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UNet Home Space


 Brandeis UNet home space is your personal network-based file storage.  You can use it to back up files, share files with others by publishing to the web, or move files from one computer to another.  

How to Connect: On Campus


  1. Start-> Run, and typing \\unethome.brandeis.edu\username into the command line (where "username" is your UNet username).
  2. A new window will appear asking for a username and password.

Username: USERS\username (where "username" is your UNet username)

Password: Your UNet password. 


  • From the Finder menu, select Go-> Connect to Server...
  • In the window that appears enter: smb://unethome.brandeis.edu/username (where "username" is your UNet username)
  • Press the Connect button
  • You will be prompted to enter your UNet username and password
  • Click OK when done.  Your network storage folder will appear in a new window on your desktop.
  • When you are finished, you MUST disconnect the drive to prevent others from accessing your files. Drag the icon on the destop with your UNet username into the trash can on the dock.  As you drag it, the trash icon will change into an "eject" icon.

How to Connect: Off Campus

Wormhole (SSL VPN)

Navigate to wormhole.brandeis.edu, login and click "Unet Home". Note: if you do not see any such link in Wormhole, please follow the directions located at the bottom of this page.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

If you want to transfer files to and from your UNet home space, you can use an SFTP client to connect. Find instructions for using SFTP clients.

Secure Shell (SSH)

If you want to connect to your UNet home space using a UNIX shell, you can use an SSH client to connect. Find instructions for using SSH clients.

Personal Pages

Personal home pages can be published on people.brandeis.edu.  Simply place files in the WWW directory within your UNet space to have them published at http://people.brandeis.edu/~[your username] (no brackets).  To replace the default file listing with a custom web page, name the page index.html

We support normal web publishing without access control or scripts.  

Disk Quota

The default disk quota is 1000MB.  Under rare circumstances, additional space may be granted.  To request additional space, contact the Help Desk (helpdesk@rt.brandeis.edu)

Default Privacy Settings

Your UNet Home Space has three default folders: public, private, and WWW.  The private folder is accessible only to you.  The public folder is accessible to any Brandeis user via methods such as SFTP and SSH, and the WWW folder is available to anyone, Brandeis users or not, at http://people.brandeis.edu/~[your username] (without brackets). Files put in the root of your home folder (not in private, public, or WWW) are only accessible to you.  

Help! I can connect to Wormhole, but I can't find my UNet Home Space!

  1. In the text field to the left of the browse button in the top right of the page, enter (without qutoes) '\\unethome\'
  2. Click 'browse'.
  3. Click on your username.
  4. In the top right of the page click the add bookmark button.
  5. Name the bookmark as you see fit and click 'Add Bookmark'.
  6. A direct link to your UNet Home space will now appear whenever you log into wormhole.brandeis.edu.