Brandeis University National Women's Committee

    Chicago Chapter

Invitation to the First Regular Meeting of the Chicago Chapter, October 1949

The first meeting of the Chicago Women's Committee for Brandeis University was called to order by Mrs. Emile Levy, chairman pro tem on December 16, 1948 at 2:30 pm in the Mayfair Room of the Blackstone Hotel. The chairman welcomed the assembled guests. Mrs. Phillip P. Sachs was complimented for her most efficient arrangements. Because of the serious illness of Mrs. Sachar, Dr. A.L. Sachar was unable to attend the meeting.

Mr. Clarence Berger, assistant to the president of Brandeis University was presented in Dr. Sachar's stead and delivered the major address on the founding and development of the university. The ideology, philosophy, aims, goals, and concepts of Brandeis University were propounded.

A short business meeting followed. Mrs. Hugo Friend and Mrs. Louis Perlman, co-chairmen of membership were presented. Mrs. Milton Krensky moved that a nominating committee be appointed. Motion lost.

Miss Julia Felsenthal moved that the steering committee appoint the nominating committee of nine. Motion carried.

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