Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Records, 1958-2005, n.d.

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The Heller School for Social Policy and Management was established in 1959 to provide professional education in the field of social welfare and social policy. The school emphasizes social policy analysis and the management of human services. It offers PhD, MBA, and Masters degrees in various programs. Research and education focus on scholarly analysis and practical solutions for policies on aging, physical and mental health, family, mental retardation, and other issues. The first dean of the Heller School was Charles I. Schottland from 1959 to 1970. Two Heller School deans-- Schottland and Stuart H. Altman--have been appointed presidents of Brandeis University.

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Scope and Contents
Files in this collection were created from 1958 through 2005. Materials include memos, brochures, reports, newsletters, and reprints. The materials pertain to the programs at Heller School, announcements of events and lectures, and newsletters. This collection also include reprints of lectures, articles, testimonies, and reports by Heller School faculty members.

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Memos (box 1)
Programs (box 1)
Announcements (box 2, map drawer 2)
Newsletters (box 2)
Publications (box 3)
Photographs (boxes 3-6)

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Series Summary
Inclusive Dates: 1969-2004, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains memos and reports concerning the general state of
various programs at the Heller School, including student support, and
teaching opportunities.

Inclusive Dates: 1959-1999, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains publications and other general materials about the
different programs at the Heller School.

Inclusive Dates: 1958-2005
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains brochures, invitations, and posters. The materials
pertain to events, lectures, and seminars held at or sponsored by the
Heller School.

Inclusive Dates: 1959-2004
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains newsletters produced by the Heller School and by
its various centers and institutes.

Inclusive Dates: 1960-1998, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological/Alphabetical
The first part of the series contains Heller School publications
arranged chronologically. The second part consists of reprints of
faculty members' works arranged alphabetically by author's last name.

Inclusive Dates: ca. 1960
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains one photograph of the first and second class of the
Heller School.

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Folder List
Box 1
          Heller School Report, notes/manuscript, n.d.
          Students--"Support for Students," 1969
          Students--Birthdates of PHDs, 1970
          Board of Overseers, 1972
          Annual Report to the President, 1981
          The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1987
          Courses for professional development, 1998
          Alumni, n.d.
          Teaching Opportunities, n.d.
          Fliers, 2001
          Alumni Contribution Form, 2004

Box 1
          Forum on Hazardous Waste, 1981
          Bigel Institute, Dedication--Margaret E. Mahoney's Remarks, 1987
          Center for Employment and Income Studies, 1980
          Center for Hunger and Poverty, ca. 1998
          Dental Research Program--cards, 1963
          Doctoral Program in Social Policy, ca. 1999
          Doctoral Study in Social Welfare, 1961-1963
          Evening Classes, n.d.
          Florence Heller Graduate School, 1959-1998
          Stephen P. Mugar donation--Heller School, 1966
          Benjamin S. Hornstein Program, 1970
          Income Maintenance and Manpower, 1974
          The Institute on Health Care Policy, 1980-1984
          Law and Social Policy--The David R. Pokross Chair, ca. 1983
          Management of the Human Services, 1977-1998
          Masters of Management, 1999
          Masters Program in Health & Human Services and Masters of Management, 1998
          National Center on Women and Aging, ca. 1999
Box 2
          Pre-Doctorial Program in Social Planning and Community Organization, ca. 1968
          Programs in Aging, 1970
          Social Welfare Policy, n.d.
          Sustainable International Development Program, n.d.

Box 2
          Establishment of the Heller School, 1958-1959
          Institute on Education for Social Work with "Unmotivated" Clients, 1965
          Invitation to Meet Dean Charles I. Schottland, 1968
          Announcement of Election of Arnold Gurin as Dean, 1971
          Symposium on Social Policy on the Occasion of the 15th Anniversary, 1974
          Heller School Alumni Association Annual Symposium, 1975
          Reception for Dean Arnold Gurin, 1976
          Invitation to Dean Charles I. Schottland's 70th Birthday, 1976
          Invitation to Party for Graduating Master's Students and Master's Alumni, 1980-1981
          Heller School Rededication--25th Anniversary, 1984
          30th Anniversary Celebration material, 1989
          Heller School Fact Sheet, 1990
          Lectures, 1963-2005
          Inauguration of Robert B. Reich, 1997
          Convocation for the Dalai Lama and Announcement of Coexistence Endowed Fellowship, 1998
Map Drawer 2
          Dalai Lama--Poster, 1998 [3 copies]
Box 2
          40th Anniversary Materials, 1999
          The Guberman Lecture on Law and Social Policy, "The Treatment of Jewish Survivors of the
               Holocaust, 1945
          1948: Dilemmas of Law, Care, and Bureaucracy" by Saul Touster, 1999
          Sustainable International Development Presentations, 2000
          Women, Work & Election 2000, 2000
          Zinner Lecture Series, 2000-2003, 2005
          Publicity Brochure, cir. 2004
          45th Anniversary--Celebration and Conference, 2004

Box 2
          Brandeis Bulletin, The Florence Heller School for Advanced Studies in Social Welfare, 1959-1961
          Report to the President and the Board of Overseers, 1959-1963
          Heller School Alumni Newsletter, 1974, 2003, 2004
          "It's About Time," 1976-1977
          Heller Footnotes, 1981, 1986-1988
          Youth Programme, 1980-1982
          Health Policy Center Research News, 1986
          Catalogues--Publicity, 2002-2004

Box 3
          Report Covers, National Aging Policy Center on Income Maintenance, n.d.
          Report Covers, Center for Employment and Income Studies, n.d.
          Report to the President and the Board of Overseers, 1961-1963
          Fifteenth Anniversary Conference Papers, 1974
          Report Covers, Center for Manpower Research and Development, 1974
          The Outreach Care Program, 1975
          The Heller School Venture Fund, 1975
          Report Covers, Levinson Policy Center, 1976
          Report Covers, Management Training Program, n.d.
          Report Covers, Training for Social Sciences in Public Welfare Agencies and the Role of the
               Institution of Higher Education, 1976
          Report Covers, Ambulatory Project, 1980
          Heller School Certificates, 1980
          Application Forms, 1980
          "Research Priorities in Maternal and Child Health," 1981
          "Counting on Heller," ca. 1983
          "In The News...," 1987
          "Substance Abuse: The Nations Number One Health Problem," 1993
          "Monitoring, Evaluating and Shaping the Emerging Health Care System," 1997
          "Funding Children's Health Care Through State Tobacco Taxes," 1998
          Altman, Stuart H.: "Helping the Uninsured: Mandating Health Insurance to All Workers," 1987
          Aptekar, Herbert H.: "Relevant Knowledge in Advanced Education for Social Work," 1967
          Binstock, Robert H.: "What Sets the Goals of Community Planning for the Aging," 1967
          Corrigan, Mark D.: "Testimony on H.R. 2374, Correctional Alternatives Act of 1989," 1989
          Dybwad, Gunnar & Rosemary: "Severe Mental Retardation: Case Studies, Current Problems," 1978
          Edgar, S. & Cahn, Jean Camper: "Making Equal Justice under Law a Reality: The Role of the
               Lawyer as Volunteer," 1968
          Gil, David G.
               "Nationwide Survey of Legally Reported Physical Abuse of Children," 1968
               "Mothers' Wages: One Way to Attack Poverty," 1968
               "Physical Abuse of Children-One Manifestation of Violence in American Society," 1968
               "Public Knowledge, Attitudes, and Opinions About Physical Child Abuse in the U.S.," 1969
               "A Systematic Approach to Social Policy Analysis," 1970
          Greenwood, Ernest: "The Practice of Science and the Science of Practice," 1960
          Heller Graduate School: "A Guide For Print and Broadcast Journalists," n.d.
          Kurtz, Norman R.: "Gatekeepers: Agents in Acculturation," 1968
          Morris, Robert: "The City of the Future and Planning for Health," 1968
          Schottland, Charles I.: "Implications of the XIIIth ICSW," 1967
          Scoot, John F. & Freeman, Howard E.: "The One Night Stand in Mental Health Education," 1963
Box 3
          Sieder, Violet M.: "Community Organization for Rehabilitation: Guidelines for Professional
               Staff of Direct-Service Agencies," 1963
          Various Reprints, 1991-1993
          Warren, Roland L.
               "Concerted Decision-Making in the Community," 1965
               "The Impact of New Designs of Community Organization," 1965
               "Application of Social Science
               Knowledge to the Community Organization Field," 1967
               "The Interaction of Community Decision Organizations: Some Basic Concepts and Needed
                    Research," 1967
               "The Interorganizational Field as a Focus for Investigation," 1967

Box 3-4
          1st and 2nd Class of Heller School, ca. 1960

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For additional information on the history of the University search the following catalog entry in the Brandeis University Libraries' on-line catalog, LOUIS:
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