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Subject Liaisons by Name

Note: To email, add to username.  To call from outside of the university, precede the 5-digit extension with 781-73.

Liaison; Extension; Username Specialty
Gina Bastone, x64667; gbastone Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies, Sustainable International Development, Latin American and Latino Studies, Journalism
Jason Bernard (International Business School); x64740; jbernard Business, Economics, Project and Program Management, Strategic Analytics
Margarita Corral; x64654; mcorral Data Analysis
Jennifer Giordano; x64521; giordano Anthropology, Global and International Studies (Interim Contact)
Laura Hibbler; x64656; lhibbler American History, World History, African and Afro-American Studies, American Studies
Adam Lipkin; x64795; alipkin Accessibility and Assistive Technology
Maggie McNeely; x64686; mmcneely Archives, Undergraduate Theses, Brandeis History, Brandeis Architecture
Melanie Radik; x64681; mradik Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Health and Medical Informatics, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology
Jim Rosenbloom; x64688; rosenbloom Judaism, Islam, Near East, Classics, GRALL, Religion
Debra Sarlin; x64796; debsar Blended Learning and Instructional Design, Data Visualization and Mixed Methods
Aimee Slater; x64673; aslater Government Information, Health Policy, Legal Studies, Politics, Social Policy
Dennis Smith; x64694;smithdj Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Zoe Weinstein; x64687; ztweinstein Comparative Literature and Culture, English, French and Francophone Studies, History of Ideas, Philosophy, European Cultural Studies, Romance Studies
Alex Willett; x64683; awillett Computer Science, Education, GIS, Information Security (Rabb GPS), Information Technology Management, Instructional Design & Technology (Rabb GPS), Linguistics, Sexuality and Queer Studies, Software Engineering
Anne Woodrum; x64622; woodrum Manuscripts, Rare Books, Primary Sources, Special Collections
Lisa Zeidenberg; x64697; lzeidenb Art, Architecture, Photography, Music, Theater, Dance, and Film, Television, and Interactive Media, East Asian Studies