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Manage Your UNet Account


Go to identity.brandeis.edu, look under "Existing Users" and click "Identity self-service".  Once you have logged in you can modify the following aspects of your UNet identity.

Published Email Address

This is the email address that will be listed in the directory. Normally you would put USERNAME@brandeis.edu here, but you could list something else (to list something else you must also define it below as an alias or forwarding address).

Email Forwarding/ Mail Delivery Address

You can forward your Brandeis email to an off-campus email address. The forward address must be an account that exists.  IMPORTANT: Email that is forwarded to an off-campus email address bypasses Brandeis Gmail and is sent directly to the email address specified, it will no longer appear in your Brandeis Gmail inbox.

To stop forwarding your Brandeis email to an off-campus email address you need to forward it to your Brandeis Gmail account instead. To do so, check the "Deliver to my Brandeis Gmail Account" box.

Email Aliases

Email aliases are additional @brandeis.edu addresses.  You can can have up to two aliases.  Any mail sent to these aliases gets forwarded to your forwarding email address.  This can be very handy if your name is commonly misspelled or if you are unhappy with the username you picked.  You can even configure Brandeis Gmail to send messages from your alias!