Board of Trustees: George Alpert

Papers, 1913-1984, n.d. [bulk, 1945-1981]

11.66 cu. ft. (11 record center boxes, 2 document boxes)

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Some material is restricted; please consult the University Archivist. All materials must be reviewed before providing access, particularly those in the following series: Correspondence, Fundraising, Financial Operations, and Students.

George Alpert was the first Chairman of the Brandeis University Board of Trustees. He held this position from 1946-1954 and remained a Board member for the rest of his life. In 1953, he received the University’s first honorary degree.

Born in 1898 and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Alpert graduated from English High School in 1915 and from Boston University Law School in 1918. From 1924-1927, he served as an assistant district attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts; he later opened the law firm Alpert & Alpert with his brother Herbert.

During that time he also served as the general counsel for the New Haven railroad’s biggest shipper. This represented the start of his professional relationship with the railroad industry. He was later appointed a director of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, and in 1956, was elected President.

Throughout his life, Alpert was active in philanthropic and educational organizations. In addition to his work at Brandeis, Alpert was an honorary co-chairman of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, a member of the board of trustees of the Franklin (N.H.) Hospital, a member of the Associated Jewish Philanthropies and the Combined Jewish Appeal, a trustee of Temple Ohabei Shalom, and a co-chairman of the United Jewish Appeal.

Alpert had three children with his first wife Gertrude Levin. After her death, he remarried but had no further children. George Alpert died in 1988.

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Scope and Contents
The materials in this collection were created from 1913-1984, with the bulk of materials dated from 1945-1981. They include correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, by-laws, reports, policy statements, employment contracts, news releases, newspaper articles, financial documents (related to audits, budgets, loans, mortgages, leases, and tax matters,) architectural drawings, land lot plans, invitations and notes.

The large majority of materials relate to participants and processes involved in the strategic planning and foundation of the University, as well as administrative matters of concern to the chairman of the Board of Trustees or other Board members.

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Early Years (boxes 1-2, 12)
Correspondence (boxes 2-5)
Fundraising (boxes 5-6)
Public Relations (boxes 6-7, 12)
Events (box 7)
Board Committees (boxes 8-9)
Financial Operations (box 9)
Buildings, Facilities, and Land (boxes 9-10, 13, map drawer 5)
Government Compliance (box 10)
Academics (box 10)
Students (box 11)
Subject Files (boxes 11, 13)

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Series Summary
Early Years
Inclusive dates: 1942-1972, n.d. [bulk, 1943-1952]
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to the formation of Brandeis University
and the transition from Middlesex University. Topics covered include the
Brandeis University Charter, the Brandeis Foundation, the Brandeis
University Associates, Middlesex and Brandeis University Board of
Trustees meetings, Middlesex graduate schools, and several additional
topics.  Materials include memoranda, meeting minutes, by-laws, planning
reports, legal documents, financial data and budgets.

Inclusive dates: 1937-1984, n.d. [bulk, 1943-1981]
Arrangement: Chronological by subseries; alphabetical within subseries
Correspondence are arranged in two groups. The first group includes
correspondence during Alpert's tenure as Chairman of the Board of
Trustees, (1946-1954). The second group includes items from the
remainder of his time on the Board. The correspondence addresses a broad
range of issues pertaining to university planning, administration and
fundraising. One sizable subseries of correspondence is hiring
announcements and employment contracts for faculty members, which is

Some more prominent and/or frequent correspondents (in alphabetical
order) include Clarence Berger, David Berkowitz, Marver Bernstein,
Albert Einstein, Joseph Ford, Joseph Lindsey, Norman Rabb, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Abram Sachar, Charles Schottland and Lawrence Wien.

Inclusive dates: 1941-1963, n.d. [bulk, 1948-1953]
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to fundraising activities including the
formation of endowment funds, scholarships, fellowships, chairs, prizes
and awards. In particular, there is a large group of correspondence from
the University Development and Resources Department. Documents include
correspondence, memoranda, campaign plans, foundation lists, news
clippings, pledge schedules and several other related items.

Public Relations
Inclusive dates: 1924-1972, n.d. [bulk, 1948-1954]
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to public relations efforts made by the
University primarily during its first decade of existence. Documents
include news releases, news clippings, magazine and journal articles,
alumni newsletters, correspondence with public relations firms and a
variety of other items.

Inclusive dates: 1945-1957, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to special events, often fundraising
events, during the University's first decade. Events documented in the
series include University commencements and convocations, inaugurations,
dinners, receptions and various other meetings. Documents include
memoranda, correspondence, meeting minutes, commencement and convocation
programs, schedules and invitations, news releases, news clippings,
publications, radio broadcast transcripts, photographs and a Brandeis
University Associates lifetime membership card.

Some prominent correspondents and event attendees include Dwight D.
Eisenhower, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Stephen S. Wise, Henry
Cabot Lodge, Jr. (Massachusetts Senator), Leverett Saltonstall
(Massachusetts Senator), Robert F. Bradford (Governor of Massachusetts),
Aubrey Eban (United Nations Delegation of Israel), Abram Sachar and
several early Brandeis trustees and donors.

Board Committees
Inclusive dates: 1944-1967
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains materials related to several Board committees.
Documents in the series include meeting minutes, reports, drafts,
correspondence and memoranda addressing issues related to education,
budget and finance, fundraising, honorary degrees, public relations,
faculty tenure and several others.

Financial Operations
Inclusive dates: 1913-1958 [bulk 1948-1954]
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains annual and monthly financial reports as well as a
wide range of documents related to audits, bank accounts, articles of
incorporation, loans, leases, mortgages, tax matters and trusts. While
the large majority of documents pertain to Brandeis University, some
pertain to Middlesex University.

Buildings, Facilities, and Land
Inclusive dates: 1946-1956, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to the acquisition, planning, and
maintenance of campus buildings, facilities, utilities, and land lots.
Documents include correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, reports,
contract bids, construction estimates, architectural drawings, maps,
plans, blueprints, deeds, agreements, news releases, journal and
newspaper articles and photographs. Most documents pertain to Brandeis
University, although some relate to Middlesex University.

Government Compliance
Inclusive dates: 1941-1954 [bulk 1947-1952]
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to a range of federal government issues
including immigration, taxes and veterans affairs. Documents include
correspondence, memoranda and government handbooks.

Inclusive dates: 1946-1963
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to University curricula, course
catalogs, graduate schools, summer conferences and other academic
topics. Documents include correspondence, memoranda, brochures, meeting
minutes and flyers.

Inclusive dates: 1946-1960
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to prospective, accepted and rejected
students as well as student life rules and regulations. Documents
include reports, memoranda, correspondence, news clippings, forms,
statistical projections,

Subject Files
Inclusive dates: 1923-1981, n.d. [bulk 1946-1962]
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Materials in this series pertain to numerous topics including adult
education programs, Brandeis football, fundraising travel plans, speech
materials, editorials, developments in higher education and a wide range
of other issues. Documents include correspondence, memoranda,
photographs, brochures, pamphlets, lists, news releases, schedules,
speech transcripts, newspaper articles, journal articles, Brandeis
publications, Brandeis application materials and scrapbooks.
Photographs feature such notables as Albert Einstein, Golda Meir,
Eleanor Roosevelt, Max Lerner, and other prominent Brandeis supporters.

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Folder List
Early Years
Box 1
     Albert Einstein Foundation
          "A Jewish Sponsored University," 1946
          Certificate of Incorporation, 1946
          Correspondence, 1947-1949
          Press Release regarding School of Medicine, c. 1947
          Proposed Campaign Budget, 1946-1947
     Brandeis Foundation
          Administrative Matters, 1946-1949
          Board of Directors, 1947-1948
          Dissolution, 1949-1951
          Financial Reports, 1947-1948
     Brandeis University
          Bylaws, 1947-1964
          Change of Corporate Name, 1946-1947
          University Amendments, 1950-1956
Box 12
          University Charter, 1947
Box 1
     Brandeis University Associates
          By-Laws and Membership Reports, 1949-1954
          Form Letters, 1949-1952
          Lists, 1951-1953
          Publicity, 1950-1952, n.d.
          Staff Memoranda, 1949-1952
     Educational Advisory Committee, 1948
     Fundraising Campaign Memoranda, c. 1947
     Legislative Matters, 1946-1951
     Meeting Minutes
          Albert Einstein Foundation/Brandeis Foundation, copies of minutes, 1946-1949
          Brandeis University Trustees and Executive Committee Meetings, Drafts of Minutes, 1947-1954
               [4 folders]
          Middlesex University/Brandeis University Executive Committee, 1945-1953 [3 folders]
          Middlesex University, Board of Trustees, 1943-1946
          Middlesex University, Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, 1943-1946
     Middlesex Graduate Schools
          Medical School, 1943-1946 [folder 1 of 3]
          Medical School, 1943-1946 [folder 2 of 3]
Box 12
          Medical School, 1943-1946 [folder 3 of 3]
Box 1
          Podiatry School, 1946-1947
          Veterinary School, 1942-1947 [3 folders]
     Middlesex University, Act of Incorporation, 1937
     Reports, Plans
          "A Plan for Brandeis University," Paul M. Sweeney, 1947
          Nathan Outline, 1946-1947
Box 2
          Profile of Brandeis University, 1948-1972
          Whitaker Survey, 1946-1947
          Whittaker, Roland M., [Queen's College] report, 1946-1957

Box 2
     Chairman of the Board
          Administrative Correspondence
               Academic Tuition, Board and Room Survey, 1953
               Administrators/Administrative Staff
                    Abrams, Sumner T., (Director of Buildings and Grounds), 1948-1952
                    Berger, Clarence, (Dean of University Planning and Development), 1949-1954, n.d.
                    Berkowitz, David, (Director of University Planning), 1948-1952
                    Elgart, Saul, (Director of Field Operations), 1950-1952
                    Frankel, Gladys, (Secretary) 1949-1951
                    Gilbert, Emanuel M., (Director of Public Affairs), 1951-1953
                    Gordon, Bernard, (Comptroller), 1951-1952
                    Gould, Charlotte, (Secretary), 1950-1953
                    Herzberg, Fred, (Fundraising, Western Director) 1949-1953
                    Kauffman, Joseph F., (Administrative Assistant to President), 1953
                    Neumann, Clarice, (Executive Secretary, Board of Trustees), 1947-1953
                    Sachar, Abram, 1946-1953 [3 folders]
               Administrative Offices
                    Business Office
                         Comptroller, (Irwin Rosen, Bernard Gordon) 1950-1956
                         Correspondence, 1949-1954
                         Directory: Offices, Staff, and Students, 1949-1952
                         Staff Memoranda, 1949-1953
                    Executive Secretary of the Board of Trustees, 1951-1954
                    Health Office, 1948, 1953, 1956
                    Office of the President of the Board of Trustees, 1949-1954
                    Office of Public Affairs, (Clarence Berger, Emanuel Gilbert), 1949-1954
                    Service Bureau, 1951-1953
               Creative Arts Center, 1949-1951
               Decorators (Esther Hillson), 1948-1953
               Discrimination and Quotas, 1945-1951 [R]
               Faculty Hiring/Matters [R]
                    Faculty Applicants, 1947-1956
                    Faculty Contracts, 1944-1954
                    Faculty Salary Budgets, c.1953
                    Individual Faculty
                        Alexander, Devise, 1953-1954
                        Alexander, Paul T., 1954
                        Alster, Jack, 1952
                        Axt, M. Richard G., 1950-1952
                        Ayvazian, Gladys M., 1952-1953
                        Ballit, Ariel S., Jr., 1953
                        Barricelli, Jean Pierre, 1953
                        Becker, Stephen D., 1951
                        Bentz, Donald R., 1951-1952
                        Berger, Arthur, 1953
                        Berger, Clarence, 1953
                        Berlin, Donald M., 1949
                        Berman, Isadora, 1951
                        Bernstein, Leonard, 1952
                        Boas, Marie, 1952-1953
                        Bodky, Erwin, 1949-1953
                        Bogrow, Rose , 1952-1953
                        Brauer, Ilse, 1952-1953
                        Bronstein, Leo, 1952-1953
                        Brown, John Cotton, 1953
                        Cataldo, Robert T., 1949-1953
                        Chamberlin, T. Lockwood, Mr., 1951-1952
                        Cheskis, Joseph I., 1939-1953
                        Cohen, Saul G., 1950-1955
                        Cole, James Lawrence, 1952-1953
                        Comeau, Ernest J., Jr., 1952
                        Commager, Henry Steele, 1951-1954
                        Coser, Lewis A., 1949-1953
                        Cunningham, James V., 1953
                        Dembo, Tamara, 1952
                        Duffy, James, 1951-1953
                        Duhig, Charles W., 1950-1951
                        Earle, Osborne, 1948-1954
                        Eckaus, Richard S., 1951-1953
                        Edwards, Robert L., 1950-1952
                        Ehmer, Richard, Mrs., 1952
                        Enders, Allen C., 1953
                        Epstein, Herman T., 1953
                        Estermann, Hanorah, 1951-1952
                        Falkoff, David L., 1952-1953
                        Fine, Irving G. , 1950-1953
                        Fineman, Irving, 1951
                        Finkelpearl, Philip, 1952-1953
                        Firestone, Paul, 1951-1952
                        Fisher, George, 1953
                        Fiske, John, 1951
                        Flumere, Emanuel, 1953
                        Fried, Marc, 1953
                        Friedman, Benjamin, 1949-1954
                        Friedman, Orrie M., 1951-1953
                        Fuchs, Lawrence, 1952-1953, 1961
                        Gartside, Norman, 1952
                        Geanakoplos, Deno, 1953
                        Gerth, Hans, 1953
                        Gevers, Alan I., 1949-1950
                        Glatzer, Nahum, 1950-1953
                        Golden, Sidney, 1951-1953
                        Goldman, Oscar, 1951-1953
                        Goldstein, Herbert, 1952
                        Goldstein, Kurt, 1953
                        Golub, Samuel J., 1947-1953
                        Gossner, Jay W., 1951-1953
                        Grippe, Peter, 1953
                        Grojean, Richard E., 1949-1952
                        Gross, Sonja Keller, 1951-1952
                        Guerard, Albert, 1950-1952
                        Gurwitsch, Aron, 1947-1953
                        Hanfmann, Eugenia, 1952-1954
                        Heckscher, Helmut, 1951
                        Held, Richard M., 1953
                        Heller, Irving,  1951-1953
                        Henderson, Joanne, 1949
                        Himelhoch, Jerome, 1953
                        Hindus, Milton, 1948-1953
                        Hirsch, Bettina, 1947
                        Hirsch, Siegmund, 1948
                        Howe, Irving, 1953
                        Jones, Harriman, 1950-1953
                        Juda, Renee, Mrs., 1951-1952
                        Kaysor, Rudolf, 1951-1953
                        Kelner, Albert, 1951-1953
                        Kessler, Myer, 1949-1953
                        Kingsbury, John, 1952-1953
                        Klausner, Judith, 1952
                        Klee, James B., 1951-1953
                        Koretsky, Shirlee E., 1948-1950
                        Kroeber, A.L., 1954
                        Kronenberger, Louis, 1951-1953
                        Lane, Ellen, 1949, 1951
                        Laursen, Svend, 1950-1953
                        Leibowitz, William, 1948
                        Lerner, Max, 1949-1953
                        Leshinsky, Tania, 1951-1952
                        Leslau, Wolf, 1951-1953
                        Levine, Samuel,  1951
                        Levy, Leonard, 1951-1953
                        Lewis, Gordon K., 1953
Box 3
                        Lewisohn, Ludwig, 1948-1956
                        Lipp, Solomon, 1953
                        Livson, Norman, 1952
                        Locke, Sara A., 1952-1953
                        Mankowich, Ralph, 1952-1953
                        MacDougall, Gregory, 1953
                        Manners, Robert Alan, 1952-1953
                        Manuel, Frank E., 1949-1953
                        Marcuse, Herbert, 1954
                        Marenof, Arnona, 1951-1952
                        Marenof, Shlomo, 1948-1953
                        Maslow, Abraham H., 1951-1953
                        Mastrangelo, Alma, 1951
                        Matthews, John F., 1952-1953
                        Mayper, Lois Rossignol, 1948
                        Mayper, Stuart A., 1948-1953
                        Milburn, Nancy J. Stafford, 1951
                        Mills, C. Wright, 1952
                        Mishkin, Bernard, 1950-1951
                        Morant, Ricardo, 1952-1953
                        Mottow, Edith Farcas, 1949-1950
                        Nichols, Anna C., 1949-1953
                        Olsen, Albert G., 1951-1953
                        Patterson, Alfred Nash, 1953
                        Perles, Barbara R., 1950
                        Perlitsh, Max, 1953
                        Peterson, Merrill, 1949-1953
                        Popkin, Henry, 1952
                        Pina, Florentino, 1953
                        Polunin, Nicholas, 1953
                        Prager, Leonard, 1953
                        Rawidowicz, Simon, 1951-1953
                        Rieff, Philip, 1952-1953
                        Rischin, Moses, 1953
                        Rosen, Sidney, 1951-1953
                        Rosenberg, Bernard, 1952
                        Rosenberg, Naomi C., 1950-1952
                        Rosenberg, Norman, 1953
                        Rosenfield, Aaron, 1951-1952
                        Rowen, Herbert H., 1950-1952
                        Salant, William, 1953
                        Saragosa, Clorinda, 1952-1953
                        Sapp, Norma B., 1953
                        Savage, Thomas, 1949-1953
                        Schreiber, Louis, 1948-1950
                        Schulman, John, Jr., 1951
                        Schumann, Reinhold Siegmund, 1949
                        Seligson, Isaac, Mrs., 1950
                        Shapero, Harold, 1951-1953
                        Sharkey, Susan I., 1950-1951
                        Silverstein, Eliot, 1951-1953
                        Sinderman, Carl James, 1950-1953
                        Siporin, Mitchell, 1951-1953
                        Skinner, Daniel T., 1948
                        Smith, Goodmond J.W., n.d.
                        Stein, Harry, 1949-1953
                        Stempnitsky, Issay, 1949
                        Stidham, Howard D., 1952
                        Strasberg, Lee, 1951
                        Strauss, Albrecht B., 1951
                        Strauss, Claude A., 1949
                        Syrkin, Miss Marie, 1950-1953
                        Szilard, Leo, 1953
                        Tarlin, Harry, 1952
                        Thornton, Robert A., 1950-1953
                        Titcomb, Caldwell, 1953
                        Unterbach, Sylvia, 1952
                        Vigee, Claude A.S., 1949-1953
                        Von Mering, Faye, 1953
                        Waksman, Selman A., 1949-1951
                        Wang, Chi-Hua, 1951-1953
                        Weissenberg, J. Richard, 1947-1948
                        Wheeler, Ruth, 1953
                        Whitehead, G.W., Mrs., 1951-1953
                        Whiting, Beatrice B., 1950-1951
                        Wight, John B., 1950-1953
                        Wilson, Earl A., Jr., 1953
                        Woolf, Harry, 1954
                        Zimmerman, Wayne, 1949-1952
                        Zohn, Harry, 1950-1953
               Higher Education Finance, 1947-1950
               Law Suits
                    Parker Commercial Combustion Co., Inc. v. Brandeis University, 1951-1952
                    University Bank & Trust Company v. Middlesex University, 1946-1954
               Notices to Executive Committee, 1954
               Policies, Practices
                    Personnel Practices, 1949-1953
                    Policies--Brandeis University, 1950-1953
               Prospective Trustees, 1952-1953
               Resignation from Chairmanship of the Board, 1950-1954 [2 folders] [R]
               Student Matters
                    Financial Aid, 1950 [R]
                    The Justice, 1949-1953
                    The Turret, 1948-1950
          Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Early Donor Correspondence
                    Abrams, Hannah, 1951-1953
                    Axelrod, James T., 1947-1954
                    Berkowitz, David, 1948-1952
                    Blackman, Paul D.,1947
                    Brandeis, Susan (Gilbert), 1946-1954
                    Danziger, Dan,  1953-1957
                    Einstein, Albert, 1946-1949
                    Feinberg, Abraham, 1950-1954
                    Foosaner, Samuel S., 1949
                    Ford, Joseph F., 1947-1954
                    Gilbert, Jacob, 1946-1947
                    Goldstein, Israel, 1946-1952
                    Grossman, Max R., 1946-1951 [5 folders]
                    Hassan, Ysaye, 1947-1948
                    Ickes, Harold L., 1951
                    Jaffe, Meyer, 1947-1954
                    Kaplan, J.M., 1953-1954
                    Kimball, Dudley, 1949-1959
                    Klapper, Paul, 1947-1954
                    Kramer, Louis I., Mrs., 1953-1954
                    Lazarus, S. Ralph, 1946-1948
                    Levy, Adele Rosenwald, 1950-1954
Box 4
                    Lubin, Isida, 1947-1954, 1958
                    Mazer, William, 1953-1954, 1961
                    Miller, Alton, 1937-1950
                    Monsky, Henry, 1947
                    Nathan, Otto, 1946-1947
                    Niles, David K., Hon.  1949-1952
                    Ober, Emil, 1946-1947
                    Proskauer, Joseph M., Judge, 1949-1954
                    Rabb, Norman S., 1947-1954 [2 folders]
                    Riskin, Archie, 1946-1953
                    Rogasin, Israel, 1947-1954
                    Rockmore, Irving, 1947
                    Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1949-1956
                    Rongy, A.J., 1947
                    Ross, Julius, 1947
                    Schwartz, Sally, 1947
                    Shapiro, Abraham, 1946-1949
                    Shapiro, Jacob, 1949-1954
                    Shapiro, Morris S., 1947-1954
                    Silver, Julius, 1946-1952
                    Smith, C. Ruggles, 1946-1952
                    Ullman, Adolph, 1949-1957
                    Waldauer, Abe D., 1948-1955
                    Wechler, A.F., 1947
                    Young, Boris, 1946-1954
                    Brandeis Foundation, 1947
                    Brandeis University Associates, 1947-1963
                    Fellows of the University, 1951-1963
                    National  Women's Committee, 1948-1954
                    Rabbis, 1947
     Board Member
          25th Anniversary Syndication Fund donors, 1976
          Abram, Morris B., 1968-1981
          Academic Tuition--Board and Room Survey, 1955-1959
          American Jewish Historical Society, proposal and correspondence, 1963-1964
          Annual Report on Assignment of Undergraduate Scholarship and Bursary Aid, 1963-1964
          Appointment of Erwin M. Sekulow as Vice President, 1981
          Arad, Shimshon, Consul of Israel, 1960
          Axelrod, James J., 1956
          Benjamin, Robert S., 1977
          Berger, Clarence, 1956-1969
          Bernstein, Marver H., 1971-1981
          Bluestein, Richard, 1958-1960
          Board of Trustees
               Committee Assignments, 1975-1976
               Committee Membership Lists and Directories, 1960-1965
               Meeting Minutes Addendum, c. 1971
               Meeting Notes, 1981
               Memoranda, 1958-1981 [3 folders]
          Brandeis University Condensed Financial Statements,1977
          Brandeis University Faculty Handbook, 1958
          Brandeis University National Development Campaign, 1962-1963
          Brandeis University National Legacies and Bequests Committee, 1961
          Brandeis University National Women's Comittee, 1955-1978
          Brandeis University Opens Drive for $65,100,000 in Endowment Funds, 1962
          Cutler, Arnold, 1979
          "David J. Steinberg Appointed Vice President," 1977
          Diamandopoulos, Peter, 1955
          Election of Trustees--Nominating Committee Procedure, 1973
          Endowment Funds Financial Performance--Old Colony Trust Company, 1966
          "Erwin M. Sekulow Appointed Vice President for Development and University Relations," 1981
          "Evaluation of that Portion of President Kennedy's Recent Tax Message . . . ," 1963
          Executive Secretary of the Board of Trustees, 1955-1956, 1961-1964
          Faculty Resign Claiming Infringement of Academic Freedom, 1963
          Faculty Tenure--Journal Articles, 1971-1973
          Feinberg, Abraham, 1955-1960
          Fellows and President's Council--Geographic Breakdown, 1968
          Ford Foundation Challenge Grant Memoranda, 1964
          Ford Foundation Proposal Memoranda, 1969
          Ford Foundation's Special Program in Education--Memorandum from President Sachar, 1962
          Ford Hall Seizure, 1969
          Ford, Joseph, 1956-1965
          Foster, Henry, 1979-1981
          Foster, Lois, 1977
          Freshman Greeting Printed in the Justice, 1950-1954
          Goldstein, Israel, 1955-1972
          Greater Boston Brandeis Club, 1961-1964
          Guidelines for the Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees, 1981
          Heller, Jacob, 1946--1947
          Hiatt, Jacob, 1972-1974
Box 5
          Hokin, Edwin E., 1976
          Honorary Degrees--Correspondence and Lists, 1971-1981
          Interim Report to the Board of Trustees from President Bernstein, 1977
          "J.C. Foster of Leominster, 67, A Founder of Brandeis," Boston Herald, obituary, 1971
          Kaplan, J.M., 1955-1957
          Levien, Seymour, 1962
          Levin, Lawrence J., 1959
          Library Union Negotiations, 1976
          Linsey, Joseph, 1961-1972
          Morris, Charles W., 1948
          National Development Dinner, 1962
          New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.--Re-Evaluation report, 1966
          Newly Elected Members of the Board of Trustees--Memoranda From the Office of University
               Planning and Development, 1963
          News Releases, n.d.
          Office of Public Affairs, 1979
          Official Statement Relating to Health and Educational Facilities Authority Revenue Bonds, 1971
          Pappas, Thomas, 1962
          President's Desk (newsletter), 1977--1979
          Procedure for Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion of Faculty, 1981
          Professor Kathleen Gough Aberle case--Memorandum from Norman S. Rabb, 1963
          Proposal for a Description of the Role of the President, 1967
          Proposal to Inaugurate Three Giving Programs, 1962
          Proposed Faculty Actions, 1955-1956
          Proposed Revision of the By-Laws of Brandeis University, 1964
          Rabb, Norman, 1961-1970
          Rabb, Sidney, 1975
          Ranis, Gustav, 1977
          Report from Ketchum, Inc., 1984
          Report on the Brandeis-English High School Collaboration, 1975 [R]
          Report of Visiting Committee--New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., 1976
          Responses to Inquiries Concerning Ad Hoc Committee Process, 1979-1981
          Revision of the By-Laws of Brandeis University, 1967-1980
          Richardson, W.C., 1961
          Rogasin, Israel, 1955-1957
          Rolbein, David L., 1958
          "Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees of Brandeis University"--Response of Trustees, 1967
          Rose Art Museum--Friends proposal, 1962
          Rosen, Irwin, 1951
          Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center, 1975
          Rosenstiel Endowment Income and Financing the Rosenstiel Center, 1975
          Sachar, Abram, 1958-1981 [2 folders]
          Schottland, Charles I., 1962-1971
          Schroeder, Esther, 1961, 1964
          Seton, Harry, 1962
          Shaw, Karl, 1981
          Shapiro, Robert, 1979
          Statement on the Tax-Exempt Status of the University, n.d.
          Student Correspondence [R]
          Student Correspondence--Charity Week, 1968
          "Toward Greatness in Higher Education", First Report on the Ford Foundation Special Program
               in  Education, 1964
          Undergraduate Curriculum Evaluation, 1970
          University Budget Memoranda 1969
          Waltham Group
               Annual report, 1976-1977
               Quarterly reports, 1974-1975
               Report to President Sachar, 1967
          Wien, Lawrence, 1956, 1969-1979
          Widett, Harold, 1961
          Zimmett, Joan, 1977

Box 5
     Chairs, Scholarships and Fellowships
          Chairs, 1950-1961
          Scholarships and Fellowships
               Individual Scholarships and Fellowships
                    George Jessel Scholarship, 1952
                    Ida Aronovitz Scholarship, 1952
                    Israel Sachs Teaching Fellowship, 1951
                    Louis D. Brandeis, Suffolk University Law School Scholarship, 1949-1952
               Other Fellowships and Scholarships
                    Fellowships, 1947-1963 [2 folders]
                    Scholarships and Fellowships, 1945-1963 [3 folders]
                    Scholarships, 1948-1960
          Funds, Named Facilities, Collections
               Abraham Halperin Laboratory, 1951
               Abraham Marcus Memorial Field (Memphis Tract), 1950-1951
               Abraham Memorial Loan Fund, 1949
               Alpha Omega Biological Laboratories, 1947-1951
               Anna Wasserman Lowenberg Fund, 1949-1951
               Anne and Henry Penn Fund, 1947-1948
               Anniversary Research Fund, 1950
               Arnold Elliot Freedman Memorial, 1950-1951
               Ben and Rosa Stein Memorial Loan Fund, 1952-1953
               Bertha Bluttner Memorial Fund, 1953-1954
               Breitman Physics Laboratories, 1950-1951
               Chess Activities Fund, 1952-1953
               Clara W. Berwick Art Collection, 1951--1956
               David K. Niles Fund, 1952-1953
               David Stoneman Infirmary, 1953
               Edison Biology Laboratory, 1951-1952
               Edward A. Suisman Faculty Loan Fund, 1952
               Eric Martin Chazen Fund, 1951
               Esther Spear Endowment Fund, 1952
               Fannie and Israel Friedlander Endowment Fund, 1952
               Feldberg Fund, 1949
               Ford Birthday, 1950-1951
               Frank Mack Research Laboratory, 1952
               Ford Speech Clinic Building, 1949-1951
               Frank Weil Collection, First Editions, 1950-1953
               Free Sons of Israel-- Mendelsohn Moses and Boston Lodges, 1949-1951
               George S. Carp Service Fund Endowment, 1951
               Harry and Leah Cline Fund, 1948
               Harry and Rose Cabitt Collection, 1951
               Haym Solomon Lodge--B'nai B'rith Library Book Fund, 1948-1952
               Heller Biology Laboratory, 1951
               Henry Feil Philanthropic League, 1950
               Henry M. and Lena Meyer Kahn Loan Fund, 1949-1953
               Hunter College Graduate Menorah Society, 1948-1949
               Hyman Cohen Foundation Endowment for Medical Research, 1948-1952
               I. Joseph Unger Research Fund, 1953
               Irving and Edyth Usen Lounge, 1950-1951
               Jennie and Herman Vershbow Library Fund, 1948-1951
               Jewish Vocational Aid Society Loan Fund, 1954
               Joseph Holtzman and Nate Silverman Fund, 1950-1951
               Josephine N. Schey Free Loan Foundation--Endowment, 1953
               Julius Rosenwald Fund, 1952
               Lee J. and Gerturude M. Leventhal Loan Fund, 1951
               Leo Gitelson Library Fund, 1948
               Louis D. Brandeis Bust--Elenor Platt, 1951-1955
               Louis E. Emerman Memorial Fund, 1950-1951
               Matilda and Frank Casty Lab Fund, 1951
               Max Short Memorial Fund Collection, 1950-1952
               Medieval Academy of America Library Collection, 1947
               Meyer Jaffe Fund, 1950-1952
               Moris Falk Atomic Physics Laboratory, 1950-1951
               Morris and Libbie Kahn, 1949
               Morris B. Sachs Alcove, 1947
               Morris Homonoff Service Fund Endowment, 1954
               Nathan Seifer Memorial, 1949-1950
               Philip Hale Memorial Fund, 1950
               Richard Cohn Laboratory, 1949-1950
               Sachar Family Memorial Fund, 1949-1951
               Samuel J. and Anne Manson Caplan Loan Fund, 1951
               Samuel and _____ Glass Fund, 1950-1951
               Sarah and Harry Granofsky and Anna and Isaac Lerman Endowment Fund, 1949
               Service Fund, 1951
               Simon Litman Library Collection, 1947
               William H. Sydeman Building, 1950
               Winarick Science Laboratory, 1952
          Prizes and Awards
               Ben and Rosa Stein Prize Fund, 1952
               Benjamin Scharps and David Scharps Fund (Prize), 1952
               Bruce K. Mayper Memorial Award, 1950
               Eugene M. Warren Poetry Prize, 1951-1952
               Florence and Charles Milender Prize in Music, 1953
               Jacob and Bella Thurman Awards, 1951
               Joseph and Ida Butman Award, 1953
               Rose Schlow Award--Endowment, 1950-1951
               Sidney S. Cohen Prize in Economics, 1951
               Prizes, List of, 1952-1953
     University Development Resources Correspondence [R]
               Abrahams, Minna, 1952, 1954
               Abramson, Harriet, 1949
               Berland, Abel E., 1949
               Bernstein, Lillian, 1951-1952, 1957
               Bernstein, Leonard, 1949
               Blood, Audrey S., 1949
               Browning, James F., 1949-1950
               Deemer, Albert E., 1949
               Elgart, Saul, 1951-1954, 1957
               Emmott, Marie, 1949
               Faxon, Marjorie K., 1941, 1944
               Finkel, Samuel, 1948
               Epstein, Evelyn, 1949-1950
               Geller, David, 1948-1951
               Gorson, Albert G., 1950-1952
               Greenspun, Harold, 1952
               Herzog, Robert E., 1953
               Hurvins, Jean, 1951
               Jackson, Bill, 1952
               Katz, Sylvia, 1949-1950
Box 6
               Kesner, Maurice, 1949-1950
               Kleid, Seymour, 1952
               Klein, Bernard, 1950
               Korshin, Nathan, 1950
               Kroloff, Max, 1949-1952
               Lee, Florence, 1949-1950
               Levine, Gertrude, 1949-1950
               Maguire, Maureen A., 1949-1950
               Mayer, Nathan, 1946-1948
               Miller, Ira T., 1952-1954
               Minzer, Manfred L., 1949-1951
               Mock, Robert W., 1953-1954
               Morris, Irene Elizabeth, 1952
               Plotkin, Betty, 1948-1952
               Pomelia, Idea, 1951
               Pushner, Sylvia, 1950-1951
               Reisner, Selma, 1949
               Contract, Resnic, 1949-1952
               Resnic, Reuben B., 1949-1952 [2 folders]
               Rubin, Ruth H., 1949
               Rudofsky, Louis, 1951-1952
               Salpeter, High, 1952
               Sattin, Marilyn, 1949-1950
               Savage, Jeanette, 1949-1950
               Schwab, Zelda, 1949
               Shriber, Deborah, 1951
               Shuman, Selma, 1949
               Seliger, Leonard, 1950-1951
               Silverman, Philip, 1954
               Susman, Milton, 1952
               Stern, Gladys, 1950-1951
               Swerdloff, Sam, 1950-1952
               Troster, William, 1953
               Wald, Anne B., 1949-1950
               Williamson, Audrey, 1949
               Wolffson, Sidney R., 1949
               Zyfers, Anne, 1952
           Offices and Organizations
               Chicago Office, 1952-1953
               New York Office, 1949-1953
               Staff Applicants, 1946-1958 [2 folders]
               UDR National Office staff memos, 1952-1954
     Fundraising Subject Files
          Brandeis Foundation Campaign Plan, 1947
          City Compilation, 1950-1951 [3 folders]
          City Compilations Corrections Memoranda, 1951-1952
          Contributors' Lists, 1946 [R]
          Designated Gifts, 1949 [R]
          Expenses, 1947
          Financial Foundation--News Service, 1951
          Form Letters, 1947
          Foundation List, n.d.
          Fund Raising Projects, 1948-1951
          Los Angeles Fundraising Events--Scrapbook, 1951
          Newsclippings, 1948-1954
               Brandeis Brotherhood, 1949-1950
               Brandeis Lawyers Society of Philadelphia, 1951
               Brandeis University Alumni Association, 1954
               Brandeis University Athletic Association, 1950-1954
               Friends of School of Music, n.d.
               Institute of Iron and Steel, 1952
               National Women's Committee--Contributions Over $500, 1949-1953
               Welfare Funds, 1949-1950
               Young League for Brandeis, 1951-1952
          Pledge Schedules, n.d.
          Prospective Gifts, 1948-1952 [R]
          Restricted Gifts [R]

Public Relations
Box 6
     Alumni News, 1966
     Anti-Defamation League, 1948
     Boston Sunday Herald, 1955
     Brandeis Movie, 1949-1954
     Brandeis University Via Train, 1952
     Christian Science Monitor, 1955
     Congress Weekly, 1948
     Corresepondence, 1947-1963
     Fortune Magazine, 1957
     Jewish Chronicle (London, England), 1948
     Jewish Frontier, 1948
     Kenyon and Eckhardt, 1949
     Leonard V. Finder and Associates, 1946-1948
Box 12
     Look Magazine, 1949
Box 6
     Liberal Judaism, 1947
     Mademoiselle (reprint), 1955
     Massachusetts Teacher, 1954
     Milwaukee Journal, 1949
     National Jewish Monthly, 1949
     New Outlook, 1953
     News About Brandeis University, 1952
Box 12
          Assorted, 1924-1954 [10 folders]
          Jewish Advocate
               Feature Section, 1952
               Feature Section and Supplement, 1959 [two folders]
               News, 1946-1972
Box 7
     News releases--Emanuel Gilbert, 1951-1958 [2 folders]
     News Reviews, n.d.
     Newsweek, 1950, 1952, 1964
     Official Program--Brandeis Football, 1952
     Opinion, 1947
     Public Relations Materials, 1952-1959
     Questions and Answers About Brandeis University, n.d.
     "Quick" News Weekly, 1950
     Rabbi Joseph Hager--Synagogue Light, 1947
     Reconstructionist, 1948, 1957, n.d.
     Reports--Office of Public Affairs, 1954-1955
Box 12
     Rhode Islander, 1949
Box 7
     Saturday Evening Post, 1951
     "Southern Supporters," in Southern Israelite, n.d.
     Sports Publicity Speech Material, 1951-1954
     Time Magazine, 1955
     Tribuna Israelita, 1949
     Viewbook, 1957
     Weekly Events Calendar, 1949-1953

Box 7
     Commencements and Convocations
          Commencement, 1952-1957 [6 folders]
          Convocations, 1949-1951 [3 folders]
          Graduate School Convocation, 1954
     Dinners and Receptions
          Hotel Somerset (Boston), 1946
          Lazarus South Shore Meeting, 1947
          Einstein Birthday Dinner, Hotel Somerset, 1947
          New York Dinner, 1947
          Hotel Statler Reception, 1948
          University Inauguration (Boston), 1948
          Breakfast Meeting, Brandeis University, 1948
          Address at Hillcrest Country Club (Los Angeles), 1951
          Sheraton Plaza Meeting, Original Donors, 1952 [R]
          Private Dinner Meeting in Honor of G. Albert and A.L. Sachar, 1952
          Boston Associates Dinner, 1952-1954 [3 folders]
          Jewish Book Month Committee--Speech introducing Dr. Glatzer, 1953
          Dedication Day, 1953
          New York Feinberg Dinner, Hotel Pierre, 1954
     Other Colleges and Institutes
          Bates College, 1949
          Boston College, 1949
          Boston University, 1949-1950
          Bowdoin College Inauguration, 1952
          Champlain College, Middletown Collegiate Center, n.d.
          Chicago Medical School, n.d.
          Diplomas, 1952
          Goucher College, 1949
          Harding College, 1951
          Harvard College, 1950-1952
          Lowell Textile Institute Inauguration, 1951
          MIT, n.d.
          Officers of the University, n.d.
          Queens College, 1949
          Rhode Island College of Education Inauguration of President, 1953
          Roosevelt College, 1945-1950
          Simmons College, n.d.
          Smith College, 1949-1950
          University of Bridgeport, 1948-1950
          University of Chicago, 1951
          University of New Hampshire, 1948-1952
          Wellesley College, 1950
          Yeshiva University, 1949-1951

Board Committees
Box 8
     Ad Hoc Committee, 1965-1967
     Administration Coordinating Committee, 1952-1954
     Budget and Finance Committee
          Drafts, 1951-1954
          Meeting Minutes, 1951-1964 [2 folders]
          Reports and Correspondence, 1950-1961 [2 folders]
     Building Committee, 1948-1963 [3 folders]
     Committee on By-Laws, 1954-1965
     Committee on Fellows, 1954, 1959
     Committee on Graduate and Professional Schools, 1951-1953
     Comittee to Review Functions, 1951
     Corporate Gifts Committee List, 1962
     Education Committee
          Correspondence, 1952-1958 [4 folders]
          Drafts, 1954
          Meeting Minutes, 1951-1964 [3 folders]
     Fund Raising Committee
          Drafts, 1951-1954
          Reports, Memos, 1950-1961 [2 folders]
     Honorary Degrees, 1953-1964 [2 folders]
     Investment Committee
          Correspondence, 1952-1961 [4 folders]
          Israeli Bonds, 1954
          Zisdinel, 1954-1959
Box 9
     Nominating Committee, 1954-1964 [2 folders]
     Public Relations Committee
          Correspondence, 1947-1954
          Meeting Minutes, 1952-1962
     Resources Committee, 1951-1964
     Tenure Committee, 1944-1955

Financial Operations
Box 9
     Annual and Monthly Reports
          Annual Reports, Business Office, 1951-1953
          Monthly Reports, 1950-1955
          Audits, 1946-1953 [2 folders]
          Lybrand, Ross Bros., and Montgomery, 1949-1954
          First National Bank--Brandeis University, 1948-1954
          National Rockland Bank--Brandeis University, 1946-1947
          National Shawmut Bank--Brandeis Foundation, 1947-1949
          Newton-Waltham Bank--Brandeis University, 1948-1954
          Savings Banks--Authorization, 1954
          Waltham-Citizens National Bank--Brandeis University, 1948-1950
     Housing and Home Financing Agency Loans
          Loan, 1954
          Loan Two, 1937-1954
          19 S. Lasalle St., Chicago Offices, Women's Committee, 1953-1954
          270 Park Avenue, New York City, 1953-1954
          First National Bank of Boston--66 Beaumont Ave., 1948, 1954
          Newton-Waltham Bank and Trust Co.
               B9 $400,000 Mortagage on Dormitories, 1952-1958
               15 Ridgewood Terr., 1950, 1953
               20 Ridgewood Terr., 1949, 1953
               457 South Street, 1952
               Original Middlesex Mortgage, 1945-1950
               Ridgewood Quadrangle, 1953
     Tax Matters
          Brandeis Foundation Federal Annual Returns, 1947-1950
          Brandeis University vs. Newton Tax Board, Beaumont Avenue, 1949-1953 [5 folders]
          Brandeis University vs. Newton Tax Board, Beaumont Avenue--Evidence, 1941-1955 [4 folders]
          Tax Bills and Payments, 1913-1951
          Tax Exemption--University, 1941-1951
          Tax Matters, 1941-1953
     Trusts Companies
          Cambridge Trust Company, 1950-1951
          Guaranty Trust Company and Brandeis University, 1947

Buildings, Facilities, and Land
Box 9
           Berlin Chapel, 1951-1956, [2 folders]
           Castle, Louisville University, Brandeis, 1947 [2 folders]
           Chapels, 1951-1966
           Creative Arts Center, 1950-1952
Box 13
           "Designing and Building Brandeis University," 1959
Box 9
           Dormitories, 1948-1951
Box 13
           "Goldfarb Library Building at Brandeis University," n.d.
Box 9
           Hamilton C. Dormitory, 1953-1954
           Hamilton D. Dormitory, 1954
           Haydn Laboratory Architect, 1955
           Library, 1948-1951
           Library Addition, 1953
           Proposed Infirmary and Clinic, 1952-1954
Box 13
           Reading Rooms and Cafeteria, Blueprints, 1946
Box 10
           Ridgewood Quadrangle, 1952
           Sandwich Bar, 1952
           Science Hall, Sydeman Hall, 1949-1952
           Shapiro Athletic Center, 1951-1953
           Shell, 1951-1953
           Social Hall and Dining Room, 1952-1953
           Terranium, 1952
           Archie Riskin: Bills, 1950, 1953
           Blueprint of Land Acquired, 1952
           Boilers, 1947-1951
           Book Store, 1946-1947
           Construction Program, 1947-1953
           Federal Security and Federal Works Agency, 1946-1948
           Fuel Oil Contract, 1948-1952
           Heating Plant, 1952
           Hovey Memorial Institute Proposal, 1953
           Liuenthal & Becker, reports, 1952
           Motor Vehicles, 1949-1951
           Potta Press Drainage Matter, 1955
           Produce Supplies, 1948
           Richard White & Sons Inc., 1951-1952
           Roads, 1952
           Saarinen Saarinen & Associates, 1949-1953
           Sewer, 1951-1952
           Title & Zoning, 1946-1950
           Utilities, 1951-1953
           War Assets Administration, 1949
     Land Lots
           457 South Street (Gallant), 1952
           651 South Street Fogg, 1953
           Athletic Field Title Search, Waltham, 1950
           B&M Railroad Facilities, 1953
           Bazer Tract, Original Copies, 1949-1950
           Cedarwood Lots,
                337, 338, 339, 340, 341 (City of Waltham), 1954
                342, 343 and 344, (City of Waltham), 1954
                481 (Manning), 1953
                482 (Manning), 1953-1954
           Land Acquisition Program, 1950-1954
           Land History, 1923-1952
           Land Leases (Harris, R.D.), 1950-1952
                15 Ridgewood Terrace, (Blodgett), 1950-1952
                20 Ridgewood Terrace, (Sanderson), 1949-1950
                28 Ridgewood Terrace, (Vincent), 1950
                Athletic Field, 1949-1954
           Waltham Cedarwood Lots
               2 parcels 10.05 and 1.2 acres (park land), 1950
               Lots, 298, 307, 510, 513-523 (park land),1950
               Lots, 308, 309, 310, (park land), 1950
               Lots, 314-316, 511, 512, (folios), 1950
               Lots, 317-318, (Gillette), 1951-1952
               Lots, 333-334, (park land), 1951
               Lots, 468, 493-495, 507, (park land), 1950
               Lots, 469-471, (Brooks), 1951
               Lots, 473, 480,(park land), 1950, 1953
               Lots, 479, 496-506, (park land), 1950
               Lots, 508-509, 1952
               Lots, 537, (Gulotti), 1951
               Lots, 538, (Chishlom), 1951-1952
               Lots, 543-544, (Tuccio), 1950-1955
               Lots, 545-548, (Palunbo), 1952-1953
           Waltham Cemetary Commission Land on Charles River 1951-1952
           Waltham Charles River Property, Lots 1-9, 12-14, A (Kirdley), 1951
           Watertown, 66 Chapman St. (M. Hindus), 1949
           Weston, 135 North Ave., Mrs. Emma Onthand, 1949-1951
Map Drawer 5
     Large Drawings
           Bicycle Park Playground, n.d.
           Cedarwood Sections A and B, Subdivision in Waltham, Massachusets, 1928
           Index to Topographic and Site Plan Areas Relating to the Brandeis University Campus and
                Environs, 1951
           Plan of Land West of Brandeis Campus Acquired by Brandeis University as of September 1950, 1950
                [3 copies of different sizes]
           Plan of Lands in Waltham, 1950
           Plan of Lots at Oldham Acres, Waltham, 1925
           Plans for Founders Hall and Science Hall [later called Ford Hall], 1950
Government Compliance
Box 10
     Department of Defense Security Agreements, 1952
     Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1947-1949
     Federal Patent Policy, 1953
     Internal Revenue Service, 1947-1950
     Treasury Deptartment Alcohol Reports, 1950-1954
     Treasury Deptartment Tax Exemption Letters, 1941-1953
     Veterans Administration Contract, 1948-1953
     Waltham, City of, 1947-1954

Box 10
     Academic Recognition, 1948-1954
     Brandeis University General Catalogue, 1948, 1950
     Brandeis Catalogue proposed by Max R. Grossman, 1948
     Creative Arts , 1949-1952
     Florence Heller School of Social Welfare, 1959-1963
     Lowell Institute Broadcasting Council, 1951, 1954
     R.O.T.C. Air Force Unit, 1950
     School of Dentistry, 1952
     School of Medicine, 1946-1951, 1963
     School of Music, 1949-1950
     School of Science, 1949, 1958-1959
     Suggested Curriculum, 1947-1949
     Summer Conferences, 1949-1955, 1959-1961
     Television Project, 1951-1952

Box 11
     Accepted students, 1948-1960 [R]
     Information for New Students, 1948-1958
     Prospective students, 1946-1960 [R]
     Rejected students, 1947-1959 [R]
     Rules and Regulations Governing Students, 1954-1960
     Student Scholarships--Jacobson, 1953 [R]
     Students receiving degree of B.A., 1952

Subject Files
Box 11
     95th United States Congress Members, 1978
     "Action of Eighteen Communities on Request for Funds for Brandeis University," by Council of
          Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, Inc., n.d.
     Address by Louis Nazer in Honor of Henry Rose, 1950
     Adult Education
          Course Offerings, 1952
          Planning Materials, 1949-1964
          Program Brochure, 1962
     "Aims of Education" by Alfred North Whitehead, n.d.
     Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Appointed as Honorary Chairman, 1952-1953, 1960
     Alexander, David A, 1947-1979
     Alpert, Carl, 1946
     Application for Admission to Brandeis University, 1947, 1948
     Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, Reports, 1978
     Axelrod, Alan S., 1974
     Board of Collegiate Authority, 1948
     "Brandeis: Burgeoning Growth" in Christian Science Monitor, 1962
     "Brandeis as South African Pace-Setter", Boston Globe, 1979
     Brandeis Campaigner, 1962
     "Brandeis History," 1952-1954
     Brandeis History Research, 1952-1953
     Brandeis National Women's Committee Conference--Biographical sketches, 1952
     "Brandeis Plans the First Center for Study of Jewish Life in U.S.," New York Times, 1980
     Brandeis Portrait, 1947-1950
     Brandeis Solicitation, 1973
     "Brandeis Treasurer Samuel Lemberg Dies," 1981
     "Brandeis U.S.A.," n.d.
     "Brandeis University," speech draft, n.d.
     Brandeis University Bulletin--Phi Beta Kappa, 1961
     "Brandeis University Established by the Albert Einstein Foundation," n.d.
     Brandeis University Summer Adult Institutes, 1966
     "Case History of an Academic Prodigy", New York Times Magazine, 1961
     "Certification of Man," Abram Sachar, 1953
     Chain Letter, 1978
     Committee of the Permanent Charity Fund--60th annual report, Boston, 1977
     Congratulatory letters list, c.1948
     "Cost of Higher Education at Brandeis," n.d.
     Council Reports, Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, Inc., 1950
     "Daily Closeup: George Alpert," New York Post, 1959
     Dedication of the Joshua and Leah Hiatt Wings of the Dinand Library, 1979
     "Dimensions of a Liberal Education," by Max Lerner, 1950
     Effective Trusteeship, c. 1977
     Faculty Oath, 1948
     "Faith at Brandeis," Traveler Magazine, 1966
     Fellows Luncheon, Photographs, 1977
     Fifteenth Anniversary of University Founding--Invitations, correspondence, 1963
     "First Honorary Alumnus," Boston Traveler Magazine, 1947
     "First Russian Emigres Graduate from Brandeis," Boston Globe, 1978
     Fletcher Encyclopedia, n.d.
     Focus: The Brandeis Zionist Alliance Monthly Forum, 1978
     Football at Brandeis, 1951
     For the Brandeis Review's First Issue, n.d.
     Founders' Day Citation, 1960
     "Free Speech - Yes; Freeloading - No," 1970
     Furniture Dealers Committee, 1948-1960
     Goldstein, Nathaniel L., 1976
Box 13
     "Guiding Principles of the Proposed University," n.d.
Box 11
     Harvard Foundation, 1949
     "Harvard Report: Its Implications and Applications," by Paul Klapper, 1945
     Hi Charlie Association program and script, 1952
     In Brief: News Notes about Recent Gifts and Benefactions to Brandeis, 1962
     In Honor of Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr., 1975
     International Congress of Mathematicians, 1949
     Inventory, Laboratory Equipment, 1946
     Invitation to Celebratory Dinner on the Occasion of the Ford Foundation Grant, 1963
     Jacob Hiatt Institute in Israel Announcement, 1963
     Jewish War Veterans, 1935, 1950
     Kamon Petroleum Exploration, 1976
     Landscaping, 1946-1947
     Law and Social Action: Austin-Mahoney Fair Educational Practices Bill, 1947
     Lectures, Special, 1949-1965
     "Leo Rosten's Handy-Dandy Plan to Save Our Colleges," 1970
     "Liberal Arts College: How Can It Be Liberalized?" by Paul Klapper, 1947
     List of Equipment Loaned Brandeis Foundation by George Alpert, 1949
     List of Speeches and Meetings, c. 1954
     Louis D. Brandeis Memorial Lecture, 1949-1953 [2 folders]
     Lown Institute Colloquia and Lectures Brochures, 1962-1963
     Mailing list, 1950
     "Maimonides College Established in Canada," 1950
     "Mr. Justice Louis D. Brandeis," by Honorable James Landis, 1950
     Names and addresses of Board members, 1958
     New Bedford Associates of Brandeis University, 1947
     News Releases, 1951
     "No Wish to Obstruct University Project," by Norman Goldberg, Jewish Advocate, 1946
     Notes, 1975-1979
     "Old Charters for Old," by Rabbi William F. Rosenblum, 1950
     "On Living with Crisis," speech by Abram Sachar, 1965
     Outlook, Standard & Poor's Corporation, 1978-1979
     "Persistence of Sin," sermon by Rabbi Dudley Weinberg, 1951
     Phi Beta Kappa (Almanac entry), n.d.
     Photographs and Correspondence--Public Events, 1947-1967
     Preliminary Report of Conference on Higher Education in the National Service, 1950
Box 13
     "Portrait of Joseph M. Linsey," Boston Globe, 1971
Box 11
     President Morris Abram's Inauguration, 1968
     "President's View of University Governance," address by Abram Sachar, 1963
     Programs and Invitations, 1949, n.d.
     Projected California schedule, (fundraising trip), 1951
     "Race with Chaos," by Uncle Dudley, n.d.
     "Religious Prejudice in Colleges," by Dan W. Dodson
     Resolution on Jewish Education Adopted by National Community Relations Advisory Council, 1946
     Rough draft of speech materials prepared for Mr. Alpert, 1950
     Sabbath, 1950-1951
     Schedule for western fundraising tour, 1951
     "Schenley Is Accused of Paying $500,000 in Illegal Kickbacks," Wall Street Journal, 1977
     "School's Spending Crisis Aids New England," New York Times, 1951
Box 13
     Scrapbook items, cir. 1946-1953, n.d. [6 folders]
Box 11
     Seminar for Trustees Serving Educational Institutions, 1979
     Silverstein, Louis, 1953
     Smith, John and Mabel--Annuities, 1937-1952
     Speech Materials, 1946-1953 [2 folders]
     Springfield College Corporation Meeting Minutes, 1965
     Statement by Board of Trustees on Investments in U.S. Corporations Operating in South Africa, 1979
     "Statement of Conviction About Corporate Aid to Higher Education," c. 1962
     "Status of Accreditation as of October 15, 1951," 1951
     Student Correspondence--Transitional Year Program, 1981
     "Table of Contents" (draft),  n.d.
     Tack, Wilbur Mayer, 1948
     Teacher shortage, 1946
     "Tidelands Oil Royalties for Defense and Education," by U.S. Senator Lister Hill, 1951
     Tonry, Mary E., 1951
     Travel schedule, 1949
     Travel Vouchers, 1949-1954
     Tribute to Rubin Epstein, 1970
     "Turning Point in Jewish Philanthropy," by Hal Lehrman, 1950
     Unidentified speeches, n.d.
     Universities and Religious Affiliation, n.d.
     United States National Commission for UNESCO, 1961
     United States National Student Association, Northern New England Region, 1950
     "University is Born," 1946
     Waltham, City of, 1947-1954
     Weekly Central Clearance Calendar, 1951
     "What Jews Believe," by Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein, c. 1950
     "Why a Jewish University?" by Norman Goldberg, Jewish Advocate, 1946
     "Young University in a Hurry," reprinted from Saturday Review, 1962

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