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Desktop Refresh Program Service Level Agreement



Brandeis provides a centrally funded computer to each eligible faculty and staff member through the Refresh program.  The Refresh program also covers some computers not connected to individual faculty or staff members, but required by departments to fulfill certain essential business purposes.  Currently, Refresh computers are replaced every four years.  Funding permitting, faculty and staff are offered a choice of platform (Dell or Apple) and type (desktop or laptop).  The particular technical specifications of computers deployed through the Refresh program are determined based on each faculty or staff member's job duties.  Faculty and staff receive either a regular ("blue") or an enhanced ("green") configuration as needed to support their typical work tasks.

Refresh goals

  • Provide new computers to departments on a regular cycle.  (A schedule of departments with Refresh year is available here.)
  • Help departments identify their computing needs and offer appropriate solutions.
  • Provide a smooth transition from old to new computers, including data transfer.
  • Remove and dispose of old computers in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Working from a list provided by Human Resources, Refresh issues one computer to each faculty or staff member. 
    • If one individual holds multiple positions in different departments, with different job responsibilities and separate offices, that individual will receive one computer for each of their jobs when their departments are due for Refresh.
  • Budget permitting, Refresh issues computers to departments to support essential business functions, such as computers used by part-time student office staff and computers used for service delivery. 
Computer choice
  • LTS selects eight standard computer models each year.  Faculty and staff are offered a choice of one Windows or Macintosh computer, either desktop or laptop.  Faculty and staff receive either a regular (“blue”) configuration or an enhanced (“green”) configuration as needed to support their typical work tasks (examples here).
  • Faculty and staff who request a specialized computer outside of the eight standard models must obtain approval from their department.  Refresh will pay up to the cost of the most expensive standard model offered in that year, and the department will bear any remaining cost.
  • LTS gathers computer requests from departments at the beginning of each calendar year, and verifies this information with departments in the late spring prior to placing computer orders.  LTS accepts no further changes to computer requests after orders have been verified in late April.  Any changes after orders are placed are charged back the full price of the computer to the requesting department.
  • The Refresh program is budget dependent.  LTS reserves the right to scale back orders as necessary to stay within the budget set by the Office of Budget and Planning.

Preparing to receive a new computer

  • LTS staff request that faculty and staff whose computers are being replaced organize their data so that it can be more easily transferred from the old computer to the new.  Instructions are available here.

Delivery of new computers

  • Faculty and staff whose computers are being Refreshed are expected to be present on the scheduled deployment day.  Understanding that sometimes this is not possible, LTS schedules a make-up day for each department to accommodate anyone not able to be present on the initial deployment day. 
  • Faculty and staff who are not available on either the scheduled deployment day or the make-up day will not receive their new computers until the end of the Refresh season, after all other departments’ new computer deliveries are complete.

Disposal of old computers

  • Old computers are removed and held in storage for two weeks before deleting the data, in case the person to whom it belonged discovers something is missing.  Thereafter, old computers are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Old computers are not available for purchase.
Software, printers and other peripherals
  • Refresh is not responsible for replacement of any printers or other peripherals that are not compatible with the new refresh computers.  However, LTS will make sure that all new computers can print to the networked printer(s) in their respective departments.
  • Refresh is not responsible for replacement of any older or non-standard software that is not compatible with the new refresh computers.
Please send any Refresh questions to refresh@brandeis.edu.