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Cascade CMS


Getting Started

Official University Web pages are stored on www.brandeis.edu and edited via the Cascade Server Web Contact Management System (Cascade CMS).

To create a departmental or program related site, please contact the Office of Communications.


  1. Web Editors Tool Kit
  2. Training

Site Statistics

The university has adopted Google Analytics to learn more about how people find our websites, how visitors interact with them, and how we can enhance their experience.

How do I get statistics for my site?

To access Google Analytics data for your website, please contact Web Communications for the log in information.

What does the stats report mean?

You can learn more about interpreting these reports at the Google Analytics page.

Password Protection

Any site that contains potentially sensitive or private information (e.g. student/employee records, financial data) must use CoSign authentication.

To set up a secure site, please contact LTS at web@brandeis.edu

Please also consider requesting a private shared server space (department head only).  This is more secure than a password-protected Web site as it is available only on campus or though wormhole.brandeis.edu

Forms and Surveys

You can create forms in the CMS to:

  • Send mail based upon form input
  • Store submissions in a database
  • Display results as a Web page or in an Excel-readable file
  • Embed a form on any page