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Google Calendar


Brandeis University uses Google Calendar. You can begin using your Google Calendar by going to go.brandeis.edu/cal.

Google Calendar Basics

Set Up a Designate to Manage Your Calendar

  • Instructions for the calendar owner
    • Change your time zone to Eastern Time (your designate cannot control your time zone)
    • Share your calendar with your designate with one of the first two settings here:
      • Make changes AND manage sharing
        This person can see and change all events, including private ones, and share the calendar with other people. You cannot grant someone outside of brandeis.edu this level of access to your primary calendar.
      • Make changes to events
        This person can see and change all events, including private ones. You cannot grant someone outside of brandeis.edu this level of access to your primary calendar.
      • See all event details
        This person can view the details of all events except those marked as private.
      • See free/busy information (no details)
        This person can see when your calendar is booked and when you have free time, but will not be able to see the names or details of any of your events.
    • Optional: Show only meetings you have accepted (click the section called, "Automatically add invitations to my calendar")
    • Optional: Change your sharing settings to show only when you are free/busy
    • Turn off notifications for your calendar
  • Instructions for the designate (the staff member who will manage the calendar)

Make a Public Google Calendar

A public Google Calendar allows you to share events with the Brandeis Community or the world. When you choose to make a calendar public, all of the events will appear in Google search.

Scheduling Rooms

Using Google Resource Calendars is the recommended way to manage Brandeis spaces. A personal secondary calendar, created by an individual Brandeis community member, is more restrictive and prohibits other members of the community from inadvertently scheduling a room. Below are more differences between the two ways to manage room scheduling. Know if you want a resource or personal secondary calendar?  Read directions for creating and managing calendars.

  Resource Calendar
Personal Secondary Calendar
Who creates? LTS Community member
Who manages? Community member or LTS Community member
How is a room reserved? May be reserved from the "Guest and resource availability" window May NOT be reserved from the "Guest and resource availability" window
How can community members view the calendar? From "Resources for brandeis.edu" Only if the creator grants rights to another community member and provides the calendar URL to another community member
Inviting May be invited to an event even if not shared to the community.  
Support LTS can always provide support. LTS can only provide support for a secondary calendar if granted permission by the creator.
What happens when the calendar owner leaves? LTS can give another community member rights to manage the calendar. The department that owns the room must plan ahead to ensure continued access to the calendar when the calendar creator leaves his/her position at Brandeis by having the calendar owner give "make changes and manage sharing" rights to another department colleague. Otherwise, the calendar will need to be manually migrated.