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Mac Backup for Students


LTS supports Time Machine as the preferred backup method for Macs.  This program is built into all Macs and can be used free of charge.  All that is required for Time Machine is an external hard drive.

Purchasing an External Drive

Hard drives can be purchased from the LTS Help Desk for $100, these are 1TB, USB only hard drives.  The drive that we sell is a desktop sized drive, meaning it is less prone to failure but it is larger and requires a power supply.  Since a backup drive is supposed to live in your dorm anyway this should not be a problem.
Otherwise we recommend that you purchase a harddrive from a reputable vendor such as Amazon or Newegg. If you choose to purchase a drive from one of these sites please be sure to read the review carefully.  We recommend that you buy a drive that is at least twice the size of your internal drive so that it can hold multiple versions of you files.  Don't worry about speed, after the initial backup the speed of the drive will no longer matter.

How to Backup Using Time Machine

Please see Apple's documentation for help with Time Machine. It is super easy to use!

Time Machine Instructions

Unsupported Backup Methods

If for whatever reason you choose to not purchase an external drive, or you are running a very old version of Mac OSX (10.4 or lower) here are some other unsupported (and free!) backup options.  This means that we cannot guarantee that they will work perfectly, but they should help you backup all of your most important files.

Google Docs- Will allow you to backup all your most important files. It will hold up to 5GB of files.

Unet Homespace- This 1gb space is provided to you by Brandeis and will hold any type of information. You can even sync with mobile devices.