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"The Fruits of Appeasement"

Course of Our Times, Series II

VHS; U-Matic; 16mm film


Program Number

Date Aired

30 min.

The British and the French based their hopes for the preservation of peace on working out reasonable compromises that would satisfy the Nazis. Hitler, however, proved to be insatiable, and when Czechoslovakia and Poland were ground under the Nazi juggernaut, the long-dreaded World War exploded, from the launching pad of appeasement, again validating the lesson that blackmail never gets cheaper.

Recording Location
WGBH, Boston

1 VHS use copy [In Sachar Personal Papers, Box 22]
2 U-Matic copies [In Sachar Personal Papers, Box 25]
5 16 mm films [All B&W; in Sachar Film Collection]