years With 18-year-olds--Lecture Notes, n.d.
          Presentations, n.d. [3 folders]
Box 25
          National Hillel Digest, The Hillel Post, 1929, 1939-1940
          "Behind the Scenes at Hillel," B'nai B'rith, 1933
          Hillel Dedication--Photo, 1940
          Grand Lodge No. 3--Convention Banquet and Dance, 1940
          Press clipping--Einstein receiving Phi Epsilon Pi award, 1941
          Hillel Brochures, Publications, Publicity, 1941-1948
          B'nai B'rith News Service, 1942-1944 [2 folders]
          "Just Between Ourselves," Hillel newsletter, 1943-1944
          BBYO--How to Organize Your Chapter's Program, 1945
          B'nai B'rith News Service, 1946
          Brochures, Bulletins, Publicity, 1946
          Hillel Commission Meeting--Photo, November 24, 1946
          Hillel Resource Kit, 1946
          "What's Happening," Hillel, 1947
          Directory--Hillel and B'nai B'rith, 1947-1948
          Hillel Brochures, Publications, Publicity, 1940-1949
          "B.B.Y.O.: Its Aims," 1950
          Lehrhaus--Program/ Schedule, 1971
          "This Is B'nai B'rith: A Book of Facts," 1972
          International Convention, 1980
          "Sachar News"--B'nai B'rith Sachar Lodge newsletter, 1987
          Cernea, R. F., "Reflection and Commitment. Principles and Priorities of the Contemporary
               Hillel Program,"  B'nai Hillel Foundations, 1988
          NEWS from Hillel, n.d.
          "B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations--Centers of Good Will," "Hillel Must Go On!" n.d.
          Photo--No names or dates
          YMCA Industrial Conference--Photo, n.d.

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