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Public Television Series: The Course of Our Times

(In order by episode)

1. "The Eclipse of the Old World"
2. "The Road to World War I"
3. "Woodrow Wilson and the Treaties"
4. "The Weimar Republic"
5. "The Russian Revolution"
6. "The Consolidation of the Russian Revolution"
7. "Mussolini's Italy"
8. "The Miracle of Czechoslovakia"
9. "The Resurrection of Turkey"
10. "Russia Under Stalin"
11. "Hitler Over Europe"
12. "Britain Between the Wars"
13. "The Agony of France"
14. "The Spanish Civil War"
15. "The Road to World War II"
16. "The Fruits of Appeasement"
17. "The Collapse of France"
18. "Churchill and the Salvation of Britain"
19. "FDR: From Isolation to Intervention"
20. "Hitler: Zenith and Retribution"
21. "The Morality of Collaboration"
22. "The Western World and its Reaction to Genocide"
23. "Japan and the Atomic Bomb"
24. "The Irish Uprising and its Aftermath"
25. "Tito and the Balkan Tinderbox"
26. "Gandhi and the Emergence of India"
27. "The Genesis of the Cold War"
28. "Truman and the Recovery of Europe"
29. "Adenauer and the Rebirth of Germany"
30. "Attlee's Britain"
31. "France and the Fourth Republic"
32. "Stalin and Post War Russia"
33. "Israel and the Arab World"
34. "China Goes Communist"
35. "DeGasperi's Italy"
36. "Japan After World War II"
37. "Nehru's India: Independence and Partition"
38. "Africa for the Africans"
39. "The Russian Chinese Rupture"
40. "France and the Fifth Republic"
41. "West Germany after Adenauer"
42. "The Eisenhower and Kennedy Years"
43. "The New Elizabethan Era"
44. "Poland and Hungary Defy Khruschev"
45. "Castro and His Communist Base"
46. "Nasser and the Resurgence of Egypt"
47. "Israel and the Arab World II"
48. "The Ordeal of Greece and Cyprus"
49. "Sukarno and the Emergence of Indonesia"
50. "Mao Tse-tung Remakes China"
51. "South Africa, Rhodesia and Apartheid"
52. "Lyndon Johnson and the Tragedy of Vietnam"
53. "Czechoslovakia and the Prague Spring"
54. "Cardenas and the Mexican Middle Way"
55. "Soviet Union After Khrushchev"
56. "Black Africa Gropes for Security"
57. "The Irish and Other British Dilemmas"
58. "Tito and the Strategy of Non-Alignment"
59. "India, Pakistan and Bangladesh"
60. "Brazil: The Military Calls the Tune"
61. "Japan After the American Interlude"
62. "Roumania on the Tightrope"
63. "The Transformation of Richard Nixon"
64. "The Quest for Integration in Europe"
65. "The Best of Times, the Worst of Times"