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Blogs @ Brandeis


What is blogging all about?

Find out what blogging is about on wordpress.com

What is Blogs @ Brandeis?

Blogs @ Brandeis is an implementation of Wordpress Mu. It allows for Brandeis community members to create a blog for their needs.

Request a blog!


After you have created a blog you can get to it by going to http://blogs.brandeis.edu/blog-name where blog-name is the name of your requested blog.

To post/edit/administer your blog log into your admin panel. Click Site Admin after logging into to your blog or go to http://blogs.brandeis.edu/blog-name/wp-admin.


Information on writing posts and best practices from wordpress.com.


Unlike posting, comments are open to the public. The default behavior is that people can post a comment by simply providing a name and email address or they can post while logged into the system.

Moderating comments

As the administrator for your blog, the default behavior is that you will need to approve all comment posts.


Click comments on the left navigation. You can approve, delete, and edit comments as needed.

If you want to change how comments work go to Settings --> Discussion

From here you can change settings such as requiring only people with UNet IDs to comment by selecting Users must be registered and logged in to comment. LTS recommends that An administrator must always approve the comment to prevent unwanted messages from appearing on the site.

Create a page

A page is a way to post non-time sensitive information such as an About this Blog page: Find out more on wordpress.com.


The design or look and feel of your blog is controlled with what's called a theme. LTS has implemented multiple free themes for you to choose from.

In the left navigation click Appearance --> Themes

Choosing your theme


You can further customize the design of your blog by using widgets. This allows for you to arrange the various elements of your sidebar(s) in a simple way.

Go to Appearance --> Widgets

Choosing widgets

From here you can add/remove/arrange what you want to appear on your sidebar(s). Make sure you click Save Changes!

Adding New Users (Bloggers)

Read about users and roles on wordpress.com

The above pages links to information for managing and adding users, who will be able to post on your blog.

Adding new user

When adding a new user (blogger) to your blog, please make sure their username is their UNet username.