Subject Liaisons by Name

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Liaison; Extension; Username Specialty
Jason Bernard (International Business School); x64740; jbernard Business, Economics
Margarita Corral; x64654; mcorral Data Analysis
Jennifer Giordano; x67521; giordano Anthropology (Interim Contact), Journalism
Laura Hibbler; x64656; lhibbler History, African and Afro-American Studies, American Studies, South Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, Sociology (Interim Contact)
Adam Lipkin; x64795; alipkin Accessibility and Assistive Technology
Maggie McNeely; x64686; mmcneely University Archives, Brandeis History
Melanie Radik; x64681; mradik Life Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology
Jim Rosenbloom; x64688; rosenbloom Judaism, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS), GRALL, Religion, Classics
Interim Contact: Adam Lipkin; x64795; alipkin Blended Learning and Instructional Design, Data Visualization and Mixed Methods
Aimee Slater; x64673; aslater Government Information, Health Policy, Legal Studies, Politics, Social Policy,  International and Global Studies, Coexistence and Conflict (Interim Contact)
Zoe Weinstein; x64687; ztweinstein Comparative Literature and Culture, English, French and Francophone Studies, History of Ideas, Latin American and Latino Studies (Interim Contact), Philosophy, European Cultural Studies, Romance Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Alex Willett; x64683; awillett Computer Science, Education, GIS, Linguistics, Sexuality and Queer Studies, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Sustainable International Development (Interim Contact)
Anne Woodrum; x64622; woodrum Manuscripts, Rare Books, Primary Sources, Special Collections
Lisa Zeidenberg; x64697; lzeidenb Art, Architecture, Photography, Music, Theater, Dance, Film, Television and Interactive Media