"From the series 'Electronic Music in America'"

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1.  Robert Ceely: "Elegy" (1964)  two-track  stereo
      Studio di Fonologia Musicali, RAI, Milano

 2.  Roberto Gerhard: "Caligula" (1961)  full-track  monaural
      Composer's private studio in Cambridge, England

 3.  George Wilson: "Fragment" (1964)  two-track  stereo
      University of Michigan Electronic Music Studio, Ann Arbor

 4.  Edward Zajda: "Do Not Attempt to Defeat the Interlock" (1964)
      two-track stereo
      Composer's private studio, Cicero, Illinois

 5.  Burt Levy: "Gnomes" (1964)  two-track  stereo
      University of Illinois Electronic Music Studio, Urbana

 6.  Ramon Sender: "Triad" (1962)  full-track  monaural
      San Francisco Tape Music Center

 7.  Gordon Mumma: "Greys" (1963)  Soundtrack for a film of Donald Scavard.
      two-track  stereo
      Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music

 8.  James Tenney: "Dialogue" (1963)  full-track  monaural
      Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, N. J.

 9.  Robert Ashley: "Heat" (1962)  full-track  monaural
     Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music, Ann Arbor


1 tape (original)
1 tape (preservation master)
1 CD (master copy)
1 CD (user copy)