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Google Club Guide


After following this guide, you'll have used free Google products that are available to you with your Brandeis Google account to make your club more awesome.

Click here for 5 ways to make your club more awesome with Google

Collaboration without hassles

Who's got the meeting notes? Or the budget spreadsheet we made for the fboard?

With Google Drive, everyone does. 

Sample uses: 
  • Create a collection for your club, share that collection with your members without having to share every document individually
  • Create a Google Document monthly newsletter and share it with your members to make a visually appealing update about what the club is up to (And post it on your Google Site!)
  • Use Google forms to gather information and survey your members/campus community
  • Collaborate real-time without the need for sending attachments

Club Website, no HTML required!

Did you know LTS provides clubs and student groups with web space? If you do, you know that using the UNet web space is often complicated. With Google Sites you can successfully avoid the hassle. To see what can be done with Google Sites, check out the Student Union website. Yep, that's a Google Site!

  1. Go to http://sites.google.com/a/brandeis.edu
  2. Click on Create
  3. Under 'Select a template to use', click on Browse the Gallery for more. Here you should see the Brandeis Club template that I've shared with brandeis.edu. Feel free to use this template for your club, or create your own in the previous screen. You can also view the template here or Google's club template here and click Use template on the top right.
  4. Check out this document on editing, and sharing your site or the Interactive tutorial, and this document on Changing how your site looks
  5. Share the link and add it to your MyBrandeis club listing (If you don't have a MyBrandeis club listing, contact the Student Union)

Getting a cool URL for your site: 

Getting a cool URL like www.myclub.org is easy with Google Sites. After you've created your site, follow these instructions.

Brandeis Clubs/Organizations using Google Sites:

There's always someone that can't make it to Shapiro Campus Center


With Google+ Hangouts you can host meetings with up to 9 other people. With Hangout apps you can also edit Google Docs within the Hangout. Check out how to create an account here.

Mailing Lists are so 1999

Brandeis mailing lists are great, but they are also difficult to manage, and don't provide much in terms of customization and flexibility. Google Groups are here to change that. 

Google Groups are coming soon to Brandeis.