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Offsite Hardware Repair

In order to give you the best service possible, the Hardware Repair Shop has entered into a partnership with CTS Services to outsource some of our unsupported model repairs. We service Dell and Apple machines in or out of warranty for up to 5 years from date of manufacture. For anything else, we may ask for your approval to send your machine off-site for repair.

CTS Services requires a $90 bench fee to be paid up front by credit card; we can also facilitate these payments by cash, check or WhoCash. CTS repairs typically take 5-7 business days, and are picked up and dropped off on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In cases where you would normally owe a bench fee to our Shop, you will not be charged this fee if you approve a transfer of your machine to CTS.

If you want to have a better chance of having your machine repaired on-site, please consider making your next purchase one of our supported models from Dell or Apple.

Many repairs involve standard parts which are common to most models of laptop or desktop. These parts we can replace for almost any model:

  • Hard drives
  • RAM
  • LCD displays

Also, parts which are simple to diagnose and replace, such as keyboards, batteries and AC adaptors, can be replaced in-house for the following brands only (in addition to Apple and Dell):

  • Toshiba
  • HP/Compaq
  • Gateway/Emachines
  • Sony
  • Lenovo ThinkPad

Any repairs involving parts other than those listed above and/or brands not listed above will not be able to be done at the Repair Shop.

After diagnostics, if we determine that a repair will be necessary that does not fall under the above criteria -- either because of the type of part, the brand or age of the computer, or simply the uncertainty of the diagnosis (in cases where multiple parts could be causing a single issue), we will give you the option to send the machine to CTS Services. Once you have arranged payment for the CTS Services bench fee, the machine will be sent off-site for further diagnostics and potential repair. CTS will be in touch with you directly and any additional payment you approve will be done through CTS, not the Repair Shop. Machines returning from CTS will be delivered to the Repair Shop and can be picked up from the Helpdesk. If you choose not to proceed with CTS Services, you will be able to pick up the machine at the repair shop for the $40 bench fee.