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Creator: Frank E. Manuel
Title: Papers, 1640-2000, n.d., bulk 1940s-1990s
Quantity: 14 cu. ft. (13 record center boxes, 6 microfilm boxes)
Repository: Brandeis University Libraries
Identification: MWalB0369A
Language: English

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A former member of the Brandeis History faculty, Frank Edward Manuel was among the most respected European intellectual historians of the twentieth century. Manuel was born on September 12, 1910, in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended Harvard University, earning his A.B. in 1930, his M.A. in 1931, and his Ph.D. in 1933. He also attended Ecole des Hautes Etudes Politiques et Sociales in Paris in 1933.

Manuel returned to Harvard as a member of the department of History, Government, and Economics in 1935. The next year, on October 6, 1936, Manuel married Fritzie Prigohzy, beginning a personal and intellectual partnership that lasted until his death in 2003. After leaving Harvard in 1937, he had short stints with the National Defense Commission, Office of Price Administration, and Western Reserve University before arriving at Brandeis in 1949. Manuel taught in the History and Psychology departments at Brandeis until 1965, when he took a position at New York University. Manuel returned to Brandeis as Alfred and Viola Hart University Professor in 1977. Upon his retirement in 1986, Manuel became Professor Emeritus, a title he retained until his death. Manuel also held many visiting professorships at universities including Harvard University, Oxford University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of California at Los Angeles, and Boston University.

Manuel's wide-ranging scholarly interests inspired groundbreaking works on utopias, Christian Hebraism, historiography, and philosophers such as Isaac Newton, Karl Marx, and Henri Saint- Simon. A prolific author, he wrote, co-wrote, or edited 20 books. His most popular work, Utopian Thought in the Western World (written with his wife), won the American Book Award. Other notable publications included The Politics of Modern Spain (1938), The Age of Reason (1951), The New World of Henri Saint-Simon (1956), The Eighteenth Century Confronts the Gods (1959), Shapes of Philosophical History (1965), A Portrait of Isaac Newton (1968), Freedom from History (1971), The Changing of the Gods (1983), The Broken Staff: Judaism Through Christian Eyes (1992), A Requiem for Karl Marx (1995), and Scenes from the End: The Last Days of World War II in Europe (2000). Even as he approached age 90, Manuel remained active. Shortly before his death he was near completion on the book, Varieties of Historical Experience, and in 2004, his wife published their coauthored work, James Bowdoin and the Patriot Philosophers.

Manuel was the recipient of numerous awards. He was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1957-58, a Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences Fellow in 1962-1963, and a Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar in 1978. He was also a member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Along with the American Book Award, Utopian Thought in the Western World won the Melcher Prize and the Phi Beta Kappa Ralph Waldo Emerson Award. Manuel received honorary degrees from the following institutions: Union Theological Seminary (1979); Brandeis University (1986); and the Hebrew-Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (1998).

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Scope and Content

The materials in this collection date from 1640 to 2000, with the bulk created from the 1940s to the 1990s. The collection consists of research notes, drafts, articles, reviews, lectures, and other materials related to Manuel's various publications and professional activities. The collection also includes an unpublished manuscript, a large series of subject files on Manuel's diverse interests, and a series of Manuel's bibliographic and note cards.

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Series Description

Lectures and Lecture Notes
Inclusive Dates: 1946-1983, n.d.
Box 1
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series consists of drafts and notes relating to Manuel's numerous public and academic lectures. Subjects include Isaac Newton, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Montesquieu, religious and intellectual history, and utopias. This series also includes some of Manuel's classroom materials, such as syllabi and lecture outlines.
Unpublished Manuscript
Inclusive Dates: ca. 2002, n.d.
Boxes 1-2
Arrangement: Alphabetical by draft title
This series consists of drafts of an unpublished manuscript written by Manuel. Manuel had several titles for the manuscript before settling on Varieties of Historical Experience. The work is a wide- ranging survey of historiography and the discipline of history.
Inclusive Dates: 1787-1999, n.d.
Boxes 2-6
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series consists of drafts, notes, articles, and correspondence relating to Manuel's books. Included are materials on The Broken Staff, The Changing of the Gods, The Eighteenth Century Confronts the Gods, Freedom from History, James Bowdoin and the Patriot Philosophers, A Requiem for Karl Marx, Scenes from the End, and Utopian Thought in the Western World.
Subject Files
Inclusive Dates: 1640-2000, n.d.
Boxes 7-13
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series consists of notes, drafts, articles, and correspondence relating to Manuel's many scholarly interests.
Bibliographic Index Cards
Inclusive Dates: n.d.
Boxes 14-19
Arrangment: Alphabetical within each box
A collection of Manuel's bibliographic and note cards used in his research and teaching.

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Container List

Lectures and Lecture Notes
box 1 Course Materials, ca. 1980s, n.d.
box 1 Freud, n.d. [2 folders]
box 1 The Future of the Past, 1946, n.d. [2 folders]
box 1 Historiography and Newton, n.d.
box 1 History 133a, 1982-1983, n.d.
box 1 "History and Psychology," n.d.
box 1 History and Thought in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, n.d.
box 1 Hume, 1966, n.d.
box 1 Intellectual History, n.d.
box 1 "Metamorphosis of the Scientist in Utopia," "Utopian Thought in the Western World," "Science and Religion," n.d.
box 1 "Modern Utopian Notions," Psychology and History, n.d.
box 1 Montesquieu, n.d.
box 1 "A Psychology of Everyday Religion," n.d.
box 1 "A Requiem for Karl Marx," n.d.
box 1 Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Intellectual History, course materials, n.d.
box 1 "Utopian Thought in the Western World," n.d.
box 1 Utopias, n.d. [2 folders]
box 1 Utopias, Science and Religion in the Seventeenth Century, Newton, n.d.
Unpublished Manuscript
box 1 Argos: The Many Eyes of History, n.d. [3 folders]
box 1 The Future of the Past, n.d. [4 folders]
box 1 The Future of the Past: Lovejoy Revisited, 1982, n.d. [3 folders]
box 1 History's Prospect, n.d.
box 1 In Pursuit of a Humanist History, n.d. [1-3 of 7 folders]
box 2 In Pursuit of a Humanist History, n.d. [4-7 of 7 folders]
box 2 Seven Historical Perspectives, n.d. [4 folders]
box 2 Varieties of Historical Experience, n.d. [4 folders]
box 2 Weeds in the Garden, n.d.
The Broken Staff
box 2 Articles and notes, 1826-1872, 1950-1987, n.d.
box 2 Articles with annotations, 1826-1987 [4 folders]
box 2 Christian Hebraism, 1987, n.d. [4 folders]
Christian Uses of Historical Judaism
box 2 The Aftermath of Liberation--Drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 2 The Aftermath of Liberation, Assault on the English Deists--Drafts, n.d.
box 3 Catholic Vindicators of Israel in France--Draft, n.d.
box 3 The City of Books--Draft, n.d.
box 3 The German Janus--Draft, n.d. [2 folders]
box 3 Drafts, 1987, n.d. [11 folders]
box 3 Index, n.d.
box 3 Notes, 1981-1982, n.d. [1-10 of 20 folders]
box 4 Notes, 1981-1982, n.d. [11-20 of 20 folders]
box 4 Photographs," ca. 1992, n.d. [2 folders]
box 4 "Rebinding the Severed Connection"--Draft and notes, n.d.
box 4 Reviews, 1991-1992
box 4 Swiss trip, n.d.
box 4 "The Uses of Historical Judaism, de Cur"--Draft, n.d.
box 4 Voltaire, n.d.
The Changing of the Gods
box 4 Articles and Drafts, 1979, n.d.
box 4 "The Philosophes and the Psychology of Everyday Religion"--Drafts and notes, n.d.
box 4 "The Triadic Metaphor"--Draft, n.d.
The Eighteenth Century Confronts the Gods
box 4 Correspondence, 1971
box 4 "The Deist Psychopathology of Religious Enthusiasm," n.d.
Freedom from History
box 4 Notes, drafts, and article," ca. 1970, n.d.
James Bowdoin and the Patriot Philosophers
box 4 American Academy of Arts and Sciences--Notes and photocopies, 1978, n.d.
box 4 Appendices--Drafts and Notes, n.d.
box 4 Drafts, n.d. [4 folders]
box 4 Eighteenth Century Massachusetts, American Academy of Arts and Sciences--Notebook, n.d.
box 4 Notes, 1787, n.d. [1-3 of 5 folders]
box 5 Notes, 1787, n.d. [4-5 of 5 folders]
box 5 Omissions and notes, n.d.
box 5 Shay's Rebellion--Draft and notes, n.d.
A Requiem for Karl Marx
box 5 "The Albatross: Das Kapital"--Draft, n.d.
box 5 "The Alien"--Draft, n.d.
box 5 "Anatomy of the Classes"--Draft, n.d.
box 5 "The Arena of Class War"--Drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 5 Berlin Wall clippings, general notes, 1990-1992, n.d.
box 5 Chapter Outline, n.d.
box 5 "The Declining Years"--Draft, n.d.
box 5 "The Dilemma of Ethnicity"--Draft, n.d.
box 5 Drafts, 1991, n.d. [18 folders]
box 5 "Enemies, Enemies Everywhere"--Draft and notes, n.d.
box 5 "Enemies within the Gates"--Draft, n.d.
box 5 Envelope, n.d.
box 5 "The Exit from Communism"--Essay in Daedalus and notes, 1992
box 5 Marx's correspondence--Photocopies and notes, 1898, n.d.
box 5 Photocopy and drafts of article, 1992, n.d. [2 folders]
box 5 Preface--Notes and drafts, n.d.
box 5 "The Reception of Capital"--Draft and notes, n.d.
box 5 Review and used or temporarily rejected notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 5 "The Rise and Fall of an Icon"--Draft, n.d.
box 5 "The Seductions of Scientific Socialism"--Draft, n.d.
box 5 "Shearing the Beard"--Draft," ca. 1995
box 5 "The Young Marx"--Draft, n.d.
Scenes from the End: The Last Days of World War II in Europe
box 6 Correspondence--Letter from Frank Manuel to Fritzie Manuel, 1945
box 6 Drafts, n.d. [9 folders]
box 6 "Eyeless in Paris"--Draft, n.d.
box 6 "Love, Hunger, and Werewolves"--Draft, n.d.
box 6 Notes, 1982, n.d. [2 folders]
box 6 Promotional Materials and Notes, 1996-1999, n.d.
box 6 World War II notes, 1944-1945
Utopian Thought in the Western World
box 6 "Eupsychias of the Enlightenment"--Draft, n.d.
box 6 "Immanuel Kant: Beyond Animality"--Draft, n.d.
box 6 Permissions, 1978-1979
Subject Files
box 7 "Academies and Dissertations (also Exegesis)"--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Adams, Brooks--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Adams, John--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Andreas, utopias--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Antangil--Notes, 1616, n.d.
box 7 Apocalyptical literature--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Aristotle--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Armand--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Athenaios--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Augustinianism--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Aurelius, Marcus--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Babylonia and Assyria--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Bancroft, George--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Barclay's "Argenis"--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Beccaria, Cesare--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Beccaria, Cesare--Notes and drafts, n.d.
box 7 Beilharz, Peter--Correspondence and photostat, 2000
box 7 Berdyaev, Nicholas--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Bergson--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Bibliographies, n.d. [3 folders]
box 7 Bodin--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Bollime, "La Bibliotheque Bleue"--Reference, n.d.
box 7 Botero--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Bougainville--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Boulanger--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Bossuet--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Brosses--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Burgh--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Burke--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Butler, Samuel--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Cabet, Etienne, "Journey to Icaria"--Drafts and notes, n.d.
box 7 Calvin--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Cantimori--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Castiglione--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Caylus--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Chateaubriand--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Chinese Cyclical Theory--Notes, n.d.
box 7 Chisolm, Lawrence W., Lu Hsun, "A Madman's Diary"--Articles, n.d.
Christian Hebraism
box 7 Articles and drafts, 1950, 1980-1988, n.d. [2 folders]
box 7 Articles and notes, 1920-1922, 1962-1964, 1987-1992, n.d. [3 folders]
box 7 "Changing Perceptions in European Catholicism," Christendom's Rediscovery of Judaism," n.d.
box 7 "Christendom's Rediscovery of Judaism," n.d. [2 folders]
box 7 Drafts, n.d. [4 folders]
box 8 Notes and drafts, 1985, n.d. [4 folders]
box 8 Voltaire--Notes and bibliographies, 1981-1982, n.d.
box 8 Chrysippus--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Clement of Alexandria--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Collingwood--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Comte--Articles, 1852, n.d.
box 8 Comte--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 8 "The Future of Man"--Article, n.d.
box 8 Notebook, n.d.
box 8 Notes, n.d.
box 8 Condorcet, Turgot, and Eighteenth-Century Intellectual History--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 8 Constant--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Cosmic Order--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Court de Gebelin--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Cyprus--Drafts and notes, n.d.
box 8 Daniel--Notes, n.d.
box 8 d'Arcy--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Dawson--Notes, n.d.
box 8 de Stael, Madame--Notes, n.d.
box 8 di Giorgio, Francisco--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Diderot, Pascal, Voltaire--Notes and drafts, n.d.
box 8 Diderot, Machiavelli, Hottinger, Strauss, Boulanger--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Duncan, Georges --Notes, n.d.
box 8 Dupuis--Notes and drafts, n.d.
box 8 Dyson and Bernal--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Dyson, Bernal, and Utopias--Articles, drafts, and notes, 1972, n.d.
box 8 Edelstein, progress, and antiquity--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Edwards, Jonathan--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Eighteenth-Century Everyday Religion--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Eighteenth-Century Religion--Drafts, n.d.
Eighteenth-Century Thought
box 8 Notes, n.d.
box 8 Eupsychias--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Eupsychias, psychohistory--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Ellis, utopias--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Empedocles--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Endgames of Civilization, Daedalus--Draft, n.d.
box 8 Engel, Samuel--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Engels, Friedrich --Notes, n.d.
box 8 Enlightenment--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Enlightenment in the Eighteenth Century--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Erasmus--Draft, n.d.
box 8 "The Erotical Imperative"--Draft, n.d.
box 8 Esquirol and other nineteenth-century alienists [?]--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Essences--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Etzler--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Euhemerus--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Eupsychias--Notes, n.d.
box 8 "Les Femmes Militares"--Article, 1734
box 8 Ferrari, Giuseppi--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Flugel--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Fontenelle--Notes and article, 1768, n.d.
box 8 Fourier, utopias, philosophy of history--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Freret, Nicolas--Notes, n.d.
box 8 Freud--Notes and drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 8 Fatio de Duillier, "The Ape of Newton: Fatio de Duillier"--Articles, drafts, and notes, 1973-1975, n.d.
box 8 Fatio de Duillier, "Friend of Newton"--Notes and notebook, n.d.
box 9 "The French Revolution and Visions of Utopia"--Draft, n.d.
box 9 Galiani, Abbe--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Gay Review--Draft, n.d.
box 9 Genius [?]--Notes, n.d.
box 9 German Thought--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 9 Gibbon--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Gillespie Review--Drafts," ca. 1980, n.d.
box 9 Glanvill, Joseph--Draft and notes, n.d.
box 9 Gobineau--Notes, n.d.
box 9 "A Godless History," "Edward Gibbon: Historian-Philosophe"--Drafts, n.d.
box 9 Goethe--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Goguet--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Golden Age--Draft, n.d.
box 9 Grandville, early nineteenth-century dystopia--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Grivel--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Guicciardini--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Gulf War--Notes," ca. 1991
box 9 Hamann and Wieland--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Halley, Edward--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Hartley, David--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Hegel--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Helvetius--Notes and articles, n.d.
box 9 Hemsterhuis--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Drafts, n.d. [3 folders]
box 9 Notes, n.d.
box 9 Notes and article, n.d.
box 9 Review of Herder, n.d.
box 9 Hiesod--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 9 History and psychology--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 9 History as a profession--Notes, n.d.
box 9 History of the Encyclopedia--Draft, n.d.
box 9 History of Thought in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Pascal, Voltaire--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Hobbes--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Holbach--Notes, handwritten, n.d.
box 9 Holberg--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Holderlin--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Holy Grail--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Hugo, Victor --Notes, n.d.
box 9 Hume, David --Notes, n.d.
box 9 Hutcheson--Article, n.d.
box 9 Hyginus--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Incomprehensible manuscript, n.d.
box 9 Inserts, n.d.
box 9 Institut de France--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Intellectual History--Timeline, n.d.
box 9 Intellectual Papers--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Introduction to the Eighteenth Century--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 9 Iselin--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Israel and the Enlightenment--Drafts, n.d.
box 9 James, William--Notes, n.d.
box 9 Jaspers, Karl--Notes, n.d.
Jewish History
box 9 Articles, 1922-1955, 1986-1988, n.d. [2 folders]
box 9 Articles and notes, 1675-1735, n.d. [2 folders]
box 10 Clippings and notes, 1696, 1987-1990, n.d.
box 10 Drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 10 Notes, n.d. [5 folders]
box 10 Jews in the Age of Rembrandt--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Joachim--Draft, n.d.
box 10 "John Selden and Science"--Draft, n.d.
box 10 Jung, Carl--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Jonston, John--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Kant--Drafts and notes, n.d. [5 folders]
box 10 Kant--Notebook, n.d.
box 10 Kant and Herder--Notes and bibliography, n.d.
box 10 Kautaliya--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Khaldun, Ibn--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Kleinwachter--Notes, n.d.
box 10 La Mettrie--Notes, n.d.
box 10 La Popeliniere--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Lafitau--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Lahontan--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Leibniz--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Leland on the deists--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Lesconvel--Notes and article, n.d.
box 10 Lessing--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Lichtenberg--Notes, n.d.
box 10 "Lidee de la Republique de Francois de Beroalde Sieur de Verville"--Article, 1584
Locke, John
box 10 Drafts, n.d.
box 10 "The Library of John Locke," by Peter Laslett--Correspondence and draft, 1963
box 10 Newton's Observations--Photostats, n.d.
box 10 Photostats, n.d.
box 10 Photostats, correspondence, and notes, 1970, n.d.
box 10 Louis Le Roy--Notes and article, n.d.
box 10 Lovejoy--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Lovejoy--Notes and drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 10 Lucretius--Draft, n.d.
box 10 Mably--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Machiavelli--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Maistre--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Malthus--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Mandelbaum, Maurice, "The History of Ideas, Intellectual History, and the History of Philosophy," 1965
box 10 Mandeville and utopias--Drafts and articles, 1953, n.d.
box 10 Mannheim, Karl--Notes, n.d.
Marx, Karl
box 10 Drafts and notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 10 Ideas of work--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Notes and articles, 1990, n.d. [2 folders]
box 10 "The Pre-history of a Banderole"--Drafts and notes, n.d.
box 10 Marx and Hegel--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Mathematics in the West [?]--Notes, n.d.
box 10 Mendelsohn--Drafts, n.d.
box 10 Mercier's memoir--Notes and photocopy, 1772, n.d.
box 10 Messianism and utopian thought--Notes and drafts, n.d.
box 10 "Metamorphoses of the Scientist in Utopia"--Article, 1985
box 10 Michelet--Drafts and notes, n.d.
box 10 "Micrographia; or Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies"--Article, 1665
box 10 Modern politics--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Articles, n.d.
box 11 Drafts, n.d.
box 11 Notes, n.d [2 folders]
box 11 Montesquieu, Vico, and Beccaria--Bibliographies and notes, n.d.
box 11 Montesquieu, Vico, and Rousseau--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Morellet--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Morelly--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Moser, Justus--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Myths--Bibliography and notes, n.d.
box 11 "Negro Alternatives in the Light of Jewish History"--Draft, n.d.
box 11 Nemesius--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Nevill, Henry--Notes, n.d.
Newton, Isaac
box 11 Articles and notes, 1973-1980, n.d. [2 folders]
box 11 Drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 11 Notes, n.d.
box 11 Photographs, 1962, n.d.
box 11 Photostats and notes, 1936, n.d.
box 11 Locke, John--Articles and drafts, 1974, n.d.
box 11 Religious History--Articles and notes, n.d.
box 11 "The Next Analogy," utopias--Draft, n.d.
box 11 Neibuhr, Reinhold, Philosophy of History--Notes and drafts, n.d.
box 11 Nietzsche--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Nietzsche, "The Genealogy of Morals"--Photocopy and notes, n.d.
box 11 Nineteenth-Century ideas of class--Notes, n.d.
box 11 O'Brien, James Bronterre--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Olbia--Notes, n.d.
box 11 "On Seclusion," Chinese utopias--Articles, n.d.
box 11 Orosius--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Ortega--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Pansophia--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 11 Peck, Bradford --Notes, n.d.
box 11 Philo--Notes, n.d.
Philosophy of History
box 11 Condorcet and Turgot--Drafts, n.d.
box 11 Drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 11 Eighteenth Century--Drafts, n.d.
box 11 Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 11 Seventeenth Century--Notes, n.d.
box 11 Philosophy of History and Religion--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Photographs, n.d. [2 folders]
box 12 Photographs--Marx, Engels, Hess, Bakunin, Lassalle, 1994, n.d.
box 12 Pico Della Mirandola--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Plato--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Plutarch's Sparta--Drafts, n.d.
box 12 Primitivism--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 12 Psychohistory--Notes, n.d.
Publications inscribed to Manuel
box 12 "Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron of Montesquieu (1689-1775)," by Melvin Richter, with notes, n.d.
box 12 "George Sarton: Episodic Recollections by an Unruly Apprentice," by Robert K. Merton, "Jacques Basnage de Beauval's l'Histoire des Juifs: Christian Historiographical Perception of Jewry and Judaism on the Eve of the Enlightenment," by Lester A. Segal, 1983-1985
box 12 "Political Millenarianism and Burnet's Sacred Theory," by M.C. Jacob and W.A. Lockwood, 1972
box 12 "Vico: Autodidact and Humanist," by Edward Said, 1967
box 12 Rabelais--Photostat, n.d.
box 12 Raleigh, Sir Walter--Notes, n.d.
box 12 "Rasselas" by Samuel Johnson--Article, n.d.
Religious History
box 12 Draft, n.d.
box 12 Memorandum for Conference on Religion in America, n.d.
box 12 Notes, n.d.
box 12 Religious and Intellectual History--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Renan, Joseph Ernest--Articles, n.d.
box 12 Renaudot--Correspondence and notes, 1969, n.d.
box 12 Restif and Sade--Draft, n.d.
box 12 Restif and Sade--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Romanticism--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Drafts, n.d.
box 12 Notes, n.d. [4 folders]
box 12 "The Two Inequalities"--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Utopias, n.d.
box 12 Sacred and Profane, Metaphysical Pathos--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Sade--Notes and articles, 1965, n.d.
box 12 Saint Augustine--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Saint-Pierre--Notes, n.d.
box 12 "The Doctrine of Saint-Simon: An Exposition," and student paper, 1969, n.d.
box 12 Drafts, n.d.
box 12 Drafts and notes, n.d.
box 12 International Movement of Saint-Simonism--Drafts, n.d.
box 12 "Letters from an Inhabitant of Geneva to His Contemporaries"--Translation, n.d.
box 12 Notes, n.d.
box 12 Notes and articles, 1825, 1952, n.d.
box 12 Salvianus, On Government of God--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Schelling--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Schiller--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Schlegel, Friedrich--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Science and Political Ideology--Notes, n.d.
Science and Religion
box 12 Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 12 Seventeenth Century--Draft, n.d.
box 12 Seventeenth Century--Drafts and article, 1980, n.d.
box 12 Seventeenth Century, Newton--Notes and drafts, n.d.
box 12 Scientists and Utopias--Drafts, n.d.
box 12 Scomozzi--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Semenov, Marxist--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Seneca--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Sinold--Notes, n.d.
box 12 Smith, Adam, "Of Sympathy"--Article, n.d.
box 12 "Soka Gakkai Brings 'Absolute Happiness'"--Article, n.d.
box 12 Soloviev and intellectual history--Draft, n.d.
box 12 Sorels, George--Drafts and correspondence, n.d.
box 13 Soviet Union collapse--Clippings and notes, 1989-1991, n.d.
box 13 Spain--Articles, 1936-1956, n.d.
box 13 Spengler--Notes, n.d. [3 folders]
box 13 Swift, Jonathan, anti-utopia--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Teilhard de Chardin--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Temple, Sir William--Notes, n.d.
box 13 "Text of Pope John Paul's Encyclical 'Pacem in Terris,' Calling for a World Community," New York Times--Clipping, 1963
box 13 Theopompus--Notes, n.d.
box 13 "Thomas More: The Hairshirt and the Quip," utopias--Draft, n.d.
box 13 Thompson, William--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Tiphaigne de la Roche, utopias--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Tocqueville--Drafts, n.d.
box 13 Trenchard, John, and Thomas Gordon--Notes and drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 13 Turgot--Notebook, notes, and drafts, n.d.
box 13 Tyssot--Notes, 1710
box 13 "An Uneasy Consensus: The Twentieth Century Prospect"--Article, n.d.
box 13 "The Uses of Humanist Learning to the New Scientist"--Draft, n.d.
box 13 Articles and drafts, 1984, n.d. [2 folders]
box 13 Drafts, n.d. [4 folders]
box 13 Notes, 1757, n.d. [4 folders]
box 13 Restif de la Bretonne--Photostats, 1781, n.d. [2 folders]
box 13 Utopias, libraries, psychohistory, bibliography--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Varennes de Mondasse--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Vico--Articles and Notes, 1970, n.d.
box 13 Vico--Notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 13 Villeneuve--Article, 1761
box 13 Voegelin's Philosophy of History--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Volney, utopias--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Voltaire--Book review and notes, 1979, n.d.
box 13 Voltaire on Pascal--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Volterra, Vito, "The Many Worlds of Vito Volterra" colloquium--Notes and materials, 1982-1984
box 13 von Freising, Otto--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Warburton--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Watteau--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Wells, H.G., utopias--Notes, n.d.
box 13 "Western Utopia Reasons the Need"--Draft, n.d.
box 13 Whiston, Will, Hooke, and science--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Wilkins, John--Notes and articles, 1640, n.d.
box 13 Winckelmann--Notes, n.d.
box 13 Winckelmann--Notes and drafts, n.d. [2 folders]
box 13 Word lists, n.d.
Bibliographic Index Cards
boxes 14-19 A-Z, n.d.

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