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DNS (Domain Name System) is a service that converts domain names (www.brandeis.edu) into machine-readable network addresses (  Practically everything on the Internet uses it.  For most everyone, DNS settings are configured automatically—no need to read further!

Manual Configuration

For those people who do need to configure their computer's DNS settings manually, the main campus DNS servers are:  (ns1.brandeis.edu.) (ns2.brandeis.edu.)
Search Domains: brandeis.edu

Dynamic DNS

All registered computers receive a unique DNS name:


This makes for a convenient way of accessing a machine remotely, regardless of where it is on campus.  An example might be:


for a computer nicknamed "laptop," owned by user "janedoe."

If your computer doesn't have a nickname in Netreg (http://netreg.brandeis.edu), it will automatically receive a DNS name of

dhcp-<IP address>.dyn.brandeis.edu.

This is clearly not that useful, so be sure to give your computer a nickname if you want to use dynamic DNS.

Note: Brandeis does not currently offer dynamic DNS for reverse DNS (PTR) records.  In other words, you will not be able to use a dynamic IP address to find a dynamic DNS hostname.

Editing brandeis.edu DNS Names

If you manage your department's computers and servers, you may want to add, remove, or change static DNS names for your devices.  This can be done via Amazon Route 53 at


How To:

Please contact systems@brandeis.edu if you need access, have forgotten your password, or if something isn't covered above.

Subdomains of brandeis.edu (<department>.brandeis.edu) are available by request from LTS and the Office of Communications.  Only colleges, departments, and other groups with broad campus scope will be granted subdomains.  Generally speaking, if you don't manage your own servers, you won't need this.

Non-brandeis.edu Domains

Brandeis provides domain registration and/or DNS service for a limited number of non-brandeis.edu domains, such as bostondh.org and 4collegewomen.org.  Domains must be of value to the community and align with the overall university mission.  Domain registration is done through Network Solutions.

If you'd like to register a non-Brandeis domain, please contact systems@brandeis.edu.