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Google Calendar Tips

Calendar 3 Ways to use Google Calendar on campus:

  1. Schedule appointments with professors, advisors, coworkers
  2. Create a shared club calendar to keep all your members up to date on events and meetings
  3. Reserve rooms and spaces for meetings and events right from the event creation screen

To create a group calendar:

  1. Go to http://go/cal
  2. Click on the downward facing arrow next to 'My Calendar'
  3. Click Create New Calendar CalScreenshot1
  4. Name your calendar, write a description, and check Share this calendar with others, and click Create Calendar CalScreenshot2
  5. In your new calendar settings, copy and paste the embed code to put in a Google Site or copy the link to share with your club CalScreenshot3

How to invite someone to a calendar event/book a conference room:

  1. Go to http://go/cal
  2. Click Create
  3. Fill in the title of the event and the description
  4. In the right hand side of the event creation page, type in the name of the person you'd like to invite and select their email CalScreenshot4
  5. OR if you are reserving a conference room, click on Rooms, etc. CalScreenshot5
  6. Click on Add next to the conference room that you'd like to add, making sure that there is a green box next to the room which signifies that it is available
  7. Click Save to create the event, and confirm that you'd like to send out invitations to those who you've added as Guests  

Useful Brandeis calendars:

Official Academic Calendar
IBS Class and Exam Schedule
Google Student Ambassador Calendar

Add any calendar you'd like by clicking this button CalendarPlus