Maximum Security for Windows XP

Note: We strongly recommend that you consult with your Brandeis technical support for guidance or assistance. Please be aware that there is no sure fire way to configure a computer so that it’s not hackable, but by following these steps you will minimize the most common pathways for malicious software or hackers.

Configuration Advice

  1. Run Windows Update to make sure your version of XP is as up to date as possible

  2. Make sure your antivirus software is operating and updating

  3. Purchase and install Malwarebytes Professional

  4. Enable the Windows XP firewall for maximum protection

  5. Install Secunia PSI and configure it to autopatch any applications on your computer

    1. Here is a link to a custom Brandeis installation (recommended)  Please note: link works on campus, or via Wormhole

    2. Here is a link to the Secunia site if you want the public version

  6. Uninstall Java

  7. Uninstall Adobe Flash

Usage Advice

  1. Minimize or eliminate Web Browsing - web pages are one of the top sources of malware. Use your XP machine for special purposes only, not general usage.

  2. Do not store sensitive Brandeis information on an XP computer - this includes financial, personnel, or student information.

  3. Do not use an XP machine as a server of any sort.