Windows XP End of Support


Windows XP FAQ

Windows XP ends its 13-year run as the premiere operating system from Microsoft on April 8, 2014. Once official support for XP ends, it will no longer be possible to get security patches or updates.  Because LTS expects a wave of computer viruses to take advantage of this situation, Windows XP will become an unacceptable security threat to the Brandeis University network, systems, and data as of April 8.

After April 8th, any XP computer removed from the network because of a virus will not be permitted back until it is updated to a newer and supported operating system.  In addition, if there is a broad outbreak of viruses affecting Windows XP computers, LTS will block all network access for XP computers in order to protect University operations.  Please note, however, that we will not be proactively removing Windows XP computers from the campus network.

What should I do?

You can determine which Windows operating system is installed on your computer by visiting  If you are using Windows XP we recommend you immediately contact either your local technical support or the LTS Technology Help Desk for guidance.  If your department participates in the University’s computer refresh program (operated by LTS), your Windows XP computer will be replaced prior to, or very shortly after, April 8.  If you are currently using Windows 7, Windows 8, or any version of the Mac operating system, you do not need to take any action. 

If your unit purchased your computer, or if you purchased it personally, work with your technical staff to ensure that it is updated to Windows 7 or 8 as soon as possible. For personally owned equipment, there is additional information provided below.


Windows XP computers connected to the wired (not wireless) Brandeis network will receive a pop-up message reminding you to update your Windows operating system.  Depending on the number of XP computers that remain on the network, LTS may send this message to computers on the wireless Brandeis network at a later date.

In addition, Microsoft has announced that starting March 8, customers using the Home or Professional editions of Windows XP who have elected to receive updates via Windows Update will see an official notification on their computer announcing the end to official support for Windows XP on April 8.  This notification will include a link to Microsoft’s Windows XP End of Support website that provides information about the end of support as well as options for protection against security risks and viruses after April 8th. The notification will reappear on the 8th of every month unless disabled by the user.

Free migration tool for personal computers running XP

(Even for personal computers, users should consult with their technical support provider before taking any steps that might affect their files, data, security, or backups.)

To help customers who wish to purchase a new computer to replace their personally-owned Windows XP computer, Microsoft has partnered with Laplink to provide Windows XP users with a free data migration tool called PCmover Express. This software can transfer files, music, videos, email, settings, and user profiles from an old PC to a new computer using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.   Users of PCMover Express can specify which data and files should be copied to the new computer.

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