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Desktop Refresh Program


Schedule of departments eligible for Refresh

Academic Services FY2015, FY2019
Admissions FY2015, FY2019
Advancement Services  FY2016, FY2020
Afro American Studies FY2013, FY2017
Alumni & University Relations FY2016, FY2020
American Studies FY2013, FY2017
Annual Giving FY2016, FY2020
Anthropology FY2015, FY2019
Athletics FY2013, FY2017
Biochemistry FY2016, FY2020
Biology FY2014, FY2018
Brandeis House FY2016, FY2020
Brandeis National Committee FY2015, FY2019
Budget & Planning FY2013, FY2017
Campaign FY2016, FY2020
Capital Projects FY2016, FY2020
Chaplaincy FY2014, FY2018
Chemistry FY2016, FY2020
Classical Studies FY2015, FY2019
Communications, Office Of FY2014, FY2018
Community Living FY2016, FY2020
Community Service FY2014, FY2018
Conference & Events Services FY2014, FY2018
Corporate/Foundation Relations FY2016, FY2020
Dean of Arts & Sciences FY2015, FY2019
Dean of Student Life FY2015, FY2019
Development/Administration FY2016, FY2020
Development/Research FY2016, FY2020
Division of Admin & Finance FY2014, FY2018
Donor Relations FY2016, FY2020
Economics FY2014, FY2018
Education Program FY2013, FY2017
English FY2016, FY2020
English as a Second Language FY2014, FY2018
Environmental Studies FY2013, FY2017
Facilities Services FY2015, FY2019
Film Studies FY2014, FY2018
Financial Affairs & Treasury FY2014, FY2018
Fine Arts FY2013, FY2017
Foster Lab FY2015, FY2019
General Counsel, Office of the FY2015, FY2019
German, Russian and Asian Studies FY2013, FY2017
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences(half) FY2013, FY2017
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences(half) FY2014, FY2018
Graybiel Lab FY2013, FY2017
Hiatt Career Center FY2014, FY2018
Hillel FY2013, FY2017
History FY2013, FY2017
Hornstein Program FY2015, FY2019
Human Resources FY2013, FY2017
Intercultural Center FY2014, FY2018
Interdisciplinary FY2015, FY2019
Investment Management FY2015, FY2019
International & Global Studies FY2015, FY2019
Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies FY2016, FY2020
Journalism FY2015, FY2019
Latin American & Latino Studies FY2016, FY2020
Legal Studies FY2014, FY2018
Lemberg Child Center FY2014, FY2018
Library and Technology Services (one fourth each year)
Mathematics FY2013, FY2017
Music FY2016, FY2020
Near Eastern & Judaic Studies FY2013, FY2017
Philosophy FY2016, FY2020
Physics FY2014, FY2018
Planned & Leadership Gifts FY2016, FY2020
Politics FY2013, FY2017
President, Office of the FY2014, FY2018
Procurement Services FY2013, FY2017
Provost, Office of the FY2013, FY2017
Public Safety/ Campus Police FY2015, FY2019
Psychological Counseling FY2014, FY2018
Psychology FY2014, FY2018
Radiation Safety FY2016, FY2020
Registrar FY2013, FY2017
Research Administration FY2013, FY2017
Romance Studies FY2014, FY2018
Rosenstiel Center FY2014, FY2018
Sociology FY2014, FY2018
Student Activities FY2014, FY2018
Students & Enrollment, Office of FY2015, FY2019
Student Financial Services FY2013, FY2017
Student Rights & Community Standards FY2016, FY2020
Technology Licensing Office FY2014, FY2018
Theater FY2015, FY2019
Volen Center Complex Systems FY2013, FY2017
Women's Gender Studies FY2014, FY2018
Writing Center FY2014, FY2018