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Books of Hours and Medieval Manuscripts

This bibliographic information is from the research of Dr. Susan Boynton.

1. Book of Hours: 15th century

Page: 187 x 140 mm
Writing block: 72 x 98 mm
One column ruled in faint red ink, 15 lines per page
Decoration: full-page illuminations, gold letters with blue and mauve infilling

2. (Dominican) Vulgate Bible: 13th or late 12th century

Page: 148 x 95 mm
Writing block: 112 x 66 mm
Two columns, each 30 mm wide. Rule with lead, 47 lines per page
Decoration: Illuminated with decorated letter, shafts divided into fillets of blue and salmon (with white filigree) with dragon-like beasts, tails intertwined with scroll

3. Italian Book of Hours: Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis

Page: 95 x 70 mm
Writing block: varies, ca. 50 x 37 mm
Ruled with lead on some pages, pale yellow ink on others, 13 lines per page
Decoration: Flourished initials, gold initials on discontinuous green, blue, red ground (with white filigree)

4. Book of sermons (1475)

Page: 140 x 95 mm
Writing block: 62 x 95 mm
Text in greenish light-brown ink with red ink highlights at the beginning of sentences and red rubrics and titles

5. Book of Hours: printed on vellum (Paris?, 1525?)

Page: 155 x 100 mm
Faint red pen ruling
Decoration: Varied woodcut scenes in the borders, initial letters have been painted alternating blue and red

6. St. Bonaventure, Breviloquium, ca. 1450

Page: 165 x 120 mm
Writing block: 123 x 85 mm
2 columns, each 40 mm wide, 50 lines per page, ruled in very light brown ink, text in brown ink

7. Book of Hours (Netherlands, 15th century?)

Page: 147 x 110 mm
Writing block: 90 x 64 mm
Text in brown and red ink, 17 lines per page
Decoration: Decorated letters, flourished in red, blue and green ink, one gold initial at front