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Creator: Benjamin Halpern
Title: Papers, 1942-1993, n.d.
Quantity: 2.33 cu. ft. (2 record center boxes, 1 document box)
Repository: Brandeis University Libraries
Identification: MWalB0150A
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Benjamin Halpern joined the Brandeis University Faculty in 1960 and in 1971 became the Richard Koret Professor of Judaica for the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Department. Trained at the Boston Hebrew Teachers College and Harvard College as an undergraduate, Halpern continued at Harvard to earn his doctorate in sociology, history, and philosophy. Until his retirement in 1980, Halpern taught courses such as Contemporary Hebrew Literature and the History of Modern Palestine. During his tenure at Brandeis, Halpern sat on the Faculty Senate and the Advisory Planning Committee, and chaired the Humanities Council. In addition to a twenty year career at Brandeis, Halpern taught at Tel-Aviv University and Wellesley College as a visiting professor. He passed away in 1990.

Intimately connected with the Zionist movement, Halpern's professional activities included editorial positions with Jewish Frontier and Midstream, as well as membership on academic boards such as the American Association for the Sociological Study of the Jews. Halpern's published works include "The Idea of the Jewish State,"(1961) (Cambridge: Harvard University Press) and "Clash of Heroes: Brandeis, Weizmann, & American Zionism" (1987) (New York: Oxford University Press).

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Scope and Content

The files in this collection were created from 1942 through 1993. They include biographical sketches, teaching notes, syllabi, reading lists, correspondence, published and unpublished documents, and work by other authors. A significant part of the published work appeared in Jewish Frontier and Midstream. Most of the remaining articles in the collection are reprints. Approximately one fourth of the collection is in Hebrew text in the form of correspondence, newspaper articles, handwritten notes, and reprints. A significant part of the collection focuses on Zionism.

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Series Description

Biographical Information
Inclusive Dates: 1949-1993
Box 1
Arrangement: one folder
This series consists of biographical sketches, curriculum vitaes, drafted bibliographies, resumes, and research plans.
Inclusive Dates: 1955-1986, n.d.
Box 1
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains both incoming and outgoing correspondence from Halpern's personal and professional career. Some of the text is in Hebrew.
Syllabi and Reading Lists
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1977
Box 1
Arrangement: Numeric by course number
This series contains syllabi and reading lists concerning four classes taught by Halpern in the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Department at Brandeis. The University Archives transferred this material from the Lewis Feuer Collection.
Early Writings
Inclusive Dates: n.d.
Box 1
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains hand-written documents, research and lecture notes.
Inclusive Dates: 1946-1988, n.d.
Box 1
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series is comprised of drafted, typed, and finished manuscripts.
Inclusive Dates: n.d.
Box 1
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains unsigned and undated manuscripts most likely authored by Halpern.
Inclusive Dates: 1982-1987
Box 2
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains publishing contracts for works authored and co- authored by Halpern.
Reprints--Jewish Frontier
Inclusive Dates: 1942-1989
Box 2
Arrangement: Chronological
This series consists of Halpern's articles published in Jewish Frontier. Note: In two publications written by "Alexander Lurie," Halpern crossed out Lurie's name and wrote his own name.
Inclusive Dates: 1955-1976
Box 2
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains articles written by Halpern and published in Midstream.
Reprints--Various Publications
Inclusive Dates: 1945-1990
Box 2
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains published articles by Halpern in newspapers, magazines, academic journals, conference materials, and newsletters.
Inclusive Dates: n.d.
Box 2
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains published articles by Halpern that are undated or have an approximate date.
Reviews and Responses
Inclusive Dates: 1957-1988, n.d.
Box 2
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains articles by others responding to Halpern's published work. It also includes book reviews.
Writings--Other Authors
Inclusive Dates: 1954-1971, n.d.
Box 2
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series consists of two articles by other authors.

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Container List

Biographical Information
box 1 Biographical and bibliographic information, 1949-1993
box 1 Abramov, Dr. S.Z., 1985
box 1 Arthur/The Theodor Herzl Foundation, Inc., 1955
box 1 Ben-Gurion, David, 1965
box 1 Ben-Gurion, David, letters on Lavon Affair, 1957-1962, [Hebrew]
box 1 Donald, Mrs. Aida/Harvard University Press, 1976
box 1 Hazaz, Haim, widow, 1990/ Haim Hazaz "The Sermon," 1956
box 1 Hoos, Mrs. Sidney, 1955
box 1 Katz, Mr. Elihu, 1955
box 1 Parsons, Talcott, 1957
box 1 Reinharz, Jehuda, n.d.
box 1 Sanders, Irwin T./Ford Foundation, 1965-1966
box 1 Speigel, Gidon, 1965
box 1 Vankert, Yosef, (about obtaining translation rights for "The American Jew"), 1986
box 1 Weiss, Paul, 1955
box 1 Zenner, Walter P., 1962
Syllabi and Reading Lists
box 1 NEJS 65b--History of Zionism, 1977
box 1 NEJS 165a, 1972
box 1 NEJS 166b--Jewish Intellectual History Since 1870, 1964-1965
box 1 NEJS 169a--The Destruction of European Jewry, 1974
Early Writings
box 1 For Dr. Parsons, n.d.
box 1 Incomplete and Damaged Manuscript, n.d.
box 1 Lectures 107b (original), [Culture as a Historical System], n.d.
box 1 "Mannheim's Wissensoziologie," n.d.
box 1 Raw Notes, n.d.
box 1 Raw Notes, Mapping Sentences and Other Formulas, n.d.
box 1 "Religion and Society," n.d.
box 1 Remarks Concerning Thesis and Other Documents, n.d.
box 1 "At Home in Exile," n.d.
box 1 "Avraham Tory, Surviving the Holocaust," n.d.
box 1 "Bases of the relationship of American Jews to the State of Israel," n.d., [Hebrew]
box 1 "Basic Concepts of Historical Sociology," n.d.
box 1 "Begin and the Peace Process," n.d.
box 1 "Coalition Formation: The Israeli Case," n.d.
box 1 "Collective Guilt and Individual Responsibility: The Genocide Concept," n.d.
box 1 "The Combination of history and social science...," 1979
box 1 "Comments on Friesel's Theses," n.d.
box 1 "The Context of Hannah Arendt's Concept of Totalitarianism," n.d.
box 1 "The Current Zionist Hegemony and the Countervailing Process," n.d.
box 1 Discussion on David Sidorsky's paper, 1981-1983
box 1 "Ethical Issues in Extreme Situations: Some Current Paradigms from Jewish History II. Retribution and Revenge: War Tribunals and Reparations," 1944-1972
box 1 "Ethical Issues in Extreme Situations: Some Current Paradigms from Jewish History III. Collective Guilt and Individual Responsibility. See also Nuremberg Trial (II), 1946-1961
box 1 "Ethical Issues in Extreme Situations: Some Current Paradigms from Jewish History IV, Peace Everlasting: Messianic State," 1965-1967
box 1 "The Facets of History," 1972
box 1 "Guidelines for Policy-Oriented Research on Antisemitism," 1988
box 1 "Hayim Greenberg," 1957, [Hebrew]
box 1 "History and Sociology," 1957-1986
box 1 "How to Observe the Commandment of Exile," n.d.
box 1 "Ideology and Mythology," n.d.
box 1 "In Defense of the American Chalutz," 1937
box 1 "Mandate for Palestine," n.d.
box 1 "Marie Syrkin, in memoriam," n.d.
box 1 "Norman Rose, Chaim Weizmann: A Biography," ca.1986
box 1 "Notes relating to possible article on history and social action- Jews, Church and social consensus. Integration," n.d.
box 1 "Objectivity of Systematic Historical Explanation- drafts of materials relating to," n.d.
box 1 "Objectivity of Systematic Historical Explanation, 'Theories or Interpretations,'--drafts of materials relating to," n.d.
box 1 "Outline of and Article on Objective Concepts, Myths, and Ideologies," n.d.
box 1 "Petite Histoire, Grande Historie, and the Excluded Middle," 1986
box 1 "Political Modernization in the Middle East," n.d.
box 1 "The Possibility of Systematic Historical Explanation," n.d.
box 1 "Projective-Predictive Projection on Israel," n.d.
box 1 "Retribution and Revenge: War Crimes Tribunals and Reparations," n.d.
box 1 "Secularism as a Religion," ca. 1985
box 1 "A Simplified Parsonian Model for Historical Sociology," n.d.
box 1 "The State in the Making," n.d.
box 1 "The Study of Jewish Identity Issues and Approaches," 1971
box 1 "Systematic Historical Explanation," ca.1972
box 1 "Two Rothschilds and the Land of Israel," 1980
box 1 "Zionism in America," n.d.
box 1 "American Zionism: Retrospect and Prospect," n.d.
box 1 "Analysis of Nationalism," n.d.
box 1 "Ethical Issues in Extreme Situations: Some Current Paradigms from Jewish History," n.d.
box 1 "A Jewish View of America," n.d.
box 1 "Liebman, Charles S. and Elizer Don-Yehiya," n.d.
box 1 "Motives, Consequences and Functions," n.d.
box 1 "Reconstructionism," n.d.
box 1 "Objectivity of Systematic Historical Explanation--drafts of materials relating to," [Theories or Interpretations], n.d.
box 2 Contracts with publishers, 1982-1987
Reprints--Jewish Frontier
box 2 Special Issue Dedicated to David Ben-Gurion, 2 copies of "Young Mapai," 1962
box 2 "Anti-Semitism and the Experts," p. 20-21, 1942
box 2 "Dissension in Jewish Education," p. 16-19, 1943
box 2 "We and The European Jews," p. 15-18, 1943
box 2 "The American Jewish Committee," p. 13-16, 1943
box 2 "The Responsibility of Opinion," p. 15-18, 1944
box 2 ""The Protestant" Hunts a Witch," p. 27-28, 1944
box 2 "Jordan Valley Authority," by Alexander Lurie, p. 11-15, 1944, [Lurie's name crossed out and replaced with Halpern's]
box 2 "In the Light of History," p. 20-22, 1944
box 2 "The Committee Discovers a Cure-All," p. 32-36, 1944
box 2 "Die-Hard Anti-Zionists," p. 32-38, 1944
box 2 "Sumner Welles on Palestine," by Alexander Lurie, p. 15-17, 1944, [Lurie's name crossed out and replaced with Halpern's]
box 2 "Hekhalutz," p. 24-28, 1948
box 2 "God's Suffering People," p. 20-22, 1945
box 2 "On Assimilation: Neither Salvation nor Safety," p. 23-25, 1945
box 2 "The Human Rights Discussion," p. 11-12, 1945
box 2 "The Memory of Berl," p.17-19, 1945
box 2 "The Little Foxes," p.8-13, 1945
box 2 "Letter to an Intellectual," p. 13-18, 1946
box 2 "Haganah and the Terrorists," p.13-24, 1947
box 2 "Aaron David Gordon (Upon the 25th Anniversary of His Death)," p.17-20, 1947
box 2 "Guilty, But Not Answerable," p. 41-60, 1948
box 2 "The Partisanin Israel," p.6-9, 1948
box 2 "About Friends and Foes," p.55-56, 1948
box 2 "A Reply," p.30, ca.1948
box 2 "The Essence of a Non-Entity," p.17-20, 1948
box 2 "The Debate on Zionist Reorganization," p.46-63, 1949
box 2 "Studies of Prejudice," p.20-25, 1950
box 2 "Standby Socialism,"p.5-10, 1951
box 2 "McCarthysim and Our Absentee President," p.6-10, 1953
box 2 "Afterthoughts on the Hammarskjold Report," p.3-4, 1956
box 2 "Mr. Malik's 'Call to Action," p.5-8, 1956
box 2 ""Hamlet" Without the Prince," p.3-4, 1956
box 2 "Approaches to Peace," p.8-15, 1956
box 2 "America Tries Neutralism," p.3-4, 1956
box 2 "Faith and Unbelief," p.7-11, 1957
box 2 "The First Decade," p.23-24, 1958
box 2 "Who is a Jew?," p.7-10, 1959
box 2 "Habonim and American Zionism," p.16-18, 1959
box 2 "Ethnic Jewishness (1891)," p.13-16, 1960
box 2 "The Use of Sovereignty," p.15-20, 1961
box 2 "Reflections on the Eichmann Trial," p.30-35, 1961
box 2 "Portrait of the Jewish Community," p.29, 1961
box 2 "A Study in Leadership," p.11-14, 1961
box 2 "The Political World of American Zionism," p.23, 1962
box 2 "The Jewish Consensus," p.9-13, 1962
box 2 "Nachman Syrkin," p.19-22, 1963
box 2 "A Theological Jew," p.11-13, 1964
box 2 "American Ethnic Minorities and the New Nations (A Symposium,)" p.7-17, 1964
box 2 "De Facto' Segregation: A Discussion," p.3-11, 1964
box 2 "Federations and the Community," p.14-19, 1965
box 2 "The Issue of Jewish Culture," p.11-15, 1965,
box 2 "The Pluralistic Community and Its Values," p.7-11, 1966
box 2 "Three Soliloquies on a Colloquium: I," p.7-11, 1967
box 2 "Soliloquies on a Colloquium: II & III," p.12-15, 1967
box 2 "Palestinians and/or Jordanians," p.15-19, 1969
box 2 "The Leader Uplifted," p.8-10, 1970
box 2 "Israel and Palestine: The Political Use of Ethics," p.4-6, 1970
box 2 "Labor Zionism for Today," p.6-10, 1970
box 2 "Two Types of Minority Americans," p.7-14, 1971
box 2 "A Program for American Jews," p.12-18, 1971
box 2 "Judd L. Tuller, In Memoriam," p.29-30, 1973
box 2 "Exile: Abstract Condition and Concrete Community," p.9-10, 1979
box 2 "Marie Syrkin: Observations and Arguments," p.26-27, 1980
box 2 "Marie," p.9-10, 1983
box 2 "Hayim Greenberg's Zionism,"p.9-11, 1983
box 2 "One Man's Zionism," p.20-23, 1984
box 2 "A Crisis in Israel-Diaspora Relations?,"p.17-19, 1984
box 2 "A Free Man: Hayim Greenberg's Centennial," p.22-23, 1989
box 2 "America Is Different," p.39-52, 1955
box 2 "Apologia Contra Rabbines," p.12-22, 1956
box 2 "The Wisdom of Blindness," p.104-107, 1957
box 2 "Of Culture and Wisdom," p.84, 1958
box 2 "The Kibbutz Under Analysis," p.88-94, 1959
box 2 "A Historical Parallel," p.20-29, 1960
box 2 "The Communist Rabbi," p.108-110, 1961
box 2 "Galut Symposium," p.20-23, 1963
box 2 "Jews in Black and White," p.996-101, 1964
box 2 "A Dutiful Rebel," p.100-103, 1964
box 2 "The Anti-Zionist Phobia: Legal Style," p.74-85, 1965
box 2 "Two American Zionist Histories," p.74-77, 1966
box 2 "The Orgins of the Crisis," p.8-20, 1967-1973
box 2 "A Problem of Ethics," p.3-10, 1969
box 2 "Brandeis University and Ocean Hill-Brownsville," p.15-21, 1969
box 2 "Militancy and Passive Resistance," p.68-73, 1970
box 2 "The Goldmann Imbroglio," p.3-11, 1970
box 2 "With Wishes for Horses...The Goldmann Imbroglio II," p.58-65, 1970
box 2 "The Jewish Liberal," p.32-49, 1970
box 2 "The Ethnic Revolt," p.3-16, 1971
box 2 "Brandeis Way to Zionism," p.3-13, 1971
box 2 "Forever Racing Against Time," p.63-65, 1972
box 2 "The 'Quota' Issue," p.3-12, 1973
box 2 "Israel and the Problem of the Territories," p.38-46, 1973
box 2 "Who Needs Peace?," p.53-55, 1974
box 2 "The Rough Road to Peace," p.3-6, 1975
box 2 "The Interim Agreement: An Assessment," p.3-7, 1975
box 2 "Ben Halpern Replies," p.78-80, 1975
box 2 "Letters to Joseph Alsop," p..3-7, 1976
box 2 "Detente in Lebanon," p.3-6, 1976
box 2 "Kissinger's Parting Fanfare," p.3-6, 1976
Reprints--Various Publications
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Reviews and Responses
box 2 "Forward," [Forverts], May 28, 1961, [Hebrew]
box 2 "The Idea of a Jewish State," by D. Shub, [Hebrew]n.d.
box 2 "On Theories or Interpretations," 1960
box 2 "Remarks on 'The Idea of the Jewish State," 1961-1980
box 2 Various Reviews, 1971-1988
box 2 "Yahadut ha-Golah," (Diaspora Jewry) by Migvan, [Hebrew] 1978
box 2 "Young Mapai," in Jewish Frontier, Special Issue on David Ben-Gurion. Includes correspondence from David Ben-Gurion, 1957-1962
box 2 "Zionism and the State of Israel," Tsiyonizm un Medinas Yisroel, n.d., [Yiddish]
Writings--Other Authors
box 2 "Jews and Blacks, A Response to Ben Halpern," by Jacob Cohen, p.17-24, 1971
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