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Creator: Milton Hindus
Title: Papers, 1754-1999, n.d., bulk 1929-1998
Quantity: 22.33 cubic feet (21 record center boxes, 3 document boxes, 1 object box)
Repository: Brandeis University Libraries
Identification: MWalB0136A
Language: English

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Milton Hindus was born in the Bronx, New York City on August 26, 1916 and grew up in Brooklyn. He entered the City College of New York in Manhattan at the early age of fifteen and graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree with Special Honors in Literature in 1936, at the age of nineteen. He received his Master's degree in 1938 from the same school. After Hindus completed additional graduate work at Columbia University (1938-1939) and the University of Chicago (1947-1948), he taught at the University of Chicago in the capacity of assistant professor.

Hindus came to Brandeis in 1948 upon leaving Chicago and was one of the thirteen founding faculty members of Brandeis University. He stayed at Brandeis throughout his career and taught for 33 years (1948-1981) before retiring as the Edytha Macy Gross Professor of Humanities. From 1965 to 1967 he was the occupant of the Peter and Elizabeth Wolkenstein Chair in English and American Literature at Brandeis. In 1986, Hindus was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by the University. He was elected three times as president of the Brandeis chapter of the American Association of University Professors, and served as Chairman of the Jewish Faculty Group of Greater Boston.

As an educator, Hindus also taught summer sessions at NYU, CUNY, and UCLA and conducted study groups with the Brandeis University National Women's Committee on the subjects of literature and Jewish culture. He was deeply committed to education and considered the university to be a place of study and thought, rather than social activism of the sort that marked Brandeis in the 1960s and 1970s.

As a writer, Hindus was prolific; he published 14 books, wrote an exorbitant number of reviews, and contributed to reference works in Germany, Israel, England and the United States. He is, perhaps, most famous for his book The Crippled Giant, which details his meeting with the then-exiled French novelist and anti-semite pamphleteer Louis-Ferdinand Celine. Hindus gained instant recognition as well as notoriety for his brutally honest portrayal of the much maligned literary figure, and received both accolades as well as derision for his book. Numerous editions of The Crippled Giant were subsequently released, among them was the 1986 edition which also included selections of Hindus's correspondence with Celine.

Some of his other notable publications include: The Proustian Vision (1954), F. Scott Fitzgerald: An Introduction and Interpretation (1967), The Old East Side (1969), A World at Twilight (1971), and Charles Reznikoff (1977). His edited volume on Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass: One Hundred Years After (1955) won the Walt Whitman Prize from The Poetry Society of America. Hindus has also served as an editor of the sixteen-volume Encyclopaedia Judaica (1972).

Hindus was a regular book reviewer for The New York Herald Tribune from 1941 to 1943, and he also wrote reviews for various journals devoted to the review of recent publications, such as The New Boston, and the Kenyon and Sewanee Reviews. He contributed literary reviews and essays for general interest publications such as The Atlantic Monthly, The Chicago Sunday Tribune, and The New York Times Book Review. In addition, Hindus' great interest in Jewish literature and various aspects of Jewish culture and history led him to write for a great variety of Jewish-related journals such as The Chicago Jewish Forum, Midstream, The Jewish Frontier and Commentary.

Being an occasional writer of fiction as well as poetry (a slim volume of poems, entitled The Broken Music-Box, was published by the Menard Press in 1980), Hindus was responsible for bringing a diverse group of literary stars to the Brandeis campus, among them, Saul Bellow, e.e. cummings, Allen Ginsberg, Dylan Thomas, and William Carlos Williams. Hindus was also an active participant in the lecture circuit and gave several presentations and talks in Jerusalem, as well as various cities in the United States and Canada, both for academic bodies as well as private organizations.

Although Hindus is best known for his numerous books and written work, he was also deeply interested in music, published a classical song, An Evening Song, and wrote the lyrics for a Broadway musical revue.

Milton Hindus passed away May 28, 1998.

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Scope and Content

The materials in this collection were created from 1754 through 1999, but the bulk of the material dates from 1929 through 1998. They include biographical sketches, teaching notes and student papers, research materials, correspondence, published and unpublished documents, works by other authors, brochures and flyers, index cards, reel to reel audio tapes, and a blue silk sash. Approximately one-third of the collection is correspondence. In most cases, the published work include the original publication copy or reprints, as well the original typewritten manuscript (occasionally including numerous drafts with corrections) and handwritten notes. A majority of the published and unpublished documents is in the form of literary criticism.

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Series Description

Personal and Academic
Inclusive dates: 1947-1999, n.d.
Boxes 1-2
Arrangement: Alphabetical
A disparate collection of materials that are clearly connected to Hindus, including newspaper clippings about Hindus (a majority of these are announcements about Hindus' public lectures at different venues); brochures and flyers of public lectures delivered by Hindus; published interviews with him; Brandeis-related material accumulated by Hindus; and teaching-related material.
Inclusive dates: 1932-1999, n.d.
Boxes 3-9
Arrangement: Alphabetical
A large series, comprising correspondence between Hindus and various people, including family, friends, colleagues, former students, editors and numerous readers of his work, and various governmental as well as non-profit organizations. Some of the more notable names include literary figures such as Saul Bellow, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Reznikoff, and William Carlos Williams; and philosophers such as Kenneth Burke and Russell Kirk. This series also contains letters and materials from the White House, as well as copies of letters from Hindus to various national and international politicians, among them: Richard Nixon, George Bush, Ted Kennedy, and Vaclav Havel.
Published Articles
Inclusive dates: 1938-1998, n.d.
Boxes 10-12
Arrangement: Chronological by date of publication
A combination of scholarly articles, book reviews, essays of literary criticism, and a few letters to the editor for a variety of weekly/monthly/quarterly journals and magazines covering a broad range of subjects and issues such as literature, current events, and Jewish topics. Book reviews, however, make up a significant portion of Hindus' article-length publications. Included in some of these folders are not only the published and reprinted copy of his writings but also Hindus' original draft copy of the published text, and occasionally, correspondence between Hindus and the various journal editors who reviewed his work. Please note, early in his career, Hindus wrote a great many book reviews for The New York Herald Tribune, The New Leader, and The Boston Globe. Since he wrote reviews very frequently, to avoid too many reviews in a single issue signed by the same reviewer, Hindus sometimes used the pseudonym of David C. Tilden for his New York Herald Tribune reviews, and John Veritas for his letters to the Editor.
Books and Chapters
Inclusive dates: 1754-1997, n.d.
Boxes 12-16
Arrangement: Alphabetical by book title and then according to publishing process
Various items related to Hindus' books, for example, newspaper clippings detailing publicity information about his books; print advertisements; publicity flyers; and reviews of his books published in a variety of journals, newspapers and magazines. Also includes multiple draft copies of his books in various stages of writing, both complete as well as incomplete drafts; these are sometimes accompanied by notations, commentary, and/or corrections of Hindus' himself or preliminary readers and/or editors of his work.
Unpublished Writing
Inclusive dates: 1945-1997, n.d.
Boxes 16-18
Arrangement: Organized under seven subseries
A wide range of unpublished manuscripts, in its original typewritten and handwritten formats, written often for publication but were sometimes also written for personal consumption. The series has seven subseries: book reviews; handwritten manuscripts; lecture notes; notes on literary figures; Pieces Out of a Man's Life (autobiographical); poems; prose manuscripts. Each category (except for the autobiographical and lecture notes sections) is then organized alphabetically, by the last name of the literary figure who is either the subject of the particular folder or the author of the book reviewed; or by the title of the manuscript. Manuscripts that deal with a similar topic are grouped together, for example, all essays pertaining to Emily Dickinson are placed next to one another. Lecture notes are organized chronologically. The autobiographical section, which is organized similar to items in the book-related series, contains various typewritten manuscripts (loosely grouped as chapters) pertaining to different points in Hindus' life. Some of these 'chapters' have been compiled into book form, titled Pieces Out of a Man's Life, and intended for publication. While this book length work has not been published in its entirety, three of its chapters have been included in Hindus' published book of essays, Essays Personal and Impersonal.
Collected Writing
Inclusive dates: 1860-1998, n.d.
Boxes 18-19
Arrangement: Alphabetical by author or journal title
Various writings, both published and unpublished manuscripts, were collected by Hindus over the course of his scholarly life. A substantial portion of these articles/essays were given to Hindus by the authors themselves, while others were likely complimentary copies presented to him by editors or publishing houses. Hindus also collected many different articles on his own, for his own personal and academic interests, as well as for the purpose of research.
Inclusive dates: ca. 1955
Boxes 20-21
Arrangement: By object
This series consists of two open reel to reel audio tapes, a small box of index cards, and a light blue Brandeis sash.
Books by Hindus
Inclusive dates:1945-1997, n.d.
Boxes 22-23
Arrangement: Chronological and divided into two subseries
A comprehensive collection of all of Hindus' published books, as well as books containing his writing, for example, chapters and introductions he authored. The collection of published books include edited volumes as well original works.
Inclusive dates: 1868-1997, n.d.
Boxes 24-25
Arrangement: Alphabetical by author and then chronological by author
This series contains books that are part of Hindus' vast library. This series contains books that were part of Hindus' vast library. Many contain interesting notes by Hindus on the frontispiece about the books' origins and acquisition sources. Within the books Hindus often inserted published reviews of the works, sometimes written by him; also inserted are correspondence and essays pertaining to the books and/or their authors. Since Hindus was an avid reader, it is possible that he inserted random notes into books he happened to be reading at the time; hence, the presence in many folders of miscellaneous materials seemingly unrelated to the books at hand.

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Container List

Personal and Academic
box 1 About Milton Hindus (miscellaneous articles), 1947-1994
box 1 Mentions Milton Hindus (miscellaneous articles), 1950-1962
box 1 Bibliography, n.d. [list of books owned by Hindus]
box 1 Bibliography of Hindus, n.d. [list of books written by Hindus]
box 1 Chess-related (miscellaneous articles and a newspaper about chess, including handwritten notes), 1985
box 1 Committee membership (various organizations of which Hindus was a patron member), n.d.
box 1 Curriculum vitae, n.d.
box 1 English department--Graduate education 1954-1971: A historical survey, 1972
box 1 Events brochures/flyers, 1987-1996
box 1 Guide to Special Collections, University of California, Los Angeles library, n.d.
box 1 "The Jubilee Show" (father-daughter song), 1959
box 1 Learning for Jewish Living, 1960-1968 [Hindus cited in both publications]
box 1 Lectures/Presentations: publicity, flyers, brochures, 1942-1992 [2 folders]
box 1 Library of Conservative Thought (list of books and research materials), n.d.
box 1 MELUS (Society for the study of multi-ethnic literatures of the United States), 1975
box 1 MLA (Modern Language Association) lecture: 70th annual meeting, 1955 [Hindus listed on page 28 of the conference bulletin]
box 2 NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities)--Translation assessment, 1984
box 2 National Foundation for Cancer Research, 1979
box 2 NEMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association) annual meeting, 1972 [Hindus on page xviii of the conference bulletin]
box 2 Personal message to Dr. Milton Hindus (advertisement in the Jewish Advocate), 1967
box 2 Petitions, (various petitions that Hindus' participated in, mostly Jewish-related issues), 1967-1997
box 2 Photos (miscellaneous photos of Hindus at various stages of his life), n.d. [see back of each photo for names and descriptions]
box 2 Republican National Committee (including Certificate of Charter Membership), 1985
box 2 Who's who in American Jewry entry, 1959
box 2 BUNWC (Brandeis University National Women's Committee) news bulletin, 1962
box 2 Call for an open meeting, n.d.
box 2 Final report: Committee on admissions and financial aid, 1971
box 2 Faculty center, 1978
box 2 Faculty committee on adult education, 1949-1968
box 2 Faculty handbook, 1968
box 2 Faculty meeting minutes, 1981
box 2 The Justice (letter to the editor), 1962
box 2 Lectures and readings (English department), 1977-1978
box 2 Promotion notice--news clipping (Hindus mentioned), 1962
box 2 Publications, 1956-1983
box 2 President Sachar's Address, "On fighting dogmas with stigmas," 1966
BUNWC study group
box 2 A World at Twilight, n.d.
box 2 Contemporary novel, n.d.
box 2 Golden age of the Jews in Spain, n.d.
box 2 Great novels part 1, n.d.
box 2 Great novels part 2, n.d.
box 2 Prose fiction of the 20th century, n.d.
box 2 World Fiction, n.d.
box 2 Course evaluations--77aR Modern novels, 1981
box 2 Dissertation review for Jo Ann Kiser, 1993
box 2 Exams: English 8a & 8b, 1964-1974
box 2 Exams: English 9a, 1972-1973
box 2 Exams: Humanities, 1957-1971
box 2 Hanna Griff: A Life of Any Worth (dissertation), 1994 [Hindus is likely one of the faculty members interviewed by Griff]
box 2 PhD written qualifying exam, 1967
box 2 Poetry and prose by Goethe and talk (including teaching notes), n.d.
box 2 Program desired, 1973-1974
box 2 Student book of poems [signed "Robyn"], 1979
box 2 Student papers--Blake; Crane's obscurity; Hart Crane and poetry; Dickinson, n.d. [4 folders, all attributed to Claudine Torchin] [R]
box 2 Letter commenting on Torchin's papers, n.d. [R]
box 2 Student paper: William de la Cruz, Jr., 1973
box 2 Miscellaneous student papers, n.d.
box 2 Teaching notes and syllabi, 1972
box 2 Teaching schedule, 1965-1966
box 2 Undergraduate catalog, 1966-1967
box 3 Academic Committee on Soviet Jewry, 1969
box 3 Adachi, Aiko, 1976 [Secretary in English. Dept.]
box 3 Adams, ____, 1959
box 3 Aeschliman, Michael D., 1996-1997
box 3 Aharoni, Ada, 1975
box 3 Alexander, Edward, 1973-1996
box 3 Alfred, William, 1964
box 3 Allen, Charles, 1952
box 3 Allen, G.W., 1954-1955
box 3 Altmann, Alexander, 1976
box 3 Altmann, Judith, 1989
box 3 Amaranth Literary Club, 1973
box 3 American Jewish Archives, 1986
box 3 American Jewish Historical Society, 1974-1995
box 3 American Jewish Literary Foundation, 1955
box 3 American Jewish Year Book (Milton Himmelfarb), 1972-1976
box 3 American National Biography, 1991
box 3 Anti-Defamation League, 1970
box 3 Apter, Bernard, 1971 [cousin]
box 3 Arshile: A Magazine of the Arts, 1994
box 3 Asch, Sholem, 1945
box 3 Aspiz, Harold, 1981
box 3 Asselineau, Roger, 1961-1984
box 3 Association for Jewish Studies, 1971
box 3 Attic, Joseph N., 1978-1980
box 3 Auster, Paul, 1983-1984
box 3 [Avery], J. Middleton, 1954
box 3 Axelrad, Albert S. (Rabbi), 1971-1984 [Brandeis Hillel]
box 3 Baba, Minako, 1985
box 3 Backus, Charles (New England University Press), 1967-1985
box 3 Baker, Russell, 1979
box 3 Baltorinic, Ruth, 1950
box 3 Barnes & Noble, 1964-1975
box 3 Barney, Robin, 1979
box 3 Barrett, Ray, 1969-1972 [cousin]
box 3 Bartlett, Lee, 1985
box 3 Bates, Carol & Paul, 1971
box 3 Bearjou, Michel, 1968-1973
box 3 Behrman, Samuel N., 1969-1973
box 3 Bellow, Adam (The Free Press), 1996
box 3 Bellow, Saul, 1976-1998
box 3 Bender, Helmut, 1959
box 3 Benisti, Eliane, 1997
box 3 Beres, Pierre, 1980
box 3 Berger, Clarence Q., 1964
box 3 Bergonzi, Bernard, 1966
box 3 Berliner, Joseph S., 1974
box 3 Bernstein, Marver H., 1972-1990
box 3 Bernstein, Oscar, 1974
box 3 Bernstein, (Sophie), n.d.
box 3 Bernstein, Philip, 1972
box 3 Berson, Miriam G., 1978-1989 [Milton and Eva first met in her house]
box 3 Berson, Solomon (about), 1975-1978
box 3 Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, 1992
box 3 Bettelheim, Bruno, 1969
box 3 Bigelow, Blair F., 1973-1985
box 3 Black, Eugene C., 1971-1974
box 3 Black Sparrow Press (John Martin), 1976-1998
box 3 Blodgett, Harold W (Union College), 1954
box 3 Bloom, Edward A., 1967
box 3 ____, Bob, 1969 [son-in-law]
box 3 Bodansky, David, 1991-1997 [son of Marie Syrkin]
box 3 Bodow, Joel, 1974
box 3 Bokholtz, Helen (Journal of the History of Ideas), 1952
box 3 Bonnet, ____, 1947 [Ambassador of France]
box 3 Boorstin, Daniel J., 1990
box 3 Borowitz, David, 1969
box 3 Boston Globe, 1974-1992
box 3 Boston Globe Book Review, 1986-1987
box 3 Boston Herald, 1988
Brandeis University
box 3 Adult Education, 1958-1968
box 3 Alumni Association, 1987
box 3 American Jewish Historical Society, 1992
box 3 Brandeis Hillel (Axelrad, Albert), 1955
box 3 Class of '52, 1952-1992
box 3 Commencement, 1974
box 3 Committees, 1952-1953
box 3 Committee on Faculty Discipline, 1974
box 3 Committee on Zabkar, 1972
box 3 Deans (Draft of Letter to), n.d.
box 3 Dept. of English, 1959-1992, 1997
box 3 Expenses, 1956
box 3 Faculty, 1955-1982
box 3 Faculty Lecture Series, 1957-1958
box 3 Faculty Meeting Remarks, 1949-1979
box 3 Health Services, 1986
box 3 Hornstein Program, 1986
box 3 The Justice, 1975
box 3 Legacy Circle, 1994-1997
box 3 Libraries, 1989-1996
box 3 Near Eastern & Judaic Studies, 1992
box 3 News Clips, 1948
box 3 Office of Employment Relations, 1989
box 3 Office of International Programs, 1972-1973
box 3 Office of the President, 1958-1993
box 3 Office of Public Affairs, 1956
box 3 Office of the Registrar, 1965-1974
box 3 Office of Summer, Special and Continuing Studies, 1992
box 3 Brandeis University Press, 1989 [later became New England University Press]
box 3 Research Fund Committee, 1952
box 3 Brandeis University Review, 1995
box 3 Salary, 1957-1972 [R]
box 3 Student Evaluation, 1967
box 3 Tauber Institute, 1983
box 3 University Planning, 1967
box 3 Women's Faculty Group, 1971
box 3 Braun, Henry, 1974-1993
box 3 Braverman, Eric R., n.d.
box 3 Bree, Germaine, 1987-1990
box 3 Breman, Joseph, 1972
box 3 Britton, Paul E., 1950-1952
box 3 Brown, Francis, 1965
box 3 Bruno, Debra, 1998
box 3 Bruskin, C. E., 1961
box 3 Buchen, Irving D., 1972-1976 [reference for Buchen by Hindus]
box 3 Buckley, William F., 1974-1995
box 3 Bundy, Allison, 1977-1978
box 3 Burke, Kenneth, 1955-1983
box 3 Burns, Ken, 1991
box 3 Burnshaw, Stanley, 1977-1985
box 3 Bush, George, 1990-1991
box 3 B--Unknown, 1972-1989
box 3 Cady, Edwin (American Literature), 1982
box 3 Canadian Jewish Congress, 1962-1963
box 3 Caplan, Usher, 1973
box 3 Caprara, Collette, 1989
box 3 Carmichael, Joel, 1975-1977
box 3 Carnovsky, Getrude, 1958
box 3 Carruth, Hayden, 1968-1983
box 3 Carter, Anne P., 1982
box 3 Cass, Samuel (Rabbi), 1962
box 3 Celine, Louis Ferdinand, 1947-1962
box 3 La Revue Celinienne, 1982
box 3 Le Bulletin Celinien, 1984-1985
box 3 Center for Strategic & International Studies, 1992-1993
box 3 Chambers, (Whittaker), 1952
box 3 Chappelow, ____, 1975
box 3 Cheek, H. Lee, 1995
box 3 Chesneau, Germaine, 1975
box 3 Chicago, University of, 1946-1947
box 3 Chicago, University of--Committee on Social Thought, 1952-1977
box 3 Chicago, University of--Department of History, 1957
box 3 Chiel, Samuel, 1974
box 3 Chilton, Randy, 1982-1984
box 3 Chyet, Stanley F., 1974-1989
box 3 Clore, Gary, n.d.
box 3 Cohen-Cheminet, Genevieve, 1984-1997
box 3 Cohen, Gershon, 1976-1977
box 3 Cohen, Ralph, 1960-1976
box 3 Cohen, Saul G., 1986
box 3 Colby, Robert A., 1959
box 3 Colgate University, 1971
box 3 College English, 1947
box 3 Collins Font, 1989
box 3 Columbia University Press, 1952-1982
box 3 Combined Jewish Philanthropies, 1975
box 3 Commentary, 1947-1994
box 3 Community Leaders of America, 1971
box 3 Comparative Literature, 1958-1959
box 3 Comstock, Ned (University of Southern California Cinema Television Library), 1991-1992
box 3 Conconnon, Tony, n.d.
box 3 Conservative Thought Brochure, n.d.
box 3 Les Ateliers Contemporains, 1996
box 3 Cooney, Seamus, 1976
box 3 Cooper, John Xiros, 1982
box 3 Copyright Office (The Proustian Vision), 1967
box 3 Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 1964-1996 [Fulbright]
box 3 Cowley, Malcolm, 1955
box 3 Craven, Wayne, 1975
box 3 Creeley, Robert, 1982-1983
box 3 Crozier, Andrew, 1982
box 3 Cruso, Pinchas, 1976
box 3 Tom Cullen (recommendation), 1998 [worked for Hindus on the annotation for book on Reznikoff]
box 3 Cummings, E.E., 1946-1962
box 3 The Nathan Cummings Foundation, 1996
box 3 Cunningham, James V., 1958
box 3 Cunningham, James V. (about), 1975
box 3 [Curley], Dan, 1949
box 3 C--Unknown, 1947
box 3 D____, Allan, n.d.
box 3 Daiches, David, 1954-1972
box 3 Davis, Angela Y., 1964
box 3 Davidson, David, 1970-1971
box 3 Davidson, Gustav, 1958
box 3 Davidson, Michael (University of California, San Diego), 1982
box 3 Day, Stephen, 1988
box 3 Dembo, Larry S., 1982-1985
box 3 Dennis, ____, 1972
box 3 Deshell, Maier, 1976
box 3 Diamandopoulus, Peter, 1968-1971
box 3 Dictionary of International Biography, 1971
box 3 Dierkes, Henry, 1979-1988
box 4 Dole, Mr. [Bob], n.d.
box 4 Donoghue, Dennis, 1964
box 4 Doubrovsky, M., 1959
box 4 Doubrovsky, Serge., 1970-1983
box 4 Douglas, Paul (Senator), 1953
box 4 DuPlessis, Rachel Blau, 1987
box 4 D--Unknown, 1966-1986
box 4 Eakin, Mary R., n.d.
box 4 Earle, Osborne, 1964
box 4 Eban, Abba, 1988
box 4 Eberhart, Richard, 1975-1976
box 4 Eby, Cecil D., 1968
box 4 Edel, Leon, 1986
box 4 Edelman, Lily (B'nai B'rith), 1966
box 4 Edelstein, Arthur, 1973-1977
box 4 Efros, Israel, 1958-1960
box 4 Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1952-1953
box 4 Eliot, T. S., 1947 [copy of correspondence from T.S. Eliot to Elliot E. Cohen]
box 4 Elkin, Lilian, 1982
box 4 Ellmann, R., 1975-1976
box 4 Encounter, 1975
box 4 Encyclopedia of American Literature, 1996
box 4 Encyclopedia Judaica, 1970-1972
box 4 Encyclopedia of World Literature, 1963
box 4 Engelberg, Edward, 1986
box 4 Entwisle, Rebecca, 1997
box 4 Eschelbacher, Michael J., 1973
box 4 Espey, John, 1988
box 4 Evanier, David, 1977-1990
box 4 Evans, Robert (about), 1971
box 4 Ezrahi, Sidra, 1971-1976
box 4 E--Unknown, n.d.
box 4 Farrar, Straus & Cudahy, 1961
box 4 Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1965-1986
box 4 Farrell, Alan F., 1984-1989
box 4 Farrell, James, 1943-1977
box 4 Farrenkopf, John, 1997
box 4 Fauchereau, Serge, 1984
box 4 Feinberg, Charles E., 1954-1955
box 4 Feinstein, Elaine, 1982
box 4 Feldman, Irving, 1977
box 4 Feldman, Lew, 1961
box 4 Feldman, Martha, 1973-1977
box 4 Feldman, Ruth, 1977-1989
box 4 Felleman, Susan, 1991-1998
box 4 Ferrier and Davis, 1975
box 4 Feuer, Lewis S., 1985
box 4 Fiedler, Leslie A., 1955-1961
box 4 Fields, Sidney, 1984
box 4 Finch, Henry, 1957
box 4 Fine, Aaron M., 1995
box 4 Fine, Jacob, 1970-1982
box 4 Firestone, Pearl Pinstein, 1989
box 4 Fisch, H., 1965-1972
box 4 Fishman, William, 1975-1977
box 4 Fitch, Donald, 1987
box 4 Fleischauer, Warren, 1960
box 4 Folsom, Edward (Walt Whitman Quarterly Review), 1983
box 4 Forbes, Linda D., 1976
box 4 Ford, 1944
box 4 Ford Hall Forum, 1983
box 4 Fowlie, Wallace, 1953-1962
box 4 Franciosi, Robert, 1982-1995
box 4 Frank, Barbara, 1992
box 4 Frankel, Max, 1978
box 4 Frechtman, Bernard, 1961-1962
box 4 Frenkel, Ann, n.d. [Goldfarb librarian]
box 4 Freilicher, Jane, 1975
box 4 Friedberg, Eric, 1978-1980
box 4 Frohock, W.M., 1967
box 4 Frost, Robert, 1959
box 4 Frost, Robert (about), 1977-1984
box 4 Fuchs, Emma, 1977-1979
box 4 Fuchs, Lawrence H., 1967-1997
box 4 Fulbright Commission, 1964-1972
box 4 F--Unknown, 1976
box 4 Gaddis, ____, 1955
box 4 Gallop, Renee, 1977-1984
box 4 Garb, Milton, 1974
box 4 Garber, Fred, 1957
box 4 Gartenberg, Max, 1975-1979
box 4 Gastwirt, Zvi, 1976
box 4 Gavronsky, Serge, 1986
box 4 Gefin, Laszlo K., 1982-1983
box 4 Gehman, Richard, 1969
box 4 Gelber, Mark, 1983
box 4 Geller, Mitchell, 1977
box 4 Gens, Jaqueline, 1987
box 4 Gensler, K., 1977
box 4 George, David, 1992-1994
box 4 Gerrell, Rose W., 1973
box 4 Gertzman, Jay, 1989-1995
box 4 Gilbert, Jacob, 1950-1956
box 4 Gilbert, Samara, 1973
box 4 Gilman, T., n.d.
box 4 Gilmore, Debbie & Tim, 1978-1982
box 4 Gilwood, Susan L., 1976
box 4 Ginsberg, Allen, 1984-1995
box 4 Gittelson, Andre, 1943-1974
box 4 Gittler, Joseph & Susan, 1986
box 4 Gliedman, John, 1988
box 4 Glikes, Erwin A., 1975
box 4 Glotzer, Donald J., 1990-1992
box 4 Glueck, Grace, 1954
box 4 Godard, H., 1969
box 4 David R. Godine Publisher, 1973
box 4 Goldberg, Janet M., 1980-1981
box 4 Goldberg, Vicki, 1984
box 4 Goldhurst, William, n.d.
box 4 Goldman, Arnold, 1972
box 4 Goldman, Gary, 1974-1983 [student of Hindus]
box 4 Goldman, Shalom, 1991
box 4 Goldstein, Jack, 1975-1981
box 4 Goldwater, Barry, 1966
box 4 Goodheart, Eugene, 1978-1984
box 4 Goodman, Janice, 1977
box 4 Gordon, Albert I. (Rabbi), 1964
box 4 Gottlieb, M., 1966
box 4 Gould, Nathan, 1955
box 4 Grade, Chaim, 1962-1966 [Yiddish novelist]
box 4 Green, David B., 1963
box 4 Greenberg, Marty, 1960
box 4 Greenblatt, Howard, 1975-1976
box 4 Greenblatt, Stephen, 1979-1996
box 4 Greenwald, Norman (American College in Jerusalem), 1970
box 4 Greenwood Press, 1976-1996
box 4 Greshkoff, _____, 1955
box 4 Griff, Hanna, 1989
box 4 Griffel, Eric M., 1955
box 4 Grindea, Miron (Adam), 1976
box 4 Grossman, Allen, 1977
box 4 Grossman, D. Jon, 1947
box 4 Grove Press, 1966
box 4 Gruber & Gruber, 1977
box 4 Grun, George, 1975-1985
box 4 Grundler, Karin, 1992
box 4 Guerard, Albert, 1957
box 4 Guggenheim Foundation, 1962-1986
box 4 Gunther, Gerald, 1990
box 4 G___, Jonathan, 1984
box 4 G--Unknown, 1947
box 4 Halkin, Hillel, 1971
box 4 Hall, Donald, 1977-1982
box 4 G.K. Hall & Co., 1989
box 4 Halpern, Benjamin, 1967-1990
box 4 Hamilton, Charles, 1977-1980
box 4 Hamilton, John Bowen, 1975
box 4 Hamlin, Isadore (World Zionist Organization), 1972
box 4 Handler, Evelyn E., 1986-1988
box 4 Hanrez, Marc, 1969-1971
box 4 Harap, Louis, 1975-1985
box 4 Hardenbergh, 1951
box 4 Harper's Magazine, 1971-1975
box 4 Harries, Lowell, 1990
box 4 Harris, Mark, 1966-1979
box 4 Harris, Victor, 1971
box 4 Hatlen, Burton (National Poetry Foundation), 1996
box 4 Havel, Vaclav (President), 1990
box 4 Hayakawa, S.I., 1969
box 4 Hayden, John, 1988
box 4 Hayman, David, 1966-1987
box 4 Hazan, Joseph, 1947-1992
box 4 Heckerling, Paul, 1970
box 4 Heidorn, G.H., 1973
box 4 Heisler, Jorg & Irene, 1979
box 4 Helmick, Raymond, 1956
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box 4 Heller, Michael, 1984-1988
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box 4 Hershenson, Maurice, 1974
box 4 Hertzberg, Arthur, 1973
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box 4 Jacob Hiatt Institute, 1972
box 4 Hicks, Jack, 1975
box 4 Hillel Foundation, 1963-1987
box 4 Himmelblau, Jack, 1977
box 4 Himmelfarb, Jonathan, n.d.
box 4 Hindes, Joseph, 1991
box 5 Hindus, Eva, 1947-1984
box 5 Hindus, Kenn, 1991
box 5 Hindus, Maurice, 1932-1990
Hindus, Milton
box 5 Appointment at Brandeis, 1948
box 5 The Crippled Giant--Correspondence, 1973-1987
box 5 Letters, 1963-1993
box 5 Media, 1948-1996
box 5 Royalties, 1958
box 5 Teacher's License, 1938-1943
box 5 Travel, 1970-1984
box 5 Hindus, Mrs. M., 1947-1963
box 5 Hindus, Myra, 1963-1993
box 5 Hirschland, Ellen, 1978
box 5 Hoblitzelle, Harrison, 1971
box 5 Hochbaum, Jerry (Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture), 1997
box 5 Hodar, New York, 1962
box 5 Hodes, Horace L., 1972
box 5 Hofstadter, Richard, 1969
box 5 Hofstra University, 1979-1984
box 5 Hofstra University Conference: Immigration and Ethnicity, 1987
box 5 Holiday Home Exchange, 1975
box 5 Henry Holt and Company, 1957
box 5 Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1966-1975
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box 5 Hook, Sidney, 1953-1969
box 5 Hoover, Benjamin, 1971-1973
box 5 Horizon, 1980
box 5 Horizon Gallery, 1975
box 5 Horowitz, Irving Louis, 1992-1997
box 5 House of El Dieff, 1959-1961
box 5 Howe, John, 1947
box 5 Howe, Irving, 1953-1963
box 5 Howland & Company, 1987
box 5 Howley, Roger, n.d.
box 5 Hughes, Thomas J., 1987
box 5 Human Resources, Library of, 1975
box 5 Humanitas, 1993
box 5 Humanities Research Center, 1976-1977
box 5 Hunt, Gary, 1975-1978
box 5 Hunter, Samuel, 1965-1974
box 5 Hutchins, Robert M., 1948
box 5 Hyatt, Bernard, 1953-1971
box 5 Hyman, Dov, 1974-1977
box 5 Hyndus, Michael, 1984-1991
box 5 H--Unknown, n.d.
box 5 Ifri, Pascal, 1986-1998
box 5 Ignatow, David, 1948-1996 [5 folders]
box 5 Ignatow, David (about), 1961-1988
box 5 Ignatow, Rose Graubart, 1965-1986
box 5 Southern Illinois University Press, 1981-1997
box 5 International Platform Association, 1968
box 5 The Consulate General of Israel, 1975
box 5 Israel Publishing House, 1966
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box 5 Jacoby, Jeff, 1995
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box 5 Jerusalem Post, 1976
box 5 Jewish Book Council, 1975-1977
box 5 Jewish Center Lecture Bureau, 1956-1966
box 5 Jewish Community Center, 1966-1977
box 5 Jewish Culture, Blackwell Companion to, 1987
box 5 Jewish Faculty Group (Greater Boston), 1970
box 5 Jewish Frontier, 1962
box 5 Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington, 1965
box 5 Jewish Music Forum (New England), 1969
box 5 Jewish Museum, 1966
box 5 Jewish Public Library, Montreal, 1973
box 5 Jewish Publication Society of America, 1963-1990 (including photo)
box 5 Jewish Publication Society of America--Contract East Side Anthology, 1967
box 5 Jewish Publication Society of America--The Polish Lad, 1974-1975 [2 folders]
box 5 Jewish Publication Society of America--The World of Maurice Samuel, 1976-1977
box 5 Johnson, Edgar, 1963
box 5 Jones, Howard, 1956-1964
box 5 Jospe, Alfred, 1963
box 5 J--Unknown, 1974
box 5 Kaden, Judith, 1965
box 5 Kahn, Sholem (Jewish Publication Society of America), 1967-1981
box 5 Kalmus, Morris A., 1977
box 5 Kammen, Jacob M., 1982
box 5 Kaplan, Sumner, 1987-1989
box 5 Karg, Irving, 1975-1976
box 5 Kassner, Laura, 1977
box 5 Katz, Daniel C., 1985
box 5 Katz, Jane, 1974
box 5 Katz, Leslie George, 1976
box 5 Katz, Renee, 1977
box 5 Katz, Shlomo (JPS), 1971-1973
box 5 Kauffman, Joseph F., 1962
box 5 Kazan, Alfred, 1953
box 5 Keating, Kenneth (Senator), 1964
box 5 Keedick, Lee, 1942-1944
box 5 Kehillath Institute of Religion and Social Studies, n.d.
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box 5 Kelly, Robert L., 1962
box 5 Kempka, Jan, 1963
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box 5 President Kennedy Memorial Service, 1963
box 5 Kennedy, Ruth, 1975
box 5 Kennedy, Ted (Senator), 1991
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box 5 The Kenyon Review, 1939-1957
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box 5 Khan, Mohammad Afzad, 1965
box 5 Kiakis, Harry, 1977
box 5 Kirchhoff, Bluette, 1967
box 5 Kirk, Annette, 1994-1996 [Russell Kirk's wife]
box 5 Kirk, Russell (University Bookman), 1958-1993
box 5 Kirsch, Robert, 1973
box 5 Kiser, _____, 1991
box 6 Klein, Karen (about), 1975
box 6 Kleinberg, Naomi, 1974-1977
box 6 Kline, Betty, 1971
box 6 Kline, Linda, 1960
box 6 Klingenstein, Susanne, 1998
box 6 Knapp, Bettina, 1971
box 6 Knickerbocker, William S., 1950
box 6 Knopf, Alfred, 1946
box 6 Knowland, William F., 1954-1955
box 6 Kolb, Philip, 1964-1965
box 6 Konefsky, Roma, 1971-1979 [Eva Hindus' sister]
box 6 Konefsky, Samuel, 1941-1986 [E. Hindus' brother in law; professor and scholar of constitutional law at Brooklyn College]
box 6 President of Korea (Chung Hee Park), 1970
box 6 Kostelanetz, _____ Jr., 1982
box 6 Krauss, Janet Hentoff, 1969
box 6 Kreiger, Barbara, 1977-1982
box 6 Kretzoi, Charlotte, 1960
box 6 Krim, Seymour, 1981-1990
box 6 Kristol, Irving, 1959-1961
box 6 Krohn, Micah, 1979-1989
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box 6 Kronenfeld, Morris D., 1957
box 6 Kugel, A. R., n.d.
box 6 Kurzweil, Edith, 1978
box 6 Kutnick, Bruce, 1971
box 6 K____, Murray, 1976
box 6 K--Unknown, 1976
box 6 Ladimer, Irving, 1971
box 6 Lake, Roz, 1974
box 6 Lander, Hilda, 1974
box 6 Landis, Joseph C., 1960-1979
box 6 Lando, Al., 1973
box 6 Lang, Leslie, 1979
box 6 Lang, Serge, 1968
box 6 Laughlin, James, 1976-1977
box 6 Lavers, Annette, 1974-1989 [English academician, writer]
box 6 Lavine, Annette Hard, 1970 [student, class of '52]
box 6 Lehman, David, 1982-1983
box 6 Leivick, Daniel, 1974
box 6 Lekus, Roy, 1985-1988
box 6 Lelchuk, Alan, 1961-1989 [2 folders]
box 6 Lelchuk, Alan (about), 1978
box 6 Le Monde, 1969
box 6 Lentham, Morris, 1946
box 6 Lerner, Bennett, n.d.
box 6 Lerner, Max, 1969
box 6 Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center, 1995
box 6 Levin, Meyer, 1974-1976
box 6 Levine, Baruch A., 1972
box 6 Levine, H., 1972
box 6 Levine, Stanley, 1975
box 6 Levinson, Bernard, 1975
box 6 Levitan, Alan, n.d.
box 6 Levitan, Seymour, 1971-1972
box 6 Levy, Amelia (Jewish Affairs), 1966
box 6 Levy, Deborah, 1971
box 6 Levy, Leonard W., 1964-1965
box 6 Lewis, Theodore N., 1965
box 6 Lewisohn, James, 1965-1975
box 6 Lewisohn, Louise, 1965-1974
box 6 Lewisohn, Ludwig, 1952-1964
box 6 Lewisohn, Ludwig (about), 1973
box 6 L'Herne--Roux, Dominique de, 1962-1975
box 6 L'Herne--Tacou, Constantin, 1982-1983
box 6 L'Herne (about), 1982
box 6 Liberman, Samuel, 1979
box 6 Library of America, 1996
box 6 Library of Congress, 1976
box 6 Linetsky (about), 1970
box 6 Linn, Sylvia K., 1987
box 6 Lipstadt, Deborah E., 1976
box 6 Liptzin, Solomon, 1948-1988
box 6 Little, Brown and Company, 1970-1973
box 6 Livingston, Harold, 1954-1994 (including photo)
box 6 Lodge, David, 1965
box 6 Longo, Lucas, 1988-1989
box 6 Louisiana State University Press, 1965
box 6 Joe and Emily Lowe Foundation, 1975
box 6 Lubin, Ernest, 1954-1977
box 6 Luce, Stanford L., 1984-1985
box 6 Luddy, Frederick L., 1972
box 6 Luekett, Esther M., 1993
box 6 Lurie, Catherine, 1974-1976
box 6 Lyons-Hubner, Lori, 1974
box 6 L--Unknown, 1979-1992
box 6 Mabbott, Maureen C., 1985
box 6 Mabbott, Thomas O., 1944-1961
box 6 Macdonald, Dwight (Politics), n.d.
box 6 Mackenzie, June, 1977
box 6 Mackintosh Typography, 1987
box 6 MacLeish, Archibald, n.d.
box 6 Macmillan Publishing Co., 1970-1979
box 6 Macridis, Ray C., 1971
box 6 Madison, Charles A., 1971-1982
box 6 Magalaner, Marvin, 1962
box 6 Magonet, Jonathan, 1989
box 6 Mahoney, John F., 1963
box 6 Mandel, P., 1967
box 6 Mangione, Rene, 1971
box 6 Mann, Arthur, 1953
box 6 Mann, Daniel, 1965-1995
box 6 Mann, Ida & James, 1971-1976 [personal friends of the Hindus']
box 6 Mann, Joshua, 1988 [son of Ida & James Mann]
box 6 Manners, Robert, 1972
box 6 Maples, Paulette, n.d.
box 6 March, Harold, 1957
box 6 Marcot, Pierre, 1951
box 6 Marcus, Joseph K., 1962
box 6 Marenof, Shlomo, 1967
box 6 Mark Twain Society, 1950
box 6 Marks, John, 1947-1948
box 6 Marovitz, Sanford E., 1970
box 6 Marsh, Elissa, n.d.
box 6 Marshall, Lenore G., 1969
box 6 Marshall, Lucinda, n.d.
box 6 Marshall, Margaret, 1945-1966
box 6 Martz, Louis L., 1976-1977
box 6 Masters, Robert E.L., 1950
box 6 Matenko, Percy, 1973-1979
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box 6 Mayer, _____, 1946
box 6 Mayers, Meredith Ellen, 1977
box 6 Massada Press, 1971
box 6 Mazer, William, 1977
box 6 McAleer, John J., 1972
box 6 McClernan, Frances, 1969-1976
box 6 McMillan, Olivia, 1975
box 6 McWilliams, Carey, 1949
box 6 Mediterranean Affairs, Institute for, 1968
box 6 Meiklejohn, Alexander S., 1955
box 6 Melnick, Ralph, 1982
box 6 Men of Achievement, 1975
box 6 Meng, _____ von, 1967
box 6 Merod, Jim, 1981
box 6 Metzger, Ursula, 1974
box 6 Meyers, Marvin, 1970
box 6 Michaels, Edith G., 1955
box 6 Michaelson, Ellen, 1975
box 6 Midstream, 1962-1985
box 6 Miller, Emily (Doubleday & Company), 1970-1971 [assistant to Stewart Richardson]
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box 6 Miller, James E., 1965-1971
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box 6 Modern Age: A Quarterly Review, 1992-1998
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box 6 Moment, 1976
box 6 Monitor Forum, 1990
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box 6 Montague, Cynthia, 1974
box 6 Moody, Catherine, 1972
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box 6 Morelli, Phyllis B., 1961-1989
box 6 Mor(lene), Elene, 1981
box 6 Morrow, Felix, 1963-1965
box 6 Mosaic, 1972-1973
box 6 Moskowitz, _____, 1967
box 6 Moss, Stanley, 1979
box 6 Motwani, Kewal, 1954
box 6 Mukamal, Stuart, 1970-1977 [student of Hindus]
box 6 M--Unknown, 1983
box 7 Nachshin, Edward, 1972
box 7 Nardi, Shulamit (Office of President of Israel), 1970-1974
box 7 Naropa Institute, 1982
box 7 Natapoff, Flora, 1974
box 7 National Endowment for Humanities, 1973-1997
box 7 National Foundation for Jewish Culture, 1972
box 7 National Humanities Institute, 1985-1988
box 7 National Institute of Arts and Letters, 1976
box 7 National Review, 1974-1995
box 7 Naxman, Ernest, 1964
box 7 [Nedova], Joseph, 1972
box 7 Nelson, Patricia, 1971
box 7 Nelson, ______ (Rabbi), 1977
box 7 Nemerov, Howard, 1971-1988
box 7 Neuman, Jeffrey, 1975
box 7 Nevius, Blake, 1973-1975
box 7 New American Library, 1963-1966
box 7 New Directions, 1965-1967
box 7 New England University Press, 1978-1994
box 7 The New Leader, 1958-1971
box 7 New York, City College of, 1959-1989
box 7 New York City Urban Fellowship Program, 1972
box 7 New York Times, 1961-1998
box 7 New York Times Book Review, 1951-1997
box 7 New York University, 1958-1965
box 7 New York University Press, 1967-1975
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box 7 Newpeel, R.C., 1961
box 7 Newton Times, 1975
box 7 Newton-Waltham Bank and Trust Company, 1971
box 7 Nickerson, Hoffman, 1962
box 7 Nicoloff, Philip, 1971
box 7 Niles, Jack, 1975
box 7 Nixon, Richard, 1952-1977
box 7 Norman, Dorothy, 1946
box 7 Norse, Harold, 1958
box 7 N--Unknown, 1971
box 7 Harold Ober Associates, 1958
box 7 Obermayer, Arthur (about), 1976
box 7 Omer, Ranen, 1996
box 7 Onorato, Richard (about), n.d.
box 7 Oppen, George, 1976
box 7 Oppen, Mary, 1982-1983
box 7 Orente, Rose, 1966
box 7 Orgel, Irene, 1986
box 7 Ortega, Joaquin (New Mexico Quarterly), 1951
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box 7 Osnos, Martha, 1989
box 7 Ostrovsky, Erika, 1966-1975
box 7 O'Toole, Margaret, 1972-1973
box 7 Oxenhandler, Neal, 1969
box 7 Oxford University Press, 1981
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box 7 (O), Sharon, 1995
box 7 Pacernick, Gary, 1988-1989
box 7 Padgett, Ron, 1983
box 7 Page, _____, 1992
box 7 Paisner, Hilda, 1977
box 7 Palmer, W.H., n.d.
box 7 Panken, Shirley, 1987
box 7 Pargellis, Stanley (Newberry Library), 1953
box 7 Parker, Gelia K., 1969-1970
box 7 Parker, Robert A., 1945
box 7 Parker, W. C., 1970 [son of Gelia Parker] (including photo)
box 7 Pasternack, Susan, 1967
box 7 Patrick, Hugh, 1971
box 7 Patterson, David (Oxford Center for Post-graduate Hebrew Studies), 1978
box 7 Paul, Burton, 1965
box 7 Pawel, Ernst, 1962-1994
box 7 Pearce, Donald R., 1957
box 7 Pearson, Jennifer, n.d.
box 7 P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, 1979
box 7 Penkevill Publishing Company, 1984
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box 7 Peretz, Martin, 1977-1989
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box 7 Philipson, Morris (Vintage Books), 1960
box 7 Pini, Angel, 1986-1987
box 7 Pinsker, Sanford, 1971
box 7 Pipes, Richard, 1968-1984
box 7 Poetry, 1938-1960
box 7 Poetry--Ellen La Forge Memorial Poetry Foundation, 1987
box 7 Polan, Ruth, n.d.
box 7 Pollak, Vivian, 1964-1969
box 7 Pollin, Burton, 1965-1996 [2 folders]
box 7 Pool, Gail, 1976-1977
box 7 Pope, Michael, 1968-1970
box 7 Poritz, Deborah T., 1971
box 7 Portnoff, Sharon, 1994
box 7 Potok, Chaim (Jewish Publication Society of America), 1966-1997 [2 folders]
box 7 Praefcke, Kirsten, 1982-1984 [Fulbright student]
box 7 Prairie Schooner, 1958
box 7 Preble, Harvey D., 1974
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box 7 Price, Naomi, 1970
box 7 Prince, Frank T., 1976-1999
box 7 Princeton University Press, 1983
box 7 Proger, Evelyn, 1982
box 7 Proger, Samuel, 1977
box 7 Proger, Samuel (Mrs.), 1977
box 7 Proust, Marcel (about), 1951 [letters to various people about the Proustian Vision]
box 7 Marcel Proust Society, Brazil, 1969
box 7 Proust, Madame Mante, 1965
box 7 Provenzano, Therese, 1977
box 7 G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1945-1962
box 7 Putnam, James (World Publishing Company), 1951
box 7 P--Unknown, n.d.
box 7 Quadrant, n.d.
box 7 Quartermain, Peter, 1982-1993
box 7 Raab, ______ (Mrs.), 1971
box 7 Radcliffe Institute, 1976
box 7 Radio Free Asia, 1970-1971
box 7 Rago, Henry, 1949
box 7 Rajeck, Norma, 1954
box 7 Rakosi, Carl, 1976
box 7 Random House, 1970-1972
box 7 Rappaport, Gideon, n.d.
box 7 Reader's Digest, 1977
box 7 Reagan, Ronald, 1988-1989
box 7 Rebillion, Jean-Louis, 1967
box 7 Reck, Rima Drell, 1964-1988
box 7 The Reconstructionist, 1958
box 7 Reed & Harris Publishers, 1945
box 7 Regnery, Alfred S., 1996-1997
box 7 Regnery, Henry, 1959-1993
box 7 Regunberg, Michael, 1994
box 7 Reindorf, _____, 1974
box 7 Reinharz, Jehuda, 1994-1997
box 7 Reisman, Bernard, 1976
box 7 Reiss, Frances, 1970-1977
box 7 Reiss, Lionel S., 1985-1986
box 7 [Rejem], B., 1965
box 7 Response, 1973
box 7 Reston, James, 1953
box 7 Rey, Monika, 1984-1985 [Fulbright student]
box 7 Reznikoff, Charles, 1960-1974
box 7 Reznikoff, Charles (about), 1961-1996
box 7 Ribalow, Harold W., 1950-1963
box 7 Richards, Bernard G., 1965
box 7 Richardson, Stewart (Doubleday & Company), 1969-1977
box 7 Richmond Jewish Community Center Council, 1970
box 7 Richmond, University, 1970
box 7 Ricks, Gary (Marguerite Eyer Wilbur Foundation), 1986-1992
box 7 Riemer, Jack, 1970-1975
box 7 Riesman, David, 1953
box 7 Rischin, Ruth, 1963
box 7 Riverside Memorial Chapel, 1972
box 7 Rivin, Marcia, 1975
box 7 Robbins, I. L., 1975
box 7 Roberts, David (Horizon), 1980
box 7 Robinson, Marguerite S., 1974
box 7 Roche, John, 1967-1968
box 7 Rockefeller, Nelson A., 1968
box 7 Rose, Sajeev Samuel, 1991
box 7 Rosenbaum, Neil, 1963
box 7 Rosenthal, Louis A., 1965-1967
box 8 Roskolenko, Harry, 1967-1974
box 8 Roston, Murray, 1970
box 8 Roth, Cecil, 1968
box 8 Roth, Samuel, 1945-1952
box 8 Rothenberg, Joshua, 1971
box 8 Rothchild, Silvia, 1983
box 8 Rothstein, Eric (University of Wisconsin), 1987
box 8 Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1967-1990
box 8 Roxbury District, Municipal Court, 1973
box 8 Ruchames, Louis, 1966-1975
box 8 Rudolf, Anthony, 1974-1995 [2 folders]
box 8 Rush, Sylvia, 1976
box 8 Russell & Volkening Inc., 1962
box 8 Ryan, William F., 1974-1977
box 8 R_____, Abraham, 1960-1972
box 8 Sachar, Abram L., 1953-1993
box 8 Sachar, Howard, 1966-1990
box 8 Sacks, Milton, 1975
box 8 Safire, William, 1990
box 8 Saidel, Joseph, 1970
box 8 Saletan, Lloyd, 1984-1988
box 8 Salisbury, Harrison, 1972
box 8 Saltonstall, Leverett, 1960
box 8 Samuel, Edith, 1971-1976
box 8 Samuel, Maurice, 1960-1973
box 8 Sanders, Ronald (Midstream), 1972-1978
box 8 Sarna, Jonathan, 1985-1986
box 8 Sarna, Nahum M., 1971
box 8 Sasaki, Hajimu, 1982-1984 [Fulbright professor]
box 8 Saturday Review, 1966
box 8 Saurat, D., 1948
box 8 Savage, Thomas, 1959-1998
box 8 Savage, Thomas (about), 1958
box 8 Saxon, Wolfgang (about), 1974
box 8 Schaofer, D.A., 1965
box 8 Scheffler, Israel, 1969-1971
box 8 Schlafman, Mark, 1962
box 8 Schlotelburg, Susanne, 1983-1985 [Fulbright student]
box 8 Schmidt, Michael (Carcanet New Press Limited), 1980
box 8 Schnitzer, Jeffrey, 1982
box 8 Schocken Books, 1963-1975
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box 8 Schoener, Allon, 1966
box 8 Schoenfeld, Morton, 1965
box 8 Scholem, Gershom, 1975
box 8 Scholnick, Robert J. (College of William and Mary), 1972-1982
box 8 Schottland, Charles, 1963-1976
box 8 Schreibman, Robert D., 1974
box 8 Schwartz, Benjamin (about), n.d.
box 8 Schwartz, Debora, 1943
box 8 Schwartz, Delmore, 1945
box 8 Schwartz, Harry, 1971
box 8 Schwartz-Bart, Ephraim, 1963
box 8 Schwinger, Julian, 1967
box 8 Charles Schribner's Sons, 1963
box 8 Seavy, Tom, 1968
box 8 Segre, Dan V., 1987
box 8 Seidenfeld, Barbara Berman, 1978
box 8 Seligsberger, Ludwig, 1978
box 8 Serafin, Steven, 1996 [about Reznikoff]
box 8 Seymour-Smith, Martin, 1982
box 8 V.J. Shah & Co., 1984
box 8 Shakespeare Quarterly, 1995
box 8 Shapiro, Edward S., 1994
box 8 Shapiro, Harvey (New York Times Book Review), 1969-1984
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box 8 Shapiro, Karl, 1976-1982
box 8 Shapiro, Robert W. (Rabbi of Temple Emanuel), 1965
box 8 Sharp, Tom, 1983
box 8 Shattuck, 1961-1997
box 8 Sheed, Wilfrid, 1973
box 8 Sherman, Ruth K., 1971
box 8 Shoenfeld, Oscar, 1948-1996 [2 folders]
box 8 Shoenfeld, Peggy, 1996
box 8 Sidman, Bernard, 1974
box 8 Siegel, Ester (National Women's Committee), 1972
box 8 Siegel, Rosalyn, 1956
box 8 Silber, John, 1989
box 8 Silkin, John, 1983
box 8 Silverman, Rita, 1965
box 8 Silverman, Samuel, 1971
box 8 Simon, Alexander, 1978
box 8 Simon, Ernst, 1958
box 8 Simon, John, 1970
box 8 Simon, Julie, n.d.
box 8 Simon, Linda, 1982-1998
box 8 Temple Sinai Sisterhood, 1967
box 8 Sinclair, Clive, n.d.
box 8 Sinclair, Upton, 1949-1952
box 8 Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1962-1971
box 8 Singer, Michael H., 1974
box 8 Sions, Harry, 1972
box 8 Siporin, Miriam Tane, 1965-1984
box 8 Siporin, Mitchell, 1976
box 8 Sipser, Richard, n.d.
box 8 Sisson, Charles, 1982
box 8 Sklare, Marshall, 1971
box 8 Slater, (F), 1955
box 8 Slater, Jackie, 1974-1988 [Mrs. Morton Slater]
box 8 Slater, Jill, 1997
box 8 Slater, Laurie, 1971-1976 [daughter of the Slaters, Brandeis '74]
box 8 Slater, Morton V., 1953-1986 [cousin of Hindus]
box 8 (Slansin), Solomon, 1971
box 8 Slutsky, Bertha W., 1971 [aunt]
box 8 Smith, C. Ruggles, 1967-1976 [Dean of Admissions, Brandeis]
box 8 Smith, Howard K. (American Broadcasting Corporation), 1975
box 8 Smith, Jeff (about), 1990
box 8 Smith, John H., 1971-1979
box 8 Smith, Mitchell, n.d.
box 8 Smith, Samuel, 1965
box 8 Smylie, James H., 1970
box 8 Solotaroff, Theodore, 1966
box 8 Sommer, Piotr, 1983-1997 [translator of Charles Reznikoff's poetry into Polish]
box 8 Sonntag, Jacob (Jewish Quarterly), 1977
box 8 Southam, Brian, 1968-1975 (Routledge & Kegan Paul)
box 8 Southern Illinois University Press, 1966-1970
box 8 Soyer, Daniel, 1997
box 8 American Specialists Program, 1965
box 8 Spectrum Medical Arts, 1994
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box 9 Spore, Meir [?], 1971
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box 9 Suid, Murray, 1964
box 9 Sultan, Stanley, 1976-1977
box 9 Sutherland, Janet, 1982
box 9 Swiggart, Peter (about), 1965-1975
box 9 Syrkin, Marie, 1963-1989 [Mrs. Charles Reznikoff]
box 9 S--Unknown, 1976
box 9 T____, Andrew, 1967
box 9 Taft, Robert A., 1953
box 9 Taylor, Robert, 1968
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Books and Chapters
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The Broken Music Box
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Irving Babbitt: Literature and Democratic Culture
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The Crippled Giant
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box 13 Reception 1986
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box 13 Miscellaneous, n.d.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: An Introduction and Interpretation
box 14 "Preface" (draft), n.d.
box 14 Chapter 1--"This Side of Paradise" (draft), n.d.
box 14 Chapter 3--"The Great Gatsby" (draft), n.d.
box 14 Chapter 4--"Tender is the Night" (draft), n.d.
box 14 Chapter 6--"Other writings" (draft), n.d.
box 14 Reviews, ca. 1968
Jewish East Side
box 14 "Introduction" (typewritten original), n.d.
box 14 Abstract, 1995
Leaves of Grass: One Hundred Years After
box 14 Whitman-related articles, 1959-1992
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box 14 Award, 1983
The Old East Side
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box 14 "On Learning from History," n.d.
box 14 Lower East Side, New York (about), 1966
box 14 Reviews, 1970
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One Destiny (by Sholem Asch, translated by Hindus)
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The Proustian Vision
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box 14 Reviews, 1953-1967
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A Reader's Guide to Marcel Proust
box 14 "Against Obscurity" (essay on article by Marcel Proust), n.d.
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Charles Reznikoff
box 14 Bibliography: Charles Reznikoff's writings in the Menorah Journal, 1924-1948
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box 14 "A Poet's Contribution to Shakespearean Interpretation and Criticism (typewritten original), n.d. [see Sagetrieb for published version]
box 14 "Centennial for a Saunterer (typewritten original), n.d. [see Sagetrieb for published version]
box 14 Leti, Gregorio. "Facsimiles of Three Pages from The Life of Pope Sixtus V," 1754 [see Sagetrieb for published version]
box 15 Looking for letters of the poet Reznikoff (advertisment), 1994
box 15 Request for photoduplication of Reznikoff's letters, 1992
box 15 Reznikoff's letters to Al and Milly, 1929-1930
box 15 Reznikoff's letters, 1929-1976 [mostly to his wife and some miscellaneous letters from the University of California at San Diego collection]
box 15 Reznikoff's letters (Mandeville Special Collections, University of California at San Diego), 1962-1975
box 15 Reznikoff papers, University of California at San Diego, ca. 1912-1976
box 15 Table of contents, n.d.
box 15 "Introduction" to Letters of Charles Reznikoff (drafts with corrections), n.d.
box 15 "Introduction" (proofs), 1997
box 15 Letters of Charles Reznikoff (footnotes with corrections), n.d.
box 15 Letters of Charles Reznikoff (work copy), 1917-1976 [3 folders]
box 15 Selected Letters of Charles Reznikoff 1917-1976 (proofs with handwritten notes), 1997
box 15 Letters of Charles Reznikoff--first proofs, editor's copy (clean copy), 1997 [2 folders]
box 15 Letters of Charles Reznikoff--first proofs, editor's copy (with corrections), 1997 [2 folders]
box 15 Letters of Charles Reznikoff--second proofs, assistant's copy (clean copy), 1997 [2 folders]
box 15 Letters of Charles Reznikoff: A Comprehensive Selection (2 copies), n.d. [4 folders]
box 15 Letters of Charles Reznikoff: A Comprehensive Selection, n.d.
box 15 Letters of Charles Reznikoff: A Comprehensive Selection (work copy with corrections), n.d.
box 15 Publicity materials, 1994-1997
box 15 Review copy list, n.d.
box 15 Reviews, 1977-1998
Walt Whitman: Critical heritage
box 15 Walt Whitman, n.d.
box 15 Walt Whitman (by Hindus), n.d.
box 15 Review, 1973
The World at Twilight
box 15 Review, 1971
box 15 By the Waters of Manhattan by Charles Reznikoff-- "Introduction," 1986
box 15 Robert Frost: A Friend to a Younger Poet by Henry Dierkes (Introduction by Hindus)--"Robert Frost and Henry Dierkes" (typewritten original to Henry Dierkes; including a copy of Dierkes' response to Hindus), n.d.
box 16 Ghosts on the Roof by Whittaker Chambers--abstract, 1995
box 16 Ghosts on the Roof by Whittaker Chambers--"Introduction" (typewritten original with corrections), ca. 1996
box 16 "Introduction: The Historical and Literary Background," n.d.
box 16 Poems by David Ignatow (Introduction by Hindus)--review, n.d.
box 16 Polish Boy--translation by Hindus (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 16 Polish Lad by Isaac Joel Linetski--"Introduction" by Hindus (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 16 What is this Jewish Heritage by Ludwig Lewisohn ("Introduction" by Hindus)--review, n.d.
box 16 With Walt Whitman in Camden by Horace Traubel-- "Introduction" (various drafts), n.d.
box 16 With Walt Whitman in Camden--contract letter, "Introduction" and copy of selections from the book, n.d.
box 16 The Worlds of Maurice Samuel--Reviews, 1977
Unpublished Writing
Book Reviews
box 16 S. Y. Agnon's Betrothed; and Edo and Enam, n.d.
box 16 Woody Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors, n.d.
box 16 Harold Aspiz's Walt Whitman and the Body Beautiful, n.d.
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box 16 Taken Care Of: The Autobiography of Edith Sitwell, n.d.
box 16 Italo Svevo's Short Sentimental Journey and P. N. Furbank's Italo Svevo: The Man and the Writer, n.d.
Handwritten Manuscripts
box 16 The Abortion Book: Life Cycle of a Love Affair, n.d.
box 16 "Alienation and Affirmation in Malamud and Bellow," n.d.
box 16 "American Jewish Literary Progress in this Past Half-century," n.d.
box 16 To Adam Bellow, n.d.
box 16 "The book," n.d.
box 16 "The Mandate of the 1972 Election," n.d.
box 16 Miscellaneous handwritten notes, n.d. [2 folders]
box 16 Miscellaneous handwritten and typewritten notes, n.d.
box 16 Notebook: Confessions--School (various subjects, mostly autobiographical), n.d.
box 16 Notebook (notes on major literary figures, with inserts on Celine), n.d.
box 16 Notebook (notes on Yiddish literature, Proust, Celine and Brandeis-related), 1948-1950
box 16 Notebook (mostly autobiographical), 1974
box 16 Notebook (about Brandeis, Plato and Hemingway), 1975-1976
box 16 Notebook (daily entries, with inserts), 1991
box 16 Notebook (with inserts), 1996-1997
box 16 On Vermeer (including ink drawings), n.d.
box 16 Predictions for 1996 elections, 1996
box 16 Teaching of literature, n.d.
Lecture Notes
box 16 "Eliot Arbiter," n.d.
box 16 "On Reading Poetry Aloud and Teaching it" (English department, Brandeis), n.d.
box 16 "Modern Jewish Literature," n.d.
box 16 "Prepared Response for an Unexpected Honor or Award," n.d.
box 16 "Remarks for the Committee on the Status of Women Faculty," n.d.
box 16 "Sounds of Poetry: English and American" (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 16 Untitled [lecture delivered at Brandeis' Friday Jewish service], n.d.
box 16 "Whitman" (New School, the day of Roosevelt's death), 1945
box 16 "The Place of Criticism in America" (University of California, Los Angeles; including a draft copy with handwritten notes and corrections), 1960
box 16 "Message to the Brandeis Class of '61," ca. 1961
box 16 "Jewish Contribution to American Literature" (Riverdale Temple; handwritten notes only), 1961
box 16 "Jewish Literary Values in a World of Conflict" (Jewish Community Center; handwritten notes only), 1961
box 16 "Jewish Intellectual and Jewish Allegiance" (Hindus moderates a panel comprising Maurice Samuel and Leslie Fiedler), 1965
box 16 "Influence of Yiddish Literature in America" (Temple Emanuel; handwritten notes only), 1965
box 16 "Inner Space and Outer Space" (Temple Emanuel; including handwritten notes), 1965
box 16 "Taking Root in America: A Study of Three Literary Generations (Jewish Book Month program, Boston Public Library), 1965
box 16 "Recent American-Jewish Literature: Mirror or Distortion? (including handwritten notes), 1965
box 16 "The Image of the Jew in American Literature" (Adult Jewish Studies lecture series, Temple Beth Avodah), 1967
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box 16 "Jewish Life in the Shtetl" (Sunday Scholars Series of the Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington D.C.; including a draft copy with handwritten notes and corrections, and lecture brochure), 1975
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box 16 Milton Sacks Memorial, 1981
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box 16 Modern Language Association talk in New York, 1986
box 16 Untitled, 1987
box 16 Remarks at the 35th commencement at Brandeis (including handwritten notes), 1988
box 16 Undelivered talk at the Brandeis 40th Anniversary gala celebration, 1988
box 16 Introduction to the Comparative Literature Association panel, 1989
box 16 Minute for Marie Syrkin, Brandeis University faculty meeting, 1989
box 16 Preparation of possible remarks, 1989
box 16 Remarks at the open meeting of the Brandeis senate, 1990
box 16 Memorial for Ben Halpern, 1990
Notes on Literary Figures
box 16 Charles Angoff, n.d.
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Pieces Out of a Man's Life
box 17 Autobiography, ca. 1945 [3 folders]
box 17 Autobiography: Uncle's suicide, n.d.
box 17 "College and Communism" (various drafts), n.d.
box 17 Fragments of untitled pieces, n.d.
box 17 "Parents Unknown," n.d.
box 17 "The Skeleton in my Closet," n.d.
box 17 "Some Reflections Upon Analysis," n.d.
box 17 Untitled [about uncle, Maurice Hindus], n.d.
box 17 Untitled ("nervous breakdown" story), n.d.
box 17 "Veronica," n.d.
box 17 Various drafts of introductions, n.d.
box 17 Various drafts of epilogue (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 17 Chapter 10 (various drafts), n.d.
box 17 Pieces Out of a Man's Life (typewritten original), n.d. [3 folders]
box 17 Pieces Out of a Man's Life: Chapters 1-7 (typewritten original), n.d.
box 17 Pieces Out of a Man's Life: An Arrangement of Things Past (complete original manuscript), n.d.
box 17 Poems (miscellaneous poems of varying lengths, including some haikus), n.d.
box 17 Poems (some are published in Broken Music-Box), n.d.
box 17 Poems (sent to Midstream for publication), 1985
Prose Manuscripts
box 17 "A Time to Die," n.d.
box 17 "American Jewish Writing from 1912 to 1962," n.d.
box 17 "Preface in Introduction to Jewish Writing in America," n.d.
box 17 "Prefatory Remarks" (Modern American Jewish writers), n.d.
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box 17 "Anthologies," n.d.
box 17 "An Episode in the Biblical Book of Jonah" (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 17 "An Age of Autobiography" (including draft with handwritten notes and corrections), n.d.
box 17 "Autobiography: An Essay," n.d.
box 17 "Engineers and the Price System," n.d.
box 17 "Essays in Autobiography and Criticism" (prefatory remarks and acknowledgments), n.d.
box 17 "On Beckett and the A.R.T.," n.d.
box 17 "The Bicentennial," n.d.
box 17 "The Birth of a Poem and a Poet," n.d.
box 17 "Books: New and Old," n.d.
box 17 "Humanities at Brandeis: Some Notes on Origins and Purposes," n.d.
box 17 "What Those of us who Laid the Foundations of the School of Humanities at Brandeis University in 1948 were Trying to do," n.d.
box 17 "Conscripts vs. Volunteers," n.d.
box 17 "John Dewey and Anzia Yezierska," n.d.
box 17 "The Conciseness of Emily Dickinson," n.d.
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box 18 "'Hot little prophets' and Johnny-come-latelies," n.d.
box 18 "Individual Leadership and History," n.d.
box 18 "In Defense of Conformity," n.d.
box 18 "Is History a Palindrome?," n.d.
box 18 "Israel's Need for Settlement, not Settlements," n.d.
box 18 "Life is Inherently Fair," n.d.
box 18 "Limits for the Tolerable" (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 18 "Literature and History" (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 18 "New Facts Concerning the Extirpation of the Jewish Writers of Soviet Russia" by Moses Albaum (translated by Hindus), n.d.
box 18 "Not Merely a Monument but a Mausoleum," n.d.
box 18 Notes for discussion (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 18 "Notes on Bryant's 'To a Waterfowl'," n.d.
box 18 "Objective and Subjective Approaches to Literary Study," n.d.
box 18 "On Government," n.d.
box 18 "On the Meaning of 'Modern'," n.d.
box 18 "On Richard Nixon," n.d.
box 18 "On Receiving an Honor or Citation," n.d.
box 18 "On reading Poetry Aloud," n.d.
box 18 "Origins of the Jewish Sense of Humor," n.d.
box 18 "Plato's Phaedo," n.d.
box 18 "Plato and Socrates," n.d.
box 18 "James Kilpatrick's Column on Ezra Pound," 1978
box 18 "The Powers of Criticism--Hazlitt and De Quincey," n.d.
box 18 "Probability and Adventure, n.d.
box 18 "Proletarians and Aesthetes" (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 18 "The Proletarian Generation" (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 18 "The Aesthetes," n.d.
box 18 "Propaganda for Poetry," n.d.
box 18 Proposed table of contents of Dissents on the Classics, n.d.
box 18 "A note on 'Prufrock'," n.d.
box 18 "Reconciliation: The Great Theme," n.d.
box 18 "Resurrection of States Rights," n.d.
box 18 "Self-limitation and Mastery," n.d.
box 18 "Shakespeare's Sonnets," n.d.
box 18 "Isaac Bashevis Singer's Story 'Taibele and Her Demon' and Boccaccio's 'Decameron'--A Study in Derivation," n.d.
box 18 "Sitters and Portraits," n.d.
box 18 The Smallest Sprout: A Book of Plain Sayings, n.d.
box 18 "Some Thoughts on the Nobel Prize in Literature," n.d.
box 18 "An Old World Ghost Story" and "Jonah," n.d. [adapted Bible stories]
box 18 "The Tree of Knowledge in the Buddha, Bible and Rousseau," n.d.
box 18 "Essay on Turgenev's Fathers and Sons," n.d.
box 18 "United States of the World," n.d.
box 18 Various stories--"The Buddha;" "A Tale by Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav;" and "The Whistle," n.d.
box 18 "Vertical Best Sellers and Horizontal Ones," n.d.
box 18 "Some Lines from Whitman in my Life" (including handwritten notes), n.d.
box 18 "Whitman, Whittaker Chambers and Dreiser," n.d.
box 18 Witness by Whittaker Chambers (various drafts), n.d.
Collected Writings
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box 20 Whitman reading, Hindus, 1955 [reel to reel audio tape]
box 20 Index cards, n.d.
box 21 Light blue silk Brandeis sash, n.d.
Books by Hindus
Written and Edited Volumes
box 22 One Destiny: An Epistle to the Christians (translated by Hindus), 1945
box 22 The Crippled Giant, 1950
box 22 L.-F. Celine tel que je l'ai vu (translation of The Crippled Giant), 1951
box 22 The Proustian Vision, 1954
box 22 Leaves of Grass: 100 Years After (edited and with an introduction by Hindus), 1955
box 22 A Reader's Guide to Marcel Proust, 1962
box 22 A World at Twilight: A Portrait of the Jewish Communities of Eastern Europe before the Holocaust (text by Hindus), 1971
box 22 Charles Reznikoff: A Critical Essay, 1977
box 22 The Worlds of Maurice Samuel: Selected Writings (edited and with an introduction by Hindus), 1977
box 22 The Broken Music Box, 1980
box 22 Charles Reznikoff: Man and Poet (edited by Hindus), 1984
box 22 The Crippled Giant: A Literary Relationship with Louis-Ferdinand Celine (New and Expanded Edition), 1986
box 22 Essays: Personal and Impersonal, 1988
box 22 Irving Babbitt, Literature, and the Democractic Culture, 1994
box 22 Celine: The Crippled Giant (New Introduction by Hindus), 1997
Chapters or Introductions
box 23 Louis-Ferdinand Celine (L'Herne No. 3)--"Dire, redire et se contredire," n.d.
box 23 Poems by David Ignatow--"Introduction," 1948
box 23 Art and Action: 10th anniversary issue of Twice a Year--"Politics," 1948
box 23 Witness by Whittaker Chambers--"Foreword," 1952
box 23 Mid-Century by Harold U. Ribalow--"Repeat Performance," 1955
box 23 The Anxious Years edited by Louis Fuller--"Politics," 1963
box 23 The Masters of Modern French Criticism by Irving Babbitt--"Introduction," 1963
box 23 What is this Jewish Heritage? by Ludwig Lewisohn-- "Introduction", 1964
box 23 Louis-Ferdinand Celine II (L'Herne No. 5)--Correspondence, 1965
box 23 The Lower East Side: Portal to American Life (1870-1924)--"An East Side Anthology," 1966
box 23 Jewish Frontier Anthology 1945-1967--"Ludwig Lewisohn," 1967
box 23 A Traveler in Two Worlds by Maurice Hindus--"Introduction," 1971
box 23 The Polish Lad by Isaac Joel Linetski--"Introduction," 1975
box 23 Jewish Book Annual Volume 36--"Jewish American Poetry," 1978-1979
box 23 Images and Ideas in American Culture: The Functions of Criticism, Essays in Memory of Philip Rahv edited by Arthur Edelstein--"Philip Rahv," 1979
box 23 1980: Leaves of Grass at 125, edited by William White-- "Apollinaire's April Fool's Day Whitman Hoax," 1980
box 23 Brandeis Essays in Literature edited by John Hazel Smith--"On Celine Once More," 1983
box 23 Robert Frost: A Friend to a Younger Poet by Henry Dierkes--"Introduction," 1984
box 23 Identity and Ethos: A Festschrift for Sol Liptzin on the Occasion of His 85th Birthday edited by Mark H. Gelber--"Of History, Literature, and Charles Reznikoff (1894-1976)," 1986
box 23 Family Chronicle by Charles Reznikoff--"New Introduction," 1988
box 23 Here and Hereafter by Lionel Blue--"The Army of the Dead," 1988
box 23 The "Other" New York Jewish Intellectuals edited by Carole S. Kessner--"Charles Reznikoff," 1994
box 23 Sagetrieb: Charles Reznikoff Issue--"A Poet's Contribution" and "Centennial for a Saunterer," Spring & Fall, 1994
box 23 The Little Karoo by Pauline Smith--"New Introduction," 1997
box 24 Bookplate, n.d.
box 24 3 x 3 (note from John), 1969
box 24 A Treasury of the Theatre (typed article: On Beckett and the A.R.T.), 1940
box 24 Agenda (letter from Brandeis students about F.T. Prince; essay by Lattimore), 1989
box 24 American Jewish Archives, 1983
box 24 American Jewish History (postcard postmarked 08/25/1983), 1983
box 24 American Jewish History (Newsweek article; Measure newsletter No. 79), 1989
box 24 Beloit Poetry Journal: Walt Whitman, A Centennial Celebration (French essay fragment), 1954
box 24 Brandeis University Directory of Alumni (letter from Brandeis alumni office), 1970
box 24 Divisions du catalogue (letter with Celine material), 1980
box 24 Folio (poems, author unknown), 1966
box 24 Green River Review (note from Ruth), 1979
box 24 The Holy Scriptures (Psalm 2, handwritten), 1917
box 24 Ironwood (letters from Anthony Rudolph and George Oppen; article on Oppen), 1975
box 24 Jewish Book Annual (letter from David Ignatow), 1978-1979
box 24 Jewish Frontier: A Labor Zionist Journal (poem), 1987
box 24 Juden in Preuben or Jews in Prussia (letter), 1981
box 24 L'affaire Celine (letter from American Jewish Committee about Hindus' support for Celine during his trial), n.d.
box 24 Le cahiers de L'Herne (notes and review), 1965
box 24 Midstream (Czeslaw Milosz's Nobel lecture, 1980), 1984
box 24 Midstream: A Monthly Jewish Review (review by Marie Syrkin), 1989
box 24 MJS Annual II (essays by and about Saul Bellow), 1978
box 24 Modern Age: A Quarterly Review (letter from publisher), 1984
box 24 Modern Age: A Quarterly Review (letter from editor), 1995
box 24 Montemora 3 (letter from Eliot Weinberger), 1977
box 24 New Departures (notes; letter from editor; articles on Michael Horovitz), 1975
box 24 ND 13 New Directions in Prose and Poetry (letter from editor), 1951
box 24 New World Writing #11 (letters from David Ignatow), 1957
box 24 The Odyssey (Midyear examination questions for Brandeis students), n.d.
box 24 Paideuma (obituary of Basil Bunting), 1979
box 24 Paideuma (letter to Hatlen), 1979
box 24 Partisan Review (photo), 1956
box 24 Prism 2 (student paper), 1964
box 24 Quadrant (note from Vivian), 1981
box 24 Stroker 21 (article by Seymour Krim), 1981
box 24 The Southern Review (letters from editor), 1965
box 24 Studies in American Jewish Literature, 1975
box 24 Studies in Romanticism (letter from Alphonse Vinh), 1976
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box 24 Walt Whitman Review (letter from editor), 1982
box 24 Adamson, J.H. and H.F. Folland. Sir Harry Vane: His Life and Times (note from Frank), 1973
box 24 Agnon, S.Y. Two Tales: Betrothed & Edo and Enam (review by Hindus), 1966
box 24 Albaret, Celeste. Monsieur Proust (obituary of Albaret), 1973
box 24 Alekhin, Alexander. My Best Games of Chess (notecard from Charlotte and Edwin), n.d.
box 24 Allen, Gay Wilson. The Solitary Singer: A Critical Biography (letters from author; story of The Four Beagles with Myra; various articles), 1955
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box 24 Alter, Robert. Defenses of the Imagination (review), 1977
box 24 Angell, Joseph Warner (editor). The Thomas Mann Reader (card), 1950
box 24 Aspiz, Harold. Walt Whitman and the Body Beautiful (reviews including by Hindus) , 1980
box 24 Atlas, James. Delmore Schwartz: The Life of an American Poet (note from Michael Gilmore; article on Delmore Schwartz Award), 1977
box 24 Auden, W.H. Poems (typed and handwritten notes), 1937
box 24 Auster, Paul. The Art of Hunger and the Other Essays (letter from author; essay fragment on Reznikoff), 1982
box 24 Babbitt, Irving. The Breakdown of Internationalism (typed essay on Babbitt), 1915
box 24 Babbitt, Irving. The New Laokoon (review essay), 1940
box 24 Babbitt, Irving. Rousseau and Romanticism, 1947
box 24 Babbitt, Irving. Democracy and Leadership (letter from Norman Foerster; handwritten notes), 1952
box 24 Babbitt, Irving. The Masters of Modern Criticism, with Introduction by Hindus (various reviews by Hindus), 1963
box 24 Babel, Isaac. You Must Know Everything (telegram about Saul Bellow), 1969
box 24 Balzac. Gillette or the Unknown Masterpiece (essay by Anthony Rudolph), 1988
box 24 Baumbach, Jonathan. The Landscape of the Nightmare (letter from Ben Blatt), 1965
box 24 Baynes, Norman H. (editor). The Speeches of Adolph Hitler (handwritten notes by Maurice Hindus), 1942
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box 24 Behrman, S.N. People in a Diary (correspondence with author; review), 1972
box 24 Bellow, Saul. The Adventures of Augie March (handwritten notes), 1953
box 24 Bellow, Saul. Seize the Day (handwritten notes), 1956
box 24 Bellow, Saul. Herzog (handwritten notes), 1964
box 24 Bellow, Saul. Mosby's Memoirs and Other Stories (review; letter to author; handwritten notes), 1968
box 24 Bellow, Saul. Mr. Sammler's Planet (typewritten note on Saul Bellow winning the Nobel Prize), 1969
box 24 The Portable Saul Bellow (letter to author), 1974
box 24 Ben-Sasson, H.H. A History of the Jewish People, 1976
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box 24 Berryman, John. The Freedom of the Poet (typewritten essay on Robert Frost), 1976
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box 24 Blackstock, Chairty. The Children (typewritten essay on Celine), 1966
box 24 Blair, Walter et al. The Literature of the United States (correspondence with Ralph Cohen; card from Katherine Kovacs Dohanos; mid-year examination for Brandeis students; Brandeis University Gazette January 20, 1960), 1947
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box 24 Boorstin, Daniel J. The Lost World of Thomas Jefferson (essays on Jefferson; letters from author; essay on Hamlet), 1948
box 24 Boorstin, Daniel J. The Genius of American Politics (letter from author; handwritten notes), 1953
box 24 Boorstin, Daniel J. The Decline of Radicalism (letter from author), 1969
box 24 Boorstin, Daniel J. Hidden History (correspondence with author), 1989
box 24 Bourke-White, Margaret. Portrait of Myself (article on author; picture of Maurice Hindus), 1963
box 24 Bowers, Fredson (editor) Vladimir Nabokov: Lectures on Literature (present from English Department upon Hindus' retirement), 1980
box 24 Bowles, Paul. Collected Stories 1939-1976, 1980
box 24 Boydston, Jo Ann. The Poems of John Dewey (correspondence with author; review; essay on Dewey), 1977
box 24 Branser, Joel. Order and Chaos: The Novels of Thomas Wolfe and Thomas Pynchon (note from Doug about book), 1979
box 24 Brasillach, Robert. Le proces de Robert Brasillach (essay on author), 1945
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