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"Britain Between the Wars"

Course of Our Times, Series I

VHS; U-Matic; 16mm film


Program Number

Date Aired
ca. 1969

30 min.

Britain after World War I was like a once rich relation, fortune gone, laboring to keep up appearances, hiding shabbiness under ceremony and political and economic crisis under bustle and motion. Her dominions slipped from her one by one, some, like Ireland, actually cutting loose, others repudiating so much imperial control that after World War II the whole empire had become a tenuous federation. In the '30s while it continued to deceive itself, it could not deceive a new breed of tough, cynical buccaneering dictators whose blackmail won continuous concessions until appeasement could go no further and Britain was drawn into the vortex of still another World War.

Recording Location
WGBH, Boston

1 VHS use copy [In Course of Our Times Collection, Box 1]
1 U-Matic copy [In Sachar Personal Papers, Box 25]
4 16 mm films [All B&W; in Sachar Film Collection]