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Google Faculty Guide


After following this guide, faculty members will be able to use Google products to make their classes more efficient. If you are already integrating Google products in your courses, share them with me here!

Integrate Drive into Group Projects


Google Drive can help you streamline group projects in your classes. Google Drive is the future of Google Docs, providing features that allow for collaboration, cloud storage, and sharing. Here are some ways that you can integrate Google Drive into your class:

Attachments are painful:

Require students to submit assignments by placing in a shared folder, which would automatically download it to a folder in your computer. Don't worry about late assignments- you'll be able to see when the original submission was made, and what that version looked like!

Make students pull their weight:

Collaboration is Google Drive's middle name. With Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, students can collaborate on any type of group project and eliminate any barriers to participation. They can even share documents with you so that even you can contribute!

Drive Studying:

Have your students create study guides for midterms and finals and share them with the whole class!


Create a Course or Personal Website


You can use Google Sites as an additional course management tool. You should evaluate which tool is best for your class. Google Sites currently provide the following functionality in comparison to Latte:

Functionality Google Sites LATTE
Brandeis UNet Account Ready Yes Yes

Appearance and layout customization

Yes You can currently only customize certain aspects of your course
Embedding of pictures, YouTube videos, calendars, and more Yes

Links to content only

Option to make it public to the web Yes


Option to have students edit parts/the whole site Yes No
Delegation of priviliges to TAs and others Yes Yes
Automatic creation through Registrar feeds No Yes
Advanced support Limited support provided by LTS LATTE department support with advanced management and recovery features
Submission of assignments Through Google Drive/Docs Yes
Quizzes Through Google Drive/Docs but no advanced features Yes, with time restrictions, attempt limits, integrated grading
Gradebook Through Google Drive/Docs spreadsheet Yes

To create a Google Site:
  1. Go to http://sites.google.com/a/brandeis.edu
  2. Click on Create
  3. Under 'Select a template to use', click on Browse the Gallery for more. Here you should see the Brandeis Faculty template that I've shared with brandeis.edu. Feel free to use this template for your class, or create your own in the previous screen. You can also view the template here and click Use template on the top right.
  4. Check out this document on editing, and sharing your site or the Interactive tutorial, and this document on Changing how your site looks

Usage scenarios:

  • Creating a shared class calendar with important due dates and embedding it on the site
  • Creating a pseudo-news site for a journalism class
  • Allow students to edit certain parts of the site to increase interaction

Classes/Faculty already using sites:

Hold office hours from anywhere


Want to provide your students with more office hours? With Google+ Hangouts you can video chat with up to 9 other people from practically anywhere, even from your smartphone! Students can join by just having the link. If you want to hold a recitation or office hours that for more than 9 people, you can try Hangouts on Air and broadcast it on YouTube for your students. Basically, all you need is your computer and a whiteboard... and even if you don't have one, there's a Hangout App for that!

In order to use Google+ Hangouts, follow these steps:

  1. If you are creating a Google+ account with your Brandeis Google account, you must enable Consumer Apps first here
  2. Then, go to http://plus.google.com
  3. After you've created your profile, you can click on the Hangouts section of your home page
  4. Click 'Start Hangout'
  5. Invite your students via email, or you can also encourage your students to create Google+ accounts and they can join by clicking a link posted on your profile when you start the hangout

Pro Tip: When you create a new event in Brandeis Google Calendar, you can include a link to a Google+ hangout. You can provide your students with a calendar invite for your office hours, and they can join the Hangout instantly from their calendar!


Your Google Student Ambassador is here to help you with any of these topics. Feel free to contact him to schedule a 1:1.