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Setting Up A Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) - Windows XP

Loading Step 1:

From your target PC go to Start>Run and type in 'cmd' and hit OK.

In the Command Prompt window, type ‘ipconfig’ and hit enter.  Find the IP address, circled below.

Step 2: Right click My Computer and choose Properties. Choose the Remote tab and check the box that 'Allows users to connect remotely to this computer'.
lts help

Click Apply then click OK to close System Properties.

Step 3: Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel

Double click Security Center then choose to manage security settings for: Windows Firewall.


Once in the settings for Windows Firewall, choose the Exceptions tab and make sure that Remote Desktop is checked and if not, check the box. Then click Edit.

Highlight TCP 3389 and click 'Change Scope'.

Select Custom list and type in the following:,,,

Save settings by clicking OK in any open windows.    The instructions on how to configure your other (non-target) computer vary by operating system: PC and Mac instructions are provided.