"A Concert of New Music"

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Place Recorded
Slosberg Recital Hall, Brandeis University

Date of Recording


CD 1

      1. Spoken Introduction to concert
      2.  A. Boucourechliev:  "Devise"

      3.  S. Bussotti:  "Lettura di Braibanti -'Voix di Femme'"

      4.  (Note: track 4 includes two pieces from the program) K. Stockhausen: "Zyklus" and B. Maderna: "Musica su due dimensione"

 CD 2

      1.  L. Berio:  "Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)" - Preceded by a reading
           from "Ulysses" by James Joyce, beginning Chapter XI.
           (electronic music)

      2.  L. Berio: "Sequenza" (1958)

      3.  L. Berio: "Circles, based on 3 poems by e.e. cummings"

 Cathy Berberian, mezzo-soprano; Luciano Berio, piano; with
 The Concerts du Domaine Musical
      Jacques Castagner - flute
      Francis Pierre - harp
      Jean-Pierre Drouet - first percussion
      Boris de Vinogradow - second percussion

      Handwritten notes in program, see program in Music School Collection.

CD 001.1: 50:17 CD 001.2: 35:58

2 tapes 001.1 and 001.2 (originals)
2 tapes 001.1 and 001.2 (preservation masters)
2 CDs 001.1 and 001.2 (master copies)
2 CDs 001.1 and 001.2 (user copies)