Student Activism at Brandeis 1948-2000:
Be Realistic...Demand the Impossible

Collection , 1951-2000, n.d.

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“Be Realistic…Demand the Impossible: Brandeis Student Activism 1948-2000” was an exhibit presented at the Robert D. Farber University Archives from February through May, 2000. The exhibit was produced in coordination with a mini-conference entitled “Student Protests 1969-1970: Brandeis and America” which took place April 12, 2000 in Rapaporte Treasure Hall. The conference and exhibit were both organized by archives staff.

The exhibit featured photographs, newspaper articles, and videotape highlighting examples of student activism both on and off-campus dating back to the University’s founding. Topics ranged from global issues such as nuclear disarmament and world hunger to Brandeis- specific issues such as university administration, racism and daily campus life.

The conference included panel discussions on the Ford Hall occupation (1969) and the National Strike Information Center (1970), as well as two special lectures on the national arena in 1969-70. Panelists included alumni and faculty who participated in the Ford Hall occupation or worked with the National Strike Information Center. Both guest speakers were professors emeritis from local universities.

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Scope and Contents
Files in this collection were created from 1951-2000. Materials include newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, videotape and handwritten notes. Subjects covered by the files include civil rights, the Vietnam War, apartheid in South Africa, and others. Many of these materials were not used in the final exhibit, but provide rich information on the history of student activism at Brandeis.

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Exhibit and Conference Planning Materials (box 1, map drawer 1)
Exhibit Subject Files (box 1)
Conference Photographs (box 1)
National Student Strike Center Subject Files (box 1)

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Series Summary
Exhibit and Conference Planning Materials
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Inclusive Dates: 1998-2000, n.d.
This series contains background research and marketing materials for
the exhibit and conference, as well as opening remarks made at the
conference and one video of student interviews.

Exhibit Subject Files
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Inclusive Dates: 1951-1999, n.d.
This series contains newspaper articles (from The Justice, the Boston
Globe, the Boston Herald Traveler, the Boston Evening Post, and the
Record American) and university photographs about student activism on a
wide range of topics such as nuclear disarmament, racism, world hunger,
human rights, university administration and campus life. These materials
provided background research for the final exhibit.

Conference Photographs
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Inclusive Dates: 2000
This series contains photographs of conference panelists, attendees
(including alumni and students) and organizers.

National Student Strike Center Subject Files
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Inclusive Dates: 1970
This series was not included in the exhibit.  It contains letters and
announcements by the administration detailing academic and
administrative policies, newspaper articles about activities at Brandeis
and around the nation, publications by student organizations, and
correspondence regarding the commencement exercises.

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Folder List
Exhibit and Conference Planning Materials
Box 1
     "Activism at Brandeis" by Albert S. Axelrad, 1998
     Brandeis alumni active in social and political causes, n.d.
     "Brandeis University and Social Responsibility" by Gordon Fellman, 2000
     Conference opening remarks, 2000
     Exhibit and conference background research, 1998-2000
     Exhibit and conference marketing materials, 2000
     Exhibit introduction, 2000
Map Drawer 1
     Exhibit poster, 2000
Box 1
     Student activism interviews [videotape], 2000

Exhibit Subject Files
Box 1
     African-American community, 1954-1999
     Apartheid/Divestment, 1956-1987, n.d.
     Asian community, 1968-1997
     Brandeis Leftist League, 1999
     Central America, 1981-1990
     Central Intelligence Agency, 1962-1967
     Charity Week/Auction, 1952-1962, n.d.
     Civil Rights, 1963-1964
     Columbine High School shooting, 1999
     Community service, 1995-1999
     Contract with America, 1995
     Cuba, 1961
     Disabilities awareness, 1979-1998
     Draft reinstatement, 1979-1984
     Environmental issues, 1969-1999
     Ethiopian Jews, 1980-1990
     Ford Hall, 1969-1999 [2 folders]
     Gulf War, 1990-1991
     Holocaust denial/revisionist history, 1993
     Human rights, 1983-1997
     Hungary aid, 1956-1957
     Hurricane victims, 1992
     Iran, 1979
     Israel, 1952-1995
     King, Rodney, 1992
     Kirkpatrick, Jeane - Declines degree, 1994
     Kosovo, 1999
     Latino/Hispanic community, 1971-1998
     Liddy, G. Gordon, 1982
     Multiculturalism, 1992
     National Defense Education Act, 1959-1963
     National Strike Information Center and student strike, 1970-1995
     Nuclear disarmament, 1958-1987
     Peace, 1984-1991
     Perspectives on activism and apathy at Brandeis, 1952-1999
     Presidential election (Stevenson v. Eisenhower), 1952
     Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), 1974-1975
     Race, racism and race relations, 1960-1992
     Sexuality, 1957-1998
     Somalia, 1993
     Soviet Jewry, 1971-1988, n.d.
     Student life, 1951-1994
     Three chapels, 1953, n.d.
     Tianenmen Square/Tong, Shen, 1989-1992
     Tibetan religious liberation, 1998
     Transitional Year Program (TYP), 1970-1981
     United Jewish Appeal, 1978-1988
     University administration, 1961-1999
     Vietnam War, 1959-1973
     Waltham Group, 1967-1995, n.d.
     Women's issues, 1971-1998
     World hunger, 1971-1998

Conference Photographs
Box 1
     Aikens, Alexander III; Alumni, 2000
     Antler, Joyce; Axelrad, Albert S.; Cohen, Jacob; Eisenberg, Charles; Fellman, Gordon A., 2000
     Fuchs, Lawrence H.; Glazer, Nathan, 2000
     Kamara, Makeda Millet; Lange, Robert V.; Long, Lisa, 2000
     Panels, Reception, 2000
     Participants of Ford Hall occupation, 2000
     Redd, Hon. Edward; Squire, David; Student activists, 2000
     Williams, Thompson F., Jr.; Zinn, Howard, 2000

National Student Strike Center Subject Files
Box 1
     Administration and Faculty Correspondence and Announcements, 1970
     Commencement, 1970
     Newspaper Articles, 1970
     Student Organizations, 1970

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For addidtional issues of the Strike Newsletter, please see the Gordon Fellman Papers: