Windows XP FAQ

1. How do I know if I am running Windows XP?

A. Click the following link and the resulting webpage will tell you what your operating system is.

2. Should I update my computer myself from XP to Windows 7 or 8?

A. No - please contact your technical support at Brandeis who will provide you with guidance on updating.

3. I’m on a Apple Mac - do I need to update?

A. No - XP is a Microsoft Windows operating system.

4. But I run Windows XP in a Windows virtual machine on my mac.

A. If the virtual machine has network access then it’s still at risk and you should update. If you configure the VM to not have network access, then there is probably no reason to update.

5. I’m totally confused and now worried - who can I talk to about this?

A. The LTS Help Desk is available and ready to answer any questions you have. Feel free to walk into the Goldfarb Library or visit the LTS technical resources site for a list of ways to contact the Help Desk.

6. I’ve got a piece of equipment that requires Windows XP to operate - I can’t update it!

A. Please contact the Security Office by emailing and we’ll reach out to you to develop a strategy for protecting your equipment.

7. I’ve a program that can only run on Windows XP to crunch data - I can’t update it!

A. If possible consider running the computer without network access. If that’s not possible contact  the Security Office by emailing and we’ll reach out to you to develop a strategy for protecting your computer.

8. My computer is really old.  Can it even be updated to a newer version of Windows?

A. Your computer's manufacturer will have information about whether or not Windows 7 is supported for your particular model.  Generally, computers manufactured in the last three years can be upgraded to Windows 7.  For Dell computers, models 745 or later can be upgraded, but Dells manufactured before that time (such as models 260, 270, and 280) can not be upgraded and will need to be replaced.  Other older models may require hardware upgrades.  Please contact your technical support at Brandeis for specific advice about your computer.

9. I plan to update my computer to Windows 7 or 8, but I can’t make the April 8th deadline. Can you give me any advice on how to better secure it in the mean time?

A. Sure -here’s a page of advice on ‘hardening’ Windows XP. But be warned, this will only protect you from known threats - it’s the newly discovered vulnerabilities in XP that present the greatest risk and for which there may not be any protection.