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Records, 1958-2006, n.d.

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The Student Union Government, the system of self- government by the undergraduate students of Brandeis University, started in 1949. Presently, the Student Union Government is composed of an Executive Board, which includes the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Senator, Executor of Union Affairs, Communications Director, Events Director, and Union Advocate; the Student Senate, which includes two senators from each class, one from each residential quad, two Senators At Large, one Senator for Racial Minority Students, and the Senate President (also the Union Vice-President); an Allocations Board; and the Union Judiciary, comprised of 5 student justices. From 1949 when the Student Union Government started until 1972, it was composed of a Student Council, with Executive officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer), four elected members of the senior class, three members of the junior and sophomore classes, two members of the freshman class, and one commuter. From 1972 until about 1990, the Government consisted of the Executive Board (President, Vice- President, Treasurer), the Senate, which had four senators from each class, the Student Judiciary, which had five justices, and two representatives to the Board of Trustees.

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Scope and Contents
The material in this collection was created from 1958 through 2006. Included in this collection is meeting minutes, brochures, event announcements and programs, candidate statements, bulletins, annual reports, Student Union Constitutions, and newsletters.

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Student Union (box 1)
Student Council (box 1)
Student Board of Reviews (box 1)
Student Senate (boxes 1-2)
Board of Trustees Undergraduate Representative (box 1)
Student Judicial System (box 1)

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Series Summary
Student Union
Inclusive Dates: 1958-2006, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains candidate statements, Student Union constitutions,
and the Student Union insignia.

Student Council
Inclusive Dates: 1966-1971, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains bulletins, information on workshops, and event

Student Board of Reviews
Inclusive Dates: 1968
Arrangement: 1 folder
This series contains one annual report of the Student Board of Reviews.

Student Senate
Inclusive Dates: 1973-2001
Arrangement: Subseries, then Chronological
This series contains meeting minutes, brochures, memorabilia, surveys,
reports, and event announcements and programs.

Board of Trustees Undergraduate Representative
Inclusive Dates: 1981-1982
Arrangement: 1 folder
This series contains the newsletter "Rep. Report."

Student Judicial System
Inclusive Dates: 1993-1998, 2003
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains case summaries.

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Folder List
Student Union
Box 1
          Candidate statements, 1958
          Men's Interdormitory Council: Revised Constitution, 1958
          Student Union Constitution, 1978, n.d.
          Amendments to Student Union Constitution, 1991
          Student Union insignia, n.d.
          Constitutional Amendments--Vote Now! 2004
          Election Results, 2003-2005
          Academic Life Survey, 2004
          Pass/Fail Student Forum, 2004
          Announcements, 2006

Student Council
Box 1
          Bulletins, 1966, 1976
          Event announcements and brochures, 1966-1967, 1971
          Reprint of "Spies on Campus" by Frank Donner, 1968
          Workshops, n.d.

Student Board of Reviews
Box 1
          Annual Report, 1968

Student Senate
Box 1
          Memorabilia, 1973-1976
          Informational brochure, 1976-1977
          "Senate Updates," 1978, 1981, 1982
          Meeting minutes, 1981, 1982
Box 2
          Sweatshirt, ca. 1990
Box 1
          "Which Side of the Fence Shall we Choose?  The Brandeis Student Senate Response to: Blueprint
               for Renewal a Strategic Plan for Restructuring and Enhancement 1992-1997," 1990
          Proposed Constitutional Amendments, 1999
          Newsletter, 2000
          Student Union Senate--photo, 2000-2001
          Divestment Movement--Student Response, 1979
          Homecoming program, 1983
          "Course Evaluation Guide," 1986-1987
          Student Survey, February 1988
          "Doing Justice" Brandeis Appreciation Weekend program, 1993
          "Deign Our Mascot" contest entry forms, 1994
          General event announcements, 1974, 1996

Board of Trustees Undergraduate Representative
Box 1
          "Rep. Reports," 1981, 1982

Student Judicial System
Box 1
          Case summary, 1993-1998
          The Student Union Office for Judicial and Academic Advocacy Seeks Motivated Staff, 2003

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