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Connecting to Network Shares


Request a departmental network share (department heads only)

Windows (On Campus)

If you are using Windows 7, follow these instructions to get the run icon in your start menu

Step 1

Click the Start button and then click "Run"

Step 2

In the "Run" box, type in two backslashes and the name of the server you're trying to connect to. In most cases, this is Omega, so type in "\\omega.unet.brandeis.edu". Then click OK or hit enter.

This will display a list of folders on Omega. They should be in alphabetical order. Find the one you're looking for and double-click it to open.

Mapping a Network Drive

You may wish to map this connection so you don't have to go through these steps each time you want to access Omega.

Step 1

On your desktop, right click on My Computer and select "Map Network Drive"

Step 2

Select a drive letter from the list. Something at the end of the alphabet is preferable as it is less likely to be used by removable media. For "Folder" put in the path of the folder you wish to map. This should be formatted as \\server\folder. For example, \\omega.unet.brandeis.edu\helpdesk. Make sure the box for "Reconnect at login" is checked.

Step 3

The folder will open with the appropriate drive letter. To confirm that it's now one of your network drives, open My Computer and view the Network Drives

Mac (On Campus)

Step 1

In the Finder, click "Go" and select "Connect to Server"

Step 2

For server address, enter "smb://omega.unet.brandeis.edu". If this is a connection you will use frequently, you can click the plus sign ( + ) to add this server to your list of favorites. Then click "Connect".

Step 3

Unlike on Windows, where the operating system takes your login credentials and assumes you use the same login and password for network resources, you'll have to login separately when connecting on a Mac. The domain should be USERS. Enter your UNet username for Name and your UNet password under password. Then click OK. We do not recommend saving the password in your keychain, since your UNet password changes at least every 9 months.

Step 4

Now you'll get a dropdown box of folders on Omega. Click on the list to select your folder. It is important to note that Mac OS/X will list all of the folders that start with capital letters first and then all of the folders that start with lowercase letters. Make sure to check for both if you can't find the folder you're looking for. If you don't see the folder you're looking for at all, click on "Authenticate Again" and return to Step 3. Once you've made your selection, click OK

Step 5

A window will open with the folder you selected. Even if you close that folder, you'll still see a volume mounted on your desktop for the folder you opened. To close the connection completely, drag the icon for the network volume to your trash to eject it. You'll also see this volume as a disk to be opened when you open your hard drive or other folder views. These remain open until you either eject them or log off/restart your mac.

Off Campus

What Web browser should I use for Wormhole?

You can connect to and use Wormhole from off campus using a regular Web browser.  Please note that popups from wormhole.brandeis.edu must be enabled in your browser.  Web browsers that work with Wormhole are as follows:

Operating System Supported Browsers
PC Firefox, Internet Explorer
Mac Safari, Firefox
Linux Firefox
Connecting to Omega with Wormhole
  1. Open up a Web browser as noted above.
  2. Go to wormhole.brandeis.edu.
  3. Log in using your UNet ID and password.
  4. Once connected to Wormhole, click on the link   Omega File Server
  5. Finally, select the shared space you have access to (If you do not see the link to Omega, please follow the directions below)

Help! I can connect to Wormhole, but I don't see Omega/my fileshare!
  1. In the text field to the left of the browse button in the top right of the page, enter (without qutoes) '\\omega\'
  2. Click 'browse'.
  3. Click on the appropriate fileshare.
  4. In the top right of the page click the add bookmark button.
  5. Name the bookmark as you see fit and click 'Add Bookmark'.
  6. A direct link to this fileshare will now appear whenever you log into wormhole.brandeis.edu.