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IPTV enables Brandeis students to watch cable television on their computers. This service can only be accessed from on-campus.

Tuning In to IPTV

  1. Your first step is to visit this website.
  2. A window will appear with the television guide and TV playing in the top right of the window
  3. The channels will be listed on the left side
  4. To watch the TV in a bigger windows click on the TV button.  It will automatically scale the image as you resize the window.
  5. To go back to the guide, click the "Guide" button

IPTV Channel Lineup

  1. 4 - WBZ-4 (CBS)
  2. 5 - WCVB-5 (ABC)
  3. 7 - WHDH-7 (NBC)
  4. 13 - WFXT-25 (FOX)
  5. 31 - Israeli TV
  6. 39 - Discovery Channel
  7. 49 - ESPN
  8. 64 - Campus IPTV (Campus Events)
  9. 65 - BTV65

One channel is reserved to be changeable as the need arises (such as for popular sporting events). For now, the "hot channel" is occupied by WBZ-4 (CBS)