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Library Research Toolbar (LibX)

What is the LibX LTS Toolbar? The LibX Toolbar is a browser extension that helps you quickly search LTS resources including the Library Catalog, Brandeis Scholar and more. LibX 2.0 is being actively developed is compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome.

Once you download the toolbar, you can:

  1. Search the Library Catalog, Brandeis Scholar, eJournals and More
  2. Embedded cues and auto-linking to help search the Library Catalog on many popular websites 
  3. Dynamic right-click search options for selected/highlighted text on webpages
  4. Support for off-campus access to LTS resources

LibX LTS Toolbar help and support

For questions about the LibX LTS Toolbar, please email the e-resources team at e-resources@brandeis.edu.  If you are having trouble installing the LibX LTS Toolbar, consult the installation help page.

LibX 2 Installation

LibX 2.0 toolbar


LibX 2

After installation the LibX icon should look like the Brandeis seal. Clicking on the icon will open the LibX search box.

LibX 2.0 search box

Search the Library Catalog, Brandeis Scholar, eJournals and More

LibX 2.0 searching options

You can search by multiple terms in different fields (author, title, ISBN/ISSN, etc.) by clicking on the down arrowLibX down arrowto add additional search boxes. The fields that are displayed change according to the Search option.

Embedded Cues and Auto-Linking

The LibX LTS Toolbar embeds links to the Library Catalog in search results on Amazon, New York Times Book Reviews and more. 

Just watch for the Brandeis sealembedded cues and auto-linking icon and when you see one, click to check to see if Brandeis has the book.

Embedded cues

The LTS Toolbar looks for visible ISBNs and ISSNs on webpages and turns them into clickable links that connect you to the Library Catalog so that you can see if you can access the book or journal at Brandeis. 

LibX auto linking

Dynamic right-click search options for selected/highlighted text on webpages

Different search options will display depending on what text you highlight on a web page.  Alternatively, you can drag and drop selected text onto the LibX icon to search Google Scholar.

LibX right-click menu

Highlight a word or phase like French Revolution, and right-click for a LOUIS or Google Scholar search.
Highlight a journal title, like Lancet, or an article title, like The Indigenous in the Plural in Bolivian Oppositional Politics, and right-click for a Google Scholar search.
Highlight an ISSN number, such as 1076-7975, and right-click for a LOUIS or Get It Get It! search
Highlight an ISBN number, such as 0313303975, and right-click for a LOUIS search

You can customize your right-click search options via the LibX Preferences.

Off-campus access to LTS resources: Using the toolbar, you have the option to reload a webpage via Brandeis authentication when you are doing research off campus. This way, you can check to see if Brandeis has access to the full text of an article or journal you find. Choosing "Reload [url] for Brandeis Access", will prompt you for your UNet login. If LTS has a subscription to the journal the article is published in, using this "Reload" option will allow you to login and access the article.

Searching Brandeis Scholar from off campus using the LTS Toolbar: If you use the toolbar to search Brandeis Scholar from off campus, your first search will require you to login. Once you are logged in, you can search all of the Brandeis Scholar quicksets using the toolbar.

Set Google Scholar preferences

Go to the Google Scholar homepage and click on the Scholar Preferences link to the right of the search box.  In the Library Links section, type in Brandeis.

Copyright: LibX is distributed under the Mozilla Public License. Copyright is held jointly by Annette Bailey and Virginia Tech.