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Wireless Network Policy


Warning! Geek speak ahead! If you are looking for information on connecting to the Brandeis Wireless Network, please click here.  If you are looking for information on why you were shut off from the network, please click here.  

Installation Standards

Wireless installations are coordinated by LTS.  Only equipment installed and approved by LTS will be allowed to operate within campus limits.  Special exemptions can be made for research or scientific use.  All access points will be centrally managed by LTS.

Unlicensed Spectrum

Under current FCC regulations, Brandeis University has the right to allow or disallow any device operating, within campus limits, in the 902-928 MHz (915MHz), 2400-2483.5MHz (2.4GHz) and 5725-5850MHz (5.7GHz) bands.  This includes all dorms.

Unauthorized Wireless Devices

Any device that operates in the 902-928MHz (915MHz), 2400-2483.5MHz (2.4GHz) and 5725-5850 MHz (5.7GHz) bands that either disrupts our wireless network or attempts to provide service on those bands, will not be allowed.  

Wireless Support

LTS monitors and maintains all access points.  LTS provides basic Help Desk support for wireless card selection, configuration and network connectivity issues.  Please contact the Help Desk for wireless configuration examples.

Secure and Open Connections

In order to provide the broadest range of compatibility across wireless client adapters, LTS has set up multiple wireless networks or SSID's.  They are: eduroam, a WPA2 encrypted network with unrestricted access; brandeis_open, an open unencrypted network with restricted protocols and support for gaming and non-browser systems; and brandeis_guest, an open unencrypted network for guests of Brandeis with basic networking only.