Records Management

University records are all documentary information, regardless of format, made or received in connection with official Brandeis activity and preserved as evidence of University functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and work products. Examples of records include meeting minutes, invoices, reports, memoranda, deeds of gift, licensing agreements, curricula, completed forms, and transcripts. Records management provides for the application of planning, controls, and standards to all records from the time of their creation to their final disposition.

Mission: University Records Management (URM) assists in the management of records in all formats to meet legal and contractual requirements, to satisfy the operational needs and efficiency of the University, to guide University employees, faculty, and students in proper record stewardship, and to help document Brandeis University's contributions to the world.

Development of a new University Records Management program is underway, and new products and services can be expected in the future.

In the meantime, visit the Records Management LibGuide, Listserv, and Blog.

All departments can call University Records Management (URM) at 6-4647 or email us at for general advice on managing their records. 

  • Retention Schedule: Note: The Retention Schedule is under development and will be significantly expanded over the next year.