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"Gandhi and the Emergence of India"

Course of Our Times, Series II

VHS; U-Matic; 16mm film


Program Number

Date Aired
ca. 1970

30 min.

All through the post-World War I period, there was a steady attrition of British colonial power - Britain steadily yielded, usually too little and too late, as in Ireland, in Egypt, in Palestine, in the African states. Her most perplexing problem was in India where for more than two centuries Britain had, with a tiny military and administrative contingent, controlled the destinies of hundreds of millions of fantastically divided races and religions. The struggle for freedom was at last crystallized in the leadership of one of the most extraordinary personalities in history, Mahatma Gandhi. For two generations he dominated completely the life of his country and everything that he did had overwhelming significance: his words, his defiances, his fasts, his conferences, his very pulsebeats, down to the day of his assassination. This chapter analyzes the amazing influence of a man who defied a great empire, using as his main weapon the subtle power of satyagraha, active non-violence.

Recording Location
WGBH, Boston

1 VHS use copy [In Sachar Personal Papers, Box 23]
3 U-Matic copies [In Sachar Personal Papers, Box 26]
4 16 mm films [All B&W; in Sachar Film Collection]