Office of the President

Records, 1948-2007, n.d.

7 cu. ft. (14 document boxes, 2 record center boxes, 1 object box, 1 flat file)

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The president is responsible for the general administration of the university. The president delegates this authority through various vice- presidents who are responsible for a particular aspect of the university's operations, such as development, academic affairs, and finance and administration. The president is appointed by the Board of Trustees and is responsible to the Board. The first president of Brandeis was Abram L. Sachar from 1948 through 1968, followed by Morris B. Abram,1968 through 1970; Charles I. Schottland, 1970 through 1972; Marver H. Bernstein, 1972 through 1983; Evelyn E. Handler, 1983 through 1991; Stuart H. Altman, who acted as interim president from 1990 through 1991; Samuel O. Thier, 1991 through 1994, and Jehuda Reinharz, the current university president who started his post in 1994.

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Scope and Contents
Files in this collection were created from 1948 through 2007. Materials include memos, correspondence, reports, speeches, newsletters, and several items of memorabilia. Subjects in this collection include presidential inaugurations, accreditation, strategic planning, the president's council--a committee which advises the president on a wide range of topics--and special events including Founders' Day and the Brandeis Forum. Some topics which recur throughout the collection include the finances of the university and personnel. Some files contain information on student unrest in the 1960s and 1970s, student and staff diversity, and the Jewish identity at Brandeis during the 1980s. Many of the documents were written by the presidents and were addressed to the Brandeis community.

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President's Council (box 1)
Presidential Inaugurations (box 2)
Special Events (boxes 3-4)
Strategic Planning (box 5)
President's Office Memorabilia (box 6)
Morris B. Abram Administration (box 7)
Charles I. Schottland Administration (box 8)
Marver H. Berstein Administration (boxes 9-10)
Evelyn E. Handler Administration  (boxes 11-12)
Stuart H. Altman Administration (box 13)
Samuel O. Thier Administration (box 14, map drawer 4)
Jehuda Reinharz Administration (boxes 15-16, map drawer 5)

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Series Summary
President's Council
Inclusive Dates: 1976-1996, n.d.
Arrangement: Organized under subseries
This series contains partial membership lists, including several
directories of the council members published during the 1980s.

Presidential Inaugurations
Inclusive Dates: 1948-1995
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains correspondence and programs concerning the
presidential inaugurations of Sachar, Schottland, Bernstein, Handler,
Thier, and Reinharz. There are two VHS videos of the Handler inauguration.

Special Events
Inclusive Dates: 1984-1996
Arrangement: Organized under subseries, then Chronological
This series includes memos, correspondence, financial statements,
programs, drawings, and photographs concerning Founder's Day,
particularly its creation in 1986, and correspondence, memos, posters,
press clippings concerning the Brandeis Forum, and material concerning
the "Israel at 40" celebration. Most of the files focus on invitations
to participants and logistical plans. Many of the files were created by
Evelyn Handler and Suzanne Yates. Files on the Brandeis Forum concerns
presidential candidates giving speeches on campus during the 1984 and
1988 campaigns.

Strategic Planning
Inclusive Dates: 1951-2006, n.d.
Arrangement: Organized under subseries, then Chronological
This series holds reports concerning the strategic planning of the
university. The reports include, "Blueprint for Renewal,"
"Reestablishing Academic and Economic Equilibrium," and "Brandeis 2000:
Building on Strength." The President created many of these reports with
the assistance of specially appointed committees. The President usually
submitted these reports to the Board of Trustees. In addition, this
series includes material on planning conferences in the 1970s,
accreditation for the university in 1953, and re-accreditation during
the 1980s and 1990s.

President's Office Memorabilia
Inclusive Dates: 1949-1994
Arrangement: By object
This series includes memorabilia objects given to various Brandeis
presidents. The memorabilia was collected by the Assistant to the
President. Materials include the Brandeis Medallion which flew on board
the Space Shuttle, a lecture poster signed by Jack Kemp, the guest book
from a 1994 Seoul, Korea Alumni meeting, a piece of wood from the
original White House, and two honorary degree programs signed by George
Burns. There are also two medals given to David Niles at Democratic
National Conventions.

Morris B. Abram Administration
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1982
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Files within this series include correspondence, memos, and speeches
concerning the location of the Abram papers, student unrest, and the
Transitional Year Program. Banquet invitations and a vinal record of a
speech by Abram are also included.

Charles I. Schottland Administration
Inclusive Dates: 1970-1991
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains budget reports and biographical information on
Schottland. Subjects in this series include campus violence and the
Vietnam conflict, African-American students, and staff benefits. This
series also includes incomplete runs of "Notes" and "President's
Newsletter", both produced by the President's office.

Marver H. Bernstein Administration
Inclusive Dates: 1971-1990
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains background information on Bernstein and files
concerning administrative matters such as budgets, fundraising, staff
appointments, and financial aid. There are also incomplete runs of two
newsletters from the president's office, "From the President's Desk" and
"President's Newsletter." Several obituaries concerning Bernstein and
his wife are also included. Also included is a scrapbook of photographs,
correspondence, newsclippings, and memorials on Marver H. and Sheva R.
Bernstein. Many of the items pertain to the Bernsteins' tragic death in
a Cairo hotel fire in 1990.

Evelyn E. Handler Administration
Inclusive Dates: 1983-1990, n.d.
Arrangement: Organized under subseries, then alphabetical and
This series contains biographical information on Handler and a copy of
the Inuaguration of Evelyn Erika Handler as the fifth president of
Brandeis. It also contains files on the Committee on Students of Color;
staff resignations, and appointments; and the controversy concerning the
Jewish identity of Brandeis, particularly serving shellfish and pork and
leaving Jewish holidays off the university calendar. Various speeches,
invitations, and photographs of receptions and dinners are also in this

Stuart H. Altman Administration
Inclusive Dates: 1990-1991
Arrangement: Organized under subseries
This series contains memos regarding community volunteers, staff
resignations and holidays, hiring and budget freezes, and campus security.

Samuel O. Thier Administration
Inclusive Dates: 1991-1994
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains general statements from the president concerning
the University's general state of affairs, staff appointments and
diversity. This series also holds reports on affirmative action;
speeches; invitations; and files concerning the controversy over Jean
Kirkpatrick giving the 1994 commencement address. The series also
contains a copy of the inuguration of Samuel Osiah Thier as the sixth
president of Brandeis.

Jehuda Reinharz Administration
Inclusive Dates: 1965-2006
Arrangement: Organized under subseries, then alphabetical
This series contains biographical information on Reinharz. It also
contains correspondence, memos, photographs, statements, and reports
concerning the university's general state of affairs, and various
policies, the Brandeis 2000 committee, appointments, staff holidays,
affirmative action, and accreditation. There are also several items of
memorabilia in this collection, including National Women's Committee
bookplates. Additional information on the National Women's Committee is
in the National Women's Committee Collection.

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Folder List
President's Council
Box 1
          [Certificates], n.d.
          Members of president's council, 1976
          Dates of election, n.d.
          Directory, 1984-1991, 1996 [6 folders]

Presidential Inaugurations
Box 2
          Abram L. Sachar, 1948
          Morris Berthold Abram, 1968 [2 folders]
          Charles I. Schottland, 1971
          Marver Hillel Bernstein, 1972
          Evelyn Erika Handler, 1983
          Evelyn Erika Handler--Videotape of inauguration, 1983
          Samuel Osiah Thier, 1992
          Jehuda Reinharz, 1995 [2 folders]

Special Events
Box 3
     Founders' Day
          Correspondence, 1986
          Convocation, 1986
          Founders' Day Dinner, 1986
          Flowers, etc., 1986
          Honorary degree recipients, 1986
          J.B.S. Dinner, 1986
          Meetings, 1986
          Past Presidents and Portraits, 1986
          Photos, 1986
          Printing, 1986
          Symposium, 1986
          VIP's, 1986
          Misc., 1986
          Brochure, 1986
          Convocation, 1988
          Founders' Day 1992
          Founders' Day dinner, 1992
          Conference, 1993
          Dinner, 1996
          Photographs, 1996
     The Brandeis Forum
          The Brandeis Forum, 1984, 1987-1988 [3 folders]
     Israel at 40
          "Israel at 40" celebration at Brandeis, 1987-1988
Box 4
     The Brandeis Forum
          Autographed Brandeis Forum poster by Jack Kemp, 1987

Strategic Planning
Box 5
          Status of Accreditation, 1951
          Accreditation status, 1953
          New England Association of College and Secondary Schools Information Blanks--Senior, 1953 [3
          TL from J. F. Kauffman to Abram Sachar, 1953, 1954 [2 folders]
          TL from Abram Sachar, 1954
          TL from Abram Sachar to Mr. Alpert, 1954
          Status of Accreditation, n.d.
          Re-accreditation Self-Study Report--Draft, 1986 [2 folders]
          Re-accreditation Self-Study Report, 1986 [2 folders]
          New England Association of Schools & Colleges, Inc., 1987, 1991, 1997 [3 folders]
     Strategic Reports
          Planning Conference, 1973, 1978 [2 folders] [R]
          "The State of the University", 1978-1980 [2 folders]
          Report of an Internal Audit and Study of the Fund-Raising, n.d. Readiness and Potential of
               Brandeis University, 1984
          Institutional and Academic Strategic Planning, 1985
          Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Academic and Financial Implications of the Strategic Plan--
               "Final Report", 1987
          "Diversity at Brandeis", 1988
          Committee on Academic and Institutional Resources--Minutes, ca. 1989
          Report of the Strategic Planning Committee, 1989
          "Blueprint for Renewal: Brandeis University", 1990
          "Which Side of the Fence Shall We Choose?"--Student Senate--Blueprint for Renewal, 1990
          "Achieving Equilibrium"--Provisional Report of the Academic Planning Group, 1992
          "Achieving Equilibrium"--The Graduate Student Association Senate's Response, 1992
          "Reestablishing Academic and Economic Equilibrium", 1992
          "Interim Report of the Brandeis 2000 Committee", 1995
          Brandeis 2000 memos, 1996-1997
          "Brandeis 2000: Building on Strength", 1996
          Brandeis 2000: Information Services and Technologies at Brandeis, 1996
          Brandeis 2000 Progress Report, 1997
          Brandeis 2000 Progress Report: Executive Summary, 1997
          Brandeis 2000: Salary Subcommittee, 1997 [R]
          NEASC Accreditation, 2006
Box 6
          Strategic Plan, 1998 [2 folders] [R]
          "Brandeis University," n.d

President's Office Memorabilia
Box 6
          Visitors Register--Seoul Hilton Kyong Ju, 1994
          Honorary Degree Program--George Burns Autograph, 1993
          Autographed lecture poster for Jack Kemp, 1987
          Brandeis University Medallion--Space Shuttle, 1985
          "Christmas Greetings From the President--1949" [wood from the White House], 1949

Morris B. Abram Administration
Flat File
          An address by Morris B. the Century Plaza Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, 1969 [LP
Box 7
          Biography, 1982
          Correspondence, 1969-1970
          Memos, 1969
          Presentation to the executive committee, ca. 1968
          President's banquet, 1969

Charles Schottland Administration
Box 8
          Biographical information, 1991
          Budget 1971-72,  1971
          Correspondence within Brandeis, 1970-1971
          Memos, 1970-1971
          "Notes", 1970-1971
          "President's Newsletter", 1970-1972

Marver Bernstein Administration
Box 9
          Academic calendar, 1973
          Affirmative Action--Announcement, 1982
          Awards, 1975
          Biographical information, 1971, 1974, 1979
          "Brandeis University Newsletter", 1973
          Budget, 1972, 1975, 1976 [3 folders]
          Correspondence, 1972-1977
          [Description president's house], 1982-1983
          Essays in Modern Jewish History: A Tribute to Ben Halpern--Copy inscribed by Ben Halpern to
               Sheva and Marver Bernstein, 1982
          Financial aid for undergraduates, 1973-1974
          "From the President's Desk", 1973-1980
          Invitations, 1977-1978, 1983
          Memos, 1972-1983
          Memos on financial aid, 1975
          Memorial service, 1990
          Mystics, Philosophers, and Politicians: Essays in Jewish Intellectual History in Honor of
               Alexander Altmann--Copy inscribed by Ben Halpern to Sheva and Marver Bernstein, 1982
          News clippings, 1971-1988
          Obituary notices, 1990
          Open office hours, 1976
          "President's Newsletter", 1971-1973
          Scholarships, 1976
          Speeches, 1976-1980
Box 10
          "Brandeis University Marver H. Bernstein" [plaque from Athletic Department], 1983
          Memorial Scrapbook--Marver H. and Sheva R. Bernstein, ca. 1990

Evelyn E. Handler Administration
Box 11
     Administrative files
          American council on education publications on higher education funding, 1985
          Biographical information, n.d.
          "Brandeis seeks to restore its old sense of identity" by Fox Butterfield New York Times, 1984
          "Colleges can Help" by Wendy Buchert USA Today,  1989
          Convocation honoring the President of Israel, Chaim Herzog, 1987
          Correspondence, 1987-1989
          Correspondence within Brandeis, 1988-1990
          Inauguration of Evelyn Erika Handler as fifth president of Brandeis, 1983
          Interview, n.d.
          Invitations, 1988-1990
          JDC 75th anniversary mission, 1989
          "Jewishness at Brandeis", 1987-1988
          Jewishness at Brandeis--newspaper clippings, 1987
          "On Campus", 1986
          Outstanding mother award, 1990
          "Pork and Shellfish at Brandeis University," 1997
          Reaccreditation, 1987
          Resignation letter, 1990
          Retreats, 1988
          Speeches, 1983-1990 [2 folders]
          Statement Regarding South Africa and Divestment, 1987
Box 12
     Receptions and dinners
          Dessert meeting, 1983
          Student reception, 1983
          Dinner for Isador Rabi, 1983
          Administrative buffet dinner, 1984
          Faculty reception # 1, 1984
          Faculty reception # 2, 1984
          Faculty reception # 3, 1984
          Faculty reception # 4, 1984
          Milender fellows reception, 1984
          Edward Albee dinner, 1984
          Graduate student reception, 1984
          Volterra dinner, 1984
          National Women's Committee--Boston Chapter tea, 1984
          Peter Heller dinner, 1984
          Trustees brunch, 1984
          Younger leadership dinner, 1984
          Doris Graubart fellow dinner, 1984
          Administration dinner, 1984
          Ask the president, 1984
          Dinner for Arthur Katzenberg, 1984
          Michtom family dinner, 1984
          25th year faculty dinner, 1984
          Faculty reception, 1984
          Admissions staff dinner, 1985
          Dinner # 1, 1985
          Dinner # 2, 1985
          Maine planning commission, 1985
          Dinner # 3, 1985
          Dinner # 4, 1985
          Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Starr dinner, 1985
          Waltham Group auction dinner, 1985
          25th year faculty dinner, 1985
          Rose Art Museum overseers dinner, 1985
          Corporate lunches, 1985
          Administration dinner, 1986
          Hugh Huxley dinner, 1986
          Dinner # 5, 1986
          Dinner # 6, 1986
          Seymour and Gladys Ziv--Photograph, 1986
          Waltham Group auction dinner, 1986
          Anne Carter reception, 1986
          Trustees brunch, 1986
          Dinner # 7, 1986
          Leonard Florence dinner party, 1986
          Gary David Goldberg dinner, 1986
          Council of Jewish Federations/Hornstein reception, 1986
          Faculty receptions, 1986
          Myra Kraft dinner party, 1986
          Joe Linsey dinner party, 1986
          Club Louis, 1989
          Red Auberbach Sports Arena Dedication--Photographs, n.d.

Stuart Altman Administration
Box 13
          Memos, 1990-1991

Samuel O. Thier Administration
Box 14
          Biography, 1992, 1994
          Cabinet members' positions and responsibilities, May 1991
          Correspondence, 1991-1993
          Correspondence within Brandeis, 1991-1994
          Diversity questionnaire, 1993
          "Healing Brandeis" by Paul Katzeff, Boston Sunday Herald, 1992
Map Drawer 4
          Inauguration poster, 1992
Box 14
          Inauguration of Samuel Osiah Thier as the sixth president of Brandeis, 1992
          Invitations, 1991-1994
          Maintaining a drug-free environment, 1991
          Memos, 1994
          1994 graduation controversy over Jeane Kirkpatrick, 1994
          Report on issues related to recruitment retention and advancement of Brandeis faculty and
               administrators, 1993
          Speeches, 1992
          "Strong Medicine," by Seth Rolbein, Boston Magazine, 1994
          University equal opportunity and affirmative action policy, 1991-1992

Jehuda Reinharz Administration
Box 15A
     Administrative files
          Amicus brief, U.S. Supreme Court affirmative action case, 2003
          Biographical information, 1979
          Brandeis 2000 Building on Strength--A Report to the Board of Trustees and the Brandeis
               University Community, 1996
          Brandeis Unites Us campaign, 2004
          Brandeis University Business Conduct Policy, 2003
          Curriculum Vitae, 1991
          Cocktail reception for Lois Foster, 1997
          Conflict of interest policy, 1995
               Brandeis community, 1994-2007 [2 folders]
               Jackson Vanik legislation, 2003
               Jaffe, Edwin A., 1998
               Kohl, Helmut, 1998
               Saitoti, George, 2003
               Suderow, Detlev H., 1995
               Weltman, David, 2003
               Zenkel, Bruce, 2003
          Correspondence and photographs--Casty, Ronald G., ca. 1965, 1969?, 2005
          Dalai Lama Visit--Briefing Book, 1998 [2 folders]
          Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action statement, 1998
          Final report of accreditation Team, 1996
          Two Major Gifts, 2005
          Integrated Planning, 2004-2005
          Invitations, n.d.
          "Maintaining a Drug-Free Environment", 1994
          Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting, 1995
Box 15B
          Memos and announcements, 1994-2006 [7 folders]
          Newsletters, 2003-2004
          Photo at reception, 1994?
          President Reinharz, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Stephen Kay--Rabb Seminar, 2005 [2 photos]
          President Reinharz with Stanley Sheinbaum at an L.A. reception, 2002 [2 photos]
          President's House--National Register of Historic Places, 1998
          President's Task Force on the Brandeis Experience: Embracing Diversity, 2002
          "Short History, High Standing," Boston Globe article, 1997
          Business Cards--President Jehuda Reinharz, 199?
          National Women's Committee bookplates, n.d., 1992-1998 [8 folders]
Box 16
          Card commemorating anniversary of Universitaria, Mexico, 1994
Map Drawer 5
          Jehuda Reinharz, Presidential Inauguration, 1995
Box 16
          Certificate: Waltham Public Schools, 1996
          Signed Photograph from German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in honor of receiving an Honorary Degree
               from Brandeis (monographed silver frame), 1998
          Resolution from Mass. House of Representatives on the 50th Anniversary of the State of
               Israel, 1998
          Banners and Booklets from Federacion Argentina de Centros Comunitarios Mcabeos, 2000
          Commencement photo, 2000
          Images of President Reinharz's visit to the Museum of the Jewish Soldier, Latrun, Israel,
               2002 [1 CD]
          Certificate of Achievement--Alumni Campus Abroad Program, Poros, Greece, 2002
Map Drawer 5
          Souvenir from president's visit to 'Yad Lashiryon', 2002
Box 16
          Friedman, Jack and Lorraine--Donation Material, 2003
          Posse Foundation award--Plaque honoring President Reinharz as "Posse Star 2003," 2003
          Shapiro, Carl--Newsclippings and Honorary degree, 2003
          U.S.S. Constitution Change of Command Ceremony--Lewin Wright, Class of 1984, 2003
          Nation Women's Commttee--Gift of learned research journal in honor of Reinharz's 60th
               birthday, 2004
          Alumni diploma and correspondence, 2004 [R]
          Holiday card to Brandeis community, 2004
Map Drawer 5
          Poster for talk by Thomas L. Friedman, introduced by Jehuda Reinharz, 2004
Box 16
          Germany trip--Photograph of President Reinharz with Prof. Werner Weidenfeld, 2005
          Taiwan trip--Memento, 2005

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The papers of the University's first president, Abram L. Sachar, are located at:

Files concerning the 1982 and 1991 presidential searches are located in the Board of Trustees records, Presidential Search Committee series.

A more complete run of the newsletter, "From the President's Desk" is located in the University Periodicals Collection.

For additional information on Brandeis University's presidents, search the following catalog entries in the Brandeis University Libraries' on-line catalog, LOUIS:
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Sachar, Abram Leon, 1899-
Abram, Morris B.
Schottland, Charles I.
Bernstein, Marver H.
Handler, Evelyn E.
Altman, Stuart H.
Thier, Samuel O.
Reinharz, Jehuda.