Eulogy for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by English professor Allen Grossman

This speech was delivered April of 1968 on the campus of Brandeis University and broadcast on the campus radio station, WBRS. The recording was made from a radio broadcast by David Moran, class of 1969.

Photo of Allen Grossman

There are many unknown facts about the event at which this was read. It may have been part of the official university memorial convocation on April 5, 1968, during which Chancellor Abram Sachar gave a memorial address. There is little surviving information about post-assassination events on campus as they involved little planning due to the untimely death of King. No official or other events appear in campus calendars or fliers of the time, and official invitations would not have been created.

The Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department seeks to fill in the gaps of knowledge regarding these few days on campus surrounding the murder of King. If you were a part of the Brandeis community at that time and have memorabilia or first-hand knowledge of the events, please contact us at


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