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New Employee Phone / Voicemail Setup

New staff and faculty members at Brandeis should fill out this form to register for a phone, voicemail account and long distance access code.

Existing employees:
Configure Your Phone & Voicemail Options / Reset Forgotten PIN

Need to order a new phone?
Phone Models & Accessories
Place a Phone Order

(*) = required field

First & Last Name: (*)
Brandeis E-mail: (*)
Department: (*)
Mailstop: (*)
Building: (*)
Room Number: (*)
Phone Extension: (*) Taking over existing extension -
Need a new extension
Long Distance Access: (*) Not needed at this time
Domestic Access - USA only (provide chargeline below)
Domestic & International Access (provide chargeline below)
(required for Long Distance Access)
Voicemail Access: (*) No Voicemail Account Required
Rebuild Voicemail Account
(all existing messages removed; required for all new employees)
Do Not Rebuild Voicemail Account
(should only be chosen if there are existing messages or greetings that need to be retrieved before rebuild)
Voicemail Delivery: Phone Only - Do Not Forward (default)
Phone & Forward to E-mail
E-mail Only - Not on Phone
Fax Number: (*)
(for listing in people directory; department fax number is OK)

No fax number
Supervisors or Department Administrators:
(if you are filling this out on behalf of a new or incoming employee)
Check this box and provide e-mail address below:
All employees who fill out this form will also have their information automatically updated in the People Directory, Offices Directory and Cisco Phone Directory.