Brandeis University National Women's Committee

    1996 National Conference

Millionth Book Celebration
Program Booklet, 1996

Founded the same year as the university, by eight women with vision, the Brandeis University National Women's Committee agreed to undertake the complete support of the Brandeis Library. A year later, BUNWC presented the University with a gift of $50,000 for the maintenance, staffing and expansion of the library during the university's initial academic year.

During the past four decades, the National Women's Committee has contributed more than $58 million toward the upkeep and expansion of the Brandeis University Libraries through such programs as Book Fund, Library Trust, Book Sales, Library Work Scholar and Pathways to the Future.

Today, with 50,000 members in 107 chapters around the country, the National Women's Committee is the largest "friends of a library" organization in the United States. From a converted stable with 2,000 books, the Brandeis Libraries celebrated the millionth book being placed on the shelves during the National Women's Committee's conference in June 1996.

Brandeis University faculty members write materials for use exclusively in chapter study group programs and through the University on Wheels programs, Brandeis professors travel to lead exciting day-long seminars.

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