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"Tito and the Strategy of Non-Alignment"

Course of Our Times, Series V

VHS; U-Matic


Program Number

Date Aired
ca. 1971

30 min.

The Yugoslavian leader, Tito, built a force of non-aligned nations to offset pressure from the Cold War countries. He was grateful for the Soviet Union's help in rebuilding Yugoslavia, but was unwilling to subordinate Yugoslavian interests to those of Stalin. In June 1948, the Communist bloc experienced a major split, and Yugoslavia was expelled from the Communist International. The break with the Soviet Union proved to be of national advantage; eager to exploit the dissension within the Communist ranks, the West offered Tito economic and military aid. Stalin's death in 1953 led to the resumption of normal diplomatic relations, however, Tito made no concessions to the Kremlin. During the next 15 years, Yugoslavia avoided commitment to either of the Cold War camps. By 1970, Tito recognized that he must address the problem of his succession, but no one remotely matched his magnetism and prestige. Yugoslavians hoped that Tito's legendary achievements would extend beyond his lifetime to become a cohesive national force.

Recording Location
WGBH, Boston

1 VHS use copy [In Course of Our Times Collection, Box 2]
1 U-Matic copy [In Sachar Personal Papers, Box 29]